Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle


Prior to the scientific work of Physicist Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976), it was thought that the location and momentum of a particle could be precisely measured in time and space. However, all this changed in 1927, when Heisenberg published his work now known as the ‘Uncertainty Principle’, ‘Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle’, or ‘Heisemberg’s Indeterminacy Principle’. From this point of time onwards, it was understood that the location and momentum of a particle (such as an electron) could not be precisely measured. The scientific universe experienced a paradigm shift which suggested that the world of matter at the atomic or sub-atomic level, could not be ‘known’ through the use of conventional science. Why is this thought to be the case? It is thought to be the case because a particle can not be a) ‘obserserved’, b) ‘measured’ and c) ‘predicted’. The so-called ‘quantum theory’ of reality suggests that the principles of material science – which rely upon observation, measurement and the prediction related to repeated experimentation – does not, and cannot be applied to low level physics, despite the fact that such methods continue to function in hgh level physics, and remain valid for the macro-world of ordinary, or everyday observable phenomena.

If Heisenberg’s ‘uncertainty principle’ is correct, why does the macro-world remain determinate and apparently ‘certain’? In other words, why has logic and reason, (and the development of modern science), all emerged from the apparent ‘certainty’ of the world of observable matter? Today, all school children are taught that an electron is both a ‘particle’ and a ‘wave’. Through the ‘double slit’ experiment (whereby a stream of light is fed through an ever narrowing slit), it can be demonstrated that when the slit is ‘wide’, light behave as if it consisted of particles, but when the slit is narowed – there is a point where the light beam narrows – but then suddenly expands outwards into a wave-like formation. This being the case, why doesn’t the macro-world experience termnal ‘indetermincy’? Whilst Louis De Broglie (1892-1987) was re-assessing Albert Einstein’s famous equation of E=MC2, he discovered that a particle wavelength is inversely related to its momentum. Waves are not observable in the macro-world, because Planck’s Constant (h) is so small, and the momentum of macro-objects so large, that any wavelength possessed by a macro-object is infinitesimally small. However, as sub-atomic particles possess very small momentums (again, interpreted through Planck’s Constant) , the wavelengths of sub-atomic particles are more readily observable. Therefore, the material world as it appears to the human senses, manifests as a ‘real’ and ‘constant’ construct. Of course, the physical environment is the arena of evolution through natural selection, and so the human senses correspond directly to the sense-objects that they are designed to ‘sense’. As the human brain evolved to make sense of this ‘immediate’ environment, it did not develop the ability to ‘sense’ or ‘see’ the micro-world.

Film: Another Mother’s Son (2017) Soviet POWs On Jersey and Their Misrepresentation


British Police Collaborating with Nazi Germans (Jersey)


Another Mother’s Son (2017)

Another Mother’s Son (Russian Language)

Whilst Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt were encouraging Joseph Stalin to actively engage the military force of Nazi Germany, both Western leaders were working behind the scenes to create the conditions for the eventual ‘collapse’ of the Soviet Union. When the Red Army ‘liberated’ Nazi occupied Ukraine, they found a well organised Nazi insurgency armed in-part with British and US weaponry (the battle against this Nazi insurgency was carried-out by the NKVD and lasted until 1947, but periodically resurfaced from time to time). Churchill was certainly not ‘happy’ with the presence of Soviet POWs on British soil, as he did not want any contact between ordinary British people (who were prone to Socialistic ideas), and Communist educated Red Army soldiers). Churchill was, however, perfectly happy to grant political asylum to Ukrainian members of the SS Galicia Division in Scotland, which had carried-out atrocities in Nazi German-occupied Ukraine during WWII (as part of the ‘holocaust). In the light of Churchill’s duplicity and flirting with Nazism, I recently watched the British film entitled ‘Another Mother’s Son’ to see if it contained any merit, a brief description of which reads:

‘Based on the true story of Louisa Gould, the drama is set during World War II on the Nazi-occupied island of Jersey. Lou took in an escaped Russian POW and hid him over the war’s course. The tension mounts as it becomes clear that Churchill will not risk an assault to recapture the British soil, and the island-community spirit begins to fray under pressures of hunger, occupation and divided loyalty. Against this backdrop, Lou fights to preserve her family’s sense of humanity and to protect the Russian boy as if he was her own.’

In fact, there is not much background information within English language sources about this film, or the apparently ‘true’ story it depicts. I have had to search Russian language historical texts to verify the content and plot, etc. What is beyond historical doubt is that once Winson Churchill withdrew British troops from the Channel Islands, the British Authorities on those islands decided that the best policy toward any Nazi German invasion was ‘collaboration’ with the Hitlerite forces. Even within Britain today, the collaborative behaviour of many of the ‘British’ people living on the Channel Islands still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. This is compounded by the fact that many of the people living there today, are very wealthy, exempt from various British taxes, and continuously court a French identity. Indeed, so insular and exclusive has places like Jersey become, that ‘Another Mother’s Son’ could not gain permission to be filmed on the island, and instead had to settle for Somerset (situated to the West of the British Mainland). Apparently, one or two highly influential inhabitants of Jersey today, were not so much ashamed of their island’s historical collaboration with the occupying Nazi German forces – but rather were more concerned with Jersey’s historical association with ‘assisting’ Soviet POWs – although to be fair, most Jersey inhabitants were far too busy cosying-up to the Nazi German Authorities, to have cared too much about the brutal treatment routinely meted-out to Red Army prisoners by their SS Guards.


This film is typical of one that tries to tread the Cold War tight-rope of feeling sorry for Soviet POWs on the one hand – whilst never appearing to condone the ‘Communist’ political system they represent on the other. This ridiculous homage to US Cold War disinformation leads to films that are purportedly ‘true’, literally changing the facts (here and there) to support an obvious anti-Soviet propaganda. At no time in this film is the word ‘Soviet’ used to describe the Russian prisoners – despite the fact that the term ‘Soviet’ is mentioned in both the English and Russian languages on a commemorative plaque located in Jersey. What is true, is that a brave British woman named ‘Louisa Gould’ (of Jewish ancestry) ultimately lost her life in a Nazi German gas chamber, for helping the escaped Soviet POW named ‘Fyodor Burogo’ (Федора Бурого).


For her act of bravery, Louisa Gould paid with her life. Photo: Jersey Archive

Hitler wanted to secure his rear prior to his invasion of the USSR, and so the Channel Islands were successfully invaded in early 1942. The first batch of prisoners of war was transferred to Jersey in early 1942. A number of SS Nazi German Concentration Camps were established on the Channel Islands (notably Alderney), which were used to work Soviet POWs, French, Poles, Czechs, and Spanish Republicans to death. Soviet POWs were forced to work 12 hour day and night shifts in the local quarries – where they were fed only meagre rations – and routinely beaten. The Nazi German Commandant was ordered to work each batch of Soviet prisoners for six months only in the quarries, before finally murdering them all in often barbaric fashion (designed to save ammunition). Any Jersey inhabitant showing any type of mercy toward Soviet POWs was either shot on the spot, or ‘tried’ and transported to Germany. The Russian-language description of this film offers much more background detail:

‘The plot is based on the real fate of the photographer from Tomsk, Fyodor Burogo, who was sheltered by a resident of the English island of Jersey from fascists during the Second World War. The script was written by Louisa Gould’s grand-niece, writer Jenny Lecoet, who for many years collected materials about the feat of her relative. Louise was played by British actress Jenny Seagrove, Fyodor – Julian Kostov. He really looks a bit like the real Burogo, whose photographs are still kept in the museum of the 166th Infantry Division, located in Tomsk school No. 51. The veteran died in 2001, but the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” found out his story from those who knew him personally.;


One of the rare front-line photographs of Fyodor Burogo (left). 1941 year. Photograph: Museum of the 166th Rifle Division, Tomsk.

Many of the Soviet POWs were transported from the Ukraine to the Channel Islands, where the Nazi German policy of ‘Operation Ost’ (i.e. the eradication of the Slavic race) was put into effect. In this film, the script describes Fyodor Burogo as a ‘pilot’, when historical records show that he was in fact a Rad Army infantryman. Despite being a hardened frontline soldier who had survived the horrors of Nazi German warfare in the USSR, and the equally brutal and vicious imprisonment reserved for those termed ‘inferior races’ by Hitlerite ideology, this film portrays him as a weak man who urinates himself when a Nazi German officer talks to him, and a man who is prone to immature emotional outbursts. His character in the film is also (and falsely) depicted as ‘going to church’ and being ‘interested’ in the ‘Christian singing’ – events that never happened at all. In fact, Fyodor Burogo was a patriotic Soviet soldier and citizen who despised organised religion. The final ‘lie’ that this film portrays as ‘true’ is the false statement that the Soviet government routinely ‘discriminated’ against ALL returning Soviet POWs. This is historically untrue. Many returning Soviet POWs were treated as heroes – particularly those that had tried to escape, or had actually escaped (as was the case with Fyodor Burogo). Every captured Soviet soldier had a duty to try and escape and continue the fight against Nazi Germany. What is true (but not included in this film), is the fact that those minority of Soviet POWs who collaborated with the Nazi German occupiers were arrested and tried for treason. This was exactly the same fate that befell any Allied soldiers who collaborated with the enemy. As is usual of this type of film, it portrays anti-Soviet propaganda by ‘sentimentalizing’ the Russian characters it depicts, effectively ‘stripping’ them of their ‘Sovietness’. It is not entirely a ‘true’ story as it deliberately misrepresents many of the historical facts. Fyodor Burogo had a long and fulfilling life and was admired for his bravery by the Soviet State – an attitude toward his military service that followed him into modern Russia post-1991.


After the end of WWII, Russian language sources state:

‘”We lived next door to Fyodor Polikarpovich Burogo on Kartashov Street in Tomsk,” says Natalya Morokova, who studied the history of the 166th Infantry Division. – In the 1960s, Fyodor Burogo often gave lectures at schools in front of students, talking about his extraordinary biography. Then his name was familiar to everyone in our city. In addition, he was a famous photographer, his pictures were often published in magazines, newspapers, books. He was a very kind, intelligent person.’

So much for returning Soviet POWs being routinely discriminated against, by the Soviet Authorities! Fyodor Burogo was hidden by Louisa Gould (whose son had been killed earlier in the war), but her family was betrayed by other Jersey inhabitants. Before her arrest, Louisa managed to get Fyodor Burogo out to safety. Whilst a hunted fugitive on te island, Fyodor Burogo illegally listened to radio broadcasts from London. Having translated these news reports into the Russian language, he then ‘threw’ hundreds of leaflets over the wire of the Concentration Camps holding Soviet POWs – so that he imprisoned Comrades could gain knowledge of all the Red Army advances, successes and victories. This episode of Fyodor Burogo’s life on the island of Jersey is completely omitted from this film, as is the fact that Fyodor Burogo, along with other escaped Soviet POWs (and a small number of Jersey inhabitants), planned an armed uprising against the Nazi Germany occupiers, scheduled to begin on May 15th, 1945. However, London soon announced that the Red Army had already taken Berlin on May 9th, and the armed uprising on Jersey was called-off. As the 10oth Anniversary of the Russian ‘Ocober’ Revolution approaches, it is important that films such as this are studied carefully, and their short-comings clearly revealed.

Russian Language Source Article:



How the Soviets Developed Supersonic Passenger Flight (Ту-144)


Soviet Ty-144 

I (and my family) recently visited the permanent Brooklands Concorde Exhibition (in Surrey), and was enthused with the ‘futuristic’ design and technology that we saw close-up, and the simulated Concorde flight that we took. Although now decommissioned and very much a museum piece (despite that fact that there is nothing in the world of commercial aeroplanes that comes close to a functioning Concorde today), I was surprised to learn that the British and French governments ‘co-operated’ to build a supersonic aircraft that cost far too much to design, build and fly, and which no commercial airline in the world would buy. Why would two former imperialist powers emerging out of the destruction and bankruptcy of WWII, waste valuable financial and material resources upon a project that due to its lack of commercial viability, was guaranteed to be an economic failure?


Brooklands British Concorde (GBBDG) Prototype

As matters transpired, we were told that the British manufacturers of Concorde could not ‘sell’ their completed prototypes, and so had to ‘give’ British Airways a number of these supersonic aircraft for ‘free’. Even so, the tickets to fly from London to New York in just 3 hours (at Mach 2.04 – or 1,354 mph – 2,180 km/h at cruise altitude), were so expensive that only the very rich could afford to travel. This proved to be a business failure, as Concorde to never attract the general public, and become a popular mode of mass transportation. As a consequence, the Western Concorde worked the skies from around 1969 to their eventual grounded in 2003, operating at huge loses. Despite its progressive design and extraordinary technology, capitalist economic forces brought the life of Concorde to an end. We are now faced with the absurdity of a futuristic piece of technology literally ‘rotting’ in a museum!


Soviet Ty-144 in Flight

When I checked historical sources, I saw that the government of the United States was behind the initial financing of the Anglo-Fremch project to build a ‘faster tha sound’ passenger carrying aeroplane – as a means to equal the Soviet Ty-144 supersonic jet. Although the Soviet Union had suffered between 27 – 40 million dead and wounded during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), Joseph Stalin led the Socialist State in its recovery and development of nuclear power and space technology. Out of this monumental collective effort, the Soviet scientists and engineers eventually developed the ‘Ty-144’ passenger carrying, supersonic aeroplane. This aircraft was designed and built by the Tupolev Design Bureau throughout the 1960’s, was designed to demonstrate the superiority of the Soviet Socialist organisation of society. This project (like every Soviet innovation) was not designed to produce monetary profit, but rather to progress the social evolution of humanity. Whereas a single ticket to fly on the Western Concorde cost thousands of pounds, in the USSR, a traveller could fly from one side of the country to the other on the Ty-144, for the equivalent of just five British pounds. Although a piece of Socialist technology designed to carry unarmed civilians, nevertheless, declassified NATO Records state that the Ty-144 was considered a ‘military threat’ to Western capitalism, and was designated by the NATO code-word ‘Charger’. This code-word was to be used as and when the leaders of the Western (liberal) democratic countries decided it was time for NATO to ‘shoot’ the Ty-144 out of the sky.


Soviet Ty-144 Replete with ‘CCCP’ and ‘Red Flag’ Markings

The Ty-144 did not have such elements of the wing design as flaps and slats. Decrease in landing speed to acceptable values (​​of 350-400 kph) was carried out by a unique method for civilian aircraft, using the deflected toe on the fuselage and the unique front wing design. During the transition to supersonic mode, a complicated procedure was performed for transferring fuel to the centring tank in the cargo compartment, which compensated for the displacement of air pressure at the centre. Whilst flying at supersonic speed, it was recommended not to use the elevons – the control was carried out by changing the thrust of the engines. The aircraft did not have the thrust reversal of the engines, but it had powerful brake fans in the chassis, the initial speeding-off at landing, at the commander’s discretion, was effected by the release of a braking parachute. The Flight Manual forbade flights at night, although all the equipment needed for this was available. The aircraft used the most advanced scientific and technical solutions. At the disposal of the pilots was even an analog GPS-navigator – PIN (Projection Indicator Navigation Conditions). On a small screen, a map of the airfield was generated from a video tape, which superimposed the position mark of the aircraft; the geographic coordinates of the mark were calculated by an automated process, which processed data from the radio-navigation systems. Unlike the Western Concorde, the Ty-144 had an auxiliary power unit with the ability to start engines in mid-air, as well as the ability to power the aircraft and air conditioning whilst on the ground.

самолёты т

Already in 1947, the American prototype Bell X-1 – for the first time in world history – overcame the sound barrier. Since 1954, there was the production of supersonic fighters such as the American F-100 and the Soviet MiG-19. The USSR was already developing plans for a supersonic passenger aeroplane when the British and French started showing their designs at airshows around the world. The Soviet motivation was to make fast plane that could traverse vast distances very quickly and efficiently, and which did not have to continuously land for refuelling. Work on creating a supersonic passenger airliner in the USSR began in the Tupolev Design Bureau in the early 60’s. The Tupolev Design Bureau was chosen as one of the most experienced in the field of passenger aircraft, especially jet aircraft. On July 16th, 1963, the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 798-271 was issued. The Soviet State envisaged the creation of a supersonic liner with a cruising speed of 2300-2700 kph, with a practical range of 4000-4500 kilometres, which could carry around 80-100 passengers on board, or travel 6000-6500 kilometres with additional fuel tanks and just 50 passengers on board. The construction of the first prototype began in 1965, and a second copy for static testing was also built with it. The first flight of the Ty-144 took place on December 31, 1968 (it was carried out by the Tupolev EDO testor Eduard Yelyan), that is, two months earlier than the Western Concorde. The Ty-144 was the first passenger airliner in history to overcome the sound barrier, it happened (June 5th, 1969) at an altitude of 11,000 meters. The next symbolic milestone was breaking the 2 Mach sound barrier, which was achieved by the Ty-144 on May 25th, 1970, flying at an altitude of 16,300 m at a speed of 2,150 kph. The aircraft combined a huge number of advanced development and design solutions. For example, the retractable whilst in flight were the front horizontal plumage (PGO), which significantly increased manoeuvrability in the air whilst reducing the speed at landing. The Ty-144 could land and take off in 18 airports of the USSR, whilst the Western Concorde, whose take-off and landing speed was 15% higher, required a separate landing certificate for each airport. During the design period, tremendous work was carried out. Inparticular, the modelling of the wing was carried out in full-scale tests on a specially prepared MiG-21I fighter (a special flying laboratory designed for studying the wing of the Ty-144 aircraft). Mass production of the aircraft was carried-out at the Voronezh plant number 64. By the abandonment of operation, 16 Ty-144 aircraft were built (four more planes were still being built), which made a total of 2556 sorties and flew 4110 hours. However, despite this Soviet success, the Ty-144 never saw commerical deployment due to a number of tecnical issues that were difficult to over-come. After a near tragedy during a test flight in 1981, the Ty-144 project was finally cancelled in 1983. It is believed that the Western Concorde was premised upon Soviet designs, but that the Western engineers were able to iron-out (or completely alter) a number of design issues. After Brezhnev’s death, the attitude of the new leadership of the country to the plane changed. Preference was given instead to the simpler and more reliable subsonic IL-86 airbuses.

Russian Language Source:


Poverty in Capitalist Russia (2017)


The collapse of the Soviet Union (between 1989 and 1991) was a tragedy not only for Russia and Eastern Europe, but also for humanity. I read a report on the Russian language internet which sated that between 1991 and 1999, it is recorded that the death-rate in Russia rose by 5.9 million – as Soviet provision was suddenly ‘withdrawn’ from society, Over-night all free education, medical care, welfare and working State support ceased – creating starvation and medical neglect – the likes of which had not been seen in Russia since the Nazi German invasion of the USSR in 1941. Although President Putin has provided some support and stability in ‘capitalist’ Russia, wide-spread poverty and deprivation remains the norm throughout the country. within capitalism, the will of the working people is ignored, whereas within Socialism, society is geared toward meeting all the collective needs of the working class. Today, in Russia, an affluent middle class has developed that gained its wealth by ‘stealing’ all the wealth accumulated over decades of hard work by the Workers’ State. As the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution draws near, Russia is once again being ravished by the brutal forces of predatory capitalism.








The Multi-Frequency Reality of Todd Acamesis


The purpose of this blog is the exercise of freedom of thought in the guise of ‘critical thinking’. Of course, anyone is free to interpret reality through a ‘non-critical’ mind-set, but that is different to the point being made here. People are also free to view reality as a projection of the mind, and use this ‘idealism’ to set the interpretive agenda. Again, this is different to what is being investigated through this ‘Institute of Inner Science’, but it is an interesting alternative to the view that material reality possesses a type of ‘reality’ all of its own. People cannot be ‘forced’ out of the particular reality they inhabit in their mind and body, but their ability to ‘see more’ can be encouraged through progressive education, and dialectical learning. This is the point of this blog. A challenge to all those who adhere to an ‘idealistic’ view of reality, and accept ideas not grounded in material reality, must consider the following facts:

a) If you do not have access to money – you cannot access any service, facility or leisure resource of the society within which you exist.

b) If you do not have access to food – you will eventually die of starvation.

c) If you do not have shelter – you will eventually die of cold (or exposure) to the elements.

d) If you do not have access to medical care – you will eventually die of illness or injury.

e) If you do not have access to legal protection – you will live in a world of oppression.

These issues are practical or material realities – and no amount of positive thought will change these conditioned pathways. Ignoring practical reality is foolish because it is the basis of a core reality (regardless of the mind’s ability to ‘imagine’ or apparently ‘traverse’ to different realities). A demonstration of this material reality can be seen in the ‘Austerity’ measures of sudden and rapid cuts in NHS care and Welfare Support in the UK, initiated by the Tories and LibDems since 2010 (and which is ongoing). Oxford University has recently calculated that as of January, 2015, around 30,000 in the UK died of causes directly related to the material changes generated through this ‘Austerity’ process, which has attacked and destroyed the most vulnerable populations living within British society. In 2016, the Tories and LibDems were found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity by the United Nations (UN) – for the death of at least 10,000 disabled people (since 2010). The point is that material reality really does matter, and to ignore ts presence or purpose is a foolish use of the human-mind. obviously, those who possess the preferred skin-colour, class, education, gender and financial category, tend to be insulated from the harsher realities of material existence, and are free to use their ‘leisure’ time to exercise the ‘imagination’ capacity of their mind. As usual, think for yourself and make your own decisions. I am not judging Todd Acamesis, nor am I advocating his interpretation of reality, but I am presenting his interesting lecture here, as food for alternative thought strategies.



The Boxer Urising (义和团运动) and the Fight Against Hunger in China


A Starving but Brave ‘Boxer’ About to be publically Beheaded (c. 1901)

The Boxers did not ‘rebel’ – they collectively ‘rose-up’ together against the presence of Western imperialists in China. The Eurocentric racism aimed at China is so endemic and ingrained in the Western psyche, that a movement of indigenous peasantry rising-up against a polluting and corrupting Western presence in China (between 1899-1901) is still referred to in many English sources as a ‘rebellion’. As the Chinese peasantry never attacked the imperial ruling house of China – their martial arts-based uprising cannot be truthfully referred to as a ‘rebellion’. The Chinese peasant armies – inspired by folk-religion and magic spells, deployed traditional Chinese martial arts against modern rifles, machine guns and cannon, and despite being technically outgunned, achieved stunning successes in their early campaigns against the Western and Japanese imperialist forces (that had invaded China decades before). Following the eventual defeat of the Boxer Movement (i.e. the ‘Righteous Harmonious Fists’), the imperialist forces of the UK, US, Czarist Russia and Japan massacred around 50,000 innocent men, women and children in Beijing – after the city had surrendered. This unbelievable figure stands side by side with the mass-rape policy that all foreign troops engaged in (an act of brutality supported by the numerous Western missionaries operating in the area). China’s inability to stand-up to this racist and destructive foreign presence at the time, eventually led to wide-spread hunger and famine – as Western (Christian) missionaries bought-up all the supplies of rice, and only issued meals to Chinese people who had converted to Christianity. The brave man in this photograph is emaciated due to the presence of Western imperialists in his country – moments later he lies dead on the ground with his severed head lying near-by – for daring to confront this malignant threat.

The Chinese Anti-Falun Gong Cult World Alliance Welcomes Westerners


The Falun Gong cult does not represent China’s modern or traditional culture. People of Chinese ethnicity around the world understand this fact, but many in the West are ignorant to this fact. This should not be surprising, as the Falun Gong cult is a ‘racist’ anti-China construct, developed in the West as part of the US Cold War policy to bring-down the Communist government of China. What is interesting is that despite a steady stream of ‘fake news’ and ‘disinformation’ published through the CIA-financed Minghui Network (which includes the Epoch Times and NTDTV, etc), this policy will not be successful due to a world-wide Chinese solidarity and resistance. The Falun Gong cult will not prevail because the Chinese people world-wide will not allow it to prevail. In the meantime, the Falun Gong cult news outlets continue to function like any news network, broadcasting weather reports, banal cooking programmes and mindless reality TV shows. In between these programmes is issued a bizarre anti-China rhetoric of ever disparate false news stories and allegations of human rights abuses – this continues as Li Hongzhi orders one vulnerable teenager after another to self-immolate.

Laughably, the Falun Gong cult, as a means to justify its criminal behaviour, states that Li Hongzhi (its founder who has developed extensive health problems whilst living a life of luxury in the US), is the ‘omnipotent cosmic master Buddha’! If those who fall under his brain-washing spell give him enough money, and sign over their property to him, they too can achieve this wondrous state by ‘breathing deeply’! The reality of Falun Gong cult practice suggests quite another outcome. Falun Gong cult members are regularly deprived of food and water, tied-up, psychologically and physically tortured, and in the case of the very young – sexually abused. When individuals have managed to escape this dangerous cult, they have had to spend time in hospital as a means to try and regain their health, For many, however, the years of systematic abuse and suffering means that despite extensive and compassionate care, they can never regain their health. Even when qualified Daoist masters have assessed the Falun Gong cult technique – they have revealed at least 28 life-threatening errors and bad medical practices. Indeed, during March, 2006, Li Guodong (李国栋) – the head of NTDTV anti-China propaganda – suddenly dropped dead from liver cancer. Li Guodong had been declared an ‘Immortal Buddha’ by Falun Gong cult founder Li Hongzhi shortly before his death. During June, 2006, the chief scientist and medical doctor of the Falun Gong cult – Feng Lili (封莉莉) suddenly dropped dead of pancreatic cancer. Again, Li Hongzhi had previously declared Feng Lili an ‘Immortal Buddha’. In July, 2009, the chief editor of the Epoch Times in Japan – Zuo Tenggong (佐藤贡) – suddenly dropped dead… These deaths are not isolated incidences, but are part of the broader phenomenon of Falun Gong cult poor health and sudden death. It is rumoured that Li Hongzhi is in and out of hospital in the US due to poor health caused by his cultish practice, being kept alive by his US spy-masters at any cost. In fact, Li Hongzhi may have died sometime ago…

The Falun Gong cult is NOT an indigenous Chinese cultural or spiritual movement. Its methods are premised upon a ‘racist’ disregard for Chinese history, culture and political self-determination. The Falun Gong cult was not developed in China – but in a smoke-filled room of ‘White men’ in the CIA Offices situated in Washington DC. The Falun Gong cult is medically dangerous, and is anti-China and anti-Communist in both design and function. All ethnic Chinese people around the world understand these facts and are striving to work together to protect the Chinese Motherland from this external threat to its stability and prosperity. An interesting development is that there is now a growing network of consciously ‘aware’ Westerners’ (and other ‘non-Chinese’) who now understand the corruption that underlies the operations of the Falun Gong cult, and who help to expose and check its influence. This world-wide defence of China is required to prevent national governments (such as Australia in 2009), making fools of themselves and siding with the Falun Gong cult. The Falun Gong cult is ran from the US and is racist in nature. All right-minded Westerners must help the Chinese world community to prevent the spread of this dangerous and threatening teaching. This action will save numerous lives and make the world a better place to live in peace and harmony.

When Falun Gong cult members ‘escape’ the clutches of Li Hongzhi, the Communist Party of China (CPC) guarantees their rights and will make every effort to provide medical care and psychological healing. This has always been the case. However, as hundreds of former Falun Gong cult members have been rehabilitated, the Falun Gong operating out of the US falsely claims that these individuals have been ‘tortured’, ‘imprisoned’ and even ‘killed’. The further lie is that organs are stolen from dead bodies. Even a slight understanding of medical knowledge states that organs taken from dead bodies are no good for transplant, and are medically worthless. Communist China encourages Chinese citizens to ‘donate’ their organs when ‘near’ death to save the lives of other people who need transplants, if they should choose to do so. So many citizens do this as a matter of course, that Communist China has no need to ‘harvest’ organs from the bodies of executed criminals. One person who the Falun Gong cult claimed to have been killed (and their organs harvested), is ‘Yang Jun’ (杨俊) from Chongqing, who was supposedly beaten to death at just 18 years old. In fact, Yang Jun escape from the Falun Gong cult (like hundreds of others), and now lives a happy and normal life in China. Yang Jun’s mother has gone on record stating that her son is very happy and glad to be ‘free’ of the terrible Falun Gong cult. Together, the world community can wipe-out the Falun Gong cult, so that its victims can be saved, and its leaders tried for Crimes Against Humanity and imprisoned.

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Ludwig Boltzmann (1844-1906) and the Re-Discovery of the Atom in Western Science



Although the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus (460-370 BCE), and his famous student Epicurus (341-270 BCE), speculated that ‘atoms’ existed beneath the surface of conventional reality (which could not be seen with the naked eye), this did not mean that following the ‘Renaissance’ in Europe (and the re-discovery of ancient Greek logic and reason), all Greek ideas were automatically accepted without question. This is the case with atoms. Western science evolved not only from the logic of Greek thought, but also from the rejection of Judeo-Christian theology (and faith) as a means to discern correct knowledge about the universe. Empirical science is premised upon the correct observation and measurement of matter and material processes. The problem with the atom hypothesis was that the existence of an atom had to be taken on ‘faith’, and because of this, many leading scientists in the 19th century refused to accept the idea of an atom on the grounds that its existence could not be confirmed and verified through observation and measurement. This is where mathematics and algebra came into play. Mathematics (and algebra) represent the meaningful arranging (or sequencing) of numbers and letters, so that empirical truths could be revealed about the material nature of reality. Ludwig Boltzmann, being fully aware that atoms had to be ‘statistically’ proven to exist, exercised his particular genius, and developed a mathematical formula which proved the existence and behaviour of atoms. In-short, Ludwig Boltzmann developed what is known as ‘statistical mechanics’. Statistical mechanics confirms the existence of atoms, and predicts how the mass, charge, and structure of an atom will behave. Such an observation determines the physical properties of matter – namely the viscosity, thermal conductivity, and diffusion. Ludwig Boltzmann lived at a time when microscopes were not yet powerful enough to observe individual atoms (or sub-atomic particles), and so had to use the power of representative mathematics to ‘reflect’ a material world that could be ‘predicted’ to exist with the human mind, but which could not yet be seen with the human eye.

Why Did the Dangerous Falun Gong Cult Target Teachers?


It is well-known in China that teachers are trusted and respected, because they are considered ‘engineers’ of the human mind, and constructors of human consciousness within society. This is why teachers have been held with the highest respect throughout China’s history, and entrusted with the education of China’s youth, from the youngest (and vulnerable) pupil to the oldest (adolescent) student. Teachers are empowered within China’s society to effectively learn the knowledge and wisdom that is ‘Chinese culture’, and effectively (and correctly) convey that information to future generations. The Falun Gong cult leadership lives in luxury in the USA, and is guided by the CIA – a ruthless intelligence-gathering and military organisation that often operates beyond the control (or ‘knowledge’) of the President, and which routinely employs murder and disinformation policies around the world, to ensure the primacy of predatory capitalism. This is simply the ‘old’ Western imperialism re-invented for a ‘new’ age. As a result, although the Falun Gong is staffed at its core by ethnic Chinese people, it employed a distinctly anti-China rhetoric that is premised entirely upon the strictures of Eurocentric racism. The Falun Gong cult leader – Li Hongzhi – has ordered his subordinates to especially ‘target’ teachers in China and around the world, who are in-charge of the education of teenagers. This is because teenagers are thought to be particularly ‘impressionable’ and easy to ‘influence’. As teenagers lack a ‘mature’ ability to assess information and make sound and/or rational judgements, they are a particularly ‘vulnerable’ group susceptible to Falun Gong brain-washing.

In modern China, the Falun Gong is illegal, but due to its CIA-controllers in the US, continuous attempts are made to infiltrate China’s internet, social media platforms, and educational establishments, as a means to spread its warped ideology and illogical teaching throughout China’s society. The point of this US policy is to bring down the Communist Party of China (CPC), and eradicate all the scientific and social progression achieved by the Chinese people since 1949. Li Hongzhi was a low-level office worker when the CIA infiltrated his mind-set during the 1980’s and 1990’s. He forgot he was Chinese, and abandoned his own people for the destructive and racist policies of a ‘foreign’ power. He made-up a completely ‘false’ teaching with no basis within Chinese spiritual or rational traditions, and set-forth on his single-handed mission of attempting to bring down the Chinese Communist State. Although the education system in China is fully comprehensive and ‘free’ for all Chinese citizens, Li Hongzhi was lazy as an individual and chose not to pursue his learning to any great extent – this is why his fabricated cult has no bearing to legitimate spiritual culture within China.

In around the mid-1990’s, the corrupt Falun Gong cult attempted to infiltrate Chinese academia, and in those days, did attract one or two teachers. Quite often, in all other ways these professional people were intelligent, but prone to suggestibility. Although their colleagues and friends (who knew better), tried to warn these people that they were descending into criminal activity, these individuals did not listen. These teachers spread the dangerous Falun Gong cult through videos, discussion groups, and informal get togethers. Also used was the QQ social media platform, and the print media, as well as DVDs. Although illicit, because these corrupt teachers were trusted by society at large, they were able to spread Li Hongzhi’s pseudo-teachings unhindered in the early days. A practical problem was that although the thinking underlying the Falun Gong is racist and irrational, many of its outer movements are deliberately designed to ‘mimic’ the familiar movements associated with legitimate Chinese martial arts and Daoist self-cultivation. This mimicry acted as a type of social camouflage and aided the Falun Gong cult for quite sometime, until its numerous victims started contacting the Chinese Authorities. Over-time, it became clear that the Falun Gong was a ‘foreign’ derived, politicized movement designed to bring down the Communist Chinese State, which employed an extensive set of exploitative psychological and physiological brain-washing techniques. This includes sexual abuse, imprisonment, torture, theft, threats, and murder. Furthermore, the Falun Gong exercises themselves have been proven to be decidedly ‘unhealthy’ for the practitioner. Eventually, as it became obvious that the Falun Gong was harming China and its citizens, the CPC quite rightly moved to ban the dangerous Falun Gong cult in 1999.

As Communist China has exercised its self-determination against US racism and neo-imperialism, the CIA has initiated a number of futile but persistent anti-China campaigns, including the bizarre allegation of ‘organ harvesting’. Exactly the same CIA remains ‘silent’ as Li Hongzhi ‘orders’ various brain-washed teenagers under his influence to ‘set fire’ to themselves. Those whose lives have been saved by the Chinese medical services, have all described how they were threatened and manipulated into carry-out these self-destructive acts. This included Falun Gong cult threats against their families (usually non-members of the Falun Gong cult). Not only did a small number of teachers allow themselves to be manipulated by the Falun Gong cult in Guangdong and similar areas, there was even a case in Inner Mongolia. Many people divorced their partners when they learned of this criminal behaviour, which even included placing portraits of Li Hongzhi where family pictures once hung. Of course, teachers are human-beings, and are subject to all kinds of dangers in life, but their esteemed position within Chinese society means that they should be careful and more discerning in their personal and professional lives. As matters stand, the Chinese Communist State offers leniency to those who repent, but advocates severity for those who resist. Teachers have a social duty to ensure that they set a good example throughout their lives, and in so doing, protect and support the Communist Chinese State, and look-after the psychological and physical health of their students. Do not engage with Falun Gong cult websites overseas, and do not ‘illegally’ down-load or distribute Falun Gong cult propaganda within Communist China. Teachers have a responsibility to keep the spiritual purity of China free of Western racism and its destructive influence.

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陈某是江西省赣州经开区一名教授计算机的技校老师,1996年,他接触到“法轮功”,随即被其吸引,认为 “法轮大法”是“世界上的一切学说中最玄奥、超常的科学”,成为其忠实信徒。在学校里,因向教职人员传播邪教未果,转而将目标移到了学生们。他在课堂上以讲故事、播视频、聊天等形式向学生传播邪教内容、宣讲诋毁破坏国家法律制度的言论,煽动学生们退团退党。他还组建了多个面向学生的QQ群,在群内长期大量转发邪教宣传图片、文章、网络链接,对涉世未深的学生们造成了极端恶劣的影响。罪行败露后,陈某被依法处理,但给学生造成的影响,岂是一朝一日可以清除得掉的?









The Brain Evolved to Affect Movement


It is no secret that the greater the extent that young children ‘play’ in a diverse educational environment, the greater their dexterity of mind and body. If a young child is deprived of this sensory experience, then the psychological and physical growth of that child is adversely affected. This suggests that positive sensory stimulation experienced in the environment, generates a healthy and robust inner psychological world, that is fully adapted to ‘survive’ in the evolutionary environment. This will obviously produce different stratagems for survival that are distinct and relevant for different historical epochs. A child during the Stone Age, for example, had to use play as a means of learning a range of survival behaviours in a potentially dangerous environment. A child from an affluent middle class background living in the 21st century, by way of comparison, has to develop learning strategies within ‘safe’ playing environments. Although generally speaking, the child in the latter example is not in danger, the blatant (and fear-orientated) need to survive, is replaced with the enjoyable requirement to learn ‘new’ tasks, for which the child receives positive reinforcement from both parents and teachers. According to neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert, the brain has evolved simply to move the body through the evolutionary environment in a manner that efficiently enhances the chances of survival of the entire living organism. This suggests that the agencies of ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ are not the primary reasons the brain evolved, but are by-products designed to augment and facilitate ever greater and more useful movement strategies in the external world. Viewing the brain as being primarily a ‘thinking’ device, is then understood to be an inverted interpretation of reality. From a strictly evolutionary perspective, the brain moved the body first, before the mind was developed that was able to generate ‘thought’ about the movement. The confusion arises when the thinking process is fully developed and functional, and appears to exist in parallel to movement (as if the two systems are not inherently connected). The average human – until receiving a modern education – is unaware that movement preceded thought, and so mistakes the true order of evolutionary events. Within modern human societies, where many of the day to day survival needs for the population have been more or less removed, physical movement strategies to evade dangerous animals and traverse difficult environments are not obviously needed as much, and so thought appears to be more prominent, giving the false impression that its function is primary. Of course, as movement is good for the health of the brain, many people voluntarily take-up various exercise regimes to replicate the exertion of past times, with some people joining the military as a means to produce a self-fulfilling sense of ‘danger’, ‘urgency’ and ‘survival’ against the odds.


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