China Space Programme: Shenzhou 5 – Knocking in Space (2003)


In 2003, during the successful launch of Shenzhou 5, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) became only the third country in history to ‘independently’ place a living human-being in space. The other two counties to achieve this outstanding technological achievement has been the Soviet Union (USSR), and the United States of America (USA). This means that two of these three countries have possessed a progressive ‘Socialist’ regime (i.e. the USSR and the PRC), whilst the third operates a regressive system of predatory capitalism. Furthermore, where the USSR collapsed due to mismanagement in 1991, the USA has all but given-up on initiating any progressive space programmes involving sending living human-beings to the outer reaches of space. On the other hand, China’s space programme is going from strength to strength, and active steps are being taken to land PRC cosmonauts on the Moon, and then on Mars, etc. Currently, the US is ‘banned’ from the Russian-owned International Space Station for its policy of supporting the neo-Nazi ‘Madan’ regime currently operating in Western Ukraine (a bizarre situation that began under the presidency of Barack Obama).

In a book about his experiences a the first PRC cosmonaut in space, Yang Liwei (楊利偉) has stated that whilst in Earth’s orbit, he heard a loud ‘knocking’ on the hull of his space-craft. It sounded like a wooden hammer striking a metal bucket. It could last for minutes at a time, and be quite regular, or appear for just a few seconds. It would begin unexpectedly, and end suddenly. Yang Liwei kept a level-head and visually inspected the out-hull through the port-holes, and then carefully checked the on-board operating manual to see if there was a technical problem that had been anticipated by the scientific designers, and which he could repair in space. Obviously, this must have been a highly stressful experience, as this ‘knocking’ sound was unexpected and could have suggested the development of a life-threatening fault in the system. Yang Liwei records his experiences and the PRC’s first cosmonaut in his 2010 Chinese language biography ‘天地九重’ (Tian Di Jiu Chong) or ‘Sky and Earth – Double Auspiciousness’. However, this book appears to carry the English title ‘The Long March to Space’. In its original Chinese language title, this appears to be an allusion to the ancient Chinese book of wisdom – the ‘Yijing’ (易經), or ‘Change Classic’. This book is exclusively published by the ‘People’s Liberation Army Press’. Yang Liwei, of course, is a major-general in the ‘People’s Liberation Army Airforce’ (PLAAF), whilst his partner is an officer in the ‘People’s Liberation Army’ (PLA). He explains further in his book that as the operation of the space-craft was ‘normal’ from a technical position, he chose not to report the incident at that time, but waited until ‘de-briefing’ safely back on Earth. Yang Liwei also checked the internal structure of the space-craft, but found nothing amiss. His experience is interesting, as PRC cosmonauts on Shenzhou 6 and Shenzhou 7 also reported this strange ‘knocking’ phenomenon.

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Falun Gong use of ‘Debt’ & ‘Murder’ for Spiritual Profit! (2001)


Fu Yishan with his Family 

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The Falun Gong is a very dangerous – CIA-conceived and controlled – religious cult premised upon a Eurocentric racist mythology, which is designed to brain-wash ethnic Chinese people across the world (and any European interested in the project), with the expressed objective of ‘bringing-down’ the lawful government of China, and instigating a US-controlled predatory capitalistic system, intended to yet again turn the Chinese people into a subservient population entirely at the disposal of Western corruption. This will not be allowed to succeed, and the key to undermining this CIA operation is through a continuous and relentless educational process.  Do not join the Falun Gong cult, do not entertain or assist the Falun Gong cult in any way, and never let the young or vulnerable anywhere near Falun Gong centres or public displays. Remember that every Falun Gong member is a victim of a cult trying to get out!

A Falun Gong convert is promised an ‘after-life’ in ‘heaven’ after he or she dies – but only after a life-time of giving their money and property to Li Hongzhi (the founder of the Falun Gong – a CIA employee – currently living in luxury, in the US). Falun Gong converts live like slaves, and are brain-washed into ‘hating’ and ‘resenting’ their biological family, the Chinese people, and any vestige of authentic Chinese culture.

On the 25th of November, 2001, the Falun Gong cult fanatic known as ‘Fu Yishan’ (傅怡杉), who lived with his family in the Xicheng District of Beijing, took a kitchen knife and murdered his father and his wife. He also tried to kill his mother, but only succeeded in inflicting serious wounds. Fu Yishan (who started practising Falun Gong in 1998) stated he killed his family to help them be more ‘spiritually’ succesful! When asked to explain further, he stated that Li Hongzhi has taught that there are spiritual realms of great ‘wealth’ just beyond this realm, and one way of accessing these realms ‘here and now’, is through taking the life of a Falun Gong cult practitioner, or the life of a non-believer, in the hope that their ‘spirit’ will travel to these realms and become successful. When asked what benefit such an illegal action would have for him on this plane, when he knew ‘murder’ is against the law in China, Fu Yishan replied that the law of China did not matter, because Li Hongzhi is a divine person, and that he had assured him that by ‘killing’ his family, Fu Yishan would receive a great boost in material wealth on this plane (which he must give to Li Hongzhi when it arrives)!

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Buddhism: Environmentally ‘Friendly’ Upright Cremation Box


(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

[Origin: Miaoli News] Coffins have usually been designed for the deceased to ‘lie down’ within, but now, there is a new cremation device designed especially for Buddhists who want to be sat in the cross-legged meditation posture after death. It is a traditional practice for very advanced Buddhist practitioner to ‘pass away’ whilst maintaining an upright, seated meditation posture (known as the practice of ‘Zuo Hua’ [坐化], or ‘Seated ‘Transformation’). This new cremation device is known as a ‘compact shrine coffin’ (龕棺 – Kan Guan), or ‘niche coffin’, designed to fit-in to a religious or spiritually appropriate  ‘space’. Furthermore, as this new device is made entirely of paper and wood, it is considered entirely environmentally friendly.

This new device has been developed by the commercial arm of the ‘Benevolent and Virtuous Medical College of Life Care’, after consultation with the Chinese Buddhist community, and after listening to the many needs and concerns, it was decided to design a simple, straightforward and cost-effective device suitable for the modern era. This is a business initiative premised upon traditional standards of religious and spiritual etiquette, and harnessed to produce a range of goods to help those who follow spiritual or religious beliefs. The founding principle of this type of business is one of a profound respect for the Buddhist community, and the production of goods designed to help that community – rather than to make monetary profit. In this business model, the profit is measured in ‘virtue’ earned, and not in cash gathered. These devices can be designed for either correct Buddhist sitting, or indeed in a manner more suited to Western people. Western people are more than welcome to participate in the use of these new devices, which are manufactured by staff specially trained to retain a ‘respectful’ attitude throughout the construction process.

Qiu daneng (邱達能), the Director of the Life and Bereavement Department stated: ‘I personally approached Dharma Master Fa Cang (法藏) of the ‘Ten Thousand Buddha Temple’ (萬佛寺 – Wan Fo Si), situated in Tainan. He agreed that in the past, devout Buddhist people had no choice as to the device used for their cremation, but now, even if they cannot pass-away unaided whilst sat in the upright meditation posture, they can be placed in this new burial device in a manner that expresses their deepest spiritual and religious beliefs. There is now no need to ‘lie down’ if that is not what you do not want to do. Of course, this a new innovation for Mainland China, and we will be developing training courses to teach the coffin-makers how to generate a virtuous mind-set during the process of manufacture.’

Director Qiu went on to explain that his department is working on a special ‘preservation’ technique premised upon modern science, whereby the deceased body can be respectfully treated so as to maintain its posture whilst sat in the new device, whilst being placed in a specially designed environment (with air conditioning and filtering in effect), that maybe considered a ‘secular’ burial space, whereby these new devices can be respectfully positioned and maintained. This is a matter that is currently being discussed with the Government of China, but such a development would take the strain away from temples and monasteries, or where they still exist, exclusive burial plots for clans, etc. What is needed is a ‘new’ way of viewing traditional attitudes toward ‘death’, that allows a version of the old ways to exist in a technically advanced modern or post-modern China. This development, if it is accepted, will need to train a new generation of young people so that they can understand the religious attitude, and why things were done a certain way in the past. Whatever the case, monetary profit cannot be used to lead this initiative, which must always be facilitated through the agency of ‘respect’ for one’s fellow humanity.

This ‘seated’ coffin is different from ‘long’ coffins in that it is of modular design, and can be stored flat-packed with no problem. When assembled, there is no need for screws or nails – every part fits securely into its proper place and is ‘locked’ tightly into place. A circular raised dome is provided for the base, and there are stout handles which allow family and friends to carry the deceased to the desired location. Director Qiu further stated that this new burial device is made of paper and wood, and is designed to be easily cremated under current Chinese law. In fact, the entire design is currently highly ‘flammable’ to assist the cremation process. As a consequence, this new device does not require diesel or petrol to burn properly at a high temperature, and so is environmentally friendly. It is an easy method for staying close to nature and returning one’s remains to the soil, etc. The upright design of the coffin not only tells observers that the deceased is a Buddhist with a high moral bearing, but is also a better design for the cremation furnace to reduce the entire device (and occupant) to an even level of ash. This new burial device can be associated with the great Buddhist monks of the past, some of whom were cremated in the upright meditation position, whilst others were placed in special ‘bell-shaped’ personal tombs for hundreds of years (whilst their bodies did not decay).

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環保坐姿龕棺 全副紙材打造









Buddhism: Are the States of Psychological and Material Space Inter-Connected?


Space in the mind is a realisable attribute of Chinese Ch’an Buddhist meditation. Admittedly, this is a subjective awareness known only to the experient, but it is an interesting question as to whether the ‘space’ as perceived by this type of subjective experience, is in anyway an interface with material space, which is known to exist in the external world. The Buddhist answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’ depending upon the tradition trained in. The Theravada School, for instance, states that although the material world is contingently real, nevertheless the mind can be ‘emptied’ of all (suffering-inducing) and reflective content related to its perception. In other words, the mind is ‘emptied’ of certain suffering-inducing content and reactions, but this ‘space’ remains strictly personal and unrelated to the space witnessed in an insubstantial and constantly changing material world. The Mahayana tradition tends to state that just as the mind is ‘empty’ of any substantiality, so is the material world, and that the subjective experience of space equates to the objective experience of space. In certain lineages of the Yogacara, there is an indication that the physical universe might simply be a projection of the mind – but this is a contested issue amongst scholars, as such a purely ‘idealistic’ notion contradicts the Buddha’s numerous statements that the mind (like all external matter) is impermanent.

Of course, if the Buddhist experience of ‘empty space’ is purely subjective, then how can it be ascertained that such an experience is ‘real’ as opposed to ‘imagined’? Other than measuring brain-waves and trying to ascribe some sort of correlation between EEG readings, CAT Scans or MRI data and meditational attainment, this experience remains outside of conventional science. In such circumstance, conventional science usually resorts to measuring behaviour so as to gain an insight into what might be happening in the brain-mind nexus, but in the case of this kind of systemic-shift in psychological functioning, the measuring of behaviour might not be that revealing when viewed from the perspective of everyday life. One interesting example of a profound inner shift which is both dramatic and extreme, is the example of the Vietnamese Buddhist monk (Thích Quảng Đức) who sat apparently ‘unperturbed’ as he self-immolated in protest to the Vietnam War. One US correspondent who was presented, stated that he thought he saw a moment of intense agony sweep across the monk’s face as the petrol was lit, before becoming ‘calm’ throughout what must have been terrible pain. Others simply witnessed an elderly Buddhist monk calmly exit his life – even adjusting his robes at one point during the burning. What the film footage shows is that this monk remained sat upright until life left his body. He did not scream and he did not run.

An interesting question presents itself – is the experience of a profound inner ‘emptiness’, in anyway connected or reflective of empty space as it exists in the universe? Or, is the perception of ‘space in the mind’ merely a psychological construct with no bearing upon material reality? If inner and outer space is in reality the perception of exactly the same thing, why do many meditators ‘reject’ the physical world for an existence of subjectivised isolation? Is the experience of inner space merely a psychological barrier (or ‘comfort blanket’) that insulates the practitioner from the reality of the outside world, or is a life totally immersed in material reality, missing a crucial element of inner human evolution? Of course, not only the Buddhist path, but most meditative methodologies assume that the profound ‘inner’ experience is indicative of a greater understanding of the universe, even though the price of this knowledge is often associated with the whole-sale rejection and denial of the existence and functionality of the material world. This observation would suggest a ‘rupture’ between inner and outer space – but why should this be the case? Certainly, within traditional Chinese Ch’an Buddhism, the ‘empty’ mind is experienced as ‘expanding’ and ‘embracing the entirety of material reality. Whatever this experience is, is a matter of ongoing debate, but the Ch’an methodology does offer an interface between inner and outer space – the thinking being that these two distinct categories represent two-side of the same perceptual coin.

Virtual Particles and the Science of ‘Nothingness’ (Quantum Field Theory)


Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle was formulated in 1927 – but scientific thinking has not stood still since then. Heisenberg stated that it is impossible to simultaneously accurately fix (or measure) the position and momentum of a sub-atomic particle. This means that it is impossible to simultaneously fix (measure) or define time and energy. In the vacuum state, conventional logic dictates that there should be no sub-atomic particles existing in this quantum state (i.e. exactly zero energy at all times). On occasion, enough energy seems to be present to apparently ‘create’ a virtual sub-atomic particle as if ‘out of nothing’. These entities are known as ‘virtual particles’ and can theoretically possess any mass and move at any speed – even faster than light. This observation implies that virtual particles could travel backwards in time. Virtual particles exist in the interval between the measurements of real (or ‘observable’) particles, and this is why they can only be said to exist when not being observed. If they could be observed, then they would not be virtual particles. However, although some scientists think that virtual particles only exist in theory, since 1947 (Lamb and Rutherford), and in various experiments after this date, the ‘effect’ of vacuum particles upon the material universe has been observed. Furthermore, there is a theory which states that virtual particles may well be directly related to dark energy and the expansion of the universe. The point is that in an apparent vacuum that should possess ‘zero energy’ – small amounts of energy have been observed, and the presence of virtual particles is a mathematical inference from this observation. In other words, there is something there – even though it seems that there is nothing there. Virtual particles appear not to be bound by the laws of physics that govern the macro-universe, but even so, it is believed that their behaviour represents a ‘higher’ scientific understanding not yet realised by the human-mind. This is why sub-atomic particles may appear to both ‘exist’ and ‘non-exist’ at the same moment. This is not a metaphysical statement or position, but is rather a mathematical probability derived from exact calculation. This is simply a matter of observational position in relation to the sub-atomic universe. It seems as if Heisenberg is not saying that virtual particles ‘do not exist’, but rather that their existence lies in the gaps between ‘observable’ sub-atomic particle activity. This could imply that the ‘virtual’ nature of these particles actually represents a ‘gap’ in current human perception, and that when human scientific understanding advances beyond its current state, what was once thought to be ‘virtual’ particles will be understood in a new light. Of course, such a development in human faculties might well render Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle obsolete.

Did the ‘Big Bang’ Event Happen?


No scientific theory is beyond improvement or dismissal (if proven wrong). Human scientific understanding has ‘evolved’ over-time, moving toward an ever greater, or more subtle understanding of the material universe. Science deals exclusively with the material universe because it can be seen – either technologically or mathematically – and therefore can be ‘observed’ and ‘measured’. This is even true of the quantum level of existence, which humanity only knows is there, because it has been ‘observed’. An apparent problem at the quantum level, is that it is difficult to ‘measure’ the behaviour of certain sub-atomic particles (termed ‘uncertainty’). Below is an informative video that explains the state of human knowledge as it now stands – this is open to revision at anytime. The ‘Big Bang’ event appears to have happened. The universe is expanding, that is, space itself is stretching (apparently faster than light). As space stretches, the light travelling through it is also stretched. However, logically working backwards through time, it appears correct to say that the universe was ‘less stretched’, i,e. ‘smaller’ than it is today at an earlier time in its existence, and this has been confirmed with photographs taken of when the universe was just 370,000 years old – some 13.8 billion years ago. Furthermore, a definite ‘event’ occurred which saw a highly dense and hot universe suddenly emerge and rapidly expand. The sticking-point for many scientists is whether a ‘singularity’ occurred, and if it did, what was its precise nature? Hot plasma transitioned into a gas state, as hydrogen atoms were formed. Simultaneously, the infra-red light which was trapped was suddenly ‘freed’ to expand across the universe.

Distorting Soviet History – The Case of Soviet Physicist Matvei Bronstein (1906-1938)


Soviet Physicist Matvei Bronstein

In 1953, the US Government executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for being Members of the Communist Party of the USA (a legal entity then as now), and by extension, because they were thought to be spies working for the Soviet Union. The then President of the United States offered the Rosenberg’s a deal whereby if they renounced their Communist beliefs, and ‘admitted’ their guilt – their respective Death Sentences (via the electric chair) would be commuted to ‘life imprisonment’ – both steadfastly refused, and they died within minutes of one another on June 19th, 1953. The mainstream media of the democratic West remained ‘silent’, and was generally supportive of a US that had just suffered numerous military defeats at the hands of Communist China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), as it expelled the US-led Western forces from North Korea. Of course, Socialists had been attacked, maimed and killed in the US before, but following the crushing Soviet victory over Nazi Germany during WWII, the US Government, controlled as it is by the demands of big business, had developed a hysteria and paranoia against the Communist Bloc, the like of which could easily be described as a ‘group psychosis’. The capitalists that run America feared their own working class, and were afraid that it would rise-up and sweep away their corruption and class privilege. As a means to counter any working class grassroots movement that looked toward the Soviet Union for inspiration and perhaps material support, the US Government initiated a Cold War ‘disinformation’ campaign designed to turn the Western working class firmly away from any association with the USSR. The basic premise was a simple sleight of hand and inversion of thought; as the Soviet Union viewed itself as the ‘Socialist’ conquering force over Nazi German fascism, the US ideologues generated the lie that there was no difference between the brutal Soviet Union (an ally of the US during WWII), and the maniacal Nazi Germany. Ironically, the country that the US had dropped two atomic bombs upon at the end of WWII – fascist Japan – was quickly ‘rehabilitated’ and suddenly packaged to the world as America’s new best friend.

This all has to be mentioned, because another key aspect of Soviet misrepresentation is to mis-report segments of Soviet history with no historical context whatsoever – as if the Soviet Union was so corrupt that it possessed the ability to exist outside of space and time! Much of how the Soviet Union is interpreted prior to WWII, actually emerged as part of a continuously unfolding anti-Soviet Cold War rhetoric, manufactured after WWII. The false impression is that the post-WWII attitude of the US toward the USSR was exactly the same pre-WWII attitude of the US toward the USSR – an illusion that only holds true if the entirety of the WWII collaboration between the US and USSR is completely omitted from the historical record. Another important issue is the embracing by the West of Leon Trotsky and his peculiar form of collaboration with capitalism which he termed ‘Socialism’ (but never ‘Communism’) following his expulsion from the USSR in 1929. Trotsky sought to destroy the Soviet Union and instigate a system of bourgeois-left leaning capitalism in its place. Western Governments liked this form of ‘Trotskyite’ deception, and encouraged its presence throughout (and within) the Union and Labour Movements of the West. Trotskyism is essentially an anti-Marxist-Leninism ideology, and was viewed by the Western Governments as a preferred alternative for the workers to follow – due to its anti-Soviet underpinnings. From 1929 until his death in 1940, Leon Trotsky received all kinds of support from Western Governments in a bid to undermine the Soviet Union. This included the establishing of ‘cells’ within the Soviet Union linked not only to the Western Democracies, but also with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. Trotskyism was (and still is) a counter-revolutionary and anti-workers’ movement, that permeates the Labour Movement, and which psychologically and physically leads workers away from Socialist Revolution, and toward a continued collaboration with capitalism and its oppressive forces throughout society. Trotskyism destroys Labour Movements from within, and is designed to completely disempower the working class on every front.

In 1938, at a Conference representing his ‘Socialist’ ideology, Trotsky called for the victory of the forces of World Fascism over not only the Soviet Union, but also over the Western Democracies as well! In his deluded thinking, this victory of Adolf Hitler would be good for the well-being and freedom of the International Working Class! In the case of Matvei Bronstein – a Soviet physicist specialising in quantum mechanics and nuclear power – he became embroiled with a Trotskyite group operating in the USSR that had direct links to Nazi Germany. As usual, the English wikipedia page is inaccurate and missing vital information, but steadfastly supports the US anti-Soviet position. The Russian language wikipedia page has more official information, but still omits ‘what’ Matvei Bronstein had been found guilty of. The English wikipedia page portrays Bronstein ‘ahistorically’ as a lovable ‘genius’ who spent his spare-time writing children’s books. The implication is that his execution was unjust and an act of barbarism. The Russian Language wikipage – although lacking a crucial piece of information – does provide the following ‘historical’ details:

‘Arrested on August 6, 1937 in Kiev, in his parents’ house, and transported to Leningrad. Included in the firing list “Leningrad region” on February 3, 1938, approved by the signatures of Stalin, Voroshilov, Molotov, Kaganovich.
February 18, 1938 sentenced by the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR under the chairmanship of Corveneurist Matulevich to be shot under Article 58-8-11 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR – was shot on the same day. Presumably buried in the Levashovskaya wasteland, where L. Chukovskaya in the 1990’s installed a monument. He was rehabilitated posthumously by order No. 44-028 603/56 of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR of May 9, 1957.’

Bronstein was ‘rehabilitated posthumously’ by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev who was himself a Trotskyite. What surprised me was that Bronstein’s Death Sentence was tested and approved by ‘four’ different Soviet legal departments – Stalin’s signature being added last. I had to look in other Russian language sources to discover exactly ‘why’ this action was taken against Bronstein by the Soviet State. Six months had elapsed since his arrest and trial, and every indication is that this was a thorough investigation. Bronstein, of course, experienced every assistance and freedom the Soviet State could give prior to his arrest, and it was known that he had contact with Niel Bohr – the Danish physicist – who is often portrayed in Western literature as opposing Nazism, but Denmark as a nation openly collaborated with Nazi Germany and did not resist the Nazi invasion of 1940 etc, but this association is not the reason Bronstein was arrested. Interestingly, the English wikipedia (designed in the US) omits all details of the trial, whereas the Russian (modern) wikipedia text omits the following (crucial) line of information which explains ‘why’ Bronstein was arrested, tried and executed:

‘Active participation in a counter-revolutionary, fascist-terrorist organization.’

(активное участие в контрреволюционной фашистской террористической организации)

Another Russian language text adds even more information:

‘According to the indictment of January 24, 1938, as part of his “practical anti-Soviet work” the scientist “prepared terrorist acts” and carried-out harmful activities “in the field of subsoil and water resources exploration.”‘

‘Согласно обвинительному заключению от 24 января 1938 года, в своей «практической антисоветской работе» ученый «готовил террористические акты» и вредил «в области разведки недр и водного хозяйства». ‘

Writing in the UK in 2017, I can say that I was not present during these times, and have no way of knowing whether Bronstein was ‘guilty’ or not. Furthermore, like Karl Marx, I disagree with the judicial Death Sentence, whilst equally recognising that the working class has a right to defend itself. The British BBC correspondent Alexander Werth (who was of Russian parentage), spent many years in the USSR, and dedicated much of his later years to providing good quality, first-hand accounts of life in the Soviet Union. Obviously, almost by default, his work continuously counters the false US anti-Soviet propaganda – proving it wrong at every turn. Even Americans living in the USSR in the 1940’s and 1950’s stated that there was no ‘great purge’, and neither were millions of people sent to gulags. Instead, it was admitted that there was perhaps around 10,000 people arrested throughout the USSR in the late 1930’s, with only a small percentage receiving the Death Sentence for spying or collaborating with Nazi Germany, etc. From what I am told by Russian colleagues, it is suspected that Bronstein was preparing to hand-over his work on nuclear studies to a ‘fascist’ enemy – thought to be Nazi Germany.

From the viewpoint of US anti-Soviet propaganda – which a priori assumes the utter corruption of the Soviet State at every turn – why was it considered necessary to ‘omit’ Bronstein’s criminal charge from Western narratives about his life? The English-language wikipedia is a good barometer of US political opinion, as its pages are ‘edited’ to keep this often inaccurate encyclopaedia very much representative of America’s anti-Socialist position. This bias can be seen in the racist attitude employed by wikipedia toward Communist China and North Korea, and its continuous censoring of any critique of the Zionist State of modern Israel. It is interesting that the wikipedia editors chose not to include Bronstein’s criminal charge in their general anti-Soviet narrative.Why would they fail to include a charge, if they thought the charge itself was unjust? Surely the inclusion of such a charge would work in favour of their anti-Soviet cause? The only viable reason I can see for omitting Bronstein’s criminal charge, is that the US Establishment does not want the general reader to know about it. If this is the case, then why would the US Establishment not want the general reader to know ‘exactly’ what Bronstein was charged with? Could it be that Bronstein’s charge can be easily proven to be ‘true’ by accessing other historical records? Or could it include the fact that US espionage was behind Bronstein’s collaboration with fascism? Whatever the reasons may be, it is obvious that in the case of Bronstein, the US Establishment does not want his charge to be widely known.

Finally, whilst at Leningrad University (from 1923-1929), Matvei Bronstein made friends with three other people who would go on to become well-known Soviet scientists. One of these was named ‘Georgiy Gamov’. Despite having a privileged lifestyle and career as a Soviet physicist, Gamov sought to ‘defect’ to the capitalist West at his earliest convenience. This he did (with his wife) in 1933 – after two years of continuous effort. He then ingratiated himself with the Western (capitalist) Establishment, immediately sharing all his previously confidential Soviet science with the enemies of Socialism. His work, which involved Cosmology, quantum tunneling and molecular genetics, was then integrated into the capitalist ‘scientific’ narrative, giving the false impression that ‘greed’ had triumphed over egalitarianism. It is interesting, from a historical point of view, that Bronstein was associated with Gamov. Two of Bronstein’s other friends at the time were Dmitri Ivanenko and Lev Landau, both of whom went on to have glittering scientific careers in the USSR, and remain loyal to the Socialist cause.

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Russian Language Reference:Бронштейн,_Матвей_Петрович

Alchemy and Hermeticism as the Basis of Progressive Civilisation


Alchemy and Hermeticism, in its purest and most logical form, is the nearest Western teaching to that of Chinese transformative Daoism, particularly Alchemy and Hermeticism has many general and specific similarities to the ‘neidan’ teachings found within the Daoist Philosophical School (Daojia). It represents the material and immaterial development of the human-being, and the perfection of consciousness, body and environment. The material and immaterial realms are not different but represent two frequencies of exactly the same energy expression. Indeed, Sir Isaac Newton – the British genius who single-handedly invented modern science – was a very spiritual person, and an argument can be made that his knowledge of Alchemy and Hermeticism led directly to his ability to isolate, observe and measure material reality. Underlying this reality for Newton was a profound spirituality which university-led mainstream science has played-down, and expunged from the observable record. The policy of which was designed to permanently ‘separate’ religion (immateriality), from scientific processes (materiality). Chinese science does not do this, and neither does Alchemy and Hermeticism. Chinese science, of course, even in its most modern and progressive manifestation in the material realm, never loses sight of the ‘immaterial’ basis of human perception. Immateriality represents that world which cannot be perceived with the human senses unaided by technological innovation. In other words, the human senses (and the mind) may not be able to directly perceive everything that exists, but can, through the right kind of psychological and physical training, gain an intuitive understanding of these realities – which with regards to material science – can be confirmed as existing beyond the senses through the use of modern technology (such as the telescope and the microscope). Furthermore, the immaterial mind can envision realities beyond the senses through the use of mathematics and algebra. Even the most hardened materialist scientist has to admit that technology and mathematics has revealed realities beyond the ordinary sensory realm. It is an irony to consider that Newton spent much more of his life studying Alchemy and Hermeticism, than he did material science.

Within the Chinese language, Alchemy and Hermeticism is written as ‘炼金术’ (Lian Jin Shu), or ‘Refining Gold Technique’. Chinese language sources report that alchemy and Hermeticism has existed in many different countries throughout time, including ancient Egypt, ancient India, ancient Greece, Rome, South America, North America, China, Japan, Korea, Persia and the later Islamic civilisation. It is thought that teachings from ancient Egypt are observable in the philosophical works of the Greek philosopher Democritus in the 1st century CE, and that this demonstrates a transmission of the teachings of Alchemy and Hermeticism from ancient (Black) Egypt into the Western minds of the Greeks. This process eventually led to the work of Sir Isaac Newton and the founding of modern science. There is also a school of thought which suggests that perhaps ‘logical thinking’ arrived in ancient Greece from Egypt, and facilitated an outpouring of rational thought the like of which is considered unique in the world. Just as Newton separated Alchemy from material science, some ancient Greeks also separated logic and reason from Alchemy, effectively creating a new tradition of thought and use of the mind. If this is correct, then the entire edifice of Western civilisation rests upon the teachings of Alchemy and Hermeticism. This may even be true for the theology of Judeo-Christianity, which represents a splitting away from an all-embracing original teaching.

There is an ongoing debate as to whether ancient Africa had direct contact with ancient China, with Chinese scholars being very much in favour of this idea. Which way the culture and information flowed is also a matter of great debate. Did China’s ancient developmental culture influence the development of African understanding, or did advanced African thinking influence China’s development? No one is sure, but it is obvious that ancient Africa possessed a rich tapestry of progressive and advanced understandings. Of course, there could well have been an ‘equal’ transmission and appreciation. There are some Chinese scholars who believe that Black African travelers visited and settled in China thousands of years ago, and that their DNA (and culture) is now part of the ‘Chinese’ genotype. Perhaps this is also true of ancient ‘Han’ Chinese people traveling to Africa and settling on that great continent, before integrating with the indigenous population. Whatever the historical case may be, another name for Chinese Alchemy is ‘黄白术’ (Huang Bai Shu), or ‘Yellow White Technique’. This refers to a technical language that talks of ‘smelting’ gold and silver, but this is not to be taken literally, but rather as a ‘coded’ instruction that only a truly initiated master already knows and can explain. Smelting gold and silver refers to specific psychological and physical processes that are transformed through the great heat associated with an intense meditative process. Chinese Alchemy is also referred to as ‘炼丹家’ (Lian Dan Jia), or ‘Cultivation Energy Field Family’. This refers to the three ‘energy centres’ or ‘dan’ that exist in the mind and body, and their opening and transformation through seated meditative practice, and various methods of ‘moving’ meditation (such as through the techniques of profound martial arts practice).

Chinese Language References:黄白术炼金术

Coleton Fishacre, Kingswear, Torquay (25.10.2017)



Coleton Fishacre – National Trust

This is a 1920’s country retreat for the London-based D’Oyly Carte family – famous for the Savoy Hotel and Savoy Theatre. As we are Londoners – we thought we would give it a look. After WWI, the D’Oyly Carte family was responsible for the resurgence of opera in London, and on the back of that success, bought a picturesque valley in Torquay. This 24-acre spot (which runs down to the sea) was extensively landscaped, and an extensive manor house was built-in the simplistic style of arts and crafts, with an art decor interior. Following WWI, the 1920’s were quite decadent for the middle classes in the UK – and Coleton Fishacre has the feel of an out of control ‘folly’. There is opulence at every turn, with the senses being positively simulated in all areas. The manor house is seggregated into a servant section, and an owner section – and on the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, it is interesting and poignant to witness the stark division of the classes. The working class area is ‘downstairs’, whilst the middle class area is ‘upstairs’. Having made this observation, it must also be acknowledged that the servant area is spacious, clean, tidy, full of light and probably far better than the conditions many of the service class had to live in, in other middle class houses, where staff comfort was more or less irrelevant. To our minds, the opulence is pointless, as it does not progress society as a whole, but represents a prolific and out of control ‘individualism’ that is highly selfish and destructive of progressive working class social forces. Still, the only way ordinary people like ourselves could ever get to see inside a place like this, is through a tourist attraction! In this regard, such visits are used as historical lessons for ourselves and our children. We have taught our childre that workers are not ‘servants’ or ‘slaves’, and that every generation of workers must fight for their collectve rights anew – because the bourgeoisie will always take them away. Finally, as October comes to an end, the temperature on the day of our visit reached 20 degrees!













































Bolshevik Revolution in Stamps – 100th Anniversary (2017)











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