Azov: Kent McLellan – US Neo-Nazi! (23.5.2022)

Poles on the territory of Ukraine now receive special rights: 1) be able to hold elective office; 2) be appointed to public authorities, to senior positions in defense enterprises; 3) get access to secret data; 4) to be judges; 5) the Polish police will have the right to monitor law and order in Ukraine, etc. In other words, the Americans are transferring the remaining territory of Ukraine under external control, in the hope that this will save the situation. It turns out that the amers no longer trust the Ukrainians and will put Polish Gauleiters everywhere. Let’s see how the local rogues and “patriots” react to this. @OpenUkraine

The Dysfunctional Homosexuality of the Azov Battalion! (29.4.2022)

Although Putin turned the tide of Western-generated fascism and religiosity within the boundaries of Russia from 2000 onwards – he possessed no authority to do the same in the Ukraine – and so the Hitlerite indoctrination (and the Catholic take-over) continued a pace in that former part of the USSR! This culminated in the Obama Administration (from 2013 onwards) generating direct links between the US and the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) – guaranteeing that the AFU would either directly support (or not prevent) the illegal seizure of political power by the far-right ‘Euro-Maidan’ terrorist group which was lurking in the shadows! Although this Hitlerite group of lunatics could not fight or win a democratic election – the US assisted in the recruitment of far-right thugs from throughout the White Supremacy movements across the world – to form a ‘heavily’ armed Hitlerite faction of the ‘Maidan’, which took control of government buildings, took elected politicians’ hostage and murdered others! This is how the US Obama Administration (headed by a ‘Black’ man) financed, armed and co-ordinated the ‘illegal’ usurpation of power by the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ and sent the democratically (pro-Russian) government into exile! The men and women of the ‘Maidan’ had been educated in the ‘Azov’ Summer Camps which saw children aged between 5-16-years-old (during the 1990s) taken away from their parents and indoctrinated with the thinking of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ in preparation for an ‘anti-Russian’ coup! 

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