Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Zionist (Israeli) Flag Proudly on Display! (19.5.2023)

This photograph was released (internet-wide) from a point originating in Ukraine on the 15th of May, (2023) – the day Commemorated in Palestine as the ‘Nakba’ (Disaster) – when Zionist Terrorists (armed by the West) militarily attacked the peaceful and unarmed Palestinian population (in 1948) stealing their homes, land and property! Tens of thousands of Palestinians were displaced with a similar number murdered by the Zionists! Israel is currently continuing this ‘genocide’ against the Palestinian people. This explains why the UN voted (in 1975) to declare Zionism a form of ‘White Supremacy’ practiced by ‘White’, ‘Middle-Class’ (Secular) Jews! The Zionists in Ukraine posted this picture as part of their continued ‘terrorist’ attack upon the minds and bodies of the Palestinian people!

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: President Meets Delegation from Cuba’s National Women’s Union! (19.5.2023)

On this important occasion, the President of the Laos PDR welcomed and congratulated Mrs. Teresa Maria Amare Yebui (and the Delegation) – which highly appreciated the visit (and work) of the Delegation of the Cuban Women’s Union – as being an important contribution to enhancing and magnifying the good friendship and cooperation that already exists between the two peoples of Laos and Cuba! In the past, the leaders of the two countries have visited one another’s country – even though they are geographically far apart on different continents – showing that the bond of friendship between the two Parties, the two States and the Peoples of the two Nations is strong and getting stronger!