A Bourgeois Declaration of Freedom


Original Chinese Language Article By: Xiong Xin Jun (君熊新)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note:  Within China’s Constitution, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of expression are guaranteed.  As capitalism and imperialism were over-thrown and driven out of China in 1949, these hard-earned Communistic ‘freedoms’ do not include the re-importation of the bourgeois mind-set back into China.  These artists are expressing themselves using the freedoms they possess – but where arrested for damaging property and causing alarm.  The point the artists are making is that the Government of China should change the policy that allows for not only old (and dilapidated) buildings to be replaced, but which also permits the demolishing of ‘new’ buildings to make way for roads, or other such developments.  Occupants are asked to sign a document granting the Government permission to demolish the building and provide a replacement somewhere else.  According to this article, this policy has sometimes caused disharmony amongst the people.  As the artists are advocating ‘individual’ rights over that of ‘collective’ rights, their protest may be considered ‘bourgeois’ in nature.  It is also true that the vast majority of Chinese people support the Government and its developmental plans for China.  This article is from 2010.  ACW (26.11.15)


This article is about an artistically inspired ‘Declaration of Freedom’ that is centred around the general criticism associated with the enforced real estate re-building projects that clear land by  ‘demolishing’ buildings without any consideration to the outer physical (or inner spiritual) damage this policy inflicts on the people.  This is the use of art as a means of ‘non-violent non-co-operation’ to draw attention to difficulties existing within society regarding the government, real estate, finance, humanitarian concerns, the concept of freedom, and the well-being of vulnerable groups in China.


This performance art has three levels:

1) The writing of the character for ‘Demolition’ (拆 – Chai) on newly built houses as a means to draw attention to the policy of demolishing buildings. Our artistic protest is designed to encourage awareness and debate amongst the people.  The two aspects of concern are that a) building new houses takes a great amount of valuable national resources, and it is b) paradoxical and illogical to construct and then demolish houses that have only just been developed – a situation that is compounded by the uncertainty and anxiety experienced by the occupants.

2) By writing of the character for ‘Demolition’ (拆 – Chai) on newly built houses we are creating an image burning with meaning (representing displaced people, the violent demolition of homes, and the national politics surrounding the issues associated with construction).  This is performed with a sense of respect for the victims of the demolition, the plight of whom we want to be made known across China.  By throwing red, yellow and blue paint at the character for ‘Demolition’ (拆 – Chai) which has been written on a gray wall, the three artists are expressing a non-violent and non-co-operative protest.  The paint is thrown at the wall haphazardly and its random splatter pattern is symbolic of the free spirit and creative expression of the artists concerned.  The point of this is to demonstrate freedom and the right to express concern.  Freedom of thought and freedom of action combine in a powerful display of positive emotion in the environment.


3) There are definite humanitarian concerns surrounding the demolition of homes and the relocation of residents to new areas.  Many people do not want to leave their homes and resist the demolition and protest against the relocation. This has led to violent protests which have caused injuries and deaths on both the side of the people and the authorities.  Some people have even set themselves on fire in protest.  This policy of ‘demolition’ causes many issues concerning security.  The artists are using the medium of ‘art’ as a form of cathartic protest where all the angst and frustration can be diverted away from harmful expressions and into a (positive) creativity.  Art is a legitimate vehicle for ‘struggle’ and ‘criticism’.  As the artists were coming to the end of their demonstration, a warrant was issued for their arrest for ‘undermining public security and social harmony’.  The artists were making the point that any form of violence represents ‘non-freedom’, and any form of ‘non-violence’ represents true freedom.  Through this behaviour it is hoped that attention will be drawn to important social issues and changes made for the better as a consequence.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

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第二是,在写有白色“拆”字的墙前,焚烧带有象征性极强的图片(如:失去家园的人们、凶暴的拆迁现场,以及泛政治特征的建筑),既有一份对于此类问题毁灭与祭奠的表达,又表现出整个社会对于这类事件的态度。而由三个赤身的艺术家,分别手执红黄蓝三原色的颜料包,奋力砸向写有“拆”字样的灰色墙壁,在颜色击中墙壁的一瞬间,颜色在墙上形成自由的散落,形成最后的效果,表现出艺术家的创作快意和自由的艺术精神。表达出艺术家与众不同的鲜明的  “非暴力”的独立思考和自由批判立场。




August Weismann and Immortality


August Weismann (1834-1915) was a scientific genius born in Germany who specialised in evolutionary biology.  He carried-out an experiment whereby he removed the tails of mice and then bred them over many generations and observed that not a single mouse in any generation was born without a tail.  This proved that changes in the body caused by environment are not passed-on from one generation to the next.  His work proved that ‘somatic’ or ‘body’ cells are separate from sex cells or ‘germ cells’.  It is sexual cells that are passed on from generation to generation, whilst the body cells atrophy and die.  However, Weismann saw no obvious scientific reason why body cells should die at all.  In their ideal state, body cells should operate through endless cycles of growth, decay and re-growth without interruption, enabling a potentially limitless lifespan.  This observation led Weismann to question why people died at a time when most philosophers and biologist took death for granted, and he formulated an ingenious response.  Weismann stated that mortality in individuals was not a primary necessity but that it had been secondarily acquired as an evolutionary adaption.  How can ‘dying’ have a beneficial effect for the human species?  It appears that the immortal sex cells use the mortal physical body as a vehicle for propagation from one generation to the next, and that in so doing, it is important that these vehicles fall away so that ‘new’ combinations of sex cells are achieved through reproduction.  Weismann further states that living forever would be a luxury that benefits the physical body, but which does not confer any evolutionary advantage on the sex cells – therefore physical immortality, although possible for all human beings, was ‘deselected’ through the process of natural selection.  What is interesting is that Chinese Daoism – as a natural science – has acknowledged for thousands of years what Weismann understood through his modern scientific studies.  Furthermore, it would appear that through training in Daoism, or by naturally producing a similar lifestyle (i.e. artificial selection) such as in the case of the British Thomas Parr (1483-1635), the evolutionary necessity for the human body to ‘die’ can be slowed down and delayed considerably – hence explaining why many Daoist practitioners live very long lives, as do those who live close to nature.


Source: Richard Milner: Darwin’s Universe – Evolution A-Z (Pages 442-443) Entry for Weismann, August, (1834-1914) Father of Somatic Mutation Thery

President Xi Jinping Announces Islamic State Kills Norwegian and Chinese Citizens


Original Article By: Ritual Respect Network (祭祀网)

Published Date: 19.11.2015

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: I have translated this article into English from a very recent news story on the Chinese language internet. Social media in the West are reporting this story with varying degrees of accuracy, poor translation, and ‘out of context’ reporting. Many are stating that China is ‘threatening’ the peace of the world by condemning IS and showing concern for the death of Mr Fan Jinghui. This is the usual misrepresentation of China in the Western press that is partly racist and partly anti-Communist in origination. Xi Xinping is the President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) – which means that he holds the post of General Secretary of the Communist Party of China. The accompanying photograph is apparently from an IS online propaganda magazine (Dabiq) which appears to be written in English despite the fact that the two victims do not speak English (as a first language). It is odd as logic dictates that the average IS (i.e. ISIS) member also does not speak English. The photographs ‘look’ very Western in both their design and intent. RIP. ACW 20.11.15

The Ritual Respect Network has gained information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website that that the terrorist groups Islamic State (IS) kidnapped and then brutally murdered the Chinese citizen Fan Jinghui (樊京辉) along with a Norwegian national. We express our deepest regret and concern for the deaths of the two victims, as well as send our deepest condolences to the families of the victims concerned. When it first became clear that Fan Jinghui had been kidnapped by Islamic State, the Government of China was concerned for his safety initiated a rescue plan. However, terrorist organisations do not operate from a position of humane wisdom, are not concerned about the welfare of humanity, and disregard all virtuous actions in the world. This ignorance relies solely upon the committing of highly brutal acts (to achieve their objectives). The Government of China strongly condemns these atrocities and states that it is a certainty that these criminals will be eventually brought to justice. Terrorism is the common enemy of humanity and the Government of China strongly condemns all its forms. Terrorist criminals represent the lowest strata of human existence as they propagate fear through violence. The Government of China intends to strengthen anti-terrorist co-operation with the International Community and thus ensure the maintenance of peace and tranquillity in the world.

President Xi Xinping strongly condemned the killing of the Chinese citizen.

The Ritual Respect Network reporter Wu Xiaoqin (吴小芹) attended the 23rd Asian Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) meeting in Manila (the Philippines) on the 19.11.15 where President Xi Xinping announced that the terrorist organisation known as Islamic State (IS) had murdered a Chinese citizen. He stated that violent crime cannot be allowed to dictate in the world, and that China condemns these brutal acts and opposes all terrorist movements. He continued that China will take resolute action to confront any terrorist group which intends to destroy peace and harmony in the world.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

Original Chinese Language Source Article:



时间:2015-11-19 10:57:08  来源:祭祀网  点击:[29]




祭祀网马尼拉11月19日讯(记者 吴小芹)11月19日,正在菲律宾马尼拉出席亚太经合组织第二十三次领导人非正式会议的国家主席习近平就我国公民被恐怖组织杀害事件发表讲话。




European Down Syndrome Sufferers were not born in Mongolia


The distorted pseudo-science of Social Darwinism was founded by the German Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919). He developed the racist hierarchy that place pink-skinned Europeans at the top of the evolutionary ladder of the ‘races’ – with every other race descending in order of its assumed inferiority. This thinking permeate Europe – and is present even in Darwin’s The Descent of Man (1871). Although discredited today, its ideas still permeate society and fuel racism. Each ethic group (that was not European) was believed to represent an earlier stage in human evolution. Each group was assumed to be intellectually and physically ‘inferior’ to their European over-lords. On October the 9th, 1977, Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) delivered a lecture to the American Institute of Humanistic Psychology (entitled The Seasons of Our Lives) within which he described a Downs Syndrome sufferer as ‘Mongoloid’. This is because it was assumed that ‘Mongoloids’ (a racist term of reference for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Mongolian people, etc.) were considered racially inferior, and because of the difficulties Down Syndrome sufferers faced, and due to the unique structure of their heads, they were assumed by Social Darwinists to be a genetic throw-back to an earlier time in human evolution. It was assumed, for instance, that European parents had somehow given birth to an ‘Asian’ child that represented an earlier stage in human evolution. Although now this is unacceptable, in the past it was common-place to refer to Down syndrome sufferers as ‘Mongoloid’ as the example of the otherwise liberal and broad-mind Ram Dass demonstrates. Down syndrome sufferers are human-beings spread throughout the entire population of the globe (within all ethnic groups), and all ethnic groups are of an equal evolutionary origination regardless of exterior distinction.

The Non-Buddhist Origin of the Pro-Tibetan Movement in the West


Many people in the West are deeply emotionally and psychologically enmeshed within the pro-Tibetan movement. From a Buddhist perspective this is the exercise of ‘attachment’. For those so ensnared, this article will be an affront to their truth. Good – the only way that humanity learns is through the continuous questioning of its thoughts and opinions. This is not an attack on the legitimate traditions of Tibet, the Tibetan people, or Tibetan Buddhism. It is, however, an expose of the non-Buddhist concepts that underpin the pro-Tibetan movement in the West, which is a politically motivated and economically defined construct far removed from the true aims Buddhist philosophy. In this sense, the pro-Tibetan movement represents ‘delusion’ and not ‘enlightenment’, and because its duplicity is Judeo-Christian in nature, it is very difficult for those caught-up in it, to extract themselves from it and pursue true Dharma. What follows is a Buddhist corrective to a movement that only superficially appears to be Buddhist. If through this logical analysis the nationalism, racism and greed can be removed from its functionality, then it is possible for the pro-Tibetan movement to be rehabilitated and for it to assume its assumed purpose of helping ALL of humanity out of suffering and not just the chosen few who happen to support its limited politicised objective.

Although the concept of ‘truth’ is ‘loaded’ and difficult to define, the historical Buddha put a great emphasis in his teaching to adhering to ‘fact’ whilst simultaneously (and mindfully) keeping away from ‘non-fact’. This is because he was a realist who rejected the one-sided religiosity of Brahmanism (the theology of which he viewed as being the product of a non-factual ‘myth’ making process developed over many centuries, by a social elite that strove to retain its privileged power over the uneducated people, through the use of an imagined religious justification for their dominance). The Buddha fought against the prevailing system of his day by simply refusing to acknowledge its validity from a wisdom perspective, and nolonger actively participating in its everyday functionality. Although born into the Kshatriya caste of warriors and kings (the second highest caste just one rank below the controlling Brahmin caste), the Buddha stated that through his extensive meditational practice, he clearly saw that there was no ‘atma’ (permanent ‘soul’ construct) and no permanent god for it to be linked to. As the Brahmins retained their spiritual and social power through this myth, the Buddha’s insight comprehensively undermined the entire privilege of the established order. Caste was nothing but a racist myth that artificially divided Indian society into skin-colours and which ascribed social and religious ‘value’ to complexion. Without the ability to discern ‘fact’ from ‘fiction’, the Buddha’s Path does not exist.

He established five basic vows for lay people and hundreds of vows for his celibate monastics to follow, but common to both disciplinary codes is the requirement ‘not to lie’, or participate in the deliberate propagation of ‘non-truth’. Furthermore, a Sangha (or divine community) in ancient India was allowed to live peacefully in sacred areas (Sangharama) granted by king or ruler, with these areas being exempt from taxation, military conscription and the requirement to adhere to the law of the land. In return for this freedom Sangha communities were not allowed to directly interfere with the political process, or otherwise influence the society outside of their own enclosed communities. If any Sangha communities broke these rules then their immunity from legal punishment (and execution) was abolished and the community was broken-up and disbanded. This reality for early Buddhists gives a taste as to why ‘truth’ was of paramount importance for maintenance of a special community that granted the physical and psychological conditions for the Buddha’s disciples to be free of the need to work for their daily existence, and sit and listen to Dharma-talks and spend long hours of the day in the practice of seated meditation. Occasionally these ascetics would walk quietly around the local villages holding a begging-bowl and inviting the people to give whatever scraps of food. As Buddhist monastics do not work in the convention sense, the begged food (which can be of any kind) is ingested without any thought for its taste, smell, texture, or look. Begged food is simply used as fuel to keep the body minimally alive so that meditation can be practiced for the achievement of enlightenment.

If the Buddha’s method of analysing the mind and its content is properly understood and applied (in the sense that each utterance can be discerned as ‘truthful’, ‘neutral, or ‘non-factual’, then it becomes obvious that the so-called pro-Tibetan movement in the West is a product of ‘myth’ and ‘non-fact’. The pro-Tibetan movement in the West is a non-Buddhist concept that appears to rely upon the Judeo-Christian notions of ‘faith’, ‘congregation’, and ‘conversion’ (notions that are thoroughly non-Buddhist in nature). It is also premised upon purely worldly (i.e. ‘samsaric’) conventions such as fundraising, media manipulation, political interference, and the participation in academic misrepresentation. Although the outer garb of the pro-Tibetan movement is superficially ‘Buddhist’ in the Tibetan sense, the interpretation of Buddhist philosophy by many of its proponents is nothing more than the presentation of a ‘non-factual’ or ‘untruthful’ false Dharma. This false Dharma is premised not upon the Buddha’s thought of rejecting worldly politics (and such gross notions of ‘race’ and ‘nationalism’) but is premised entirely upon ‘nationalism’, ‘race’ and ‘specialness’. This is exactly where the rhetoric of the pro-Tibetan movement deviates from the very Buddhist thought it claims to represent.

The pro-Tibetan representatives, through the press, social media and academia, not only misrepresent the Buddha’s teaching (by representing non-fact as fact), but utilise aggression as a means to propagate the myth that they are disseminating. Like the Judeo-Christian myth that they are mimicking, a ‘special’ ethnocentric, religiously premised identity is ascribed to the Tibetan people that has more in common with the structure of Zionism (i.e. Jewish nationalism) than with Buddhist philosophy. Although constantly courting the liberal democracies of the West, the pro-Tibetan movement is non-democratic in nature, and thoroughly rejects ‘freedom of thought’ and ‘freedom of speech’. Its central myth-making premise is considered to be an inalienable truth that is like a theistic entity that is presented beyond question, doubt, or reform. In fact when viewed clearly, the pro-Tibetan movement appears to be exactly like the false teachings of spiritual liberation that the Buddha routinely rejects through the 5000 sutras attributed to his name. The pro-Tibetan movement courts liberal democracies in the West, but remains ‘illiberal’ and ‘non-democratic’ in nature. It acts rather like a religious cult that presents a mythic version of reality that confirms to all the attributes of the Judeo-Christian tradition. It has to do this to appeal to Westerners to be either Buddhist ‘converts’, or political supporters that pass on the pro-Tibetan message, replicating it throughout their own social milieu and creating new supporters for the movement.

The cult-like (and false) statements and policies of the pro-Tibetan movement are as follows:

1) Buddhist philosophy is distorted through a Judeo-Christian rubric.

2) Non-fact is represented as fact.

3) The pro-Tibetan movement (outside of Tibet) represents the country and peoples of Tibet.

4) China and Chinese people (and their supporters) are evil.

5) Western liberal democracy (and capitalism) is suitable for China and Tibet.

6) Tibet has never been a part of China.

7) Tibetans do not live in China.

8) China invaded Tibet.

9) The implied denial that Britain invaded Tibet.

10) The Buddhist path is not hard but full of inviting and smiling monks.

11) Chinese Buddhism is corrupt.

12) The 14th Dalai Lama is the de facto ruler of Tibet.

13) The Tibetan people (living in Tibet) know of and agree with the pro-Tibetan movement.

14) Tibetan monks and nuns ‘selling’ pro-Tibetan merchandise is acceptable.

15) Interfering in China’s internal affairs in acceptable for Tibetan monks and nuns.

16) Over-throwing the Chinese State is acceptable for Tibetan monks and nuns.

17) Breaking monastic vows is acceptable for Tibetan monks and nuns.

18) Asking for money is acceptable for Tibetan monks and nuns.

19) Participating in worldly affairs is acceptable for Tibetan monks and nun.

20) Misrepresenting Tibetan and Chinese history is acceptable for Tibetan monks and nuns.

All of this is AGAINST the Buddha’s Vinaya Discipline (and the Bodhisattva Vows) – or vows that monks and nuns follow (as well as many lay-people). It is essentially the breaking of the vows that control speech and behaviour. These vows are designed to prevent the rising of greed, hatred, and delusion in the mind, body and environment – through thought, speech, and behaviour. The pro-Tibetan agenda is nothing more than a manifesto for the establishment and perpetuation of delusion and suffering in the world. What must be established is that the pro-Tibetan movement IS NOT to be confused with the legitimate traditions of Tibetan Buddhism existing within Tibet, China and occasionally in the West. This essay is not dealing with Tibetan Buddhism that is profound and effective in its function of relieving suffering and guiding people to enlightenment. Not all Tibetans living outside of Tibet or China agree or perpetuate pro-Tibetan nationalism and racism, but quietly continue to practice the correct Dharma. The pro-Tibetan movement perpetuates lies about the history of Tibet and China and has used the mass media in the West to achieve this. As a result a false ‘truth’ has been established in the mind of Westerners who do not understand China or Tibet, do not know anyone Chinese or Tibetan, and have never visited either country. The pro-Tibetan movement deliberately takes advantage of the natural ignorance in the West and abandons its Buddhist heritage of encouraging ‘truth’ over ‘falsity’. Therefore the pro-Tibetan movement is a political movement premised upon the Western model, the purpose of which is to destroy the Chinese State. As such it only has a tacit association with Buddhism with one or more lamas ‘selling’ their Dharma knowledge to the general public – an act of corruption that is disallowed by the Buddha and the rules he established thousands of years ago within ancient India. Lastly, the people of Tibet do not support or endorse the pro-Tibetan movement in the West, and do not perceive the 14th Dalai Lama as their leader.








Seeing Beyond Bourgeois Nationalism


Nationalism separates human-beings into the false mythic categories of nation states.  This illusion is set in place through the use of deliberately conflating differences in language and culture with perceived differences in physical appearance.  Once physical differences are inalienably linked with culture, the ground-work for racism is established.  Instead of acknowledging that distinct human populations are the product of diverse manifestations of adaptability within different climatic and geographical conditions, the myth is perpetuated that the ‘differences’ are in fact directly related to skin-colour.  Human groupings are then encouraged by an exploitative socio-economic system to perpetually conflict with one another to see which racial grouping is ‘superior’.  Of course, the real point of this is to prevent human groupings from coming together and over-throwing the exploitative socio-economic system that exploits them in this way.  The psychology of perpetual conflict prevents the human mind from ‘seeing’ beyond its limited conditioning and gaining insight into the true conditions surrounding its existence.  If this true knowledge is gained, then the old socio-economic model would be abandoned for one more in keeping with the actual needs of human existence.

Keeping a Clear Mind


I asked the Buddha: why do people possess a single heart that has two atria?

The Buddha replied: This is because life is sadness as well as happiness.

One atrium represents happiness whilst the other represents grief.

Become aware of the cycles of happiness and grief and do not be arrogant,

Do not laugh too loudly, or this will invite the next sadness







Imperialism Causes Terrorism – Paris Attacks 13.11.15


It is interesting to see that with the tragic loss of the Russian Airliner recently (with the death of all on board), the Western European response was one of racism and disdain for Russia and the Russian victims. This callous response must be added to the continuous ignoring of deaths in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, the Ukraine and elsewhere in the world, and the overt support the Western Europeans powers are currently granting to far-right political and religiously inspired regimes such as the neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, the Zionists in Israel and the Islamo-fascists in Saudi Arabia. The rhetoric from modern Germany in the European Union is particularly disturbing, as its call for resistance against foreign influence to preserve European values, and pronouncements by the German leader Angela Merkel that multiculturalism has ‘failed’, all sound disturbingly similar to the rhetoric of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. This is all compounded by rightwing governments throughout Europe such as that in the UK, that has become the only country in the West to ever be investigated by the United Nations (UN) for Crimes Against Humanity committed through its policies of cutting and stopping Welfare payments to the Disabled of the UK. On Friday the 13th, 2015, Paris experienced what appears to have been a highly co-ordinated attack on its leisure infrastructure – including a crowded rock concert, an international football match and numerous packed restaurants. This suggests a deliberate targeting of dense urban populations, and the leisure industry in Paris provided this. Reports suggest that at least 128 people have been killed and over two hundred wounded – but the death-toll may well rise as order is restored and all information is gathered. The response on social media has been a mixture of sycophantic sentimentalism, coupled with an outpouring of anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner racism. People are sharing stereo-typical images of France with calls to ‘pray’ for Paris – as if the city was a human-being suffering from an illness that a non-existent deity could cure. This type of sickening sentimentalism does absolutely nothing for the dead and wounded victims of this violence, and has no effect on the immensely ‘private’ nature of this tragedy for the families concerned. It also ignores the fact that it has been decades of US and European imperialism and neo-colonial military aggression in the Middle East (and elsewhere) that has caused these attacks in the West. These attacks are the result of the death of millions in the world certainly since the terror attacks on New York in 9/11, and probably before. The idea that these terrorist attacks arise as if ‘out of nothing’, is the Judeo-Christian mythos of inverted psychology at work – as if a non-existent deity has suddenly ‘created’ the world! No – the Western response of sentimentalism and racism to last night’s terror attacks in Paris is exactly the very same attitudes that inspired the political leaders of the West to unleash their armies upon the world in the first place, and only serves to preserve and perpetuate the cycles of violence. It would be a far more productive response to stop institutional lying and for the people of the West to organise a civilised response to violence that ‘uproots’ the causes of violence in the mind, the body and the environment. I doubt this will happen anytime soon, and early indications are that the governments of the West, supported by sections of their unaware or uneducated electorate will respond with even more destructive military actions that will not work, but merely lay the foundations for the next terrorist attacks in the West. These attacks are actually military responses to Western military aggression in other parts of the world, and as is the case in any war, hostilities will only cease when there is a ceasefire and positive negotiations occurs. Racism amongst the ordinary people should be over-come through the implementation of ‘internationalism’ amongst the workers.

The Dalai Lama and the Distortion of History


The 14th Dalai Lama with Mass Murderer Shoko Asahara

Original Chinese Language Article By: Lu Cangsheng (戮苍生)

Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles (PhD)

Translator’s Note: The deliberate and continuous misrepresentation of China in the West is very much a relic of the US-inspired Cold War against the Soviet Union. Although the USSR is no longer in existence, the US security apparatus (which includes the ubiquitous CIA) continuous to manufacture and fabricate a ‘mythic’ reality for Tibet and her people. This myth is steeped in an obvious Judeo-Christian sentimentalism that plays toward a certain and specific Western psychology that has neither historical place nor cultural relevance within Tibet or China, which are ironically the two ethnicities it claims to represent. Chinese misrepresentation within the West is pandemic and premised on achieving two clear objectives; 1) the political destruction of the Communist regime in China, and 2) the presentation of the Chinese people as being comprised of an inferior race. The policy is to attempt to ‘breakup’ the internationalism and cultural hegemony that bind the Tibetan and Chinese people together, and introduce a capitalist system into China. The 14th Dalai Lama is financed by the West and although a Buddhist monk who has taken a vow of poverty, is able to circumnavigate the globe with a relative ease that none who accept his rhetoric ever question. Tibetans living in Tibet do not accept or adhere to the alternative mythic history that surrounds the Dalai Lama, and nor do the millions of Tibetans who live peacefully in China. Tibet under the Chinese Communist regime has progressed from a primitive and backward, religiously dominated feudalism, to that of a modern State – whilst many of the Dalai Lama’s followers live in abject poverty in refugee camps in India. The Dalai Lama of course, and the small clique of High Lamas who surround him in exile do not live in squalor despite their vows. The problem for the West is that there is a lack of genuine Chinese and Tibetan history due to the denigration of China and her history. This tabula rasa allows the CIA to churn-out its endless spew of anti-China propaganda using Hollywood as a platform, and the situation is arrived at where SS Officers from Nazi Germany (such as those executed for crimes against humanity after WWII) are elevated through Western media to be both trustworthy and truthful representatives of China and Tibetan history! Perhaps the last word is this poorly acted charade should be left with the Dalai Lama himself who likes to inspire his after-dinner guests with stories of how he is now a ‘Marxist’. ACW 12.11.15

Two reporters for Xinhua (Cui Jing – 崔静 and Xu Lingui -许林贵) on the 19th of May, 2011, attended a press conference called by the State Council Information Office where the Chairman of the People’s Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region – Padma Choling (白玛赤林 – Bai Ma Chi Lin) – noted that the 14th Dalai Lama, when speaking in foreign lands, does not present the facts about the real history surrounding the peaceful liberation of the part of China known as Tibet. Instead he fabricates a myth that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) ‘invaded’ Tibet and inflicted violence upon its people. This is a lie (perpetuated by a Buddhist monk who has taken a vow against ‘lying’), and is designed to attack the legitimate Government of China (even though Buddhist monks vow ‘never to harm any living being’). His motivation is clearly to encourage separatist movements and disunity within China.

Padma Choling was asked how the Dalai Lama Clique should be answered when it claims that the Dalai Lama was ‘forced’ to sign the ‘Seventeen Point Agreement’. He replied by clearly stating that all the people know the truth, and that no one in China (which includes Tibet) accepted this distortion of historical fact. Padma Choling continued that the recorded and well known historical facts are as follows. In 1950 the PLA peacefully entered Tibet and patiently set about helping the local people. The 14th Dalai Lama then sent Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme (阿沛·阿旺晋美 – A Pie A Wang Jin Mei) – a member of the then Local Tibetan Authority – to negotiate on his behalf as part of a delegation to Beijing. During this time it is known that the Dalai Lama kept in close contact with his representatives, and was made aware of everything that happened. After the agreement was signed, the Dalai Lama’s delegation returned to Lhasa and made a full report to him in person. The Dalai Lama then held a plenary conference in Lhasa and those in attendance unanimously supported and accepted the agreement. The Dalai Lama then sent a telegram on behalf of the Local Tibetan Authority stating that he, and all the High Lamas and ordinary Buddhist monks and nuns, as well as the lay-Buddhist population of Tibet, fully understood and endorsed without reservation, the ‘seventeen point agreement’ to Chairman Mao Zedong (毛泽东). It is obvious that recorded history proves that the Dalai Lama knew and understood the import of the agreement, and having fully understood it, agreed to its implementation on behalf of the Tibetan people. The Dalai Lama was never ‘forced’ or ‘threaten’ into signing as he often asserts in his story-telling to gullible audiences outside of China.

Padma Choling clarified that the situation between the Dalai Lama and the Government of China is this; if the Dalai Lama publically acknowledges that Tibet and Taiwan are inalienable parts of China, and that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is the sole and legitimate government of geographical China and all its people, then under this understanding the Government of China is willing to discuss any matters. Padma Choling concluded by stating:

“The door is always open for constructive dialogue between the Government of China and the Dalai Lama. The key to this dialogue is that the Dalai Lama must be seen to have abandoned the deliberate fiction of an ‘Independent Tibet’, a progressive development that the Dalai Lama appears unwilling to make.”

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Greed Stunts the Evolution of the Species


The policy of greed encourages individuals to pull all resources toward themselves, whilst simultaneously pushing all other individuals away (because each individual is a potential competitor for those resources). Greed is the historical basis of ‘individuality’. Greed ensures that everyone is the enemy, and that everyone who is a ‘friend’ is simply a fellow grasper of resources. This creates islands of affluence in a sea of deprivation. If humanity continues to exist in this manner, then as a species it cannot psychologically or physically evolve. Instead humanity will stay in a precarious evolutionary niche whereby the pointless battle for the acquisition of resources will continue regardless of already existing individual wealth, or the wealth of the nation.  Greed as a conditioned mentality is default set to attack and resist its opposite – anti-greed – and will marshal endless material resources to prevent its establishment in the world.  This is greed acting in self-defense.  Greed has to behave in this manner because it is an outmoded means of survival that manifested in the pre-human ancestry when logic and reason was absent in the species.  Greed is an instinct that fights for food, shelter, and political influence over the other members of the group or tribe.  Rich people, for instance, become rich because of greed (either their own or their ancestors), and continue to pursue this policy of depriving others of material possessions and political influence even though they already possess ample resources of their own to live many lifetimes in relative ease.  Rich people are greedy even though they have enough, whereas poor people are by necessity desperate for the basic needs of daily existence.  As a minority of society are rich (through the successful application of greed), and given that this minority retains control of the majority of the wealth and virtually all of the political power, poorer people are forced to artificially ‘compete’ over what resources are left (the unsuccessful application of greed), whilst simultaneously existing within a society in the Western world that possesses a vast bedrock of affluence.  This highly exploitative system of ‘greed’ is replicated from one generation to the next, with any attempt to deviate from its remit severely attacked and destroyed, as in such a society greed must always be seen to be winning.  However, it is exactly this process (and ability) to deviate from the established status quo that is the essence of evolution through natural selection that if allowed to happen, would psychologically and physically transition humanity into an entirely new era of reality.  Pursuing greed form one generation to the next is effectively allowing the ‘greedy’ to dictate and define human reality, and is preventing ever greater depth of investigation and exploration in the fields of inner and outer understanding and achievement.  The greedy are not ‘fit’ human beings in the evolutionary sense, but artificially create a power base for themselves within society that subordinates all others to it.  Those who are subordinate to the greedy are by far the best model of evolutionary ‘fitness’ because they are still participating in the meaningful struggle for survival despite the fact that their society is rich.  This model holds true for the world at large whereby a small number of countries (through their historical national greed) hold most of the wealth, and pursue international policies that subordinate the other (poorer) countries to their will.  Greed is an evolutionary ‘trap’ that raises the ‘unfit’ (i.e. the international middle and upper classes) over the ‘fit’ (i.e. the international working class).  In nature this cycle would be broken by a species-wide adaptation that advocates a ‘non-greed’ trend of evolution in such a manner that it would sweep all ‘greed’ orientated tendencies away as being manifestations of backward and non-progressive modes of existence.  Greed is conservative in nature and as it is being allowed to currently define human society, it is preventing the human species from collectively advancing on the path of inner and outer evolutionary development which is potentially limitless in scope.

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