Dudley Heslop (Author) – The Story of Hanover Parish! (5.5.2022)

It is important to see the history of African-Caribbean people compiled not by the Europeans who made their lives such a misery – but rather by the victims of British imperialism themselves who possess intelligence and embody a living ‘Black’ history that the ‘White’ population would rather we forget as a nation – even though Eurocentric racism is a living reality for many of us! Furthermore, as our daughters are experiencing a progressive education – the contents of this book will be an important factor in their learning experience!

International Day of the Midwife! (5.5.2022)

Falling into mutually opposing camps of aggression is exactly what the Bourgeoisie wants and craves (and is the essence of Bourgeoise feminism)! No. We must work together to overthrow the ignorance of capitalism and the religious stupidity that led to Midwives being burnt at the stake during Medieval times because the feudal Church could not tolerate the idea of empowered women helping one another during the child-birth process!

Paul Robeson: Sings the ‘Anthem of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)’ – [1949]

As Russian soldiers once again lead the world in the fight against fascism and neo-Nazism (in the Ukraine) – it is apt to publish Paul Robeson’s rendering of the ‘Soviet National Anthem’ written in 1944 (as the Soviet Red Army marched triumphantly toward Hitler’s Berlin) and recorded by Robeson in 1949! Today, Germany is still on the side of Neo-Nazism and compared to the 1940s – the US and UK have performed an ‘about-face’ -and our now supporting the Neo-Nazis our grandfathers once fought against!

Black History Month: Bolaji Badejo (1952-1992) – the Nigerian Actor Who Played the Monster in the (1979) Alien Movie!

In all the years I have re-watched the Alien movie (in various formats) no one has ever mentioned that an African man was essentially playing the lead-role in any of associated commentaries! How could this fact have been over-looked in a film that has gone down as iconic? He made all the sinister and threatening movements that made the ‘Alien’ believable and extremely disturbing and frightening to the watching audience and made the film what it was!

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