Falun Gong Cult: Self-Deceiving Li Hongzhi (李洪志) [2016]


(Translation and Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Any path that deliberately exploits its adherents and takes away their ability to independently ‘think’, is not good for the individual or for society. The Falun Gong Cult is just such a path. Li Hongzhi is delusional, and his pathology is matched in his ‘disciples’ by their collective idiocy (as their individual selves nolonger exist). More to the point, Li Hongzhi has stated in person and in writing that anyone who ‘gives-up’ all their personal possessions and wealth into his care – and who is willing to stand on street corners with their hands in the air – will attain ‘eternal’ life. This lunacy stems from a man who routinely (and modestly) refers to himself as the one and only ‘Universal Lord Buddha’ (宇宙主佛 – Yu Zhou Zhu Fu)! The immediate problem Li Hongzhi has had to contend with is ‘reality’. This has become ever more evident and poignant as his disciples have started dying around him – usually of ill-health, and sometimes of old age. Recently, Li Hongzhi’s mother Lu Shuzhen (芦淑珍) passed away. In the past, Li Hongzhi had stated that as he is ‘divine’, his parents would be particularly blessed with longevity without having to train like ordinary disciples. However, even if an individual ‘trains’ like ordinary disciples, generally speaking this activity does not alter the natural cycle of life and death. Indeed, Flun Gong Cult training does not even ‘pro-long’ life, but certainly appears to shorten it! Reports suggest that in the US, Li Hongzhi and his henchmen have deliberately acted to ‘conceal’ at least 40 deaths from the media because such truth has the potential to prove Li Hongzhi to be the fraud he undoubtedly is.

The problem hinges on Li Hongzhi’s ‘anti-science’ and ‘anti-medicine’ rhetoric. He states that people do not need to see a doctor or take any medicine when they are ill or injured. When people are ill, they must stand on street corners with arms in the air, so as to ‘burn-off’ any and all ‘bad karma’ they may have generated in the past. Just what this means, or how this method works, Li Hongzhi does not explain. Besides, asking questions is forbidden in each Falun Gong Cult cell. According to Li Hongzhi, his method works ‘quicker’ the more money and real estate a disciple transmits into his name. failure to act quickly on the wealth transference front, risks wasting time and the illness progressing. Denouncing Communist China is another way of earning Falun Gong Cult ‘merit’ – but all disciples have to participate in this activity whether ill or not. Since 2005, it is known that at least 6 Australians have died whilst practising ‘life-extending’ Falun Gong Cult exercises. Li Hongzhi has tried to explain this by suggesting that these people did not breathe deep enough, raise their arms high enough, hate China enough, or transfer enough money into his bank account. On June 8th, 2009, Falun Gong Cult member and advanced practitioner Liu Ying (刘莺) suddenly dropped dead with no warning. Liu Ying had founded the Taiwan Falun Buddhist Association, and was the former Manager of Taiwan’s ‘NTDTV Asia-Pacific TV’. The Taiwan Falun Gong Cult branch immediately criticised Liu Ying for not following the ‘five exercises’ and pursuing ‘individual thoughts’ whilst working at the TV station. This ‘free thought’ had polluted the purity of the Falun Gong Cult practises, and this is supposed to explain why Liu Ying died of ‘natural causes’. In fact, records show that despite being the ‘Universal Lord Buddha’, Li Hongzhi sought medical treatment in 19 hospitals between 1983 – 1990, in Changchun City. During that time, Li Hongzhi received 48 different consultations (paid for by the Chinese State). Li Jiguang (李继光) is Li Hongzhi’s brother-in-law and ‘Epoch Times’ News Group Vice President. Whilst taken seriously ill in 2009, Li Hongzhi quietly authorised Li Jiguang’s hospitalization, where he shortly died of longterm kidney disease.

As the US supports and funds the Falun Gong Cult as a means to attack Communist China, Li Hongzhi can get away with saying all kinds of nonsensical things – and it does not matter to the US Authorities how many people die in the meantime. Bestowing blessings upon wealthy disciples ‘at a distance’ is a very lucrative practice for Li Hongzhi. He instructs Americans not to takeout medical insurance (US citizens must ‘pay’ for medical care), and instead give the money to him. Although Li Hongzhi used this ‘at a distance’ method with his mother, and given it had no positive effect on her health, it is astonishing that people in the West keep falling for this kind of dishonesty and dangerous activity. in 2014, a ‘master’ of Falun Gong Cult activity in Macao – named ‘Lin Yiming’ (林逸明) was taken ill with blood in his stools. Li Hongzhi forbade Lin Yiming from consulting a doctor, and his conditioned worsened, leading to his death in 2015. Li Hongzhi ordered a ‘media blackout’ due to the embarrassment caused by the death of one of his most ‘advanced’ Falun Gong Cult practitioners. Do not confuse the Falun Gong Cult with authentic Buddhist and Daoist practices, which are premised upon discipline and virtue, and not exploitation and delusions of grandeur.

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Zhang Danhong (张丹红) – Maintaining Journalistic Truth Under the Spectre of German Racism (2008)


Zhang Danhong (张丹红) – Chinese Journalist

During the summer of 2008, an extraordinary outburst of institutional anti-Chinese racism occurred in modern Germany. Although not reported widely in the English-speaking press, nevertheless, it appears to have been orchestrated to cause maximum disruption to the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games. German racism, of course, is nothing new. This is a country that inflicted upon humanity one of its greatest tragedies in the form of the Nazi German holocaust, and which (through the US colony of West German), actively participated in the bringing-down of Communist East Germany and the Soviet Union. During imperialist times, Germany sent troops into China as a means to steal land that did not belong to Germany, whilst between 1898-1900, German troops ruthlessly participated in an international effort to viciously put-down the indigenous Chinese Boxer Uprising (a mass movement against Western imperialism). Fascistic German attitudes toward Socialism are not new, however, as in 1918 (whilst German troops were still fighting British troops in France), the Kaiser ordered German troops into Revolutionary Russia to fight alongside British troops, with the objective of ‘destroying’ the Socialist Regime developing there. Imperial, fascist and now ‘democratic’ Germany has a well established racist and anti-Socialist attitude that is historically clear for all to see. Little more can be expected from a country that treats former SS Officers (and ‘War Criminals’) with the utmost respect, providing such odious individuals with State-owned lavish accommodation and generous State Pensions.

Zhang Danhong, (who was 42 in 2008), was born in Beijing and studied Germanic language and literature at Beijing University and Cologne, Germany. In 1990, she became a Chinese journalist for the Chinese Department of ‘Voices of Germany’, and has been the Deputy Director of that department since 2004. As a German media expert and expert on Chinese affairs, (and since the violence of ‘smashing and robbing’ that occurred in Tibet in March of 2008), Zhang Danhong has frequently appeared at various seminars and on television programmes in Germany to make the case for China. Zhang has consistently maintained that the West should not criticize China with an ulterior attitude, but rather recognise China’s progress in Human Rights (and other key areas).

Four days before the opening of the Beijing Olympics, Zhang Danhong, reportedly said that ‘The Communist Party of China has more than any political force in the world implemented Article 3 of the Declaration of Human Rights’, referring to the Chinese Authorities pulling more than 400 million people out of poverty. Similarly, on a TV talk show in late July, Zhang reportedly said that the Chinese government had done much to protect local culture in Tibet, and criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for deliberately sabotaging relations with Beijing. The German media is said to have reacted strongly to Zhang’s remarks. On August 11th, German magazine Focus attacked Zhang as someone who was ‘courting’ China’s Communist Party. On August 20th, the Berliner Zeitung Newspaper quoted parliamentary representative Dieter Wiefelsputz as saying that Zhang’s performance was a ‘catastrophe’. Two days later (on the August 22nd), the same newspaper confirmed Zhang’s suspension from work. Zhang’s employer – German Voices – (without any sense of irony) stated Zhang ‘Did not uphold the values of freedom, democracy and human rights that Germany has consistently adhered to.’ Even a cursory examination of German history exposes the lie of this statement.

After the German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with the 14th Dalai Lama in the Prime Minister’s Office in 2007, a major diplomatic crisis was triggered between Germany and China, with the media in Germany initiating a racially motivated smear campaign against China. After the ‘March 14’ incident in Tibet in 2008, the German media reached fever pitch in its rhetorical war against China. Even in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, some of Germany’s mainstream media outlets did not stop unwarranted accusations against China. For example, “Der Spiegel” attacked the Chinese government for its earthquake relief work in Sichuan Province as ‘making the disaster a public relations initiative.’

On a talk show entitled ‘Fighting for Markets and Medals – Fear of Emerging Power in China’ which aired on TV2 in Germany, Zhang Danhong criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for pursuing a confrontation with China by meeting with the 14th Dalai Lama and undermining the historically good relations between China and Germany. Zhang also praised the Chinese government for its great efforts in protecting Tibetan culture. It is understood that around 20,000 people watched this programme on the day in Germany. Zhang Danhong said she received a large number of letters from viewers after the programme was aired, agreeing with her point of view.  On the issue of Tibet, Zhang has repeatedly and outspokenly criticized the Western media for its non-factual reports. At a conference in Bonn held by the Dalai Lama’s representative in Europe – Gusang Gyinzan – Zhang on the spot questioned Gusang Gyinzan as to why it was that the 14th Dalai Lama had told the Western media that he had given-up his demand for an ‘Independent’ Tibet, whilst the so-called ‘Constitution of Tibet Government in Exile’ (written in the Tibetan language) still retained the ‘Independence’ clause? Gusang Gyinzan was shocked into silence in front of the world media.

In the meantime, Zhang Danhong stated that her suspension was due entirely to her objective reporting about China, and her refusal to accept or repeat Western lies. The Western support for the 14th Dalai Lama and the Falun Gong Cult is the real reason her approach to objective and factual reporting has been attacked in Germany as such truthful reporting is a threat to the Western misrepresentation of China and her historic developments in all aspects of progressive development since 1949.

(Other Chinese sources state that Zhang Danhong was ‘sacked’ as ‘Deputy Director’ of the Chinese Department of ‘German Voices’, but was subsequently allowed to assume her role as an ‘Editor’. This followed the December 1st, 2008 decision taken by the German Broadcasting Authority that ‘German Voices’ had done no wrong in its treatment of Zhang Danhong. However, after this ‘indicent’, Zhang Danhong continued to be the target of German racism whilst at work for her objective approach to journalism)

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Beware Shen Yun, Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty – All Dangerous Falun Gong Cult Fronts! (17.1.2017)

Recently, the dangerous Falun Gong Cult engaged in the so-called ‘Shen Yun Performance’ in New York and was resisted by the local Chinese community. New York Chinese people held aloft banners outside the theatre hosting these performances, stating ‘Resist the charm, resist the cult politics, stay away from the evil Falun Gong!’, ‘Shen Yun, The Epoch Times, and NTDTV are propaganda tools for cult Falun Gong.’ ‘ Name and deeds propagandize the reality of a Falun Gong cult.’ ‘False charm, carrying out traditional culture is fake and promoting Falun Gong is a real evil.’ ‘Falun Gong lie and spread false rumours to smear China.’









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Falun Gong Cult (USA): Randall Effner Dies (6.10.2014)


Li Hongzhi – the founder of the Falun Gong cult – asserts that his particular brand of brain-washing and pseudo-qigong practises pro-long life (indefinitely) and possess the ability to cure any illness or ailment. Falun Gong cult practice is also believed to avert injury, with no coherent explanation as to ‘why’. Li Hongzhi is a CIA-operative employed by the US government to ‘destabilise’ the legitimate ‘Communist’ government of China. He does this through a number of ludicrous rhetorical devices, which involve a ‘Eurocentric’ misinterpretation of traditional Chinese (Daoist) culture. All Falun Gong practitioners are psychologically and physically enslaved by Li Hongzhi’s brain-washing techniques, and willingly engage in collectively disparaging the good reputation of Mainland China. Furthermore, Li Hongzhi encourages his ‘disciples’ to set fire to themselves, labouring under the misapprehension that by ‘breathing’ in a certain fashion, the flames will not hurt them. To date, no Falun Gong cult practitioner has survived the ‘self-immolation’ process without suffering severe injury or death.

Randall Effner was a prolific Falun Gong cult practitioner living in the USA. He misused his skill as a musician to create numerous songs eulogizing the Falun Gong cult. Despite practising the Falun Gong technique for a number of years, and considering Li Hongzhi’s ridiculous claims that his brain-washing can ‘cure any illness, it is ionic that Randall Effner died of a ‘heart attack’ at the age of 67 years old!  So much for a prolonged life free of illness. His wife – Diane Effner – whilst talking about Randall Effner’s continued bad health (despite 10 years of Falun Gong cult practice), also admitted that she too, also suffered from ongoing poor health (that had not been helped by Falun Gong cult practice). Such a high-prfile Falun Gong cult death has sent shock-waves through the Falun Gong cult community, as it demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the Falun Gong cult method. Together with their daughter Sarah Effner, this family used to perform pro-Falun Gong cult songs at national gatherings in the USA. Although it is true that many Western countries routinely ‘ban’ religious and political movements considered ‘incompatible’ with capitalist life, the dangerous Falun Gong cult is allowed to function unhindered. This is because Li Hongzhi supports the capitalist system and is opposed to the existence of Communist China.

Indeed, Sarah Effner travelled to China in 2002 to take part in a supposed ‘pro-Falun Gong’ protest – but was astonished to find that the Falun Gong cult is not liked by ordinary Chinese people, and has never been popular in China itself. Instead, despite seeing this reality, the Effner family has continued to make videos, write songs and even produce ‘dolls’ all in support of Li Hongzhi’s Falun Gong cult. On the face of it, it is incredible that an intelligent family in the West could be so easily ‘took-in’ by the brain-washing of the Falun Gong cult, but the reason is plain to see. Sarah Effner is married to Chinese national ‘Hou Chen’ (侯晨), a Falun Gong cult practitioner. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a PhD degree in physics – but despite this training in scientific logic and reason, he has still fallen victim to the Falun Gong cult brain-washing techniques, and has spread these corrupt ideas to unsuspecting Westerners.

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Falun Gong use of ‘Debt’ & ‘Murder’ for Spiritual Profit! (2001)


Fu Yishan with his Family 

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The Falun Gong is a very dangerous – CIA-conceived and controlled – religious cult premised upon a Eurocentric racist mythology, which is designed to brain-wash ethnic Chinese people across the world (and any European interested in the project), with the expressed objective of ‘bringing-down’ the lawful government of China, and instigating a US-controlled predatory capitalistic system, intended to yet again turn the Chinese people into a subservient population entirely at the disposal of Western corruption. This will not be allowed to succeed, and the key to undermining this CIA operation is through a continuous and relentless educational process.  Do not join the Falun Gong cult, do not entertain or assist the Falun Gong cult in any way, and never let the young or vulnerable anywhere near Falun Gong centres or public displays. Remember that every Falun Gong member is a victim of a cult trying to get out!

A Falun Gong convert is promised an ‘after-life’ in ‘heaven’ after he or she dies – but only after a life-time of giving their money and property to Li Hongzhi (the founder of the Falun Gong – a CIA employee – currently living in luxury, in the US). Falun Gong converts live like slaves, and are brain-washed into ‘hating’ and ‘resenting’ their biological family, the Chinese people, and any vestige of authentic Chinese culture.

On the 25th of November, 2001, the Falun Gong cult fanatic known as ‘Fu Yishan’ (傅怡杉), who lived with his family in the Xicheng District of Beijing, took a kitchen knife and murdered his father and his wife. He also tried to kill his mother, but only succeeded in inflicting serious wounds. Fu Yishan (who started practising Falun Gong in 1998) stated he killed his family to help them be more ‘spiritually’ succesful! When asked to explain further, he stated that Li Hongzhi has taught that there are spiritual realms of great ‘wealth’ just beyond this realm, and one way of accessing these realms ‘here and now’, is through taking the life of a Falun Gong cult practitioner, or the life of a non-believer, in the hope that their ‘spirit’ will travel to these realms and become successful. When asked what benefit such an illegal action would have for him on this plane, when he knew ‘murder’ is against the law in China, Fu Yishan replied that the law of China did not matter, because Li Hongzhi is a divine person, and that he had assured him that by ‘killing’ his family, Fu Yishan would receive a great boost in material wealth on this plane (which he must give to Li Hongzhi when it arrives)!

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The Chinese Anti-Falun Gong Cult World Alliance Welcomes Westerners


The Falun Gong cult does not represent China’s modern or traditional culture. People of Chinese ethnicity around the world understand this fact, but many in the West are ignorant to this fact. This should not be surprising, as the Falun Gong cult is a ‘racist’ anti-China construct, developed in the West as part of the US Cold War policy to bring-down the Communist government of China. What is interesting is that despite a steady stream of ‘fake news’ and ‘disinformation’ published through the CIA-financed Minghui Network (which includes the Epoch Times and NTDTV, etc), this policy will not be successful due to a world-wide Chinese solidarity and resistance. The Falun Gong cult will not prevail because the Chinese people world-wide will not allow it to prevail. In the meantime, the Falun Gong cult news outlets continue to function like any news network, broadcasting weather reports, banal cooking programmes and mindless reality TV shows. In between these programmes is issued a bizarre anti-China rhetoric of ever disparate false news stories and allegations of human rights abuses – this continues as Li Hongzhi orders one vulnerable teenager after another to self-immolate.

Laughably, the Falun Gong cult, as a means to justify its criminal behaviour, states that Li Hongzhi (its founder who has developed extensive health problems whilst living a life of luxury in the US), is the ‘omnipotent cosmic master Buddha’! If those who fall under his brain-washing spell give him enough money, and sign over their property to him, they too can achieve this wondrous state by ‘breathing deeply’! The reality of Falun Gong cult practice suggests quite another outcome. Falun Gong cult members are regularly deprived of food and water, tied-up, psychologically and physically tortured, and in the case of the very young – sexually abused. When individuals have managed to escape this dangerous cult, they have had to spend time in hospital as a means to try and regain their health, For many, however, the years of systematic abuse and suffering means that despite extensive and compassionate care, they can never regain their health. Even when qualified Daoist masters have assessed the Falun Gong cult technique – they have revealed at least 28 life-threatening errors and bad medical practices. Indeed, during March, 2006, Li Guodong (李国栋) – the head of NTDTV anti-China propaganda – suddenly dropped dead from liver cancer. Li Guodong had been declared an ‘Immortal Buddha’ by Falun Gong cult founder Li Hongzhi shortly before his death. During June, 2006, the chief scientist and medical doctor of the Falun Gong cult – Feng Lili (封莉莉) suddenly dropped dead of pancreatic cancer. Again, Li Hongzhi had previously declared Feng Lili an ‘Immortal Buddha’. In July, 2009, the chief editor of the Epoch Times in Japan – Zuo Tenggong (佐藤贡) – suddenly dropped dead… These deaths are not isolated incidences, but are part of the broader phenomenon of Falun Gong cult poor health and sudden death. It is rumoured that Li Hongzhi is in and out of hospital in the US due to poor health caused by his cultish practice, being kept alive by his US spy-masters at any cost. In fact, Li Hongzhi may have died sometime ago…

The Falun Gong cult is NOT an indigenous Chinese cultural or spiritual movement. Its methods are premised upon a ‘racist’ disregard for Chinese history, culture and political self-determination. The Falun Gong cult was not developed in China – but in a smoke-filled room of ‘White men’ in the CIA Offices situated in Washington DC. The Falun Gong cult is medically dangerous, and is anti-China and anti-Communist in both design and function. All ethnic Chinese people around the world understand these facts and are striving to work together to protect the Chinese Motherland from this external threat to its stability and prosperity. An interesting development is that there is now a growing network of consciously ‘aware’ Westerners’ (and other ‘non-Chinese’) who now understand the corruption that underlies the operations of the Falun Gong cult, and who help to expose and check its influence. This world-wide defence of China is required to prevent national governments (such as Australia in 2009), making fools of themselves and siding with the Falun Gong cult. The Falun Gong cult is ran from the US and is racist in nature. All right-minded Westerners must help the Chinese world community to prevent the spread of this dangerous and threatening teaching. This action will save numerous lives and make the world a better place to live in peace and harmony.

When Falun Gong cult members ‘escape’ the clutches of Li Hongzhi, the Communist Party of China (CPC) guarantees their rights and will make every effort to provide medical care and psychological healing. This has always been the case. However, as hundreds of former Falun Gong cult members have been rehabilitated, the Falun Gong operating out of the US falsely claims that these individuals have been ‘tortured’, ‘imprisoned’ and even ‘killed’. The further lie is that organs are stolen from dead bodies. Even a slight understanding of medical knowledge states that organs taken from dead bodies are no good for transplant, and are medically worthless. Communist China encourages Chinese citizens to ‘donate’ their organs when ‘near’ death to save the lives of other people who need transplants, if they should choose to do so. So many citizens do this as a matter of course, that Communist China has no need to ‘harvest’ organs from the bodies of executed criminals. One person who the Falun Gong cult claimed to have been killed (and their organs harvested), is ‘Yang Jun’ (杨俊) from Chongqing, who was supposedly beaten to death at just 18 years old. In fact, Yang Jun escape from the Falun Gong cult (like hundreds of others), and now lives a happy and normal life in China. Yang Jun’s mother has gone on record stating that her son is very happy and glad to be ‘free’ of the terrible Falun Gong cult. Together, the world community can wipe-out the Falun Gong cult, so that its victims can be saved, and its leaders tried for Crimes Against Humanity and imprisoned.

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Why Did the Dangerous Falun Gong Cult Target Teachers?


It is well-known in China that teachers are trusted and respected, because they are considered ‘engineers’ of the human mind, and constructors of human consciousness within society. This is why teachers have been held with the highest respect throughout China’s history, and entrusted with the education of China’s youth, from the youngest (and vulnerable) pupil to the oldest (adolescent) student. Teachers are empowered within China’s society to effectively learn the knowledge and wisdom that is ‘Chinese culture’, and effectively (and correctly) convey that information to future generations. The Falun Gong cult leadership lives in luxury in the USA, and is guided by the CIA – a ruthless intelligence-gathering and military organisation that often operates beyond the control (or ‘knowledge’) of the President, and which routinely employs murder and disinformation policies around the world, to ensure the primacy of predatory capitalism. This is simply the ‘old’ Western imperialism re-invented for a ‘new’ age. As a result, although the Falun Gong is staffed at its core by ethnic Chinese people, it employed a distinctly anti-China rhetoric that is premised entirely upon the strictures of Eurocentric racism. The Falun Gong cult leader – Li Hongzhi – has ordered his subordinates to especially ‘target’ teachers in China and around the world, who are in-charge of the education of teenagers. This is because teenagers are thought to be particularly ‘impressionable’ and easy to ‘influence’. As teenagers lack a ‘mature’ ability to assess information and make sound and/or rational judgements, they are a particularly ‘vulnerable’ group susceptible to Falun Gong brain-washing.

In modern China, the Falun Gong is illegal, but due to its CIA-controllers in the US, continuous attempts are made to infiltrate China’s internet, social media platforms, and educational establishments, as a means to spread its warped ideology and illogical teaching throughout China’s society. The point of this US policy is to bring down the Communist Party of China (CPC), and eradicate all the scientific and social progression achieved by the Chinese people since 1949. Li Hongzhi was a low-level office worker when the CIA infiltrated his mind-set during the 1980’s and 1990’s. He forgot he was Chinese, and abandoned his own people for the destructive and racist policies of a ‘foreign’ power. He made-up a completely ‘false’ teaching with no basis within Chinese spiritual or rational traditions, and set-forth on his single-handed mission of attempting to bring down the Chinese Communist State. Although the education system in China is fully comprehensive and ‘free’ for all Chinese citizens, Li Hongzhi was lazy as an individual and chose not to pursue his learning to any great extent – this is why his fabricated cult has no bearing to legitimate spiritual culture within China.

In around the mid-1990’s, the corrupt Falun Gong cult attempted to infiltrate Chinese academia, and in those days, did attract one or two teachers. Quite often, in all other ways these professional people were intelligent, but prone to suggestibility. Although their colleagues and friends (who knew better), tried to warn these people that they were descending into criminal activity, these individuals did not listen. These teachers spread the dangerous Falun Gong cult through videos, discussion groups, and informal get togethers. Also used was the QQ social media platform, and the print media, as well as DVDs. Although illicit, because these corrupt teachers were trusted by society at large, they were able to spread Li Hongzhi’s pseudo-teachings unhindered in the early days. A practical problem was that although the thinking underlying the Falun Gong is racist and irrational, many of its outer movements are deliberately designed to ‘mimic’ the familiar movements associated with legitimate Chinese martial arts and Daoist self-cultivation. This mimicry acted as a type of social camouflage and aided the Falun Gong cult for quite sometime, until its numerous victims started contacting the Chinese Authorities. Over-time, it became clear that the Falun Gong was a ‘foreign’ derived, politicized movement designed to bring down the Communist Chinese State, which employed an extensive set of exploitative psychological and physiological brain-washing techniques. This includes sexual abuse, imprisonment, torture, theft, threats, and murder. Furthermore, the Falun Gong exercises themselves have been proven to be decidedly ‘unhealthy’ for the practitioner. Eventually, as it became obvious that the Falun Gong was harming China and its citizens, the CPC quite rightly moved to ban the dangerous Falun Gong cult in 1999.

As Communist China has exercised its self-determination against US racism and neo-imperialism, the CIA has initiated a number of futile but persistent anti-China campaigns, including the bizarre allegation of ‘organ harvesting’. Exactly the same CIA remains ‘silent’ as Li Hongzhi ‘orders’ various brain-washed teenagers under his influence to ‘set fire’ to themselves. Those whose lives have been saved by the Chinese medical services, have all described how they were threatened and manipulated into carry-out these self-destructive acts. This included Falun Gong cult threats against their families (usually non-members of the Falun Gong cult). Not only did a small number of teachers allow themselves to be manipulated by the Falun Gong cult in Guangdong and similar areas, there was even a case in Inner Mongolia. Many people divorced their partners when they learned of this criminal behaviour, which even included placing portraits of Li Hongzhi where family pictures once hung. Of course, teachers are human-beings, and are subject to all kinds of dangers in life, but their esteemed position within Chinese society means that they should be careful and more discerning in their personal and professional lives. As matters stand, the Chinese Communist State offers leniency to those who repent, but advocates severity for those who resist. Teachers have a social duty to ensure that they set a good example throughout their lives, and in so doing, protect and support the Communist Chinese State, and look-after the psychological and physical health of their students. Do not engage with Falun Gong cult websites overseas, and do not ‘illegally’ down-load or distribute Falun Gong cult propaganda within Communist China. Teachers have a responsibility to keep the spiritual purity of China free of Western racism and its destructive influence.

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陈某是江西省赣州经开区一名教授计算机的技校老师,1996年,他接触到“法轮功”,随即被其吸引,认为 “法轮大法”是“世界上的一切学说中最玄奥、超常的科学”,成为其忠实信徒。在学校里,因向教职人员传播邪教未果,转而将目标移到了学生们。他在课堂上以讲故事、播视频、聊天等形式向学生传播邪教内容、宣讲诋毁破坏国家法律制度的言论,煽动学生们退团退党。他还组建了多个面向学生的QQ群,在群内长期大量转发邪教宣传图片、文章、网络链接,对涉世未深的学生们造成了极端恶劣的影响。罪行败露后,陈某被依法处理,但给学生造成的影响,岂是一朝一日可以清除得掉的?









Falun Gong Brainwashing & Murder (2001)



Every Falun Gong death is a tragedy. This is because the Falun Gong is a dangerous cult now run from the US by its founder – Li Hongzhi – whose movement of abuse and disempowerment is fully supported by the US Government. The US government uses the Falun Gong as a means to ‘destabilise’ Communist China, in an attempt to bring down that system, and replace it with predatory capitalism (and missionary-led Christianisation). Those who join the Falun Gong are victims of a criminal organisation that seeks worldly wealth and worldly political power. Those Westerners that join the Falun Gong are supporting a racist association that ‘mimics’ traditional Chinese spiritual culture, whilst massively diverting from traditional Chinese thinking. Those already ensnared by the Falun Gong are brain-washed into thinking that they are there by ‘choice’, at exactly the same moment that their personal income and personal property is being usurped in the name of Li Hongzhi (and the US government). Those who disobey, or express any form of independent thought, are forced through bullying to commit acts of suicide – many of which are actually ‘murders’ carried out by other Falun Gong activists. These murders are invariably made to ‘look’ like suicides.


Every Falun Gong death is a tragedy – and the Western world should join the PRC government in condemning the murderous Falun Gong cult, and banning its corrupt practises. On February 16th, 2001, a man set-fire to himself in Beijing by igniting gasoline. The local police initially identified the self-immolater as a 25-year-old Falun ‘male’ Gong practitioner named Tan Yihui (譚一輝), who was living Changde City, Hunan Province. Tan Yihui had carefully placed his personal effects five meters away from where his body was found. There was a Residence Booklet, a train ticket and an ID Card. Tan Yihui was of Han nationality, had a junior high school education, was unmarried, and born on August 5, 1975. He came originally from Taoyuan County, Hunan Province. Forensic assessment revealed that Tan Yimui died of suffocation, and that his burns were neither deep or extensive.

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Anti-Falun Gong: Cults Inside Out – By Rick Alan Ross


This is an extraordinary book written by a US citizen who has seen through the dangerous lies of the Falun Gong cult. Disturbed by what he saw of the Falun Gong’s growing influence in America, and the disastrous manipulation of the vulnerable and the weak-minded, Rick Alan Ross decided to take action himself, when the US Authorities refused to acknowledge the cult activities of the Falun Gong in the West, and refused to initiate a criminal investigation. The subsequent book – Cults Inside Out – has been sold on Amazon.com to rave reviews and very high sales. This should not be surprising, as Rick Alan Ross is widely acknowledged as a world authority on cults, cult behaviour, and on how to help people escape from cults and regain their individual dignity and freedom. He has pursued an independent research programme that has involved the interview of hundreds of former Falun Gong cult members, current Falun Gong cult members, and has even travelled to Mainland China to interview individuals that the Falun Gong claimed were ‘dead’ and ‘murdered by the Chinese Authorities’. Rick Alan Ross was born in 1952, and first became concerned about cults and cult-like activity in 1982 – when a cult tried to invade the retirement home his grandmother lived in. He was astonished how these cults were able to quickly brain-wash otherwise strong individuals, and take complete control of their lives. For the last 30 years, Rick Alan Ross has helped hundreds of people escape from cults, whilst educating the general public about the dangers of cultish activity within modern society. In the last decade, Rick Alan Ross has paid particular attention to the Falun Gong cult operating in the US and in Mainland China.

The Chinese Mainland government has fully supported Rick Alan Ross – and granted him visas and permission to interview former Falun Gong victims. This led to him visiting Kaifeng city (in Henan province), where he interviewed the survivors of the ‘1.23’ self-immolation incident – namely mother and daughter Hao Huijun (郝慧君) and Chen Guo (陈果). On January 5th, 2011, he published his report online in the US. Rick Alan Ross stated that Hao Huijun and Chen Guo were not imprisoned, had never been imprisoned, and has received the best (free) medical attention available in China. Both stated that they were threatened and psychologically and physically abused by other members of the Falun Gong – and out of desperation, tried to take their own lives to escape the Falun Gong. In fact, the Falun Gong leader in the US – Li Hongzhi – personally suggested the pair set themselves alight. This situation was brought by the Falun Gong’s practice of false religion, and the practice of ‘isolation’ from family and friends. Once suitably controlled, cult members can be forced to do any thing. Behind the smiling facade of the Falun Gong – violence and murder lurks. During a number of Falun Gong burglaries in China (initiated by Li Hongzhi), a number of cult members were hurt, and a 12 year old girl was killed. One area of focus for the Falun Gong now involves college and university campuses – where impressionable young people have been targeted by Li Hongzhi for conversation. This cultish activity is particularly strong in colleges and universities that teach anti-China political rhetoric. This book focuses on the mental illness of Li Hongzhi, and how he seeks to ‘control’ all those around him through a combination of threats and violence. As matters stand, the US Authorities turn a blind eye to the injuries and deaths suffered by Falun Gong practitioners in America.

A very interesting point revealed by Rick Alan Ross is that despite the Falun Gong being openly supported by the US Government as part of its anti-China policy, in fact, among ordinary US citizens, the Falun Gong cult remains extremely unpopular simply because of its observable behaviour. The Falun Gong cult turns Europeans against their families and communities – and leads Americans away from Judeo-Christian beliefs. The Falun Gong cult also drives atheists into the arms of organised religion. Exactly the same negative response has been seen in Canada – despite the Falun Gong media continuously making claims to the contrary. The point is that ordinary Westerners do not believe the anti-China rhetoric employed by the Falun Gong cult. This attitude has nothing to do with politics, but is a pragmatic response to the Falun Gong cult’s attack on Western communities and vulnerable individuals. Indeed, Rick Alan Ross has revealed that there is a definite anti-Falun Gong cult attitude now evident across the world – which sees individual county’s prevented from ‘banning’ this dangerous cult due to US threats of political and economic sanctions.

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瑞克·艾伦·罗斯最新专著《Cults Inside Out

由美国反邪教专家瑞克·艾伦·罗斯(Ricky Alan Ross)撰写的新书《Cults Inside Out》(意为“走进和走出邪教”)近期在全球著名在线书店亚马逊网上架,这部专著中包含对大量法轮功、科学教派练习者、受害者的案例剖析。此书上架以来在美国好评如潮。人们不禁要问,一部研究邪教问题的书为何会引起高度关注?






瑞克·艾伦·罗斯先生强调,不论是在美国、加拿大、中东,还在中国、俄罗斯、乌克兰,在全球范围内,都面临着邪教的侵袭,不论人们的价值观念有多么的不同,但对邪教的认识还是有相对一致的标准,邪教危害的是国家的肌体、社区的稳定和居民的健康,对生命问题的关注要求各国间加强反邪教的协调,通过“膜拜团体研究国际论坛”这样的形式,各国专家可以各抒己见,发表对邪教问题的见解。如关于邪教团体的定义,著名精神病学家与作家罗伯特·J·利夫顿(Robert Jay Lifton)在1981年首次制定了三条标准:1、一个日益成为膜拜对象的拥有超凡魅力的领导人,一般原则同样在团体组成的最初起着重要作用,但可能会渐渐失去力量;2、一个强制性劝诱或者思想改革的进程;3、领导人及其执政集团在经济、性及其他方面对组织成员的剥削。按照这三条标准,法轮功是不折不扣的的邪教,不论在哪个国家都应当受到排斥,因此,要加强协作、信息共享,让这些邪教活动无处藏身。


Falun Gong Rape Cult Exposed in Henan (2014)!


Falun Gong Sexual Assault Disguised as ‘Daoism’

According to the People’s Procuratorate of Hui county, Henan province, in late September a number of netizens reported to the police that the illegal Falun Gong cult had infiltrated the QQ social media site within Mainland China, and through two different accounts, namely ‘Bright Wisdom No Doubt’ (明慧不惑 – Ming Hui Bu Huo), and ‘Wake Up to Nature’ (梦醒自然 – Meng Xing Zi Ran) – were disseminating anti-China propaganda and perverted literature misrepresenting traditional Chinese Daoist thinking and practice. These two QQ accounts were traced to a website named ‘Great Central Plains’ (大中原 – Da Zhong Yuan), which upon investigation, was found to have deliberately spread 260 cult-like articles designed to cause confusion and discontent throughout China’s peaceful and progressive society. This website had received over 160,000 hits, and had been shared around 20,000 times. On December 4th, 2013, the suspected criminal named ‘Sun Mou’ (孙某) was arrested by the investigating police. When all the evidence was presented the legal scrutiny, the People’s Procuratorate of Hui county, Henan province approved of the arrest on January 9th, 2014, the Falun Gong cultist known as ‘Sun Mou’ was formally charged with ‘rape’ and ‘fraud’ in accordance with China’s Law.

The suspect ‘Sun Mou’, (male), was born in August 1951, and lived in South Village, Chengguan Town, Hui county – and was a Falun Gong convert. Sun Mou stated that since 2001, the Falun Gong cult-leader – Li Hongzhi (李洪志) – had become his father. Li Hongzhi had ordered Sun Mou to correct as many women in China as possible, as a means to bring-down the Chinese State. Li Hongzhi stated that through an act of ‘will’, he had genetically ‘modified’ Sun Mou’s DNA, and advised him to have sexual relations with as many women as possible. Li Hongzhi (falsely) taught that through this illicit sexual contact, (which did not require the ‘consent’ of the women involved), the women in question would experience a ‘change in attitude’ toward their country, and from thereon work to undermine its government. Li Hongzhi further stated that any children subsequently ‘conceived’, would grow-up to naturally oppose the Chinese State. This behaviour was presented as a (false) version of the Daoist practice of ‘pre-natal’ (先天 – Xian Tian) Daoist self-cultivation, that granted high energy levels, and purified the women’s body (through ‘semen’ entering it). The man carrying-out this cultish ‘rape’ was said by Li Hongzhi to gain vibrant health (of body and mind), and live for a long-time. In the Zhouzhou area of Hebei, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Zhang’ (张). In the Xi’an area of Shanxi, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Gou’ (郭). In Shanghai, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Zhao’ (赵). In the Dalian area of Liaoning, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Xiu’ (修). In the Qingdao area of Shandong, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Xu’ (许). In Beijing, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Jiang’ (姜). In Beijing, two sisters surnamed ‘Zhou’ (周) were two of his rape victims. In the Fuzhou area of Fujian, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Liu’ (刘). In the Shenzhou area of Fujian, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Li’ (李). In Sichuan, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Ke’ (柯). In the Naning area of Guangxi, two of his rape victims were sisters surnamed ‘Teng’ (腾). Further police investigation has revealed at least 17 other women who have been rape victims of this latest in a line of Falun Gong criminal outrages. Sun Mou has shown no remorse and has expressed the idea that the family must be undermined to bring down the Chinese State – and instigate Li Hongzhi as the leader of the nation. In the meantime, many of those who were ‘brain-washed’ into this Falun Gong perversion were made to hand-over their property and wealth to the Falun Gong cult (currently headquartered in the USA). Many others have come forward to state that the Falun Gong training methods do not work, and actually cause bad psychological and physical health. Sun Mou has knowingly exploited tens of thousands of innocent victims – and has dishonestly received around 20 million yuan from those victims.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

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