Professional Revolutionaries! (29.5.2023)

This is how the capitalists are using Trotsky to keep the workers ‘stupid’ and always fighting amongst ‘themselves’! If we are distracted by internecine conflict – then we cannot UNITE and turn our collective strength against the filthy Bourgeoisie! Never forget that in 1938 (when he declared his so-called ‘Fourth International’), Trotsky called for his followers to support the anti-Soviet policies of the Catholic Church and any fascist attack upon the USSR! Trotsky also demanded that individual citizens of the USSR should carry out ‘terrorist’ attacks against the Soviet infrastructure! Trotsky was clearly angling for an assassination attempt upon Stalin’s life – and this reality might explain why Trotsky himself was eventually ‘eliminated’ in 1940 (via a pickaxe)! It was simply the dialectical nature of the political game at the time. Of course, Trotsky’s demise would be dramatically eclipsed by the 41 million Soviet losses eventually suffered between 1941-1945!

Dr Konstancja Duff: “The Crucial Issue is That Racism, Misogyny [and] Sexual Violence are Normalised in Policing!” (18.5.2023)

The Guardian newspaper is a tool of the Bourgeois State – which today adopts a cenrte – centre-left (Trotskyite) approach to perpetuating governmental ‘disinformation’. This transformation from ‘friend of the left’ to ‘fake left’ has taken many years. The fact that it has uncritically supported the US-enforced Neo-Nazi government of the Ukraine is a testament to this fact. I have quoted The Guardian’s report on the case of Dr Konstancja Duff not because I agree with its editorial approach – but rather because a) the story of Dr Konstancja Duff belongs to the ‘People’, and b) such quoting serves my current purposes. DO NOT financially support The Guardian – a newspaper which took the side of the Met Police all the way through this sorry saga – only giving ground when the CCTV was released and Dr Konstancja Duff was ‘successful’ with her Civil Case! Just in case you are NOT yet convinced of the routine criminality found within the Met Police – you can checkout the story of ‘PC Hussain Chehab’! When the offending Officer is NOT ‘White’ – the likes of the Guardian and BBC ensure that the details are reported far and wide! This process is used to ‘obscure’ the criminality of ‘White’ Officers – whose stories (if they are reported at all) appear in the back pages and in obscure areas of publications!

The Rolling Stones: Sympathy for the Devil! (5.5.2023) 

Obviously, as the Devil does not exist in reality we are just left with the destructive reality of predatory capitalism and the religiosity (and childish mythology) this selfish system attracts. The Rolling Stones were completely wrong to side with the forces of reaction in the song ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ – but herein lies the contradiction of always trying to find a higher meaning within capitalist (divisive) forces (or ‘division of labour’) – that only ever deteriorates and end up disappointing and betraying those who were naïve enough to believe it contained any other substantive reality beyond the usual Bourgeois-inspired ‘false consciousness’! This is why Queen Elizabeth II would eventually demand that Mick Jagger kneel in her regal presence – and for Her Majesty to order – “Arise Sir Mick of the Stones!”

Is Huey Newton Being Betrayed by His Contemporary Representatives? (14.3.2023) 

Zizek’s religiosity is sickening considering how ‘White’ (Judeo-Christian) America treated Huey Newton! Read Chapter Fourteen of Revolutionary Suicide to understand the shit-covered darkness of this religious outlook! And Zizek dares to talk about ‘daily bread’! Huey Newton existed at the very heart of the struggle for non-White people to be ‘free’ of ‘White’ oppression! And Zizek dares to talk about Huey Newton holding a post-colonial attitude! Huey Newton campaigned from the position that Black people continue to be ‘colonially’ oppressed within ‘White’ America – and that this continuous experience of racial oppression at home is mirrored by the non-White experience of oppression abroad! White America is the biggest oppressor at home and abroad – but Zizek has spoken, and the Foundation has remained ‘silent’! Huey Newton was a sound historical materialist – and conducted his highly effective campaign likewise. And Zizek implies he possessed the superstitious attribute of ‘extrasensory perception’! Huey Newton was not part of the ‘radical left’ as Zizek suggests – as the ‘radical left’ is a ‘White’ and ‘Trotskyite’ invention – the very enemies of genuine Marxist-Leninist-Maoism! If you really want to study Huey Newton – study Marxist-Leninist-Maoism and continue the very Revolution he participated within throughout his life! Expose these ‘Black’ Bourgeois organisations that seek to steal or working-class Revolution with their peculiar distortion of racism constricted to look like a dollar sign!  

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