The Rolling Stones: Sympathy for the Devil! (5.5.2023) 

Obviously, as the Devil does not exist in reality we are just left with the destructive reality of predatory capitalism and the religiosity (and childish mythology) this selfish system attracts. The Rolling Stones were completely wrong to side with the forces of reaction in the song ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ – but herein lies the contradiction of always trying to find a higher meaning within capitalist (divisive) forces (or ‘division of labour’) – that only ever deteriorates and end up disappointing and betraying those who were naïve enough to believe it contained any other substantive reality beyond the usual Bourgeois-inspired ‘false consciousness’! This is why Queen Elizabeth II would eventually demand that Mick Jagger kneel in her regal presence – and for Her Majesty to order – “Arise Sir Mick of the Stones!”

How The Beatles Changed Everything – Except Capitalism! (2.5.2023) 

Lennon followed Ono to New York, and this decision cost him his life. Not only this, but it cost him his credibility by becoming mixed-up with the Bourgeois libertines of that scene! One such character that Ono introduced him to was ‘David Peel’ – a former member of the US Army – who after his Honourable Discharge masqueraded as a street artist and countercultural guru! He can be seen ‘duetting’ with GG Allin as he sings a song advocating the sexual abuse of young children – a performance YouTube is quite happy to host – whilst it blocks any serious attempts to present genuine history, Israeli War Crimes and left-wing political rhetoric, etc. David Peel is interviewed calling for John Lennon to be President – whilst simultaneously agitating for the destruction of Disco music (?) an important component of Black cultural identity in the 1970s!  

Blu-Ray: The Beatles “Get Back” (Peter Jackson)! (30.4.2023)

Like many wealthy people – The Beatles were drawn to the US. Yoko Ono lived there as a defeated Japan has become a post-1945 colony of the US. She attracted John Lennon to this country – and it would eventually cost him his life (during 1980) – but America took the life of another ‘Beatles’ associated individual – namely that of ‘Mal Evans’! Whilst living in LA during 1976 – Mal Evans was involved in a domestic dispute. His partner telephoned the Police and when Officers arrived – Mal Evans answered the door holding an air gun. When he failed to put down the gun – the insane individuals who represented the ‘Police’ on that day took the decision to shoot him dead! His ashes were subsequently ‘lost’ in transport back to the UK!

Spirit Writing: Channelling GG Allin! (27.4.2023)

Leave me alone! Look at my bone! Come near – but watch out for my bad snatch-itude! 

(Knock drums over) 

We will raise hell wherever we are! It doesn’t matter where! 

Don’t talk at me whilst I pee! English punk is full of c’nt! Talk out of your punk! The only language I understand! Other than Anustani! 

Get back to where you are coming are from! The Beatles were racist – but not me! 

Fuck, fuck and fuck! There, that should do it! I need a nap now – I’m 66 and tired of impersonating The Clash!

How GG Allin Was Inspired by The Beatles! (26.4.2023) 

On the Jane Whitney (who?) Show – GG Allin gives a magnificent diatribe about overthrowing the Establishment and defying the Police – and then spoilt it all by stating that he ‘f’cks’ 16-year-old, 11 and 12-year-old ‘girls’ – and that they ‘like it’ and ‘volunteer’ for him to carry out this delinquent behaviour! During 1993 America – the time of Waco – the American audience just nervously ‘tittered’ when hearing this admittance of ‘paedophilia’ and ‘sexual assault’ – whilst the female Presenter simply rolls-on with her scripted Show! The main concern is not the supposed ages of the girls concerned – but rather the potential threat to his health through contracting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases!

Ian MacDonald: Revolution in the Head – Extracts Featuring Marx & Mao! (18.4.2023) 

Imperial Japan initiated military violence against the people of China between 1931-1945. This was a fascist expansion that spread throughout Asia and even threatened the US! I am told that around 60 million men, women and children were killed and wounded during these terrible years throughout China – a number that includes Europeans. A fact often ignored is the part that Yoko Ono’s family played in this era. Her family were ardent ultra-nationalists who supported this racist war. Yoko Ono defied the ‘racist’ attitudes of her family by entering into a relationship with a ‘White’ foreigner. Indeed, when touring Japan during 1966 (and before meeting Yoko Oni) – The Beatles would encounter this evil face of Japanese racism when they played the Budokan! Ultra-Nationalists in Japan threatened the life of The Beatles if they played in a sacred arena – as their ‘Whiteness’ threatened to spiritually ‘pollute’ the arena usually reserved for the devout practice of Japanese martial arts! Yoko Ono may have defied her parent’s anti-Western racism – but she definitely retained their attitudes pertaining to anti-China racism! All the evidence points to Yoko Ono attempting to ‘cure’ John Lennon of his infatuation with ‘Maoism’ (and of course, ‘May Pang’)!

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