Neo-Nazi Ukraine: AFU Casualties Stand at a Staggering ‘264,432’ Killed! (21.5.2023)

This is about 20% of ALL losses suffered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and Neo-Nazi Nationalist (Punitive) Battalions since February 22nd, 2022. According to the War Tears Project – as of May 18th, 2023 – the total losses suffered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) stands at 264,432 killed!

To put this in perspective, the UK lost around 342,000 killed during the entirety of WWII (1939-1945) on land, sea and air! The UK was fighting in Europe, Africa and Asia and suffered these casualties over a 6-year time period. Neo-Nazi Ukraine, however, has lost over two-thirds of the UK casualties suffered throughout WWII in just 15 months of fighting modern Russia in a relatively small geographic area! Not only are AFU casualties unusually high – but hundreds of the dead are being hastily buried with NO identification! This is because the US is demanding quick victories in return for the money and the hardware they are supplying! Tens of thousands of Ukrainian families do not know where their relatives are!

The Time Has Come To Address ‘White Identity Politics’! (21.5.2023)

In the middle of all this ‘White identity politics’ – Hitler sits crossed-legged chanting ‘Om’ – and worshipping some type of Hindu deity! As to whether BJP fascism interfaces with Hitlerism is a study for a different time – but many ignorant Hindus mistake Hitler’s use of the Asian Swastika for meaning that he adhered to Hinduism! When Hitler was sat with the Mufti of Palestine, he was more interested in what her perceived to be the anti-Sematic elements of the Holy Qur’an – but at least the Muslims have more common sense than to associate themselves with a short, stumpy White man who apparently only possessed a single testicle – if the British school nursery rhymes are anatomically accurate! For those who adhere to the flawed concept of ‘White identity politics’ – surely a ‘humane’ alternative to the mass extermination pogroms you have already inflicted against humanity would involve a ‘self-termination’ event! Once you have carried-out this service for humanity (and sent yourself the ‘bill’ for the bullet) – then I will ‘debate’ with you! This a bit of a Schrodinger’s Cat situation – something for you to get your intellectual claws into!

Rabbi Dovid Feldman Promotes Peaceful Walking Against Israel! (21.5.2023)

‘The Neturei Karta Chasidic movement represents Judaism without Zionism. As stated Judaism does not call for a ‘Jewish State’. Judaism upholds the primacy of Law, originating as the Law of the Deity. As such it cannot submit to a State with a human authority claiming to be representative. The prophet Samuel in Book 1 8:6-20 presents the Law opposed to a Nation like other Nations with a King.’

Green Peace: Tasting the Rainbow – How the CIA Weaponised Hippies!

The CIA – whilst sat in a smoke-filled room – concocted the idea that the nasty Soviets must be confronted on the high seas because certain sections of its population made a living by hunting and killing Whales! I wonder how this imagined immorality measures up to the 24-hour slaughter factories that exist all over the Western world? From the size of the average American – I suspect not at all!

Russia: Shocking Qur’an Burning Incident in Volgograd! (21.5.2023)

A criminal case has been initiated against this young man. Earlier, he admitted that he burned the Qur’an for 10 thousand rubles at the direction of the Ukrainian Special Services and handed over the video to an SBU Officer. A RIA Novosti source in the Law Enforcement Department indicated that the provocation was organized with the participation of the US Intelligence Services. The management of this criminal case against a young Russian man born in 2004 – has been transferred to the appropriate Courts in the Chechen Republic.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: President Biden Reacts to “Humiliating” Bakhmut Defeat! (21.5.2023)

When asked about the thousands of Gay men who died in the ‘Holocaust’ – the Editor of Gay Times replied “Most of those deaths were from illness, injury and lack of food when the Soviet Red Army encircled these Camps and cut-off the supply of Nazi German food!” He continued “The Jewish history writers should alter (or change) the books regarding the Holocaust to reflect this new research!” When asked whether there was any contradiction between ‘Gay’ people supporting Neo-Nazi Ukraine and the homophobia the Nazi Germans were known to express, he stated “Most Nazi Germans were Gay!” The Gay Times, in the light of the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian defeat at Artyomovsk will write a front page eulogise the Azov and Aidar Nationalist Battalions – two known Units full of closet homosexuals!

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