How Lama Dondrup Dorje Misrepresents Chinese Taijiquan

The 14th Dalai Lama has collaborated with the political forces of US capitalism since at least the late 1940’s, but this evolved out of his friendship with the Nazi war criminal (and friend of Adolf Hitler) Heinrich Harrer, who had escaped from a British internment camp in India during WWII.  He stayed in Tibet until 1952 – when he was contacted by the CIA and co-opted into its attempted programme to destabilise the Communist Chinese regime, through a thorough and complex disinformation campaign that exists to this day, and which is premised upon Eurocentric racist attitudes toward China. In this respect, the 14th Dalai Lama has empowered the racism of the West that previously motivated and justified the most brutal campaign of European invasion, domination, degradation and destruction of China.  Instead of anti-Chinese racism being checked and neutralised in the modern world, the 14th Dalai Lama – through his fabricated and misleadingly entitled ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ – has at the sametime, destroyed his historical position within genuine Tibetan culture, misrepresented Tibetan culture and history, and exchanged an austere life as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan part of China, for a fully extravagant and bourgeois lifestyle in the West (involving five star hotels, limos, bodyguards, celebrity friends, and the eating of meat, etc).  The 14th Dalai Lama, through his clique of Western lamas, teaches a form of distorted (and Christianised) Tibetan Buddhism, for which they charge substantial fees (a transaction out-lawed within genuine Buddhist practise).  More to the point, these pampered and corrupt lamas living in the West, follow a script approved by the 14th Dalai Lama, which misrepresents Chinese history and culture, and presents such entities to the West in an incorrect and untruthful manner.

In the West, where anti-Chinese racism abounds, Chinese martial arts are often misrepresented by many of the people who claim to be practising them. Much of the time this is due to a lack of genuine knowledge and good instruction.  However, the internal art of Taijiquan is a very advanced and progressive understanding of human perceptual psychology and bio-mechanics. Like its Russian counter-part of Systema, Taijiquan teaches the development of the awareness of bodyweight and how the bodyweight ‘drops’ into the ground (rooting the practitioner) through a permanent and dynamically ‘aligned’ posture (i.e. bones and joints).  As every action has an opposite and equal reaction, the dropped bodyweight ‘rebounds’ backup through the bones and joints where it is emitted through the required anatomical weapon (such as a single knuckle).  This is relaxed hitting with maximum bodyweight – and once mastered, is very effective in combat – because this method of striking is highly condensed and passes through the outer structures of the body and disrupts the neural network, creating confusion in the mind of the unsuspecting opponent, and the temporary ‘failure’ of the ability to stand properly or generate enough power to retaliate.  A Taijiquan master has the ability to take away the opponent’s ability to retaliate. Incoming power from the opponent is either deflected by the ‘rounded’ bones and joints, or absorbed and harmlessly dispersed through the body structure.  This is what ‘Chinese’ Taijiquan is designed to do and many never master it.

Lama Dondrup Dorje, in the above video is following the typical Pro-Tibetan Movement imperative of continuously misrepresenting Chinese culture, and brain-washing Westerners into following nonsense and believing in religiously inspired mythology.  None of this Lama Dondrup Dorje expression is real. Within authentic Chinese culture, qi translates as ‘breath’, that is all.  Within the body, qi flows through the blood as oxygen, and is augmented by bio-electric energy, and the energy provided by the digestive system.  Within combat training, bodyweight is added to the mix, and all this is brought together by an advanced state of psychological awareness.  Taijiquan is effective because the opponent must be ‘touched’, and that there is no such thing as ‘no touch’ fighting.  Just as the West blindly follows the corrupt 14th Dalai Lama’s interpretation of history, non-Chinese people fall for what Lama Dondrup Dorje is teaching.  The people in this video are the victims of a ‘cult’ mentality, as are all those who ‘believe’ in the ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ in general.  These people are brain-washed to act in a manner that Lama Dondrup Dorje requires for him to award them with praise and congratulations.  How crazy all this seems from a genuine Chinese cultural perspective, particularly as Lama Dondrup Dorje is exhibiting the very ‘inverted’ and ‘deluded’ mind-set that both the Buddha and Marx stated was negative for the healthy evolution of humanity.  Lama Dondrup Dorje and his misled ‘Taijiquan’ students, represent delusion in action, and displays how suitably motivated individuals can throw themselves around a padded floor, if the psycho-physical climate requires it.


North Korea: Kim Jong-Un Salutes Fidel Castro


Original Chinese Language Source Text:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, contacted Cuba’s leader Raul Castro on Monday to mourn the death of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, the DPRK media has reported. It is reported that Kim Jong-un said (in a telegram), that he was shocked to hear of the death of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.  Kim Jung-Un said:

‘I would like to express to Raul Castro, the Cuban Communist Party, the Cuban government and the Cuban people, as well as Castro’s family, my deepest condolences.’

Kim Jung-Un said that under the leadership of Fidel Castro, the country prospered and the people’s lives improved immeasurably.  Fidel Castro was not only an outstanding Revolutionary, but also a superb leader.  Fidel Castro was a close friend and comrade of the Korean people. Although he has died, his precious achievements will remain in the hearts of the two peoples.

Cuban leader Raul Castro announced on the morning of the 26th of November, 2016 that, the Cuban revolutionary leader – Fidel Castro – had died on the 25th, at the age of 90 years.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:








Cuba Remembers Fidel Castro



November 26, Havana, Cuba, the public gathering to pay tribute to former leader Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro died on the 25th, at the age of 90 years.









Chinese Language Source Text:

Beijing Residents Pay Tribute to Fidel Castro – China Will Defend Cuba


Original Chinese Language Text By: Beijing News Reporter Wang Fei (王飞)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Today, a number Beijing residents spontaneously gathered outside the Cuban Embassy (situsted in the Xiushui South Street area of Chaoyang District), to express their heartfelt and sincere sorrow for the passing of the great Cuban Revolutionary leader – Fidel Castro.  The Chinese citizens affixed photographs of Fidel Castro to the outer-wall surrounding the Cuban Embassy, with many people offering bunches of chrysanthemum flowers, which were carefully placed at the foot of each Fidel Castro portrait.


This activity began around 8:30 am, when several Beijing residents gathered outside the Cuban Embassy to pay tribute to the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro, during which the Cuban national flag at the embassy, was also lowered to half-mast.  Beijing News had reported earlier that morning (local time) on the 26th of November, that the Cuban leader – Raul Castro – had issued a nationally televised speech, announcing that the Cuban Revolutionary leader – Fidel Castro – had died at the age of 90 years old.


Cuban Embassy staff facilitated this group of around 10 concerned Chinese residents to approach the Embassy wall, and assisted with the preparations of this deeply respectful and moving act of mourning. Once the portraits and flowers were in position, the Chinese citizens gave speeches praising Fidel Castro, the Cuban Revolution, and the Cuban people, stating that there has always been a close relationship between China and Cuba, and that this relationship will continue to stand, emphasising that China will defend Cuba from any external threats.


One Chinese mourner stated that ‘Fidel Castro was a great world leader who has always been a friend of China.  I, and many other people, were sad to hear the news of his passing last night, and this is why we planned this simple demonstration of our respect.’  When the speeches were completed, the Chinese citizens stood in a line and respectfully ‘bowed’ in the direction of the Fidel Castro portraits.  The Cuban Embassy staff stated that they were very appreciative of this unplanned demonstration of Chinese-Cuban solidarity, and added that an official ceremony would be enacted in due course.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:

北京市民献花悼念卡斯特罗 古巴驻华使馆降半旗

北京市朝阳区秀水南街的古巴驻中国大使馆外已经聚集一些市民前来悼念菲德尔·卡斯特罗,一位市民在读哀悼词。 大使馆外市民贴上印有卡斯特罗形象画的纸。

大使馆外张贴着卡斯特罗讲话的照片前摆放市民献的花。新京报记者 王飞 摄





Lost Soviet Martial Art of Systema

My article of a translated Chinese text concerning the Soviet martial art of Systema can be freely accessed at the following link:

Lost Soviet Martial Art of Systema

This article appears on the ‘Buddhist-Marxism Alliance UK’ website, for which I am one of the researchers.

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Progressive Cuba Embarrasses the Capitalist West


No matter what version of liberal democracy that exists within the capitalist countries, it is generally agreed (even by bourgeois academics) that as a system, it is notoriously unrepresentative of the masses of people that are forced to exist within its exploitative grasp. Liberal democracy exists to keep the capitalist system in place, and the bourgeois class permanently in power.  Every four or five years the masses are given the fabricated ‘choice’ of deciding who will ‘administer’ the oppressive capitalist system they exist within.  Of course, the capitalists package this ‘wage-slavery’ as the apex of ‘freedom’, and assume in that flawed judgement, that liberal democracy (as the product of capitalist greed), is superior than existing in a non-capitalist society that has freed itself from the greed and corruption of the bourgeoisie.  Within a capitalist society, the masses are ‘free’ to be exploited by the bourgeoisie, whereas in a Socialist society (such as Cuba), the masses, having taken power by over-throwing the capitalists, are entirely and truly ‘free’ to pursue the path of ‘real’ human freedom. Freedom in this context, that is the context of Marxian ‘Scientific Socialism’, involves a progressive society that has over-thrown and dislodged the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie class.  Such an achievement is an end to the routine functioning of exploitative capitalism, and the implementation of a Socialist system dictated by ‘science’, which is designed to positively move forward the entirety of society irrespective of social class.  Just as capitalism is premised entirely upon greed and indifference to the suffering of humanity, Socialism is the abolition of the routine ‘greed’ that fuels the capitalist system at source.  When capitalism recedes into the past, so does the bourgeois class. Any form of attempting to ‘turn back’ this progression, and re-set society to an earlier, and evolutionary ‘backward’ capitalist society (such as happened in modern Russia), is interpreted as ‘reactionary’ and ‘counter-revolutionary’.  Fidel Castro – together with around 80 other brave individuals – landed in an old boat (that was falling apart), on the coast of Cuba in on December 2nd, 1956 – and despite terrible causalities, suffering and disease, managed to fight his way in-land, and initiate a Marxist revolution, successfully over-throwing the US-backed rightwing government of the hated Batista regime.  This act of Revolution abolished US hegemony on the island, eradicated capitalism and set in motion one of the most progressive Socialist regimes the world has ever known.  The Cuban Revolution has survived a continuous US policy of oppression, terrorism, embargo and attack, and even survived the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union.  Barak Obama has probably been one of the worst Presidents the US has ever known.  Despite being of African-American origin, he has personally backed the re-Nazification of the Ukraine (and other Eastern European countries), which has seen (amongst many other atrocities) the destroying of Soviet War Memorials, and their replacement with statues of Adolf Hitler.  In 2015, Obama voted ‘against’ a UN Resolution condemning the ‘glorification’ of Nazism and neo-Nazism at a time when ‘White’ US police officers were operating a vendetta against unarmed Black men, murdering record numbers (often on camera), to level seldom seen in ‘racist’ US history.  To see this condoning of ‘racism’ by a US ‘Black’ President is truly appalling, and says something about the duplicity and corruption that is the US capitalist system.  This rather illogical system has seen Obama condemn Communist Cuba over assumed (and ‘imagined’) ‘Human Rights’ violation – at a time when the US runs a torture camp on Cuba!  Not only this, but the US was revealed by ‘wikileaks’ to have fabricated (together with the BBC) the 1989 ‘Tiananmen Incident’ in China, in a failed attempt to bring down that other ‘Communist’ regime.  The capitalist UK is no better – with the United Nations (UN) finding that country ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ in 2016, for the deaths of between 10,000 and 80,000 disabled people since the Tory and LibDem government’s implementation of wide-spread welfare and medical cuts since 2010.  Communist Cuba has done none of these things because it exists ‘outside’ of the capitalist system, and is not limited to the hypocrisy of its exploitative nature.  Fidel Castro, as an act of will, took matters into his own hands and took-on, and eventually over-threw the US capitalist presence in his country – Cuba.  Cuba is today one of the most progressive and advanced countries on the planet, with its people being the freest and most advanced in education, employment and medical care.  Long Live the Cuban Revolution!

Respect: Revolutionary Fidel Castro (1926-2016) – Long Live the Cuban Revolution









Debunking Racist ‘Fake’ Martial Arts Exposé Videos


Youtube abounds with self-appointed ‘experts’ uploading countless video collections of supposedly ‘fake’ martial arts.  Virtually all these ‘experts’ are invariably White males, and the brunt of their hobby are invariably non-American, non-White individuals.  On the Chinese language equivalent of the US Youtube, (that is Communist China’s Youku), there is no such phenomenon as the martial arts ‘exposé’ video.  This shows a stark cultural contrast between the US and China that evolves around ‘respect’ for others, and the ability to adjust and control the education of others without resorting to public humiliation.  However, I must point-out that I am not defending or justifying fakers and fraudsters – many of whom are not isolated ‘loners’ easy to expose (such as is seen on much of the content on Youtube) – but are in fact considered ‘legitimate’ martial arts businessmen, respected by the Western, capitalist martial arts community (with many of these ‘names’ responsible for uploading ‘exposé’ videos).  My point is that from a Chinese perspective, many Westerners misrepresent the Chinese martial arts (even some of those that train with Chinese teachers), but respected Chinese martial arts teachers do not waste their time uploading videos to expose this misrepresenting, which in part is due to cultural differences and a lack of genuine knowledge. Destructive criticism does not make better martial artists, or solve the problem of misrepresentation and misunderstanding.  Destructive criticism simply destroys the confidence and self-respect of the victim – but does nothing to resolve the matter of a lack of genuine knowledge, therefore the problem of martial misrepresentation continues unabated.

From a Marxist-Leninist perspective, a critique of the Western martial arts scene should always begin with a criticism of the capitalist system itself.  As soon as a martial arts teacher conveys his or her knowledge for money, they have entered the bourgeois system of doing business, and are inherently involved in the exploitation of their students.  As a number of professional martial arts practitioners have participated in the ‘exposé’ business, the motivating criticism of their fellow ‘Western’ martial arts colleagues, hidden as it is within bourgeois notions of sentimentality (and vague racist notions of Asian ‘virtue’), are actually motivated by ‘business’ concerns.  These corporate martial artists are operating a business monopoly, whereby any individual or small group claiming to practice martial arts, is attacked, demeaned and removed from the market, because of daring to stand ‘outside’ of the controlling martial arts cartels.  Individuals and small groups that stand outside of the big martial corporations are similar to small businesses trying to gain a share of the market.  In capitalist business terms, this represents a ‘threat’ to income and profit of the martial arts cartels, and they collectively move to nullify the opposition through the bad publicity generated by character assassination and the besmirching of personal training history, and biographical information.  What is interesting is that within general commercial competition, it is usually the reputation of the business that is attacked, and seldom the history of the individuals that run them (barring major controversies, etc).

Having established the capitalist nature of Western martial arts practice (for those that accept ‘payment’ for teaching), it can be established that under the capitalist system of exploitation, all martial arts teaching is distorted to generate the greatest financial profit, rather than good martial arts students. The capitalist ethos dictates that only the richest students can afford the best instruction and pay to attend regular grading sessions.  It logically follows that under capitalism, the richest students are not necessarily the ‘best’ students, and that through the agency of purchased grades, a false standard is established that prevents any challenges from outside the grading system.  Where this capitalist fabrication often comes unstuck is during unscripted self-defence situations that occur outside the training hall.  Many successful ‘sport’ martial artists (who have paid through the nose for their status and education) have fallen apart in a free-moving and fluid self-defence situation.  Although this would usually be seen as bad for business (as the paid for martial style has failed the ultimate test), damage limitation is achieved by blaming the limitations of the individual concerned, rather than the exploitation inherent in the martial arts business that trained them, and the capitalist system.

Finally, many of these ‘exposé’ videos are obviously compiled by individuals with little genuine knowledge of true martial arts, and include legitimate martial arts practice from Japan and China, as well as Russia, and other places.  Correct martial arts footage is interspersed between clips of obvious forgery (usually involving fake ‘chi’ exercises practised by ignorant Westerners who do not understand Chinese culture), or teachers who are very probably deliberately defrauding the public.  The point is that these ‘exposé’ videos appear to follow the premise that if the practitioner is not ‘White’, them his or her martial skill must be ‘fake’ – this is the exercise of blatant Eurocentric racism.  Not only this, but videos uploading onto Youtube that feature non-White martial practitioners ‘exposed’ for the general good of society, are often accompanied by hundreds of racist comments that go unmoderated and undeleted by those who have made the video in the first place. Whereas it appears acceptable to demean others in the name of profit in the USA, it seems equally acceptable that racist stereotyping and hate-speech are considered legitimate methods through which to discuss the Asian martial arts, and non-White martial arts practitioners.  Martial arts in the West can only be genuinely criticised if they are contextualised in their proper ‘capitalist’ setting.  Only then can the exploitative and racist nature of these ‘exposé’ videos be correctly understood.  In the final analysis, all martial arts practised within the capitalist system are ‘fake’, what it seems to come down to, is the matter of ‘degree’.



Russia: Systema – Relaxed, Aligned Hitting

What the Russians are doing here, is the advanced physics found within the Chinese martial art of Taijiquan, whereby the muscles are relaxed and the bones and joints permanently aligned, so that the bodyweight drops into the ground with no obstruction, and ‘rebounds’ back up through the skeletal system (stimulating the bone marrow) to be emitted through any part of the body – all achieved without any undue effort, or excessive muscular tension.  This is the harnessing of complete body weight which can be expressed at any-time and in any place, providing the practitioner is existent within a gravitational field.  The relaxation and alignment creates what is called ‘external’ and ‘internal’ iron-vest.  External iron-vest allows the musculature to appropriately ‘tense’ only at the ‘exact’ point of contact between the defending body and the attacking limb – immediately relaxing once the incoming power has been harmlessly dissipated through the exterior of the body tissue and away from the inner organs.  Internal iron-vest is the use of the correctly placed bones and joints so that the body structure can ‘repel’ incoming power through the correctly placed bones or joints (back into the attacker’s limb), or absorb the incoming power through the bones and joints, radically dissipating  the opponent’s power.  In developed (Chinese martial arts) practice, and I suspect it is the same for systema, both types of iron-vest are simultaneously deployed, as well as full bodyweight emission, and full energy absorption from away an opponent.  Although fighting is an inherently ;violent’ activity, there is an implicit ‘peacefulness’ to this attainment and practice.  Russian Systema is a martial art worthy of study and respect.

My family martial arts webpage:

Ch’an Dao Martial Arts Association


The British Government & the Waffen-SS Galitsia Division

Winston Churchill, the British Labour government, the Vatican and rightwing supporting British Army officers colluded to rescue a Ukrainian SS Division from facing justice in the USSR for its appalling genocidal crimes in WWII – allowing 8000 Nazi war criminals to quietly settle in the UK in 1947 (just two years after the Labour government had expelled 1,500 Chinese people for not being ‘White’) – recent research reveals.

Written by Andrey Panevin / Edited by @GBabeuf

Obstruction of Justice: How the British Government Protected 8,000 Soldiers of the Waffen-SS Galitsia Division

Ukrainian volunteers of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division-SS Galitsia march past (L to R) Fritz Freitag, Heinrich Himmler and Otto Wachter

Amid the continued support given to the fascist politicians and military of Ukraine by western governments, many people are asking how such a betrayal of the sacrifices of the Allies in World War Two could take place. However, what most people are unaware of, in large part due to an ever-more corrupted media, is that these governments have a shocking history of protecting the perpetrators of some of the most terrible crimes of that war. One of the most egregious examples of this practice of shielding war-criminals from justice was confirmed in 2005 with the declassification of British Home Office papers showing that the British government…

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