Soviet War Memorial – London May 9th, 2022 – Thank You to Russia and the Soviet People! (11.5.2022)

Due to Russia’s military action of ‘De-Nazify’ Western Ukraine – we were told NOT to attend! The question is ‘why’? On May 1st, during the May Day March through London – Soviet Red Flags were seen flying (carried by all kinds of British people) and their was a general air of dismissing the Tory-led and BBC empowered pro-Neo-Nazi message currently being perpetuated by the British State! My Grandfathers (who fought during WWII in France, Germany, the North Atlantic and Hong Kong) would have been disgusted to see a Britain they fought for kow-towing to a Tory right-wing government and a corrupt British Establishment! My family would have attended the Soviet War Memoria and ‘stood’ in Solidarity and pride with our Russian Comrades!

USSR: SS Gruppenfuehrer – Police Lieutenant General Hans Baur – Recalls Hitler’s Last Moments and Suicide! (29.4.2022)

As he wrote during interrogation, until the very end of April 1945, Hitler’s inner circle, who was next to him in the Reich Chancellery bunker in Berlin, did not know the Fuhrer’s final intentions.

“Only on April 30, in the afternoon, he called me together with my adjutant, Colonel Betz. Hitler met me in the hallway and led me to his room. He shook my hand and said: “Baur, I want to say goodbye to you, I want to thank you for all the years of service,” the ex-pilot recalled.

“He was very old and haggard. His hands were trembling, it was clear to me that they had made the final decision to commit suicide,” the military man recalled.

Hitler told him that he wanted to donate his favourite painting as a keepsake – a portrait of King Frederick the Great by Rembrandt that hung in his room. Baur tried to dissuade Hitler from committing suicide, “because then everything will fall apart in a few hours.”

“My soldiers can’t and don’t want to hold on anymore. I can’t take it anymore,” Hitler replied.

He went on to say that “the Russians are on Potsdamer Platz” and could capture him alive, allegedly using sleeping gas. Hitler added that he ordered to burn his corpse and the corpse of his wife Eva Braun, because he was afraid that they would be hanged for show, as the Italian partisans had previously hanged the corpse of the leader of fascist Italy, Benito Mussolini.

Italy: Milan Anti-Fascists Chase Away Ukrainian Refugees Celebrating Hitler’s Birthday!

Residents of Milan are extremely dissatisfied with the behaviour of Ukrainian (Neo-Nazi) refugees who took to the Italian streets complaining about multiculturalism and shouting Neo-Nazi slogans in the streets! This situation developed when Ukrainian (Neo-Nazi) refugees gathered in Milan to hold a rally celebrating Hitler’s birthday! They took to the city-streets waving Nazi German, Neo-Nazi and Ukrainian flags!

DPR: It Is NATO Versus Russia! By G.A. Zyuganov (14.4.2022)

But, as the leader of Hitler’s propaganda, Goebbels, claimed, “the more terrible the lie, the more willingly they believe in it.” Since the West needs to justify the atrocities of its vassals, new bloody provocations can be expected. The US and its allies are not just ignoring the fact that the current government in Ukraine is under the control of outright Nazis. They protect these degenerates – the heirs of fascist criminals and the perpetrators of the gravest crimes against the people of Ukraine!

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