The Sun Newspaper: Right Wing Weapon

The Sun newspaper is, of course, not a newspaper in any real sense of the term, but is rather a printed organ of propaganda that perpetuates the message of the right wing.  It achieves this ideological objective by deliberately appealing to the gross ignorance of the working-class.  This ignorance is the product of a ruthless bourgeois system that advocates a rigid class system based upon economic and educational privilege.  Those who pull the strings behind the Sun newspaper are not from the working-class – on the contrary, they hail firmly from the middle-class.  They possess a demeaning attitude toward those that the Sun newspaper is aimed at.  They pretend to as if at one with their readership, when in fact they are pursuing a definite and exact covert political agenda.  Working-class people can lack understanding because they have been excluded from the higher aspects of the education system, or failed by its schooling.  Those who produce the Sun newspaper are very well aware of this.  Their object is to extenuate, magnify, extol, and legitimise this state of poor education and create a sub-culture of working-class pride in base ignorance, prejudice, and greed.  Those who fall into the trap of accepting the rhetoric of the Sun newspaper often feel, mistakenly, that they are being empowered by seeing what is packaged as ‘their opinion’ splashed across the newspaper every day.  Many even read this newspaper with a sense of pride, and have absolutely no idea of the damage the Sun newspaper is doing to the welfare and development of the working-class itself.

The middle-class, through the use of the Sun newspaper, turns the working-class against itself.  It perpetuates hatred, racism, and envy, encouraging unjust action against blacks and ethnic minorities, as well as migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.  It attacks the NHS and the Welfare State, pouring scorn and criticism upon those who are required to make use of their facilities and benefits.  It once described a young woman defending herself against a baton wielding mounted police officer as ‘scum’, and routinely calls for the working-class to attack the very institutions that have been built-up over the years that were designed to assist the balancing of society.  The middle-class always envies the upper-class and attempts to mimic them in everyway.  The middle-class, although less in number, hates the working-class who make-up the majority of people in British society.  If every working-class person voted in the UK, the right wing Conservative Party and the equally Right Wing Liberal Democrat Party, would never be elected.  To prevent this situation from manifesting the Sun newspaper exists to convince a significant proportion of the working-class that their best interests lie in middle-class ideals.  To aid this mission it is important to those who produce the Sun that the working-class remain poorly educated and never realise the confidence trick that is being perpetuated at their expense.          

Middle-class ideals, by there very nature, exists to keep the working-class impoverished, downtrodden, and excluded from high paid employment and higher education.  The point of this is to keep the working-class from realising the predicament they are in, and organising en mass to do some thing about it.  To prevent this organising across society, the Sun newspaper acts as an ideological weapon that creates derision, disharmony, disunity, and resentment throughout the working-class, which encourages a routine anger that is aimed at one another within that class.  The working-class can not unite if it is riddled with a right wing ideology that blames the poverty and the suffering experienced as being the product of other members of the working-class, immigrants, dole cheats, Muslims, and any number of other imagined groups declared unsound by the Sun editor.  The Working-class is, of course, an international movement that exists beyond any mistaken notions of race.  For the Sun newspaper, the concept of race is very important because the middle-class believe that their success in life is not due to the innate inequalities existing within a society, but is rather due to their own hard work.  This confirms for them the strict hierarchy that they which to see in British society, with all other races being deemed to be of a lesser biological worth.  The Sun newspaper achieves this simply by printing nonsense, fiction, prejudice, and lies on a daily basis.  It is bought by the working-class who are effectively giving their money directly to the right wing Conservative Party, who when elected set about dismantling every social institute designed to help the downtrodden, vulnerable, and the oppressed.  The Sun newspaper represents at least some of the links in the enslaving chains that Karl Marx advised should be cast off.  In this respect the working-class should unite and boycott the Sun newspaper and follow the example of the comrades in Liverpool.

The Day We Marched – London – 20.10.12

5 months old

Britain is in the grip of a an ultra rightwing government that is attempting to turn back the Socialist Revolution of 1948 that saw a Labour Party that truly represented the people come to power in the wake of WWII.  The creation of the National Health Service (NHS) saw the end of ordinary people dying routinely from starvation and curable diseases.  The creation of universal education free to all saw for the first time working class people obtaining access not only to basic literacy skills, but also to the hallowed halls of higher education.  The Benefit System distributed a relatively small amount of the wealth that Britain had obtained through hundreds of years of colonial expansion and the spreading of misery around the globe.  The right for every person to be housed put an end to homelessness, and the Welfare State in general, initially funded by the dismantling of the British empire, was sustained by ongoing taxation.  The victory of British Socialism in the 1945 general election unleashed a wave of civility that at a stroke destroyed a major portion of class privilege that had existed for hundreds of years and lifted the Working Class out of the trap of institutional poverty and on to the road of economic and cultural development.  Since that time, the British Conservative Party has continuously moved ever further to the right of the political spectrum, seeking to destroy the Welfare State and return Britain to a position of stark class differences, deference and economic disparity.  In this task it has become ever more extreme and desperate.  The electoral victory of Margaret Thatcher in 1979 saw the beginning of the Conservative attack upon the Welfare State, the very same Socialist system of re-distribution that allowed working class people like Margaret Thatcher to believe that they were in fact Middle Class.  This irony has been lost on many modern Tories who refuse to acknowledge that the Welfare State has contributed to at least a certain number of them aspiring beyond their humble roots.

1979 also saw the demise of the Socialist Labour Party that had previously fought so hard for the rights and dignity of ordinary people in Britain.  As a certain proportion of the Working Class became mislead and deceived by the right wing press and media they were convinced that voting Tory was in their best interests.  This has led to the Labour Party taking on ever more Conservative behaviour and policy, leaning further to the right and refusing to reverse Tory cuts even when in power.  Britain today needs a Socialist Revolution.  The psychology of Britain is naturally Left Wing despite what the right wing press would prefer the people to believe.  It is a matter of naturally taking control of the reigns of power through whatever means is relevant to the times.  The right wing media controls much of the airwaves at the moment, but theirs is a false vision of a Britain that destroys itself through selfishness, ignorance, greed, and violence.  The right wing requires that every individual competes with one another, and through mutual hatred create a social hierarchy of privilege maintained through the threat of a politicised Police force, or even by the use of the military.  Not only this, but Britain today, mindlessly following the international behaviour of the United States of America, is embroiled in two wars that can not be won, and which may well break international law.  Furthermore, the current economic recession is the product of the right wing president George W Bush – whose mismanagement of the US economy has unleashed untold suffering upon the world.  This is at a time when the European Union appears to be adopting an American-style free market economic model that seeks to remove all Welfare provision and render whole communities and individuals vulnerable to abject poverty and violence.  The current right wing phenomena is nothing new – the British Daily Mail newspaper was opposed to women qualifying for unemployment benefit, and actually supported Adolf Hitler as he rose to power!  Despite this, this newspaper continues to circulate propagating its racism and ignorance to all who will take its message seriously.  Often it is the case that the right wing national newspapers control the publications of local newspapers – often given away free and funded by advertising, etc.  These local papers infiltrate virtually every part of modern life in the UK, and ensure that the right wing message exists just as loudly in the local domain, as it does in the national. 

We marched today to maintain internationalism and friendship across the world and to protest at the infiltration of the right wing into every day life.  We marched today to put a stop to racism, prejudice, and discrimination.  We marched today for all those who could not march and who will be the most damaged by this ruthless attack upon the British Welfare State perpetuated by Prime Minister David Cameron and his coalition of the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democratic Party.  Due to the unpopularity of this government – who hold power due to an electoral statistical quirk – they have had to move quickly to present their ideologically motivated cuts in Public Services, the NHS, and the Welfare State.  This haste has led to badly thought out policy decisions that are probably not entirely legal, which have caused tremendous social damage and individual suffering.  There are so many stories today of people experiencing life threatening changes due to the behaviour of this ConDem government that they are difficult to sum-up in a single essay.  The detail of what is exactly happening in the UK at the moment would keep lawyers busy for many years.  Essentially, the Welfare State is being ruthlessly cut so that the ordinary people suffer as a consequence.  These cuts are illegal, and the effects of the cuts are illegal.  However, the money saved from welfare provision is being used to bail-out the greedy bankers who have misused the money they were entrusted with, and plunged the UK – one of the richest counties in the world – into poverty.  More than this, however, but the ConDem government, through these cuts, is paving the way for a tax cut for the rich – the class of people who can actually afford to pay tax.  Perhaps the most worrying attack is on the those people who have a disability, and who are dependent upon the Welfare State due to their health, or due to the discrimination that exists within UK society – which excludes them from the job market.    

We marched with the Socialists and the Communists, the Teachers and the Firemen, the Musicians and the Railway Workers, the Green Party and the foreign students – we all marched together as equals in our humanity.  The march was peaceful, good natured and attended by hundreds of thousands of people!  The Conservative Mayor of London – Boris Johnson – ensured a very heavy Police presence, but unlike the Student Demonstration, we were not kettle-drummed or baton charged, although there were plenty of batons in clear view.  The Police were dressed in riot over-alls and military style boots, obviously prepared for a riot – but despite the numbers, no riot materialised.  The sheer numbers the marchers represented spoke for itself.  The government controlled media may choose to ignore this march, or play it down, but the government knows that in the next election, the people will vote them out of office.  On this day we marched as comrades!

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2012.



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