On Why Labour Has to Win the 2017 General Election!


Labour Poster – Livermead (Torquay) 28.5.2017

When the dust settles on the Labour internecine fighting – essentially a fight between Tory-minded Blairites and Socialist minded Corbynistas – the stark reality that shines through the battle smoke is that for the Working Class in Britain, there is no other alternative at the ballet-box. The Tories and LibDems will always watch-out for the middle class, and when Socialist or Communists candidates stand – the biased bourgeois media ensures they are excluded, demonised, or otherwise side-lined. Jeremy Corbyn is a Socialist who will stick by his word if elected. This is not like the rightwing Tony Blair – who basically lied his way into Downing Street (in 1997) pretending to represent the workers, before finally revealing his Tory agenda. In reality, this is the last chance for the British Working Class to collectively ‘save’ the British ‘Socialist’ way of life – particularly now that the UK has left the EU – and nolonger has to continue to privatise all public services. If Jeremy Corbyn can earn five years in Parliament, life will get better for everyone, the NHS will be re-invigorated, and the Welfare System re-built. Food Banks will disappear, and homeless people will be given shelter. Furthermore, our children’s education will be taken-out of the hands of unscrupulous private businesses, and once again put back into rational State control. I am calling on the Working Class to unite around Jeremy Corbyn for the duration of the General Election campaign, and to assist and support any and all measures required to get the Labour Party voted into Parliament. Regardless of what some people say (both within and outside of Labour), the Labour Party still flies the ‘Red Flag’, and regardless of how we all represent the political left, we must work together against the ‘Class Enemies’ of the Tories and LibDems, keep them out of Parliament, and repair the damage that has been done since 2010. Yes, democracy on the left is important, and yes, the Labour Party is responsible to us – the voters – for everything said and done in its name, but if we can get Jeremy Corbyn into power, then the rightwing of the Labour Party will be legally dealt with, and Labour will once again truly represent the voice of the people. I do not exclude or forget my Socialist and Communist friends who have dialectically criticised Labour in the past (as I have done myself), but what are we actually doing? We are criticising the rightwing that has infiltrated Labour and influenced all kinds of anti-leftist, and imperialist activities over the decades (and to varying degrees). We have the power in our hands to put a true Socialist in power who can carry-out the required reforms to steer the Labour Party firmly back on its leftist course. The Labour Party is needed, because even Karl Marx stated that the British Working Class are slow to rise, and probably prefer ‘voting’ over any other method of governmental change (although, of course, mass strikes and protests have also been known to work in the past!). Whatever differences colleagues on the left have – we need to put these aside for the moment, gather together our voting forces, and show the world what the British Worker can do! It really says something about the political climate, when a generally Tory and rightwing part of Torquay – Livermead – which usually sees Tory, UKIP and even BNP placards displayed with pride in the middle class windows, doorways, and gardens – that in prominent view a ‘Vote Labour’ placard has appeared in the garden of a big house with at least three cars parked outside! Let’s hope that the petty bourgeoisie will see the injustice of the last 7 years of Tory mis-rule, and out of a sense of ‘noblesse oblige’, join us in voting in a Socialist Labour Party, after-all, I do not know many middle class people who are happy having to now pay for health-cover, unemployment cover, and the threat of school fees! The middle classes benefit quite extensively from Socialism – I hope they remember this at the ballet-box on June 8th!


Mandelbrot: I See a Pattern


Mandelbrot Set Equation

Benoit Mandelbrot (1924-2010), was a Polish-born, Jewish Mathematician, who migrated with his family to France in 1936 (where they acquired French citizenship). Poland had entered into a ‘Non-Aggression Pact’ with Nazi Germany in 1934 (which Hitler would annul in 1938 and break in 1939), but the Mandelbrot family, whilst escaping to the relative safety of France in 1936, had to eventually live under the Nazi German occupation of France which ran from 1940 – 1945. However, despite this danger, Benoit Mandelbrot (and his family) managed to live well, and assisted by the French Jewish community, he continued in is academic studies uninterrupted. After WWII, Mandelbrot held a number of academic positions, travelling to the US and Switzerland, before emigrating to the USA in 1958. He became embroiled as a young academic with the US computer development firm IBM. This association might be viewed as ironic today, considering the allegations that IBM, as an information and data collecting specialist, whilst operating out of New York during WWII, actively continued to collaborate and assist the Nazi German regime – apparently providing the reference system (and numbered tattoos) used by the Hitlerites to administer that terrible regime’s Concentration Camp and genocidal policy.


Complete Mandelbrot Set

However, despite the murky history and morally questionable associations, Benoit Mandelbrot was able, through the use of relatively primitive computers in 1980, to prove an idea held by a number of mathematicians throughout history (such as Georg Cantor whose pattern ‘set’ looked very much like the symbols used in the Chinese Classic of Change, and Helge von Koch – who worked from an equilateral triangle) – namely that mathematical equations form ‘real’ patterns in the physical world. Mandelbrot was able to perceive geometric patterns in his mind, when reading algebraic equations. He mathematically proved the existence of fractal patterns in the universe that continuously ‘branch’ off into similar, but different patterns which self-replicate forever in a continuously expanding manner (premised upon addition and multiplication). Although theoretical when expressed in numbers, the Mandelbrot Set is very similar to virtually all structures found within the natural world, and appears to be a scientific discovery of the pattern of existence itself. Of course, although some odd people have termed this the ‘thumb-print of god’, it is in fact a product of the steady development of science, mathematics and computer technology. Computer technology is required to express the immensity of the Mandelbrot Set, because it cannot be expressed by hand, due to its immense scope. These patterns continuously unfolding, covering more and more space, are magnified forever, and possess infinite precision. The patterns take on many different shapes and can be related to many living things. Essentially a Mandelbrot Set is a list of mathematical coordinates that when plotted on a graph, are forever expanding, self-modifying and self-replicating entities. The scientific assumption is that these patterns of numbers reflect the diversity of existence. This is a step further than the mandala found within Tibetan Buddhism (and favoured by Carl Jung), as the Mandelbrot Set does not, and cannot, ‘stop’ at any one ‘fixed’ geometric pattern, but instead routinely ‘grows’ out of, and beyond itself, with the movement of progression always being ‘forward’. These patterns look very similar to the non-structured images often perceived in the mind, and might be expressive of the ‘stuff’ from which thought arises. Whereas conventional religions always offer an answer in the distant future, the Mandelbrot Set offers a vision of reality here and now.




Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong (1995): By James W. Loewen


The Homepage of James W. Loewen

This is not a new book, but it gives the state of play in US pseudo-history manufacturing up until 1995 (although it was re-published in 2008) – 5 years after the first Gulf War (1990-91), 4 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991), 2 years after a massacre occurred outside the Russian parliament (committed by the new capitalist authorities against supporters of the Soviet Union) 1993, and 2 years after President Clinton signed into law (in 1993) a statue to be placed in a Washington park, purportedly commemorating the so-called ‘Victims of Communism’ (this statue wasn’t unveiled until 2004 by George W Bush). This book covers what I would call ‘foundational’ historical myths that fabricate past US history so that it falls into line with US Cold War policy (which depicts the US through the filter of Judeo-Christian mythology, with America being ‘good’ (and ‘god-like), and the Soviet Union (and Communist Bloc) as being ‘evil’ (and ‘Devil-like’). This observation explains why it is that the US population more or less exists is a state of ‘official’ ignorance, and lives it’s life through officially manufactured historical myths. For instance, the lie is often taught that Black people took-over the government of the Southern States after the American Civil War – but were so ‘unable’ that Whites had take back control (when in fact, Blacks and Whites successfully administered the government of Mississippi). President Woodrow Wilson was a notorious racist who intensified ‘segregation’ in the US, pursued a policy of invading South American counties, and continuously misrepresented Russia as a potential aggressor – with many Americans not knowing that the US invaded Revolutionary Russia between 1918-1920 (under Wilson’s direction). Helen Keller – the blind and death lady who learned to effectively read and write – became a radical Socialist in her adulthood due to the fact that disability affected by far the poor and the working class due to poverty, discrimination and oppression. Of course, the US media turned against her, and printed all kinds of discriminatory articles – not only demeaning her life, career and abilities – but also proving the point she was making. Of course, just as the US authorities misrepresent its own history, it also misrepresents the the history of the International Communist Movement (i.e. the Soviet Union, China and Vietnam, etc). It is interesting how a proportion of Black America – now view the principle of ‘integration’ as wrong – mimicking the attitudes held by many White racists! of course, a whole new chapter of lies has been written since the 911 terror attacks in 2001. Finally, you can tell why Trump got into power when 22% of US college students thought the Vietnam War was fought between North and South Korea – and only ended when Truman dropped the A-Bomb on Vietnam! Of course, it can be added that the rise of the internet has enabled many ordinary US citizens to undertake their own research, and expose many of these racist myths for themselves, but that fact remains that by and large, the US (bourgeois) media now acts entirely inaccordance with US rightwing State dogma, and acts as a permanent counter-weight to any internet-based freedom. Facts about major events, for instance, may well be readily available on the internet that contradict ‘official’ accounts, but this does not seem to matter just as long as the mainstream media pumps-out the ‘official line’. It would be interesting to learn what James Loewen thinks about the ‘new’ (post-911) position of the US media – which behaves very much like the media of 1930’s Nazi Germany. Whereas under the days of Cold War lying – the US media attempted the facade of ‘impartiality’, today its attitude is very much one of dumbed-down totalitarianism, ridicule, and anti-intellectualism. 

This is What the Teeth of a Malamute-Wolf-Dog (Ruby) Can do to a Tin (28.5.2017)





Beijing: 110th Celebration of Paul Robeson’s Birthday in Photographs (2008)



Original Chinese Language Article By: http://www.china.com.cn/

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

April 9th, 2008, was the 110th anniversary of Paul Robeson’s birth. In order to commemorate and cherish this old friend who had stood firmly on the side of China, (using his own singing and acting in support of the Chinese people’s struggle against imperialist aggression), Chinese and foreign friends celebrated the 110th anniversary of Paul Robertson’s birthday, gathering in Soong Ching Ling’s (宋庆龄) former residence.


Paul Robeson (1898-1976) was a famous Black-American singer, leader of the US Civil Rights Movement, international peace warrior, and friend of the Chinese people. During the War of Resistance against Japan, he was invited by Soong Ching Ling to serve as a honorary member of the ‘Defend China Alliance’, whilst actively participating in charity work, raising funds for the ‘Protection Union’, sparing no effort to support the Chinese people’s war. In the US he sang ‘March of the Volunteers’ in both English and Chinese, and when ‘New’ China was established (in 1949), he took to the streets with his friends singing ‘Stand Up’ in celebration. Then in 1958, when the Chinese people celebrated his 60th birthday, he wrote a letter stating ‘Thank you to all the Chinese people for their contribution to Socialism, security of peace’, hoping that he would be able to visit China. For various reasons, up until his death in January 1976, he was not able to realise this intention. However, during May 1980, his son, (Paul Robeson Jr and his wife), visited China, and was greeted in Soong Ching Ling’s former Beijing residence. The Chinese people will not forget Paul Robeson, or the songs he sung, and will continue to educate Chinese people about his life story. On the celebration of his 100th birthday, a commemorative concert was held in Zhongshan Park Music Hall.


Portrait of Song Ching Ling

This commemorative event was organized by the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Research Centre, and sponsored by China International Friendship Association, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Daily and Foreign Language Education and Research Press. Special thanks are due to He Dazhang (何大章) – Deputy Director of the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Research Centre, Chen Xiuxia (陈秀霞) – Vice President of the China International Friendship Association, Gao Zhendong (高振东) Secretary-General, Professor Chen Lin (陈琳) – of the Beijing Foreign Studies University, Su Fei (苏菲) – Soong Ching Ling’s lifetime friend (possibly ‘Sophie’), Nakamura Kyoko (中村京子), Li Mei (李湄), Han Chun (寒春), Yi Sha Bai (伊莎白) – international friend (possibly ‘Isabel’), Ke Makai (伊莎白), as well as many other Chinese and international friends.Paul Robeson’s son, (Paul Robeson Jr), although he was unable to personally attend, sent a congratulatory letter from New York as a memorial, stating:

‘For your April 9th Paul Robeson 110th anniversary celebration. My father is one of the greatest performing artists of the 20th century. He was not only a symbol of Black-Americans involved in the international peace movement, but was also a strong fighter in the struggle for Black freedom in the United States. As a reliable and intimate friend in the great anti-imperialist struggle of the Chinese people, he bravely resisted fascism and colonialism, and it is very appropriate for the Chinese people to commemorate the 110th anniversary of my father’s birthday.’


After this letter was read to the audience, the documentary entitled ‘Paul Robeson – Tribute to an Artist’ was shown, after which many people in the audience (named above) gave their personal recollections of Paul Robeson, his character, artistic mastery and inspiring political activity. Wang Xuexin (王学新) gave an interesting presentation involving Paul Robeson’s interaction with, and influence upon Chinese artists.


He Dazhang (who together with American guests was in-charge of the ‘memorial’ for this event) stated: ‘Although Paul Robeson and Soong Ching Ling never met in person, their activities on the international stage were very similar, as both worked tirelessly for world peace, and both shared a strong responsibility to strive to bring the peoples of the US and China closer together in friendship and understanding. This aspiration expresses the highest attributes of human thinking. Today, the international communities gathers in Beijing to commemorate the great personality of Paul Robeson, but for Chinese people, we want to state to the world that we as a nation, will never forget Paul Robeson, or the fact that he supported our struggle against fascism. We owe it to his memory to never let fascism arise in the world again, and continuously work for peace and harmony throughout society and the international community. This is something we must all fight for in the world!’


Also participating at this event was the male voice choir of the China Association for Science and Technology, the famous saxophonist Fan Shengqi (范圣琦), singer Li Guangxi (李光曦), Central Music Academy Bassist – Wu Tianqiu (吴天球), as well as nationally acclaimed Chinese actor – Du Shengxian (杜声显) – who took part in the singing. Many gave renditions of Paul Robeson’s songs, whilst others performed saxophone solos (and similar artistic expressions). Finally, the tribute ended with everyone holding hands and singing together Paul Robeson’s classic (Socialist) track ‘Joe Jill’.



中国网 china.com.cn 时间: 2008-04-09 发表评论>>


保罗•罗伯逊(Paul Robeson,1898—1976)是著名美国黑人歌唱家、民权运动领袖、国际和平运动战士,中国人民的朋友。抗日战争时期,他应宋庆龄之邀,担任“保卫中国同盟”名誉会员,积极参加“保盟”的募捐义演,不遗余力地支持中国人民的抗战。他在美国用中英文演唱《义勇军进行曲》,还用中文灌制了以《起来》为名的唱片,使得这首象征中国民族精神的歌曲开始具有世界影响。新中国成立时,他同朋友一起走上街头用中文唱《起来》以示庆贺。1958年,中国人民为他庆祝60岁生日,他给中国人民写信“感谢全体中国人民对社会主义的贡献和对和平的保卫”,并希望访问中国。由于种种原因,直到1976年1月去世,罗伯逊也没有实现他的愿望。1980年5月,他的儿子小保罗•罗伯逊夫妇访华,宋庆龄在北京故居予以亲切接见。中国人民不会忘记保罗•罗伯逊,他的歌曲被传唱,他的故事在流传,在他诞辰100周年之际,中山公园音乐堂还举行了纪念音乐会。




大家首先观看了纪录片《保罗·罗伯逊——献给一位艺术家(Paul Robeson:Tribute to an Artist)》,再次感受到罗伯逊的艺术魅力和斗争精神。中国宋庆龄基金会研究中心常务副主任何大章、中国国际友人研究会陈秀霞副会长、北京外国语大学教授陈琳先后致辞,宋庆龄的好友苏菲、国际友人伊莎白等人也分别讲话,从不同的角度缅怀了保罗·罗伯逊。王学新导演还讲述了保罗·罗伯逊与中国艺术家交往的故事。





美国黑人歌唱家保罗.罗伯逊 (Paul Robeson 1898-1976)


Paul Robeson – Socialist Revolutionary

保罗.罗伯逊 (Paul Robeson,1898-1976),美国著名男低音歌唱家、演员、社会活动家。  1898 年4 月9 日,保罗? 罗伯逊出生于美国新泽西州普林斯顿的一个黑人牧师家庭。早年在穆维尔高级学校求学期间,就曾参加过莎士比亚戏剧的演出。1923年毕业于哥伦比亚大学法律系,此后一直从事戏剧演出和电影拍摄等活动。1925年在纽约哈伦剧院举行第一次黑人灵歌独唱会,大获成功。1927年,他在美国著名音乐剧《游览船》中演唱了《老人河》一曲,


他到过许多国家,却一直无缘踏上中国的土地。然而,他却是中国人民最忠实的朋友。 中国的抗日战争爆发后,他曾用汉语演唱《义勇军进行曲》 ,以示同情和支持。1941年,宋庆龄邀请保罗?罗伯逊、埃德加?斯诺、印度的尼赫鲁等,担任她所创建的“保卫中国同盟”的荣誉会员。罗伯逊积极参加了“保盟”在美国的募捐义演。

保罗?罗伯逊是国际和平运动的伟大战士。他反对所有非正义战争。1950年,保罗?罗伯逊以他的《和平之歌》荣获国际和平奖金。又因他在保卫世界和平上的卓越贡献,荣获1952年度斯大林国际和平奖金。1976 年1 月23 日,保罗?罗伯逊因脑溢血逝世于费城,享年78 岁。

How the US Created Islamo-Fascist Terrorism!


Tony Blair – and his New Labour government – took the UK into two of its most disastrous (and illegal) wars the country has ever known. Destroying the sovereign governments of Afghanistan and Iraq has had terrible consequences not only for the people of those devastated countries, but for the global community. By removing governments that pursued ‘secularism’ over ‘religionism’ has opened the door for US-backed, trained and financed terror groups to fill the vacuum, and turn their weaponry upon the West (which is perceived as being collectively a natural ally of the US). How did this situation arise? The Criminal Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the US was tasked with devising any means – legal, illegal or whatever – to bring down the USSR particularly (and the Communist Bloc countries in general). Following the Soviet Red Army entering Afghanistan (in support of a beleaguered Socialist government), the CIA stepped-up its latest project of training and arming young Muslim men, who formed a ‘new’ type of army to combat any and all Communist movements in the region. This idea started innocuously enough – with American operatives simply ‘bribing’ local tribal leaders to mobilise their men against the Socialist government of Afghanistan. When the Red Army interceded in the region, the CIA switched the emphasis of their campaign, and began to directly recruit young men into entirely American-run and administered training camps. In these camps, these young men, many of whom were illiterate and had never left their villages before, were taught to ‘think’ in a manner entirely alien to conventional Islam, and combine Western notions of racism, nationalism, and anti-Communism, with that of select (and misinterpreted) extracts from the Qur’an dealing with the Islamic concept of ‘jihad’, or ‘righteous war’. Whereas a jihad is a war of self-defence (with regard to non-political community security), the CIA intelligence officers changed its onus into one of a non-community based ‘self-offence’, involving the projection of a highly vicious and violent policy of ideologically driven attacks on all other communities. The enemies of this ‘new’ group were any conventional or traditional communities or associations that did not agree with, or adhere to the this ‘Islamo-fascist’ ideology. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, this Islamo-fascist movement did not quietly dismantle itself and go away, but rather became an independent regional network of terrorist cells, that turned its attention toward the modern ‘capitalist’ West (and its presence in the Middle East), defining its previous employers – the USA – as public enemy number one. The terrorism employed against Westerners (and others) today throughout the Middle East (and elsewhere), was previously perfected against the soldiers of the Red Army. The ‘Mujahideen’ (as this group was called in Afghanistan), was eulogised through US anti-Communist propaganda during the 1980’s, with its head-chopping, disembowelling, torturing, and general acts of terrorism perpetuated upon Soviet troops (and any and all civilian supporters of the USSR), being defined by the CIA as ‘sublime’ acts of religiously inspired fervour and spiritual devotion. A poignant (and now ’embarrassing’) reminder of this US attitude of support toward Islamo-fascist terrorism can be seen in the hideous Hollywood film entitled ‘Rambo III- which sees Sylvester Stallone mysteriously state that before these men carry-out their acts of terror, they consider themselves ‘already dead’ (hence the wearing of ‘white’ clothing before an operation, with the colour ‘white’ symbolising ‘death’ and the ‘burial shroud’).

Today, what was once a very well armed and trained US-backed Islamo-fascist terrorist group, now extends its influence directly into the Western world – where it continues to murder hundreds and thousands of people (as is the case in Africa and elsewhere). Regardless of what name the CIA is currently giving this movement, the fact remains that it did not arise out of any indigenous Islamic movement or community, and has no legitimate ties with conventional Islam – it was, and remains entirely a US invention from start to finish – one that has now gotten out of the control of its creators. However, rumour abounds on the internet, that certain aspects of this Islamo-fascist movement is still being used by the US in places such as Syria, Libya and the Yemen, as a means to attack regimes that do not adhere to the strictures of US imperialism, and which often oppose Zionist Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians. In the above video clip, Hilary Clinton confirms how and why the US created Al Qaeda.

China’s View of Evolution (Email Exchange 19.5.2017)


Subject: Re: Peking Man

Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 19:15

Dear W

Thank you for very interesting email.

This is from Chinese Sources – and adds to the debate:

Red Deer Cave People 马鹿洞人 (蒙自人): Unknown Humans Discovered in China


You probably remember Alice Roberts in China – where she stated that the Chinese Authorities taught (in schools) that Chinese people evolved from Homo Erectus in China – and do not share the ‘Out of Africa’ lineage shared by the West? I cannot find any evidence for this thinking today, on the Chinese language internet, with every theory pointing toward the ‘Out of Africa’ thinking. I also remember Chinese researchers attempting to prove a ‘non-African’ origination for Chinese people. I think around 5000 DNA samples were taken from men across China – and every single one possessed the ‘Out of Africa’ DNA marker. However, it is my understanding that ALL hominids developed in Africa and migrated-out at various times. Modern humans stem from a migration around 50,000 years ago (of perhaps just 200 individuals), and spread across the world (encountering different types of hominids that had migrated out of Africa at earlier dates) – but the Chinese thinking might contend that Chinese people evolved from an earlier migration ‘Out of Africa’ – from a completely different evolutionary line of descent (from the rest of modern humans).

Until proven otherwise, I think there is evidence for this. However, we must be eternally vigilant for Eurocentricism and political bias in Western sources, designed to continuously work to undermine Mainland Chinese science simply because it is not ‘European’ or emanating from a capitalist regime. One distinguishing feature of a Socialist society is that its education system ‘rejects’ any and all notions of ‘nationalism’ – because it is this ‘nationalism’ which imbues ‘racism’ – and that was used by the West in the past to keep China in a subjugated state. It is the West that uses nationalist racism against China (and not the other way around – as suggested by the otherwise interesting article). My view is that we do not yet know everything about our ‘human’ past, and that we must not assume too much (either way), but quietly gather evidence and attempt tentative interpretations. If it turned-out that ALL human life somehow developed in China (or just the ‘Chinese’ lineage of it), I would be very happy, but even if it is eventually proven that we all just just wandered ‘out’ of Africa, this pleases me also, as both models serve to ‘break-up’ Eurocentric notions of racial superiority. It is ironic that it could possibly be true that two ethnicities of human beings (i.e. the Chinese and the Africans), both historically oppressed and persecuted by Europeans, would turn-out to be far older in origination, and to have built advanced cultures very early on!

Best Wishes


From W – On Fri, May 19, 2017, at 18:47:

Dear Adrian,

You might find the attached link to be of interest.  We’ve talked about Peking Man before, and some Chinese scientists think that modern Chinese people evolved directly and exclusively from Peking Man.  The attached article was only published last year, so it’s the most recent update on the theory.


Kind regards,






The Age of Political Upsets

An interesting insight into the British General Election (2017) from the Croydon Branch of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB).

Croydon Communists

I joined Labour activists outside Croydon College today in a last ditch attempt to get students at the college to register to vote before the deadline at midnight tonight. While 1.5 million young people have registered to vote in the forthcoming general election since it was called, this still leaves, according to the Electoral Commission, 7 million people unregistered, a large proportion of whom will be young, first-time voters. But why was this last ditch and modest effort left to a few, idealistic political activists?

The truth is that the government is quite happy to see young people disenfranchised. Most of them face a working life in insecure employment, loaded with debt for college fees and unable to afford to rent, let alone buy a flat. They are not going to vote Tory. Even Tories understand that Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas!

It’s worth taking a moment out from electioneering…

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Soviet Red Army Crushes Waffen SS – the Battle for Budapest (26.12.1944-13.2.1945)


Soviet Red Army liberates Budapest 

Soviet Press Statement (21.12.1944):

‘At the beginning of December, under the chairmanship of Dr Vasary, the mayor of Debrecen, a group was formed of representatives of the different Hungarian parties… In liberated territory the election of delegates to the Provisional National Assembly took place between December 13 and 20. 230 delegates were elected, representing the democratic parties, the town and village councils and the trade and peasant unions… The Assembly opened with the playing of the Hungarian National Anthem. The meeting was held in the Reformation College where, in 1849, Kossuth proclaimed the independence of Hungary…

An Address to the Hungarian People was adopted which said:

It is time to make peace. Salasi is an usurper,,, We call upon the Hungarian people to rally to the banners of Kossuth and Rakoszi and to follow in the footsteps of the Honweds (volunteer militia) of 1848. We want a democratic Hungary. We guarantee the inviolability of private property as the basis of our social and economic order. We want Land Reform… Turn your arms against the German oppressors and help the Red Army… for the good of a Free and Democratic Hungary!’

(Russia at War 1941-1945: By Alexander Werth [1964] Pages 909-910)

Hitler’s Nazi German regime was assisted in its widespread (highly destructive and genocidal) invasion of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union by Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, all of which had acquired politically rightwing governments. Nazi Germany was also assisted with supplies of oil and other raw materials by Sweden, Denmark and Portugal, as well as Vichy France and fascist Italy. The so-caked ‘Axis’ powers (of which there were many), coalesced around the 1936 ‘Anti-Comintern Pact’, an agreement between various rightwing countries to jointly resist the spread of ‘International Communism’. Therefore, it can be said that Hitler’s attack on the USSR was a direct manifestation of the pursuance of this pact, an act of aggression which was assisted by a number of Axis powers. Over-all, contemporary estimates suggest that around 34 million Soviet men, women and children died during the Nazi German invasion of the USSR, and the application of the Hitlerite ‘final solution’. Hitler had declared the the Slavic people to be racially inferior, and their embracing of Communist ideology to be a confirmation of this fact. To remedy this problem, Hitler demanded nothing less than the eradication of the Slavic people and their Communist ideology.

As the tide of war changed, and the Soviet Red Army started to push the Nazi German invaders out of the USSR, it became necessary to pursue the retreating Germans all the way to Berlin to ensure the complete defeat of the Nazi regime. Whilst pursuing this anti-fascist policy, the countries that had collaborated with Nazi Germany had to be invaded and ‘liberated’ from their fascist governments and Nazi German occupiers. As can be gleamed from the Soviet Press statement (above), the Soviet Authorities implemented ‘democratic’ elections, so that the ordinary citizens of countries such as Hungary, could choose a non-fascist political path. By and large, the ordinary citizens of such countries, (i.e. the ‘workers’), were treated as ‘victims’ of fascism, rather than its perpetuators.

On October 21st, 1944, the Soviet Red Army (under Malinovksy) entered and took Debrecen in eastern Hungary. Although the Red Army advance into Hungary was rapid at first, it was soon slowed by stiff (fascist) Hungarian and Nazi German resistance. This resistance increased as the Red Army fought inch by inch toward Budapest in November. In early December (1944), Hitler met with the fascist Hungarian leader Salasi in Berlin, where it was agreed that Budapest must be held at all costs (although behind the scenes, many of its industries were already being re-located to Austria). As part of this deal, Hitler allocated around 23,000 well-equipped and highly motivated troops of the Waffen SS to defend Budapest (and possibly turn the tide of the battle). These units were essentially heavily armed and highly politically motivated annihilation squads (being considered racially ‘pure’ by Hitler), whose motto was ‘Give Death and Take Death’. These men were not ordinary soldiers, and their training was designed to embody a certain ‘mindless’ brutality that existed outside of the traditions of the conventional German military. Surrender was out of the question as was taking prisoners or providing medical care to wounded enemy soldiers. In fact, the Waffen SS often tortured the enemy wounded to death, considering it a sport to invent ever more painful methods. These troops were under the direct command of Adolf Hitler himself (being considered his personal bodyguard), and were trained to believe that they personally represented the ideological foundation of the fascist ideology of National Socialism. As racially pure Aryans, these men received the best clothing, training, food, housing and weaponry, and were treated with the utmost respect (and fear) within German society. As an embodiment of ‘Nazism’, Hitler believed that these racially superior beings, entirely through an act of will, could defeat the military might of the Red Army, and in so doing trigger a collapse of its Communist ideology (bringing down the USSR from within).

The 50 day Battle for Budapest was to test this hypothesis. Around 23,000 racially pure Waffen SS troops were to spear-head the defence of Budapest and inflict a debilitating defeat upon the Red Army. By comparison, Red Army soldiers, whose motto was ‘Free the Workers!’ was comprised of ordinary men and women from the length and breadth of the vast Soviet Union. As such, they were ethnically diverse, and represented no particular race. They pursued Socialist Revolution every time they fought – freeing the oppressed workers from the tyranny of capitalism and fascism. The average Red Army soldier was selfless, supportive of his fellow Comrades, and willing to self-sacrifice to save others. These soldiers were not racially superior, did not pursue any form of fascist ideology, and were motivated by a broad non-racial ‘Internationalism’, rather than by a narrow fascistic ‘Nationalism’, and yet in the space of around 7 weeks, these quite ‘ordinary’ Communist soldiers encircled and then systematically ‘destroyed’ the 23,000 fanatical Waffen SS soldiers – killing 19,000 in the fighting! The fascist forces of Budapest surrendered on the 13th of February, 1945, and Hungary was finally liberated.

The following documentary explains who the Waffen SS were – and how they were deployed during WWII. Comprised of around 900,000 at their peak, toward the end of the war (as casualties mounted), Hitler allowed non-Germans to join, such as French, Swedes and Danes. In fact, as the Nazi regime collapsed under Soviet pressure, around 90% of the Waffen SS units defending Hitler in Berlin near the end, were comprised of foreigners who fanatically fought to the bitter end. Allowing non-Germans into the Waffen SS was thought by certain Nazi Germans as ‘weakening’ the spiritual strength of these units, and therefore lowering their fighting efficiency. However, Hitler gambled with some of his best (racially pure) Waffen SS regiments in Budapest – and despite their assumed ‘spiritual strength’, they were systematically destroyed by Slavic peasant soldiers from the Urals.

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