The Philosophical Irrelevancy of the Bourgeois Critique


Modern, industrialised, technological societies are permeated by class bias. Ever since the ‘bourgeois’ or ‘middle class’ swept to power around the world through its bloody civil wars, pogroms, atrocities, genocides, and suppressions; the prevailing interpretative social, economic, and historical narratives (that is the dominant manner through which ‘reality’ is presented to the masses), has been thoroughly one-sided. The bourgeois approach to the interpretation of society presents the rhetoric of middle class thought, behaviour, and action (i.e. ‘bourgeois culture’) as not only ‘normal’, ‘civilised’, and self-evidently ‘perfect’, but also as being the only possible way in which society can be run and events influenced, moulded, directed, scrutinised and otherwise conceived. The bourgeois mind-set is a priori that of the domineering class that presents its hegemony to the world not in an impartial, or even benevolent fashion, but rather in a highly oppressive format designed to eternally preserve its own privileges at the expense of the working class. The bourgeois must pursue this course, because throughout history its existence has been premised upon the accumulation and retainment of wealth (and political power) within a given society at the expense of the majority of the other occupants of that society.

Although the affluent bourgeois have always been in the minority within a society, it retains its socio-economic, cultural and political dominance through the acquisition and maintaining of political power, prestige, and force. The forceful component involves the controlling of academia (so that only bourgeois thinking is emphasised through official educational programmes); the police (which exists to protect the rich bourgeois from the working class poor) and to apply bourgeois law in an asymmetric manner that profits the already wealthy and powerful over the poor and disenfranchised; the legal systems which hides behind the false notion that ‘all’ citizens have an ‘equal’ access to a law that is ‘neutral’. The reality of bourgeois societies is that the citizens only have the ‘legal rights’ that they can financially ‘prove’ they possess through access to an expensive lawyer, or other legal professional. This principle of ‘access through wealth’, ensures that only the wealthy bourgeois can fully take advantage of, and benefit from, a legal code specifically designed to represent their own class interests. This is why within bourgeois societies the working class is ‘subjected’ to the law, and not directly ‘supported’ by it. This legal disparity is the essence of socio-economic and class inequality in a bourgeois society. The bourgeois also control the political system and within liberal democracies ensure that only the wealthy can realistically enter the process of democratic elections and stand for parliament. Bourgeois political systems – even if on occasion allow some type of working class-friendly policy to materialise in the country – are pre-set to subsequently dismantle every progressive policy that benefits the workers, and re-address the balance in class relations by firmly placing the bourgeois back in a position of dominance. This is because bourgeois politics are premised upon attacking the working class relentlessly and without mercy. Of course, should the working class ‘rise-up’, the bourgeois system simply deploys the armed forces (which are generally used to protect the bourgeois State and bourgeois privilege), so that any working class movement of self-assertion is shot-down in blood and murder. Should the working class develop a class consciousness, this is stifled from becoming the dominant narrative within a bourgeois society because the media is controlled by those who retain the wealth. Working class people are fed a steady diet of nonsense, prejudice, sleight of hand, deception, misinformation, disinformation, racism, misogyny, discrimination, and blatant lies, through media outlets that peddle the ‘news’ as a cross between information and entertainment; a continued process that becomes normalised to the extent that no distinction between ‘information’ and ‘entertainment’ can be discerned.

As the bourgeois process of cultural dominance and oppression is ongoing, the propaganda it produces is designed for one purpose only, and that is the maintenance of its own power and prestige within society. The bourgeois paradigm is presumed to be the only way of viewing and knowing the world that is accepted as ‘true’, ‘worthwhile’, ‘credible’ and ‘useful’, and yet from a logical, reasonable and scientific perspective, the philosophical underpinnings of bourgeois society is premised upon the creation and perpetuation of faulty knowledge. Even bourgeois science is designed to further human knowledge through a class bias filter – so that any advances in understanding are presented around the maintaining of middle class privilege. Working class society, media, politics, culture, academia and science, free as it is from bourgeois corruption and oppression, is a thoroughly different way of viewing the world that in reality leads to a classless society. The bourgeois interpretation of Socialist and Communist movements, uprising, societies, regimes, and inclinations must be logically viewed as both flawed and false. The bourgeois historical narrative is easy to discern with practice, as it automatically associates working class notions of   ‘freedom’ with that of ‘oppression’. It deliberately conflates the Scientific Socialism of Marx and Engels with the fascist thought of Adolf Hitler (and his supporters). Bourgeois thought interprets every progressive advance of the working class in the Soviet Union and other Communist countries as being regressive, immoral and evil. This in part stems from the bourgeois obsession with its Judeo-Christian religion, and the use of its mythology and theology to scare workers into conforming to the norms of oppressive bourgeois society, even though these norms are not in their best class interests. The obvious hypocrisy here is that whilst pursuing logical science as a means to dominate society on the one hand, the bourgeoisie also perpetuate the ignorance of a ‘faith’ based religion to keep the workers firmly in their place. The working class view of the world is so different, progressive and free, that the bourgeois cannot possibly conceive of it, or appreciate it, without first giving-up the bourgeois mind-set. The capitalist system of brutality and oppression that the bourgeois has created is so corrupt, unequal, and unjust that it is actually holding humanity back from progressing further in its evolution. Capitalism is vicious and murderous. If a record was kept of the crimes of capitalism, it would be ongoing, comprise of untold volumes of details, and could never be completed. Capitalism kills those subjected to it, and this is an everyday occurrence that the bourgeois insist is never questioned. Every act of war and brutality is presented by the bourgeois as being both normal and natural. Bourgeois racism ensures that the suffering of theirs is viewed as inferior to the suffering of Europeans, and every ill in bourgeois society is blamed upon the working class, or migrants. The bourgeois must tirelessly work to prevent the working class from realising that all the ills within bourgeois society are caused entirely by the bourgeoisie itself, and that it is this highly exploitative class that must be over-come by working class revolutionary action. These reasons are why the bourgeois view of the world, being the self-serving illogicality that it is, should not be taken seriously by the workers. Instead the workers should educate themselves to ‘see through’ the bourgeois paradigm and free themselves from it. This is the first crucial step toward revolutionary change.

Quantum Entanglement – Consciousness and Matter Integrated


‘Possibly the Western dichotomy between “material reality” and mental images is exaggerated or even false. Our nervous system has the power and resources to create images from external patterns of information or from information stored in the nervous system itself – and to give it a meaning: these experiences may be the patterned processes themselves in the nervous system: perhaps within special association centres. They would in that case belong to the same type of “reality” as all other processes, physiological or physical.’

(REA Johansson – The Dynamic Psychology of Early Buddhism: The One Reality – Page 26)

The Buddha taught that reality is a combination of mind and matter that cannot be limited to its own concept, or properly interpreted by the ordinary intellectual mind. This is because of the limitation of human language which evolved as a means to survive (through communication) within the material conditions of the planet earth. Human language, and the human mind that developed it, was premised upon explaining, interpreting, predicting, and directing the immediate environment as it presented itself to human settlers. It did not have to work-out complicated mathematical, chemical, or engineering formula in early history, and was limited to environmental manipulation. Later, of course, the human mind did develop the ability to see beyond, beneath, through and into their immediate environment. This has led to the development of modern science with its dualistic categorisation of phenomena into subjective and objective elements, and its functional preference for the objective. Religions, mysteries, and idealistic interpretations of the world were designated ‘subjective’ and relegated to the realms of groundless imagination, whilst the observation and measurement of the environment was promoted to the realm of supreme fact. Modern science, by necessity, rejects the subjective and embraces the objective. Its failures over the last two centuries has been eclipsed by the sheer weight of its successes over the same time period. It has led to industry, technology, medicine, and space travel, etc, and is self-evidently superior to any other mode of thought that has ever existed throughout the history of humanity.

Part of the relegation of the subjective into the realms of superstition and supernatural, has had the ongoing problem of essentially rejecting one very powerful aspect of the human mind. Even if an individual studies and becomes a scientists – he or she will still possess an imaginative aspect of mind, even if it is not required in their daily work. Some scientists are atheistic whilst others profess a religious belief in their private life. It seems that the development of modern science has not, as yet also led to the extinction of the human imagination. This being the case, it is an interesting speculation to consider what the imagination is for in the human mind. It maybe that the way that human beings have used the imaginative process in their minds is incorrect, limited, or simply as of yet undeveloped. Perhaps ‘imagining’ religions, deities, ghosts, spirits, and the like, is a rehearsal for the next stage of human evolution, which cannot be limited to the nature of its apparent function. Many philosophers (including Karl Marx) have speculated and stated that reality is not just ‘mind’, and not just ‘matter’, but something inbetween, that is so sophisticated that human intelligence has not yet developed across the species to understand this advanced knowledge. This is a state of affairs very similar to the subject of Quantum Theory, which appears to contradict the ‘common sense’ of conventional Newtonian science.

The theory of Quantum Entanglement turns the assumptions of modern science to date, entirely upon its head. For instance, the presumed ability of one human mind to communicate with another human mind without the agency of physical interaction, has been considered a false imagination, thought-up by con artists and charlatans to make gullible people think that ‘telepathy’ is real. Of course, to date, other than circumstantial or incidental data, telepathy as defined as one mind communicating with another, has remained unproven when subjected to conventional scientific testing, but consider for a moment that this result maybe a product of testing a hypothesis in the wrong way. Quantum Entanglement states that if a subatomic particle splits into two – the two halves continue to communicate with one another for no obvious reason. This suggests that the human mind and physical reality are not two separate entities forever separated, but are in fact two distinct representations of the same time-space continuation that is not limited to its own definition of being. This might suggest that the human ability to ‘imagine’ is not an evolutionary error, but is rather the natural preparation of the human mind to develop higher abilities that are in fact the product of reality (and not myth), and which will one day be considered quite normal and the product of science. This will require the upgrading of human thought as regards to the nature and functionality of conventional science.

Are the Rightwing Blairites Setting a Trap for Socialism?



The British Labour Party abandoned Socialism and the working class in the 1990’s when it elected the rightwing Tony Blair as its leader – who instigated a vicious rightwing tirade against the people who elected him into a landslide victory in the 1997 General Election. Leading up to the election, Tony Blair utilised the agency of ‘spin’ to give the false impression that he was a ‘modern’ Socialist who had the nation’s best interests at heart – when in fact he was a neo-conservative whose privileged historical background had links to the true leftwing Labour Party. He was brought up in the terrible era of Margaret Thatcher‘s rightwing draconian policies that destroyed nationalised industries, cut welfare, and began the process of privatising the NHS. Millions were unemployed and starving under her tyrannical leadership of the country, but Tony Blair did not see things this way. Indeed, when looking back at her life, Margaret Thatcher stated that her greatest accomplishment was not the crushing of the Unions, or the dismantling of British Socialism, but rather the creation of Tony Blair. Tony Blair not only reveres Thatcher – but is on record as describing her notoriously racist conservative colleague Enoch Powell as a ‘great person’. This is the Tony Blair that propelled himself to power in the Labour Party after the death of the popular Labour Leader – John Smith in 1994 – the last truly Socialist Labour Leader until recent events.

It is difficult to conceive how a British Labour Party ruled the UK from 1997 – 2013, and not reverse any Thatcherite policy. In fact, Blair and his Labour cronies continued the conservative policy of cutting welfare, social services, and the NHS – everything the great Socialist Labour Party had brought into being following their 1945 General Election victory – a victory premised upon the moral right to assist the returning working class men (and their families) after their service in the British military during WWII. The Labour Party today is a party of big businesses and corporations. It is a carbon-copy of the Conservative Party that sells its policies to the highest bidder. Big business is essentially a middle class affair, whereby these greedy individuals are always looking for better ways to cheat their work forces, and cheaper ways of employing them. It can be seen just how far the Labour Party has gone ‘through the looking glass’ by the fact that it considers the bourgeois Richard Branson a supporter! No, the working class no longer have any direct say in how the upper echelons of the Labour Party operate, and no input toward Labour Party policy, because if it did, the anti-Union laws would be repealed, and sound working class policies would be enacted, such comprehensive welfare, free education, free social housing, and the maximisation of the NHS and the banning of all private health and other disruptive private enterprise. This would naturally follow after the nationalisation of all the county’s utilities and services.

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as Labour Party Leader in the wake of the Conservative and Libdems policy of ‘Austerity’, which has been nothing more than an excuse to enrich the middle class at the expense of the working class. The question is ‘why?’ has the Labour Blairite neo-conservative over-lords (who are in the pockets of big business) allowed this to happen? I suspect that a trap has been set by the Blairites to finish off Socialism within the Labour Party once and for all. The thinking is probably something like this; allow a token Socialist to take control of the Labour Party – but in such a manner that does not allow its big business infrastructure to be compromised through Socialistic reform – let him announce a Socialist Agenda, and then watch him lose the next General Election. Once the election is lost, the Blairites can announce to the British people that Socialism is well and truly dead and that the Labour Party must now pursue the more level-headed, middle of the way (i.e. ‘middle class’) direction – in other words ‘Blairite Red Toryism’.

A colleague of mine worked for the now defunked Audit Commission as a Benefits Inspector. Her job was to investigate Local Councils and check whether they were applying government policy correctly. In 2009, along with many other Audit Commission employees, my colleague attended a meeting in London with a New Labour government minister. He stated that it was the intention of New Labour to dismantle the Welfare State and get people back into work – this included the previously exempt category of ‘Disabled’. He continued that if everyone in the UK was in work, then they could afford private healthcare cover – and so New Labour was going to privatise the National Health Service (NHS). All of this was going to be done over the next 15 years, and in the end, the only people who would receive even a meagre Benefit hand-out, would be the multiply handicapped or terminally ill. He further stated that the Disabled will no longer be protected under UK Law as a separate category to able-bodied Benefit recipients, and will be subjected to harsh Benefit applications, assessments, and punitive actions. This minister stated that the New Labour Party wanted to use the Audit Commission as a central means to implement all these cuts and reforms. Although Labour lost the 2010 General Election, it is interesting to see how the Conservatives and Libdems have pursued exactly this New Labour policy in more or less the same allotted time span. Of course, this raises questions about who exactly controls the UK government, and whether our national assumption that our governmental structure is truly ‘democratic’ is correct. From where I am standing, it certainly looks like an over-arching power is running things behind the scenes and that voting every 5 years is nothing but a sham.

The reason why Jeremy Corbyn may well lose the next General Election has nothing to do with Socialism being dead or outdated. Currently in the UK, only 1 in 5 of the total number of people who could vote, are actually registering to vote. This means that our General Elections are decided by a tiny minority of just around 20% – as was the last one. The other 80% comprise the bulk of the disillusioned working class who live on housing estates, and who suffer all the consequences of the cuts. As they are not registered to vote, they are excluded from the very process that is inflicting pain, suffering, and death upon them. They feel so alienated from the political process – which they perceive as ‘middle class’ and therefore nothing to do with them – that they refuse to engage in it due to its discriminatory nature at the point of contact. This being the case, and bearing in-mind that the New Labour Party has abandoned the working class – the Blairites are thinking that if they just leave Corbyn to his own devices, working class apathy will do the rest. This is because the 20% who do register to vote are either middle class people protecting their conservative values, or upper working class people who mistakenly perceive themselves as ‘conservative’ and vote accordingly. The point is that Corbyn is not going to secure a majority in the House of Commons on a Socialist ticket by relying on the usual 20% of the electorate who have already shown their true colours by returning a far-right Tory government to power after its policies murdered around 10,000 Disabled people during its last stint in office. For Jeremy Corbyn to win the next UK General Election, the Labour Party has to abandon big business politics, and initiate a campaign to get the other 80% of potential voters to a) register to vote, and b) actually vote Labour. If this is not done, Corbyn will lose the next General Election, and the cause of Socialism in the Labour Party (and the UK) will be virtually finished for good. This will condemn the originally leftwing Labour Movement to being a slightly more moderate version of the rightwing Tory Party.

Qing Cheng Mountains Spiritual Daoism and Martial Arts


Original Chinese Language Article: By Confucian Institute Online 

         (Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The Qing Cheng Mountains is situated to the West of Sichuan province, and because the air (qi) is so fresh and clean, the area is also known as ‘Immortal Spirit City’. This is why many practitioners of spiritual Daoism have historically been attracted to this place to practice self-cultivation, and why it is today considered the 5th largest population of practicing Daoist in China. The Qing Cheng Mountains are covered in dense forest, and possess very high peaks. This makes it difficult to access and easy to defend. In fact the peak of Mount Zhao Gong is where the Lulin (Green Forest) School of martial arts was established.

During the latter Qing Dynasty, the Qing Cheng Mountains were known for their Daoist practitioners – but also as a place where rebels, outlaws, and criminals hid from the authorities. As the climate is humid, and peaks high, and the area inaccessible, Daoist practitioners had to diligently practice their health and longevity self-cultivation techniques – which included the ability to strengthen the bones and joints, and live for long periods with adequate food supplies. The ability to defend themselves from violent attack was also very important, as they often encountered bandits, wild animals, or were subject to natural disasters. Therefore, due to this necessity, the Daoist communities on the Qing Cheng Mountains have produced many very good martial arts masters.

In the late Qing-Early Republican Period there were many famous Daoist masters from the Qing Cheng Mountains such as Tang Fu Chu, Zhang Yong Ping (who was the teacher of the late President of the China Daoism Association – Great Master Fu Yuan), Chen Lin (who trained Yu Guo Xiong of the China Martial Arts Association – the only recognised representative of the Qing Cheng School of martial arts), Zhang Zhi Qing (who was the former bodyguard to Nationalist President Lin Sen), Li Jie (teacher of Professor Wang Qing Yu – formerly of the National Sports Commission Qigong Department of Rehabilitation), Peng Chun Xian, Hu Zuo Quan, Kang De Min, Song Cheng Xin, Liu Zhong Shun, Ye Dan Yi (who was the bodyguard of Feng Yu Xiang, the former Deputy Chairman of a Kuomintang Military Commission), as well as the modern Peng Zong Ren (teacher of Tang Cheng Ping – the Vice President of the China Daoist Association), Bao Zhi Qing, and Jiang Xin Ping, all of which are considered outstanding in the practice of spiritualised Daoist martial arts, with some becoming famous as being members of the 24 Qing Cheng Knights.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

Original Chinese Language Source Article:




清末民初青城山道人唐复初、张永平(已故中国道教协会会长付元天大师之师)、陈琳(中国武协于上世纪90年代唯一承认的青城派代表人物余国雄之师)、张至清(原国民政府主席林森保镖)、李杰(原国家体委气功康复部王庆余教授之师)、彭椿仙 、胡佐全、康德民、宋成兴、刘忠顺、叶丹一(原国民党军事委员会副委员长冯玉祥保镖),以及现代的彭宗仁(中国道教协会副会长唐诚青之师)、包至清、蒋信平均是武功出众之人,部分人员成为传说中的青城二十四侠。

Falun Gong is a Dangerous Cult

Do Not Support Falun Gong!

Do Not Support Falun Gong!


Many Chinese people oppose the Falun Gong and I shall explain why. In the above picture (taken in May, 2008) an 80 year old Chinese person in New York berates a group of Falun Gong protestors stating that they should be ashamed of themselves, stop attacking their ancestral country, and learn about true Chinese culture! This is because the Falun Gong movement is a dangerous, politically motivated ‘cult’ that recruits gullible Chinese and Western people in its attempt to usurp the legitimate government of the mainland of China. In the Chinese language, Falun Gong is written ‘法轮功’. This translates as:

1) 法 – fa3 = law, method, Dharma.

2) 轮 – lun2 = wheel, evolve, rotate.

3) 功 – gong1 = work, merit, practice.

When used together by this particular movement, Falun Gong means ‘Dharma Wheel Practice’. Another descriptive term might be that of ‘chakra’ – a wheel of spiritual power found in both Hinduism and Buddhism. However, Falun Gong is not Confucian, Daoist, or Buddhist, and it certainly does not practice traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, or legitimate Daoist self-cultivation techniques. This is because the Falun Gong is the modern invention of one Li Hongzhi (李洪志), a disgruntled former office clerk from mainland China. He never finished his education, and certainly has no higher education degree. He spent time in the People’s Liberation Army, when young, but people who knew him – either in the military or in civilian life, state that they never saw him meet with any martial arts or qigong masters. This contradicts the official Falun Gong biography of their founder – which claims that Li has a distinguished pedigree of eminent Buddhist and Daoist masters. Today, no such masters in China have ever come forward stating that Li Hongzhi was the disciple to whom they transmitted their respective lineages. Despite this glaring gap in Li’s biography, the Falun Gong movement simply counters this fact by stating the mainland is lying. This is a strange accusation to make, as even Westerners who have travelled to China have been recorded as receiving transmission within both Daoist and Buddhist teachings.

From the early 1990’s onward, Li – looking for a way to get rich and gain political power – started travelling around schools, factories, and other establishments, peddling his newly made-up system of pseudo-spirituality and healthcare. Until 1999, he had total freedom of movement, but the allegations of psychological and physical abuse started to build-up. The government acted in 1999 – the government moved to curtail his activities in the mainland. This did not bother Li, as he and his family had emigrated to the USA in 1996 to live a life of unusual luxury, bought with the money they were collecting from Falun Gong followers. At this time, the rhetoric Li was using started to change from a vague and mysterious spirituality (that only he was qualified to understand), to that of politically attacking the Chinese government. He followed this up by forcing his young followers still in China to openly conflict with the authorities (by breaking the law), and then immolating themselves in public. All this happened whilst the US government provided 24hr protection for Li and his family – who continued to call upon Falun Gong followers to attack China at every turn – whilst he lived in opulence thousands of miles away.

Around 2000, I was contacted in London by an academic who was Chinese, and a member of the Falun Gong. We exchanged emails for about six months before I finally discovered the truth about the movement. At that time our (Hakka Chinese) family martial arts school in Sutton had attracted some media interest from mainland China, as it was an example of traditional Chinese martial arts (and qigong) travelling to the West and being preserved there. The Falun Gong practitioner stated to me that the evil mainland government had destroyed all traditional practices – and that ‘Master Li’ was being persecuted for trying to preserve traditional Daoist exercises. He then said that I, my family, and our students should join the Falun Gong, and that we could confirm our commitment by paying 10% of our monthly income directly to them. When I explained our ‘traditional’ Chinese martial and qigong practices – this Falun Gong representative stated that what we were practicing was ‘wrong’ because it was against the will of ‘Master Li’, and that only true qi flows through his words. When I pointed-out that he had previously stated that it was the Chinese government who was attacking tradition, and now he had admitted that it was in fact the policy of the Falun Gong to ridicule and deny the efficacy of the traditional Chinese cultural health practices – he cut-off our communication altogether.

My communication with mainland China, (as well as Chinese people living in, or visiting the UK) are extensive. Indeed, my family is Anglo-Chinese and we practice Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism, and I am in continuous contact with the modern Daoist master in Beijing named Zhao Ming Wang. I can state that the Falun Gong is an insignificant and highly peripheral movement in China (where it is now banned), and in the world community (where its politicised practice is encouraged by the Western enemies of China). It is a nonsense that everyone should steer away from and not embrace. It is a fraudulent teaching that only leads to pain and suffering. You only have to meet members of it to see their cult-like behaviour, dead-eyes, and hate filled practice. In the last year in Gerrard Street, (the home of London’s Chinatown), the Falun Gong have been allowed to protest every Saturday by setting-up billboards calling for the over-throw of the Chinese government, whilst their operatives either sit and pretend to meditate, or collect signatures for non-existent petitions. They are allowed to do this because the UK Government is opposed to Communist China. This is easy to ascertain, as it is illegal in the UK for any group to call for the over-throw of any other sovereign State, and yet the Falun Gong do this with impunity. I wonder how the British State would react if an Islamic group peacefully gathered in a public space and called for the over-throw of the USA? I suspect in this latter case there would be imprisonments without trial. Chinese people outside of China, and Westerners should not support the Falun Gong, simply because it is anti-Communist. It is a very dangerous cult built upon the ego of a very poorly educated individual. I suggest that lives are saved by exposing the lies of the Falun Gong.

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