Palestine: Workers Demand Restructuring of the Trade Union Movement to Strengthen Unity for the Struggle on May Day! (1.5.2023)

After seventeen years of division in the Palestinian arena at the political and geographical levels, and what has multiplied it in terms of the costs, burdens, and requirements of life and living – the phenomenon of unemployment and the unemployed has increased! This has been seen especially among the youth and graduates with poverty and extreme poverty becoming a generalized phenomenon – in addition to the increase in the rate of taxes, customs and fees on Goods, the decline in the level of domestic production, the decline in the level and value of exports and the increase in dependence on importing food and industrial goods! This impoverishment has lead to the failure of granting poor families their entitlements from Social Security! In the absence of changing the existing model of power – this situation has harmed all aspects of economic development, social development and healthcare.

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: Prime Minister Meets Foreign Minister of Hungary! (30.4.2023)

Laos-Hungary interaction has possessed a good cooperative relationship for a long time, which has been continuously enhanced and upgraded to a strategic partnership in 2019 – a process which has included the reopening of the Embassy of the Laos PDR in Hungary in November 2022 – an event coinciding with the occasion of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Laos-Hungary diplomatic relations! This signifies an important milestone and confirms the Buddhist-Socialist policy practiced by the Laos government – which is designed to continue to strengthen and enhance relations with friendship! Hungary is also continuing to promote cooperation between the two countries at a new positive level! At the same time, the Prime Minister represented the government and people of Laos and expressed his sincere gratitude for the help and support of Hungary which has contributed significantly to the outstanding socio-economic development of the Laos PDR – as well as informing the Hungarian side about the preparation of Laos PDR’s for its 3rd ASEAN Chairmanship in 2024!

Russia: Pan-Slavic Racism – An Example! (30.4.2023)

We think that this (trans-racial) theme is really cool – and that the Queen of Great Britain (Elizabeth II) – should also be played by a Black woman! Why not – such a Black woman will be called ‘British’! This is the new reality being exported into the modern UK – from the colonies dominated for hundreds of years by England! Those that once “ruled” are no longer in charge – and those who used to be “ruled” have taken over the country! The indigenous people of England have forgotten their true identity and have become sullied by those they once ruled! This is the new reality the British want to export into Russia and which we must resist!

Blu-Ray: The Beatles “Get Back” (Peter Jackson)! (30.4.2023)

Like many wealthy people – The Beatles were drawn to the US. Yoko Ono lived there as a defeated Japan has become a post-1945 colony of the US. She attracted John Lennon to this country – and it would eventually cost him his life (during 1980) – but America took the life of another ‘Beatles’ associated individual – namely that of ‘Mal Evans’! Whilst living in LA during 1976 – Mal Evans was involved in a domestic dispute. His partner telephoned the Police and when Officers arrived – Mal Evans answered the door holding an air gun. When he failed to put down the gun – the insane individuals who represented the ‘Police’ on that day took the decision to shoot him dead! His ashes were subsequently ‘lost’ in transport back to the UK!

Japan Needs Correct Understanding of China: Chinese Ambassador! (30.4.2023)

Regarding the discharge plan of Fukushima nuclear wastewater into the sea, Wu said that the disposal of nuclear-contaminated water has a direct bearing on the global marine environment and human health and safety, and no one can make a conclusion as to how long the impact will last and how much harm it will bring.

China’s position on the issue is clear, that is, it firmly opposes Japan’s discharge plan of nuclear-contaminated water, he said, noting that the Japanese side should take the strong opposition at home and abroad seriously, honestly fulfill its international obligations and deal with the nuclear-contaminated water in the safest and most prudent way.

When asked about the Group of Seven (G7)’s recent accusations against China, Wu said the G7 has become a political tool of some countries to wantonly interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and suppress the development and progress of other countries.

The G7 does not represent the international community and their consensus is not a global consensus, the ambassador stressed.

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