Palestine: May 15th – the NAKBA – and the Zionist Concentration Camps! (15.5.2023)

The number of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon is nearly half a million, about half of whom live in 12 Concentration Camps registered with the United Nations. These Camps are Al-Beddawi, Al-Buss, Al-Rashidiyah, Al-Mayeh, Burj Al-Barajneh, Burj Al-Shamali, Shatila, Dbayeh, Ain Al-Hilweh, Mar Elias, Nahr Al-Bared and Wavell. According to a survey conducted by UNRWA last year – 93% of Palestine Refugees in Lebanon suffer from abject poverty. UNRWA says, “Palestinian Refugees are prohibited from practicing 39 professions, including general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, occupational therapy, law and other professions.” She added, “They cannot own real estate. And since they are not considered official citizens of another country, they are unable to obtain the same rights as foreigners who live and work in Lebanon.” UNRWA indicated that security conditions have deteriorated in some of these Concentration Camps over the years – with an increase in violence (and use of weapons) being observed.

New Zealand: Victor Penny Experiments – Real or Imaginery? (15.5.2023)

The nature of the invention is known
to very few people in New Zealand, but it
is believed that like several inventors in
Europe, he hopes to be able to prove to
the satisfaction of tbe defence authorities
that he can project a powerful electric
current in the form of an invisible ray,
without wires, to stop men or aeroplanes
and paralyse transport. Experiments
with this object are said to have been
partly successful over a short distance.
Penny has now left the island, but is coninuing his work secretly.

US: Frances Choy – Victim of ‘White’ US (Anti-Chinese) Racism – Chinese People Have a ‘Right’ to be ‘Chinese’! (15.5.2023)

On April 13, 2020, the prosecution filed a non-opposition to the motion and moved for an expedited evidentiary hearing. The court granted the motion to stay Frances’s sentence the same day and she was released nearly 17 years after she was first arrested on the day of the fire.

On September 8, 2020, the prosecution conceded that defense motion should be granted. The prosecution agreed that the racist and sexist emails were “reprehensible” and that the prosecution had engaged in misconduct. The prosecution said trial prosecutor Bradley had been terminated in 2013 and O’Sullivan left the office voluntarily prior to 2015. In addition, the appellate prosecutor who was assigned to handle the post-conviction requests from the defense for the emails, Gail McKenna, was terminated for withholding the information and for failing to obey court orders to disclose the information.

The prosecution also informed Frances’s lawyers that it had discovered Detective Clark’s file. The file contained his handwritten and typed notes regarding the interrogation—notes that Clark had falsely testified he had destroyed. These notes contained information that was inconsistent with Clark’s testimony. In addition, Clark’s file included previously undisclosed Brockton Police reports showing that Jimmy Choy had reported to police that Kenneth was dealing drugs and had run away from home, evidence of another possible motive for him to commit the crime.

US: 1947 Texas City Explosion – Worse Than Chernobyl! (15.5.2023)

The Texas City Explosion – or ‘Disaster’ – refers to a chain of chemical reactions that caused a number of devastating explosions! These tragic events unfolded on April 16th, 1947 – when a fire ignited a shipment of ‘ammonium nitrate’ stored on a cargo vessel moored in Texas City’s harbour of Galveston Bay! The explosion killed about 600 people and injured more than 3,500! The ship’s anchor was propelled over 1.6 miles away and a vast area of Texas resembled the destroyed terrain of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – after the US dropping of two Atomic Bombs during late 1945! The devastation was so widespread that it wiped-out the local Fire Brigade and destroyed all ‘four’ of its Fire Engines! Although there have been many (and numerous) sinister ‘nuclear’ accidents throughout US history – this explosion is considered one of the worst in history (similar to the Beirut explosion of 2020) and more initially destructive than the Chernobyl nuclear accident that occured in the USSR during 1986!

Smearing of HK Judges Slammed! (15.4.2023)

The UK and US were behind the recent unrest in the Hong Kong region of Mainland China (PRC). The Western media played its part by eulogising this criminal behaviour in yet another futile attempt at bringing down the Socialist government of China! Instead of reporting on the tens of thousands of ordinary (and ‘loyal’) Hong Kong people who fought to contain this Eurocentric violence – the ‘Bourgeois’ media instead excluded this ‘majority’ of law-abiding ‘Chinese’ citizens – and focused upon the (minority) ‘criminal’ element as if these imported disruptive elements were ‘heroes’! Of course, this ‘violent’ behaviour is ‘un-Chinese’ and thoroughly ‘alien’ to the indigenous Chinese mind. Meanwhile, in the UK the far-right (White) Christian group (a member of which was responsible for murdering Labour MP – Joe Cox) – ‘Britain First’ – had one of their ‘White’ (English) members take to their Telegram Channel and attempt to impersonate an ethnic ‘Chinese’ accent! This individual is attempting to convince the ‘White’ (racist) membership that he is ‘Chinese’ (he is NOT) and that ALL ‘Chinese’ people just happen to think like mentally deficient ‘White’ (British) fascists!

South Korea: US Military Sex Trade -Heavy Human Rights Cost for Alliance! (15.5.2023)

The pimps colluded with government officials and the police, who turned a blind eye and failed to investigate such crimes as murder, assault and confinement by U.S. soldiers, according to the plaintiffs.

“We were abandoned in this country where we were born … Even though I was a teenager, no adult helped me … I was so scared and hated this that when I ran away and asked for help, my whereabouts were told to pimps who beat me and sold me elsewhere after raising my debt,” one of the plaintiffs told the court.

Ahn-Kim told Xinhua that the plaintiffs would bring their cases to the United States, calling the legal victory over the South Korean government a “small gift” to compensate the surviving victims for their longstanding suffering.

While preparing for the legal fight in the United States, the Solidarity has submitted a report on the issue of camp town sex workers to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, the co-head said.

“We are now planning to bring up that issue to the UN Human Rights Council to hold the United States accountable,” she added. (Video reporters: Chen Yi, Yoo Seungki, Jin Haomin, Yang Chang; Video editor: Wu Yao, Hui Peipei, Shi Peng).