Nazi Germany: The 1943 Joseph Goebbels ‘Tatanic’ Film! (9.5.2023)

Whilst the Numerous Gas Chambers and Mobile Execution Squads Were Operating Throughout Eastern Europe and the USSR – Hitler Ordered that a Film the About Titanic Disaster Be Filmed in Berlin!

It has been suggested to me that the files regarding the communication between Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler between 1939-1945 remained ‘Top Secret’ is because the data these vitally important historical documents contain would ‘destroy’ Churchill’s aura of carefully cultivated Bourgeois ‘mystic’ – and replace it with the repugnance that many already view his reputation! This is because it is rumoured that Churchill – a man who had written in 1936 that Hitler was a ‘great man’ (as a response to the British working-class mobilised to fight Hitler’s fascist in Spain) – made all kinds of demeaning ‘deals’ with Hitler, promising that if Hitler allowed the British Army to evacuate most of its men from the beaches of Dunkirk (despite thousands of fresh British troops and tanks being simultaneously landed at La Havre – and entire British Armies operating in and around the Norway theatre) England would make peace with Hitler, change sides and join the Axis forces in an attack upon the Soviet Union!

Hitler, of course, had written that the British constituted a ‘pure’ Aryan race and that this was ‘why’ Britain possessed an empire spanning most of the globe administered by a relatively ‘small’ armed force and equally small civil service. Hitler also recognised that the ‘Angles’ and the ‘Saxons’ whom comprised a large section of the British nation were ‘Germanic’ tribes – and that this is why the British were so racially ‘pure’! This fact, or so Hitler opined, explained exactly why the British had won WWI – and why they were beginning to militarily prevail on all fronts during 1943! It is incredible to think that despite all the bombs and bullets fired at one another’s nations and assists around the world – and all the death and destruction this exchange had entailed – Hitler was still willing to make a feature film (movie) that very carefully depicted the events that led to the 1912 disaster of the sinking of the ‘RMS Titanic’! This bizarre effort continued to portray the British people as chivalrous, brave and strong in adversity! Why would a regime engaged in mortal combat with an enemy do this? What was the point?

The film entitled ‘Titanic’ – is a 1943 Nazi German propaganda film made during World War II in Berlin by Tobis Productions for UFA. This lavish production depicts the catastrophic sinking of RMS Titanic in 1912 – and the massive lose of life this tragic event entailed! Despite the fact that there had already been a very good ‘silent’ movie produced in Germany during 1912 (just four weeks after the actual sinking) and that a British company had subsequently released a German-language film about the disaster in 1929 – the film was still commissioned by Joseph Goebbels – with the intent of showing not only the superiority of German filmmaking (whilst the regime was suffering debilitating military losses on all fronts), but also serve as a propaganda tool portraying Hitler’s lunatic ideas that it was British and American capitalism (controlled by what he termed ‘International Jewry’) that was responsible for the disaster!

The Hitlerite regime would go on to kill far more men, women and children due to a racist grudge (around the world) than a faulty rivet on a massive ocean-going liner! Indeed, far more than the racism of Zionist Israel has caused (an issue that I am always complaining about in my support for the Palestinians)! Hitler is the murderer and NOT the average Jewish person (many of whom thoroughly oppose Zionism and complain about the destructive actions of Israel more than I do)! Interestingly, This Nazi German film appears to have laid the blue-print for ALL subsequent English language films made in the post-WWII era – and is very similar to the 1958 British film entitled ‘A Night to Remember’ – virtually frame by frame! As everything ‘Nazi’ was suppressed post-1945 – very few ordinary people knew of the Nazi contribution to the development of the film industry – primarily due to the racist function with which it was orientated.

Of course, the idea that International Jewry ‘sank’ the Titanic down the Synagogue (as a collective ‘act of will’) is Pythonesque in it lunacy! As this flawed assumption serves as the ideological ‘under-current’ of this 1943 ‘Nazi’ movie – the film is in that sense ‘racist’ – but when this implicit idea is removed (as it is not always obvious in the ongoing script), then the average depiction of the Titanic tragedy manifests! In this regard, it is hard to see whether the Trotskyites (and their ‘Entryism’) influenced the deceptive nature of Nazi propaganda – or whether the insidious nature of Hitlerite thinking ‘polished’ the ability of Trotskyites to ‘lie’ (like a very good paedophile on the hunt for a new victim)! Trotsky the man was doing none of this at the time as by 1943 he had been ‘dead’ for three-years! Hitler would soon follow him in 1945 – and good riddance to both of these mentally (and morally) impaired men!