May 8th-May 9th – 78th Victory in Europe Day Remembering Our Relatives Who Fought in WWII! (9.5.2023)

The Workers Must Remain ‘Creative’ When Options Are Limited!
The ‘St George’ of England and Russia is on Display!

Alfred Wyles – Paternal Grandfather – Ox & Bucks Light Infantry (Territorial) 1st Buckinghamshire Battalion – Landed on D-Day in France (1940-1946)!

Chan Tin Sang (陳天生) – Maternal Grandfather – Chinese People’s Militia (Hakka Resistance) – Fought the Imperial Japanese in the New Territories region of Hong Kong (1941-1945)!

Arthur Gibson – Maternal Grandfather – Royal Navy Patrol Group – Fought in the North Atlantic (1942-1946)!

May 8th and May 9th (Russia) commemorate the Allied Victory in Europe (VE) Day! The war in Asia would rage on for at least another four months until the Soviet Red Army was ready to ‘liberate’ Mainland China from the oppressive Yoke of the Imperial Japanese and their murderous ‘Gwantung Army’!

Thank You to My Ancestors – Arthur Gibson (Left) and Alfred Wyles (Right)!

What a magnificent generation of people existed in the world at that time! My grandmother – Gladys Kilmurray – was from Eire and married to my grandfather – Alfred Wyles – who was a professional soldier (although he served in a full-time Territorial Regiment. Churchill used this Unit to save the lives of the Professional version of this Regiment – whose lives he thought were ‘more important’ than their working-class colleagues). Arthur Gibson served aboard the Royal Navy Patrol Service Minesweeper – HMS Beaumaris Castle – and he carried-out this duty for his country in the North Atlantic keeping the sea-lanes open and safe (as possible given the circumstances) for the Russian Arctic Convoys!

The Gibson family used to live in Lewisham (East London) – but Hitler’s use of the Nazi German Luftwaffe (in its blanket-bombing campaigns) – soon put an end to our life in London! At least at that time! My mother’s family were relocated to rural Oxfordshire (because I believe there was a relative already living in the area). This is how I ended-up being born in Oxford – and then spent my life trying to get back to London (where I live now)! On the other hand, Chan Tin Sang (and our Chinese relatives) fought in a brutal and bloody war against the Imperial Japanese in Hong Kong – this fighting was so bad that my family still suffers from these scars today (as do the millions British POWs captured, tortured and murdered by the Japanese – a country the US now tells us has to be considered our ‘best friends’). The people of this ealier generation, if they were alive today (all our family Veterans have passed away) – would not let a US or UK government ‘dictate’ who we should support – particularly a US-backed Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ government in the Ukraine!

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