Sergei Aleshkov (Aleshkin) Сережа Алешков (Алешкин) – Six Year Old Soviet Soldier at Stalingrad


Many millions of children suffered during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), with many millions more being orphaned due to the military actions and atrocities carried-out by the brutal invading troops of Nazi Germany. Many of these children died alone in terrible conditions, whilst others were tortured and maimed by the Hitlerites who were trying to eradicate the Slavic peoples. On the other hand, the tales of bravery and resistance to the Nazi German atrocities is not very well-known in modern Russia today, where the shallow ‘cult of celebrity’ has replaced the veneration of true bravery. This is the story of the youngest Soviet Red Army soldier of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). Prior to the Nazi German invasion of the Soviet Union, Sergei Aleshkov lived peacefully with his family in the village of Gryn. Sergei Aleshkov was only 6 years old in 1942, when the invading Nazi Germans executed his mother and elder brother for supporting the Partisans. This is how Sergei Aleshkov became orphaned. They lived in the Kaluga region of western Russia. The boy was saved by the quick-thinking of a neighbour – this selfless woman threw the him out of a hut window – and shouted for him to run … Sergei managed to hide in the woods. Today, it is difficult to say for how much time the wounded and hungry child wandered through the autumn forest, but he eventually met-up with the Partisans. The next summer, as the Partisans manoeuvred around (and through) the Nazi German lines, Sergei Aleshkov fell and injured his leg. but he was lucky – as he was accidentally found by Scouts of the Red Army 142th Infantry Regiment, (commanded by Major Vorobyov). He was starving, covered in mud, and dressed in tattered clothing. The Red Army soldiers took care of his wounds, washed and fed him, and made a specially small Red Army uniform for him.


from that point on, he was protected from direct contact with the brutal and ruthless  Nazi German soldiers, but he worked tirelessly in support of the Red Army troops as they fought ongoing battles. Between battles, Sergei Aleshkov raised morale by singing poems and songs, and during battles he carried ammunition to the front-line troops (keeping them supplied), as well as passed-on messages and delivered mail. The soldiers of the Red Army treated Sergei Aleshkov as if he were their own son. However, the commanding officer of the Regiment – Major Vorobyov – eventually adopted Sergei Aleshkov, and even accredited Sergei with helping him meet his beloved wife – Nina – a nurse. This was after a bomb had hit the dug-out Major Vorobyov was operating from during the Battle for Stalingrad, blocking the entrance and sealing him in. As there was little air, Sergei Aleshkov tried to pull the debris away from the entrance himself, but was not strong enough. Instead, despite the Nazi Germans heavily bombing the area, Sergei Aleshkov ran through the falling bombs and into the surrounding trenches (that were receiving enemy fire), where he told other Red Army soldiers what had happened to Major Vorobyov. In the process, Sergei Aleshkov was shot down (along with many other Red Army soldiers), and was wounded in the legs yet again. After this, a rescue party was immediately sent to rescue Major Vorobyov. After the battle, he was well looked after and cared for by all concerned – as news of his bravery spread throughout the Red Army. For his bravery, Serezha Aleshkov was awarded the Medal for Military Bravery.


On another occasion (whilst stationed on the Dnieper), Sergei Aleshkov spotted two men hiding in straw near-by. After reporting this sighting, it was revealed that these were Nazi German Scouts who were spotting for the fascist artillery and bringing fire down upon the civilian areas. After his military service, and on the orders of the High Command, he was enlisted in the Suvorov School situated in the city of Tula. Although as a youth and young man, he suffered disabilities from his leg injuries, Sergei Aleshkov trained in law, and became a very effective lawyer – always representing the rights and interests of the ordinary people. He eventually worked as a prosecutor and remained a man of honour, constantly fighting for justice. The science of war forever teaches us to value honour, conscience and brotherhood

Russian Language Sources:ї-ryadovij-sergijku-samij-yunij-soldat-velikoї-vitchiznyanoї-yakij-vryatuvav-svogo-komandira/

The Rightwing Polish


The Nazi Germans used ‘Sonder Kommando’ Units in their death camps. Usually, these ‘Units’ were comprised of collaborating Polish Jews and they assisted in every part of the extermination process – from arrival to the dead bodies being burnt. Churchill had encouraged a rightwing Polish government in exile in London – which was not concerned about the deportation from Poland of Jews, gays or the disabled – but took exception to Germans running their country! The real Polish government, however, was Socialist and living in exile in the USSR – assisting in the raising and training of Polish volunteer military units to assist the Red Army’s fight against Nazi Germany. However, when the Polish Jews rose-up in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 – Churchill (and the rightwing Polish government in London) refused to support them, because it was felt that Jews were not Polish, and prone to holding leftwing viewpoints. Churchill let the Jewish uprising be destroyed by the Nazi Germans – but he did work on a new plan that involved the ethnic Poles rising-up in Warsaw (a year later), in an attempt to quickly get the rightwing Polish government in London back into power in Poland BEFORE the Soviet Red Army arrived on the scene! Churchill viewed this gambit as a means to prevent a Socialist government in Poland. This plan failed when the Nazi Germans quickly put-down this new threat before the Soviets could fight their way into the city. As matters transpired, it was the Soviet Red Army that eventually fought its way into Warsaw – freed the Jews, freed the Polish people in general, and installed a Socialist Polish government. However, racism has always been a problem in Poland – particularly anti-Semitism, but also anti-Slavic (i.e. ‘anti-Russian’) prejudice. This situation led to a permanent rightwing resistance to ‘Socialism’ that exists in Poland to this day (alongside the usual racist attitudes). Today, the modern Polish State plays-down the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943, but eulogises the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 – whilst simultaneously demonising their eventual liberators – the Soviet Red Army!

The Myth of Adolf Hitler’s Vegetarianism


In Adolf Hitler’s defining (and only) book entitled ‘Mein Kampf’ (‘My Struggle’), he records how the use of ‘lying’ and ‘deception’ should be an integral part of any rightwing campaign to acquire and maintain political power. His attitude is one of ‘existentialism’ and ‘presentism’, where the past and future are defined by the present, and can be defined as anything one happens to think at the time. This attitude eradicates the necessity for a ‘correct’ history, and replaces this concept with a fluid and highly malleable version of what might have happened in the past, and how this should be interpreted in the present, so as to bring the desired future ever present. Of course, Hitler lived within the false mythology of a racially ‘pure’ (but distant) past, which must be regained and restored in the immediate and present time. Hitler assumed that between this ‘perfect’ time of racial purity in the past, and the present times of racial ‘decadence’, the ‘Aryan’ (i.e. ‘White’) European race had lost its purity and supremacy in the world through ‘race-mixing’. One manner for solving this problem as conceived by Hitler, was the permanent separation of the races – so that the White race could maintain its inherent purity unsullied – with the most decadent and degraded races in the world being designated ‘life unworthy of life’, and ear-marked for ‘extermination’. This process was not limited to the Jews, Romany or Slavs, but included the disabled from all races (including the ‘Aryan’), homosexuals, White Germans who disagreed with Hitler, and anyone who supported Communism.

Another aspect of this racial purification process that has not received the attention it should, was Hitler’s apparent conversion to a vegetarian diet. According to some biographers of Hitler, the influence on his diet was provided by the works of the composer Richard Wagner, who promoted the spread of vegetarianism. In 1881, Wagner argued that the natural diet of humanity should be plant-based, and that eating meat was tantamount to polluting the blood (in very much the sameway as ‘race-mixing’). When Hitler was young, he admired Wagner and said: ‘I do not touch meat because of Wagner’s opinion on meat-eating’. As Hitler employed ‘lying’ as a means to create false-fronts and appealing propaganda, the question must be asked whether he actually followed a vegetarian diet, or simply said he did as a matter of show business designed to make him more appealing to the masses. One disturbing aspect of this issue is the extent to which a number of modern vegan and vegetarian movements in the West are willing to accept Hitler as a role model and a representative of their cause, simply because he apparently adhered to a vegetarian diet (as if the historical inconveniences of the holocaust and the deaths of 40 million Soviets never happened or simply do not matter). To my mind, these groups are criminal and should be investigated in exactly the same manner as holocaust deniers.

Was Adolf Hitler a vegetarian? Despite the rhetoric that he was, ample biographical evidence suggests that he regularly ate meat, and although apparently opposed to animal cruelty in principle, it is known that he killed his own German Shepherd dog whilst hiding in his bunker under Berlin, toward the end of WWII. However, it cannot be denied that within the Nazi Party, there was a drive toward curbing animal cruelty.  At the end of the 19th century in Germany, the main problem concerning animal rights campaigners was the practice of vivisection. In 1927, a representative of the Nazi Party (but not Adolf Hitler) was the first to raise this problem in Germany’s Parliament. After the National Socialists Party came to power in 1933, the Reichstag voted to ban vivisection (making Germany the first country in the world to prohibit such a procedure). In early 1934, Hitler ordered that hunting be limited – with the Ministry of Trade and Employment issuing a decree on July 3rd of the same year. On July 1st, 1935, the ‘Reich Law on Nature Conservation’ was adopted. In 1933, the ‘Imperial Union of German Animal Societies’ issued a medal with a portrait of the Hitler on one-side and an inscription on the other which read: ‘I am a determined opponent of the slaughter of animals. Adolf Hitler’. However, following Hitler’s murderous invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 (designed to eradicate the ‘inferior’ Slavic race), the Soviet poet Samuel Yakovlevich Marshak wrote the satirical poem entitled ‘The Cannibal and Vegetarian are Two Sides of the Same Coin’, as a means to point-out the contradiction and hypocrisy of Hitler’s rhetorical position. Here was a man who had forged a racist regime to commit mass murder, whilst he advocated animal rights! The poem read:

This kind man ordered a medal which said: ‘To the lambs I have slaughtered – I am very sorry!’ As you know, every coin has two-sides and on the other it fatally reads – ‘Although I will not spill the blood of lambs, I have no qualms against the spilling of human blood!’

(Этот добрый человечек заказал себе медаль:«Мне зарезанных овечек и барашков, очень жаль».Как известно, у медали есть другая сторона,И на ней мы прочитали роковые письмена:«Не нужна мне кровь овечья, а нужна мне человечья!»)

Many biographers of Adolf Hitler claim that he was a vegetarian since the time of the suicide of Geli Raubal in 1931, up until his death in 1945. However, there are also arguments against this assertion. Hitler’s biographer Robert Paine wrote that Hitler ‘had a special love for Bavarian sausages’, whilst Salvatore Paolini, a former Hitler waiter claimed that the Fuhrer ‘loved sausages and ham, but generally never ate meat, preferring potatoes and fresh Vegetables’, and Dion Lucas, a chef of Hitler, wrote in the late 1930’s that Hitler’s favourite dish was stuffed pigeons. The confusion seems to stem from the fact that Hitler retained a number of cooks – one of which was a specialist in vegetarian cooking – whilst the others cooked meat. It seems that Hitler ate both meat and vegetarian dishes – a fact which means that he was not a vegetarian in the strict sense of the term. This behaviour could have been motivated to gain favour with the animal rights trend that existed within the otherwise murderous Nazi Party, a policy that could be seen as ‘typical’ of Hitler’s deliberate appeal to whatever fad was apparent, as a means to retain power and dominance over the Party apparatus, and of course the German people.

Russian Language Reference:Вегетарианство_Гитлера


Modern Fascism: Beware the National Bolshevist Party (of Russia)


National Bolshevist Flag (Mimicking the German Swastika)


Swastika: National Socialism

In his ramblings recorded in ‘Mien Kampf’, Adolf Hitler made it clear that the number one enemy of the Third Reich was the Scientific Socialism developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, more commonly referred to as ‘Communism’. As the father of Karl Marx had been a Jew before converting to Christianity (and marrying a non-Jew), Hitler was of the opinion that ‘Marxism’ was a Jewish plot to secure world domination. Hitler thought that the Jewish race might gain popularity around the world by ‘sharing’ their wealth with everyone and thereby creating a Socialist World State (despite the fact that Karl Marx never considered himself a Jew, and Friedrich Engels was a non-Jewish Prussian aristocrat). Paradoxically, Hitler also subscribed to the contradictory idea that all Jews were money-grabbing parasites that sought to control society through predatory capitalism. Hitler could entertain this two diametrically opposed ideologies because he was quite insane. Within the work of Marx, fascism is a ruthless ideology that is created by capitalism whilst in a state of decay. Fascism is the opposite to Communism, and is viewed as all the vicious elements of capitalist greed condensed into a single and deadly political system. When Hitler invaded the USSR in 1941, a fight to the finish was initiated between these two ideologies that led to around 40 million Soviets losing their lives before Nazism was finally crushed in early 1945 (in Berlin). Although the USSR was an ally of the West during WWII, following 1945, the USA developed a false Cold War strategy that misrepresented the USSR (and its Communist ideology) as nothing more than just another a form of German Nazism. From that time onwards, many commentators in the West bizarrely (and illogically) compared Stalin with Hitler, and routinely demeaned the Soviet contribution and sacrifice in the defeat of International Fascism. The political rightwing likes to endorse this thinking, and takes it one step further by stating that the USSR was far worse than Nazi Germany, and that it was the USSR that perpetuated the holocaust, etc. Following the collapse of the USSR in 1991, and the violent suppression of its supporters in 1993, the capitalist West demanded that all manner of political rightwing ideologies be imported into the Russian hinterland. This included the Cold War ‘false flag’ idea that Soviet Communism (i.e. ‘Bolshevism’) was identical with German Nazism. As a counter to Communist ideology, Russian racist nationalism was encouraged amongst the younger generation, and many White supremacist movements developed (particularly centred around martial arts clubs and anti-migrant violence). Out of this mess developed the ‘National Bolshevik Party’ (NBP), a movement that accepted the lie that Soviet Communism was identical with German Nazism, and which adopted a modified Hitlerite swastika as its flag. The NBP has a flag has a central white circle superimposed on a red rectangular background, and within the white circle there is a black hammer and sickle emblem (which replaces the black swastika proper). The NBP is NOT Communist or Socialist in a Marxist-Leninist sense, and should not be mistaken as such. The NBP is a racist organisation that encourages White Russian nationalism, and advocates total war to achieve its political ends of racial purity and world domination.

Raoul Wallenberg – CIA Operative


Raoul Wallenberg (1912-1947)

During WWII, a number of Eastern European countries such as Hungary, actively supported Adolf Hitler’s Nazi German regime, and enthusiastically endorsed and applied its racial and sexual hygiene laws (which served as the ideological underpinnings of the holocaust that murdered 11 million people – including 6 millions Jews – as well as Romany people, the Disabled, the Homosexuals and all kinds of dissidents, including Socialists and Communists). Hungary possessed a very strong anti-Semitic rightwing that thought nothing of applying the destructive Nazi ideology against its own people. Raoul Wallenberg was not Hungarian, however, but rather a very successful Swedish businessman and diplomat stationed in that country during WWII. Not only this, but as Sweden was also a supporter of Nazi Germany during WWII (providing natural resources for the Nazi war machine), Raoul Wallenberg – as a ‘racially pure’ Swedish citizen – was permitted to travel around Nazi Germany and its conquered European territories unhindered. During these travels, he was able to observe first-hand how Nazi anti-Semitic policies were applied and developed a deep disgust for Hitler’s murderous regime. As he possessed extensive business interests in Hungary, he applied his considerable abilities to rescuing around 100,000 Jewish people, and preventing them from being transported to the gas chambers. For this remarkable anti-fascist activity (that placed his life in continuous danger), the modern State of Israel conferred upon Raoul Wallenberg the designation of ‘Righteous Gentile’ – a title very seldom used to describe non-Jews.

When the Soviet Red Army ‘liberated’ Hungary from its fascist over-lords in 1944, a worker’s government was implemented that set about purging the country of its fascist past. For reasons that are not yet clear, Raoul Wallenberg was detained by the Soviet Authorities in January 1945, and transported to Russia (probably Moscow). At the time, he was escorted by two Soviet Red Army motorcyclists, and Raoul Wallenberg was reported as saying that he wasn’t sure whether he was being protected or arrested. When relatives and friends made concerned enquiries between 1945 and 1947, the Soviet Authorities stated that as a diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg was under USSR protection, and that there was nothing to worry about (a contrary story appears in Western accounts, which state that the Soviet Authorities also claimed in March, 1945, that Raoul Wallenberg and his driver were killed en route to the Soviet Headquarters in Debrecen – by Nazi troops). Two years later (in 1947), the Soviet Authorities denied any knowledge of Raoul Wallenberg (and his driver detained with him). Although modern (capitalist) Russia has made public virtually all the previously ‘secret’ Soviet Archives – the file regarding Raoul Wallenberg remains firmly ‘closed’. This seems odd on the face of it, as Raoul Wallenberg was an avid anti-fascist, but of course, being an anti-fascist does not necessarily equate with being ‘pro-Soviet’. However, with the information that is available within Russian language sources, Raoul Wallenberg does not appear to have made any overt anti-Soviet statements. What is clear, is that the ‘secret’ information regarding Raoul Wallenberg must be so sensitive that every Russian leader from Stalin to Putin has refused to reveal it. However, new information appeared in 1957. A file pertaining to Raoul Wallenberg contained a single document. This report was from a prison doctor stationed at Lubyanka Prison, and stated that the prisoner – Raoul Wallenberg – died of a heart attack in his cell on July 17, 1947,with his body being cremated (without autopsy) in the grounds of the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow.

In the US 1996, it was revealed by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that Raoul Wallenberg was a CIA operative working in Hungary during WWII – tasked with ‘spying’ on the Nazi Germans, the collaborating Hungarian Authorities, and the Soviet Authorities. His cover-story was exposed in part as being that of an ‘anti-fascist’, and his activities in rescuing Jewish people was part of his espionage work. As modem Russia is now a (capitalist) bourgeois State, Raoul Wallenberg was declared a ‘hero’ in 2000, and in 2001, a statue was raised in his honour in the grounds of the State Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow. In the meantime, whilst still not opening the Soviet era files on Raoul Wallenberg, Russia (and Sweden for that matter), continues to ‘ignore’ the fact that Raoul Wallenberg was a CIA operative, and that this information has now been made public in the USA.

Russian Language References:Валленберг,_Рауль

Nazism & Catholicism: Adolf Eichmann’s Red Cross Passport


Although it is true fascist Italy ‘officially’ changed sides near the end of WWII, and stated its opposition to German Nazism, nevertheless, it is also true that the Roman Catholic Church (with its Vatican headquarters situated in the heart of Rome) continued in its decades-long support for the political far-right. This has led many to speculate that Italians sympathetic to German Nazism, (the Roman Catholic Church was complicit in the holocaust), worked to save prominent Nazi German officials from Allied justice following the defeat of Adolf Hitler in 1945, and there are good grounds for this assessment. Whilst the CIA was busy opposing Socialist and Communist Movements around the world (which included a failed attempt to destabilise China through its Tibetan region), historical records state that US Intelligence knew that Adolf Eichmann was alive and well and living in Argentina in the late 1950’s. Eichmann was eventually captured by Israeli operatives, tried for his crimes against humanity, and executed by hanging in 1962 (in Israel). What is interesting is that leading Nazi Adolf Eichmann was able to escape war-torn Europe at the end of WWII (evading Allied capture in the process), through the help and assistance of the Italian section of the Red Cross, and the Roman Catholic Church (in Italy and elsewhere). Eichmann could only have got a fake Red Cross Passport if a Roman Catholic priest signed his application form, confirming Eichmann under a false name. This service was preformed by the Franciscan priest named Father Eduardo Domoter. Red Cross Passport number 100940 was issued to Adolf Eichmann under the false name of ‘Ricardo Klement’ in Genoa, on the 1st of June, 1950. This suggests that Eichmann was extensively protected by the Roman Catholic Church (and others sympathetic to Nazism), for at least five years after the end of WWII, before eventually being assisted to flee Europe for Argentina. These facts have led to the wide-spread assumption that many more leading Nazis escaped justice at the end of WWII through the help of the world-wide Roman Catholic Church.


Anti-Science Agenda of CCHR International

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights International was founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and US Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.  The CCHR has no connection with the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations (UN), despite the rather deliberate use of a similar name to garner legitimacy in the minds of ordinary people.  The CCHR is not an official government body, and possesses no political power.  It is a pressure group that is opposed to the establishment of material science in the world, and seeks (through numerous well-made propaganda documentaries) to brain-wash ordinary people into believing that material science is a sinister plot against humanity, concocted by ‘evil’ people, as a means to deny the literal existence and relevancy of the Christian theological viewpoint.  The Church of Scientology, is of course a ‘cult’ that exists to limit the expression of the creativity of the human-mind to its own distorted understanding of Christian theology.  Do not be fooled by the sophisticated ‘anti-establishment’ rhetoric that emerges from this fringe group – as it is pursuing its own agenda of destroying humanistic science by deliberately misrepresenting secular human progression, through a false image of corruption and debauchery.  Of course, as the ideology of Scientific Socialism advocates the development of humanistic science as a means to progress society (as opposed to theology), the CCRH takes an automatic dislike to it, and seeks to misrepresent the history of the former Soviet Union wherever, and whenever it can (albeit in the most unconvincing of manners).

In the following documentary, the CCRH is attempting to achieve the following:

a) Establish a counter-narrative that misrepresents and undermines the developmental history of general (material) scientific understanding in the West. This is considered a prelude within the Church of Scientology to ‘converting’ the susceptible to that cult’s theology.

b) The ‘entry-point’ for this strategy of undermining the entire edifice of material science, is the academic subject of psychiatry.

c) As the CCHR is reliant upon the brain-washing technique of providing fast and continuous ‘facts’ as a means to prevent individual thought and self-determination in the viewer, as the term ‘Psychiatry’ is never properly defined. This is because the CCRH does not want to build understanding, but rather dismantle any such notions that support material science.

d) Psychiatry is generally defined as the ‘study and treatment of mental illness, emotional disturbance, and abnormal behaviour.’

e) The CCHR is pursuing the Christian agenda of the Church of Scientology, and as such is seeking to re-establish the notion of a Christian ‘soul’ (Greek: ‘psyche’) within mainstream Western discourse. To do this it must misrepresent psychiatry as ‘soulless’, or denying a ‘soul’. This is illogical in the sense that the term ‘psychiatry’ is a word of Greek origin meaning ‘psyche’ (soul) and ‘atresia’ meaning ‘healing’ or ‘healer’.  Of course, ‘psyche’ can mean ‘mind’, despite the fact that in the original Greek, it means ‘breath of life’.  The Christian term ‘soul’ is Germanic pagan in origin, and was co-opted by the early Christians as an alternative pronunciation of ‘psyche’ (distorted by Christian theology to refer to a spirit as opposed to matter).

f) The CCHR does not define its terms, and this is a deliberate tactic to sully the waters of understanding. Just as the history of the Christian Church is riddled with a history of deliberate death and destruction (primarily of those who did not believe in ‘Christianity’ – a death toll through Christian persecution numbering around 10 million deaths in the last thousand years), the history of the development of scientific understanding has not been smooth, consistent or even morally palatable. However, whereas the pogroms of Christianity deliberately sought to eradicate any physical rejection of Christianity, most scientists have been motivated by the ambition to progress humanity.

g) The Christian CCHR mentions the Nazi German holocaust quite rightly as a misuse of science, but fails to mention that both fascist Italy and Nazi Germany were supported by the Roman Catholic Church (that is supported by Christian theology).

h) The CCHR mentions racism within Western Science, but fails to mention that the Christian Church fully supported ‘racism’ (the reason Christ is depicted as ‘White’), and was at the fore-front of imperialist expansion, colonialism and slavery. The CCHR Is very careful to divorce the inconvenient history of the racist Christian Church from its anti-science narrative. The CCHR does this because it is attempting to establish a ‘privileged’ position for Christian theology, albeit one of its own concocting.

i) The CCHR ignores the fact that it is the capitalist system that lies at the heart of all racism. The CCHR does not highlight this fact because the CCHR is a capitalist entity seeking to ‘sell’ its produce and merchandise to the gullible.

j) The anti-Soviet section of this video is bizarre. As the CCHR is a capitalist entity, it obviously views Communism and the Soviet Union as a threat to its hegemony. It offers no documentary (Russian) sources for its groundless allegations, but pursues the usual Cold War anti-Sovietism that has no bearing in observable historical facts.  As this video contained Dutch subtitles, for some reason the subtitled dialogues with Russian ‘dissidents’ are ‘blacked-out’ so that an empty subtitle box appears in each scene.  This means the viewer has no way of understanding these ‘dissidents’ when they speak.

k) All the ‘experts’ called for this interview, are either unaware of the CCHR, or have had their interviews for other programmes co-opted without their knowledge. Whatever the case, the CCHR simply takes whatever liberal protest is popular, and runs with it to undermine the power of material science. These popular protests, in and of themselves, are not without merit, but the CCHR is misusing these aspects to pursue its own pro-Christian agenda.  It is important to learn about the limitations of human thought, and I would advise that the activities of the CCHR come under this category, and individuals should be aware of its cult-like agenda.  The problems of material science will be solved by the clear thinking of material science, and not by the pseudo-theology of the Church of Scientology or the nefarious activities of the CCHR:

In the 1970’s, the Church of Scientology launched a highly aggressive infiltration campaign that saw a series of infiltrations and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology.  It seems to me that the CCHR is a front for the Scientologists to attack the very academic subject that possesses the power to reveal their cult-like agenda, and prevent innocent people from being recruited and exploited.

Scientology Infiltrated U.S. Government, Foreign Embassies and Private Organizations

The Far-Right Complexities of Zionism and Anti-Zionism


Zion (Jewish Eurocentric racism), and anti-Zionism (opposition to this racism), are peculiar entities, as both possess the power to attract far-right political support.  In the case of Zionism, not much imagination is required as to work-out what the political far-right find attractive, as a predominately ‘White’ and highly militarised and aggressive Jewish State is given carte blanche by the United States (and its allies), to persecute, torture, rape and murder the non-White Palestinian (and primarily ‘Islamic’) indigenous population of that occupied land (i.e. historical Palestine).  It seems illogical for the forces of neo-Nazism to politically ‘align’ themselves with Israel – particularly as this political far-right grouping has historically viewed all Jewish people with a racial disdain, and perpetuated the Hitlerite holocaust of WWII specifically (although not exclusively) against them.  Just as ‘like’ attracts  ‘like’, it is the Eurocentric ‘White’ racism that is implicit in Zionism that the political far-right find attractive, and not the theology of Judaism.  The Western far-right will support Israel for as long as it pursues its racist anti-Palestinian cause, but will abandon this support if Israel ever changed its Zionist policies.  This is nothing more than a relationship of convenience, because although Israel is currently supported by the far-right political establishment, Jews living outside of Israel are still subject to attack and murder by Western neo-Nazi thugs. Israel, of course, from time to time, condemns far-right political activity, but refuses to include its own Zionism in that criticism.

As Adolf Hitler specified that ‘lying’ is an important tool for far-right political activists, the far-right ‘ideologues’ have continuously sought new ways to sully and blur the left – right political debate.  This policy has been inspired as a means to hide its own despicable actions throughout the world both before and after WWII, particularly with regard to the Holocaust that targeted primarily Jews, but also the disabled, homosexuals, political dissidents, anti-racists, Communists, Socialists and anyone who opposed any aspect of Hitlerite thinking.  Rightwing historians assist this process of denial by claiming that the holocaust never happened, and that such a claim is nothing but a conspiracy theory aimed at besmirching Hitler’s reputation as a ‘great’ leader.  Another tactic is to argue numbers – stating that for various (and spurious) reasons, at least six million Jews (and other people) could not have been killed in the Concentration Camps both before and during WWII.  Given al this seeming contradictory information, how does the far-right justify supporting the anti-Zionist cause?  It does so because it links Zionist Israel with Soviet Russia – ludicrously stating that both are manifestations of a world-wide Jewish conspiracy to gain complete political power and eradicate the ‘gentile’ races, etc.  This is the far-right use of a legitimate (predominately ‘leftwing’) cause to attack the memory of the USSR, and turn the anti-fascist war it fought against Hitler’s Nazi Germany, into an ‘attack’ on peace-loving Europeans!  In pursuing this policy, the far-right are attempting to re-write history in their own distorted image.  The USSR fought and opposed fascism as a matter of ideological necessity, and as such, opposition to capitalism in decay, is the duty of every (non-Trotskyite) Socialist and Communist, and being so, is not a matter of choice.  The far-right plays down its own atrocities (as a form of historical denial), and instead projects its own short-comings and inadequacies onto the memory of the anti-fascist USSR.  This form of neo-Nazi revisionism plays into the hands of the Western-backed neo-Nazi regimes in Eastern Europe that pursue a racist anti-Russian policy.  Of course, as matters stand, none of this matters to Israel, because Israel is currently a racist colonial State occupying someone else’s land.

US Confirms Tibet Part of China


All the United States cares about is money and the preservation of White (Christian), middle class privilege both within and without its own borders.  With incidents of US police murdering poor White, Black and Minorities at an increased rate under African-American President Barak Obama, and given the fact that the same President is openly backing neo-Nazi regimes or movements in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, this latest hypocrisy of US foreign policy reversal appears calculated to drive a wedge between China and Russia, as the US yet again attempts to use NATO as a means to pursue its own neo-imperialist aims.  This policy of derision was used in the late 1970’s to drive a US sized wedge between Communist China and the then Soviet Union – when both of those countries were already engaged in the Sino-Soviet Split.  This split arose from Nikita Khrushchev’s (false) allegations levelled at Joseph Stalin in 1956 – with China condemning Khrushchev as a ‘revisionist’, and reaffirming Chinese support for Joseph Stalin (who had always been perceived as a friend of China).  Today, with a ‘capitalist’ Russia inflicting tremendous hardship on large swathes of its own people, the US is not content with this devastation, but is working to actively destroy Russian hegemony and self-rule.  I suspect that the US would like to see the European Union spread into Russia, so that the US could more easily control the area.  Destroying Russian hegemony is part of the US plans for extending free market economics into the area, controlled from Washington and Brussels. In this regard, the US appears prepared to go to war with Russia, whilst desperately attempting to keep Communist China on board.  With a resurgent Communist Party in Russia, the time might well be right for the re-establishment of the Soviet Union in a new guise.

Part of this US duplicity has seen US Senator John Kerry inform the Chinese Authorities that the US nolonger supports the so-called ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ and fully recognises the fact that Tibet is an integral part China, and is not an independent country that was ‘invaded’ in the past.  This is a startling reversal of US policy, one that saw the CIA fabricate a Western-style racist and nationalist movement in Tibet in the 1950’s, with the 14th Dalai Lama willingly serving as its head.  This ‘movement’ spread to the West where the same Dalai Lama (together with a clique of subordinate lamas), lives a lifestyle of luxury and opulence at the US tax-payers expense, whilst espousing a distorted and highly ‘Christianised’ version of Tibetan Buddhism (unknown within Tibet), and a false history of Tibet and China.  The US government has supported this falsehood for decades and has even manipulated Hollywood to produce various films depicting extraordinary and fictitious events.  One film (Seven Years in Tibet) would have the Western world believe that a member of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party should be believed when he span a loud of US generated lies about what he saw in Tibet – when the fascist regime that spawned him was killing millions of people in Europe and the USSR due to a brutal and racist (not to mention ‘anti-Communist’) ideology.  This is Heinrich Harrer – the author of this anti-Chinese, anti-Tibetan nonsense, stood with his racist hero Adolf Hitler:

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A very important part of being an ordained Buddhist monk is the proscription against lying.  In fact so important is this rule of discipline, that the Buddha made it a prerequisite for both lay and ordained Buddhists.  It is obvious from even a cursory study of the Dalai Lama’s behaviour and teaching that he does not follow the Vinaya Discipline.  He lies routinely about the history of Tibet and China, and teaches a distorted version of the Buddha-Dharma that does not accord with the Vinaya Discipline, the Sutras, or the Abhidharma – the three sections of the Buddhist teachings.  The Dalai Lama has done this to make the Buddha’s teachings fit with US (bourgeois) capitalist ideology, that continuously ‘racialises’ the Chinese people as being biologically, politically and culturally inferior to White, Western capitalists.  This is the Dalai Lama cosying-up to his Nazi friend:

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Tibetans who live in Tibet and China do not recognise the 14th Dalai Lama as the head of any Buddhist Order – simply because he caused so much suffering for the Tibetan in Tibet, in the 1950’s (and before).  Under his direct orders, Buddhist lamas who had taken vows against any form of violence were provided with fire-arms by the CIA and told to attack and kill anyone who looked ‘Chinese’, or anyone holding legitimate public office or political posts.  This is a violation of the Vinaya Discipline rules of ‘not killing’ or ‘causing harm’ to any living being.  These rules are exactly the same for both lay or ordained Buddhists.  The Dalai Lama also engaged in the ‘spreading gossip’ – an element of uncontrolled speech also forbidden by the Vinaya Discipline.  In the West, many people have been taken in by this false Dharma.  There also exists various Tibetan Buddhist groups in the West who are outside of the Dalai Lama’s influence, who openly criticise and question his motives.  For genuine Buddhists the point is this; the agency of ‘karma’ (i.e. cause and effect’) governs the universe and the Buddha warned that although karma is not a punishment meted-out by a ‘god’, nevertheless, every seed sown in the mind, body and environment will oneday come to full fruition through concrete experience.  Deliberately generating negative thought and behaviour leads quite logically to negative psychological and physical experiences – in other words, ‘lying’ causes suffering.  However, the Buddha described a ‘special’ or ‘enhanced’ category of karmic ‘suffering’ for those who wilfully distort or misrepresent the Dharma. This is an important aspect of legitimate Buddhist teachings that many otherwise well-intentioned Western Buddhist do not understand.  Well-intentioned Westerners do not understand this because corrupt Buddhist teachers obviously do not want their victims to know what they are doing to them, and so suppress certain elements of the Buddha’s teachings.  The US is a deluded State entity and its actions are not wise, however, individual Buddhists can look within and through the correct practice of meditation, clear the surface and depth mind of all conditionality to reveal a pristine mind-base.  It is from this realisation that all Buddhist wisdom flows.  It has nothing to do with capitalism or politics, but is in fact a serene appreciation of the forever present, but thoroughly universal and eternal ‘moment’.  The minds of some who read this will contract around their ‘pro-Tibetan’ conditioning – this is understandable from a Buddhist perspective – but in reality Tibet is doing well, Tibetans in Tibet and China are doing well, and Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet and China is thriving.  In fact I personally know of a number of Buddhist temples and monasteries in China and Tibet that practice both Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism side by side, as well as many Chinese people who now actively practice ‘Tibetan’ forms of Buddhism.  Perhaps the most horrible distortion fermented by the pro-Tibetan movement, is its full embracing of Western generated, anti-Chinese racism.  This has caused so much suffering for Chinese people throughout the world, whilst Tibetans in China who see no problem at all.  Buddhists who deliberately engage in these products of greed, hatred, and delusion will certainly receive the Karmic retribution for their acts.

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US does not support ‘Tibet independence’: Kerry

(Xinhua) 2016-06-19 09:55

BELGRADE – The United States maintains that Tibet is an inalienable part of China and does not support the independence of Tibet, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday.

During a telephone conversation with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Kerry said the U.S. policy on the Tibet issue remains unchanged and will not change.

Wang, for his part, reiterated China’s principled position on the issue of Tibet, urging the U.S. side to refrain from interfering in China’s domestic affairs, and take practical actions to safeguard the overall China-U.S. relations.

Kerry hailed the success of the recent U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogues and U.S.-China High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange, which were held in Beijing earlier this month.

The United States stands ready to further push forward U.S.-China relations, Kerry said.

Wang said the latest round of China-U.S. dialogue was successful thanks to the joint efforts by both the Chinese and U.S. sides.

The recent dialogue has sent clear signals that both sides are committed to building a new type of major-country relationship, which will create favorable conditions for the further healthy and stable development of China-U.S. relations, Wang said.

How Nazism Shaped the Western Notion of Tibet


Heinrich Harrier (1912-2006) shares a status (through his misrepresentation of the past and recent history of Tibetan) equal to that of the Englishman named Cyril Henry Hoskin (1910 –1981) as both have managed to fool the world for decades.  Hopkins was better known in the West as ‘Tuesday Lobsang Rampa’ (or the derogatorily as the ‘Plumber from Lhasa’) and in his numerous books imagined a mythical Tibet where he himself was a high lama wandering around the Himalayas in pursuit of ancient wisdom.  I have written of his particular delusions elsewhere, but I mention him now as a means to put the Harrier case into context.  Harrier was an Austrian by birth.  The military forces of Adolf Hitler annexed that country on March the 12th, 1938, and the German Nazi forces began the immediate round-up and persecution of the Jewish population of Austria.  In the afternoon of that day, Adolf Hitler (together with four thousand bodyguards) crossed the Austrian border into Braunau, his birthplace.  As many Austrians viewed themselves as ethnically ‘German’ they willingly submitted to the Nazi invasion – evening arresting around 70,000 dissenters prior to March the 12th following Nazi German advice.  This included Social Democrats, Communists, Jews, homosexuals, ethnic minorities and anyone deemed politically unreliable.  In fact so many people were imprisoned that an impromptu Concentration Camp had to be established at a disused railway station in northwest Vienna at the time.  Hitler had previously demanded that all political power should be handed over to the Austrian Nazi Party – a move that ensured that all ideas of democracy were immediately crushed.  After this whole-sale destruction of Austrian culture and the instigation of fascist murder and mayhem in his country, what did Heinrich Harrier decide to do?  Did he keep quiet and see how things developed?  Did he join a network of Austrian resistance to the Nazi invasion?  Did he work toward protecting those Austrians who were the victims of German fascism?  No – Heinrich Harrier did none of these things.  In fact just under three-weeks after the Nazi German invasion (on April the 1st, 1938) Heinrich Harrier joined the Schutzstaffel – better known as the ‘SS’ – where he held the rank of Oberscharführer (or ‘Sergeant’).  This paramilitary organisation was under the direct control of Adolf Hitler and was charged with the application of the ‘Final Solution’ the Nazi plan to cleanse the world of inferior races, political dissenters, the disabled and sexual deviants.  Exactly one month later (on May the 1st, 1938), Heinrich Harrier became a full member of the Nazi Party – an act that further confirmed his fascist credentials.  As a mountaineer – Harrier was quick to prove his allegiance to the Nazi German cause and was even photographed stood with Hitler:


Whilst Harrier attempting to conquer various mountains in the Himalayas in the name of Nazi Germany, Britain (in 1939) went to war with Hitler’s regime.  Harrier was arrested and interned in a British POW camp in India from which he eventually escaped and made his way on foot into Tibet in early 1946, where he stayed for seven years until 1952.  In 1952 he returned to Austria where he wrote his book entitled in the original German language ‘Sieben Jahre in Tibet. Mein Leben am Hofe des Dalai Lama’.  This actually translates into English as ‘Seven Years in Tibet – My Life at the Court of the Dalai Lama.’  This was subsequently translated into English under the shortened title of ‘Seven Years in Tibet’.  Just as the US Government had granted immunity to many former Nazi German and Japanese scientists that had took part in dubious and often illegal experimentation, when the SS NCO Harrier returned to Europe with his strange story of his time in Tibet during WWII, he was immediately ‘cleared’ of any wrong doing during his time during the early period of the Nazi occupation of Austria – although no evidence of this investigation has ever been made public by the US authorities.  By 1952, the US Government had developed the antagonisms that would serve as the basis of the ‘Cold War’ with Soviet Russia and Communist China.  In 1952 the US was involved in fighting in South Korea against the North Koreans and their Chinese Communist allies – and were facing certain defeat.  The US was pursuing a blatant and highly racialised campaign against Communist China and this involved the ‘myth’ of the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950 – when in fact Tibet had already been apart of China for hundreds of years.  It is interesting to note that when the Nationalists took power in China in 1912 – the West said nothing about the Nationalist troops that took the place of the Qing Dynasty troops, but when the PLA troops took the place of the defeated Nationalist troops in 1950 – this change of administration was termed an ‘invasion’ by the US.

There is no evidence that anything Harrier says is true in his book.  Of course, the 14th Dalai Lama and the lamas that surround him in the West are dependent upon US money for their livelihood.  Generally speaking, this group lives a very opulent lifestyle at the US taxpayer’s expense.  As the Dalai Lama opposes the historical fact that Tibet has been apart of China for hundreds of years, it is only logical that he supports all and any attempts to undermine the Chinese Communist regime.  Therefore with regards to Harrier’s book – it is only the Dalai Lama (and his close supporters) who has said that the details depicted within it are correct – when other evidence from Tibetans and Chinese who were also present at the time, suggest that Harrier’s book is nothing but US propaganda, a deception that Harrier agreed to in return for immunity from prosecution for war crimes he committed in Austria during the early days of Hitler’s invasion.  It is interesting to see how the desperate US Government has continued to support Harrier when awkward questions have been asked about his past.  This has even included a Hollywood movie about his book starring the Zionist-supporter Brad Pitt in the main role.  There is no other situation in the world where those living in the West are required to accept a lesson in history from an ex-Nazi and member of the horrific SS.  What the US propaganda appears to have done in the Harrier case, is to use the atrocities instigated by the Nazi German regime and lift them out of their historical context and projected them upon the history of Tibet.  In this distortion the Chinese PLA becomes the invading Nazi German forces, and the Tibetans are falsely portrayed as the victims of Nazi German occupation and oppression.  This actually fits-in with the broader US propaganda offensive of recent years that has seen the conflating of German Nazism with Soviet and Chinese Communism – as if the two opposite ideologies are the same thing.  As the political far-right makes a virtue of ‘lying’ there is no reason whatsoever to take what the Nazi Heinrich Harrier has to say about anything.

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