Nazi Germany: The 1943 Joseph Goebbels ‘Tatanic’ Film! (9.5.2023)

The film entitled ‘Titanic’ – is a 1943 Nazi German propaganda film made during World War II in Berlin by Tobis Productions for UFA. This lavish production depicts the catastrophic sinking of RMS Titanic in 1912 – and the massive lose of life this tragic event entailed! Despite the fact that there had already been a very good ‘silent’ movie produced in Germany during 1912 (just four weeks after the actual sinking) and that a British company had subsequently released a German-language film about the disaster in 1929 – the film was still commissioned by Joseph Goebbels – with the intent of showing not only the superiority of German filmmaking (whilst the regime was suffering debilitating military losses on all fronts), but also serve as a propaganda tool portraying Hitler’s lunatic ideas that it was British and American capitalism (controlled by what he termed ‘International Jewry’) that was responsible for the disaster!

Film: Everything Everywhere All At Once! (15.4.2023)

The bodies (and minds) of non-White people belong to the individuals concerned and are not the play things of a group of non-Asian people who have possessed an unjust dominance in the world! An enforced gayness imposed upon the minds and bodies of migrants is nothing but a fascistic crime which the non-white victims are supposed to applaud because those doing the ‘forcing’ decide to grant Michelle Yeoh an Award! Genuine gay people should be condemning this film for the racism it exhibits and the cartoon-like gayness it portrays! No one comes out of this looking good. What makes it all worse is that Hollywood has fabricated a pathetic wave of critical acclaim – when all I see is nothing but shame. I support the Islamic countries for banning it! Thank you Saudi Arabia and Kuwait! Chinese people do not support arbitrary violence or the defiance of authority!

Yellow Submarine: Heinz Edelmann’s Anti-Beatles Attitude! (13.4.2023) 

Heinz Edelmann’s depiction of The Beatles consists of the lower part of the body being larger than the upper part of the body – this is the basic contradiction that is responsible for creating the dramatic effect. The lower part of the body (from the waist down through the legs to the feet) is ‘feminised’ through the hourglass type angles used. At the time, this was very unusual but fits-in very well with today’s gender-aware society. Perhaps it is an allusion to the ‘non-binary’ reality of contemporary identity (male, female, intersex and asexual, etc). Whether Heinz Edelmann intended any of this is a matter open to debate. His ‘Nazi’ attitudes would suggest not. My view is that the ‘Blue Meanies’ are in reality the British Police Service which was busy in the late 1960s launching ‘drugs raids’ against all and sundry (including against John Lennon and Yoko Ono)! As the British Police ‘confiscated’ the cannabis herb (and prevented it from being smoked) – they were referred to as the ‘Blue Meanies’! As it is not politically correct to speak about the British Police in negative terms – the real identity of the ‘Blue Meanies’ has to remain ‘hidden’ and ‘obscured’ from today’s youth! 

The Disturbing Case of PD James: Children of Men (1992) [4.3.2023] 

She does imply the developing world, however, by conceding (near the beginning of the book) that a baby may have been born ‘in a hut somewhere’ which nobody bothered to notice – not long after sterility levels began to dramatically rise (an event she imagines happening in 1995 – or the ‘Year Omega’ – when she lets her Judeo-Christian bias shine through). Typical of the Bourgeois attitude – other classes (and races) are viewed as inconvenient necessities that exist to fetch one’s bags and mix gin and tonics! PD James was a parody of what she actually was. She epitomises the delinquent and contradictory attributes of the Bourgeoisie. As Marx states in his ‘The German Ideology’ – when the Bourgeoisie make the workers starve (by withholding food) – the Bourgeoisie blame the workers for daring to be ‘hungry’! When a worker falls from a height and breaks his neck (due to a lack of ‘safety’) – the Bourgeoisie does not blame the incident upon the presence of gravity – but rather upon the worker not possessing wings!

Film Analysis: The Strays (2023)! 

The central character of this film is a ‘Black’ woman whose history as a human being has obviously involved ‘mixing’ of various forms experienced by her ancestors. To what extent this has happened is a matter of debate and is certainly not discussed in the film, but the reality of her two original (biological) children being African looking suggests that the central character possesses genuinely ‘African’ genes and that the father of her children was also ‘Black’, etc. Indeed, her ‘Black’ children are a shocking contrast to the ‘White’ (middle-class) society she has infiltrated – particularly when compared to her ‘new’ children produced with her ‘White’ husband! Through their uncompromising attitudes and violent behaviour – her original ‘Black’ offspring are presented as positively ‘demonic’ – and it cannot be doubted that the writer of the film must have intended this to be the case! Again, playing upon ‘White’ sensitivities and ‘Black’ experience. The Bourgeois Establishment, as is usual for its double standards, has tended to avoid virtually any of the above issues, and instead has limited the assessment of this film to being that of a run of the mill script with no reality beyond the surface presentation! This may be termed a typical ‘White’ response of ‘denial’ when confronted with the progressive dynamics of Black intelligence!

Uganda’s Wakaliwood: Talented Local Man Films Low-Budget Shaolin-Inspired Martial Arts Films! 

In addition, the power supply in the slums is unstable. There is only about 3 days of electricity a week. Whether it is shooting or editing, it needs to be carefully planned. The power of the dream, however, helps the actors to persevere. After finishing each film – it is engraved onto DVD discs, each priced at 45 cents (about 3 yuan), and then people go door-to-door in costumes used in the film. Usually, a movie will earn about 300 yuan. Even though the road seems difficult and endless, the actors never gave up and maintain a high degree of enthusiasm for filming. Over the past few years, through the efforts of Isaac and his companions, more than 40 films have been completed such as ‘Who Killed Captain Alex’ and ‘The Return of Uncle Benon’! These films, which combine Ugandan culture with Chinese culture, (as well as elements such as gunfights and gongfu), have received a lot of likes and attention on YouTube, and are referred to as ‘people who really love movies’. ‘Who Killed Captain Alex’ even attracted an American fan – Alan Hoffmanis! He gathered his things together and travelled to Uganda to offer his expertise in the filming and editing process!

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