China Supports Palestine Against Zionist Aggressionn and Occupation!


Communist China – unlike the US colony of Taiwan – has always supported the country of Palestine and the Palestinian people. China has made it politically clear that it agrees with the 1975 UN Resolution (opposed by the US and Israel), that states Zionism is a form of White Supremacy racist ideology, originally adopted and adapted by a small clique of secular – but highly influential middle class Jews – in 19th century Western Europe. The point of ‘Zionism’ is to align secular ‘White’ European Jews with ‘White’ European non-Jews, so that a united front of Eurocentric racism can be achieved and maintained – one which does not ‘exclude’ Jews, or view Jews as either racially or ethnically ‘inferior’. Zionism has nothing to do with Jewish theology or traditional Jewish religious values, and everything to do with ‘White’ racist attitudes that denigrate ALL non-White people in the world. This fact explains why many traditional Jewish groups around the world ‘reject’ Zionism (as do a number of Jews living in Israel), and recognise its racist structure as being fundamentally incompatible with the wisdom contained within Jewish scripture. Modern Israel as a nation, is considered a theological ‘blasphemy’, because it contradicts god’s will – a divine will which cast the ancient Jews out of their home land. By secular Jews with racist attitudes assuming to create a fabricated State of Israel by invading Palestine and ruthlessly subjugating its Arab population, the will of the Jewish god is being contradicted. Of course, Jewish people have historically existed in China with no problem whatsoever, and Communist China fully condemns any and all anti-Semitism, or racial violence aimed at peaceful Jewish groups living around the world. On the other hand, the criticism of Zionism must never be associated with ‘anti-Semitism’, but rather viewed as the legitimate continuation of the common fight of the non-White people of the world (and other oppressed minorities) against White racism and the forces of fascism. China fully supports the Palestinian people in their fight against Zionist racism, and would like to emphasis that for over a thousands years Arabs have travelled to China and even settled to become distinct ethnic groups within the diverse populations of the motherland. Zionism is racism and must be exposed for the fascism that it is. Long Live Palestine!

Chinese Language Reference:

When North Korea’s Military Successfully Fought Zionist Israel (1973)


Kim Il Sung and /yasser Arafat

(Research and Translation by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Following the ‘Six Day War’ of 1967, which saw an expansionist Israeli illegally annex more Palestinian land – and land of its Arab neighbours – the Soviet Union cut-off all diplomatic relations with Zionist Israel, and stepped-up its economic and military aid to the Arab countries of the surrounding region. The Soviet strategists pin-pointed the US supplied Israeli Airforce, as being the key attribute of Zionist Israel’s imperial power. Zionist Israel always used its US-supplied military aircraft to devastate the large Arab military ground formations, using modern technology to sweep aside any competing Arab Airforces. Once air supremacy and/or air superiority had been achieved, the US-supplied Zionist Israeli ground forces would go in, causing high casualties and confusions in the defending Arab armies. The Soviet thinking was to construct a region-wide (and integrated) surface to air missile defence system, calibrated to exactly target and neutralise incoming Zionist Israeli warplanes. Without Zionist Israel gaining air superiority and/or air supremacy, its ground forces would be unprotected as they aggressively moved into lands beyond the geographical borders of Zionist Israel. As the combined Arab armies possessed far more soldiers than Zionist Israel’s imperialist troops, the logic dictated that the Arab weight of numbers should carry the day. Zionist Israel would be defeated, and the Arab countries could go to the UN and ‘demand’ freedom for Palestine.

President Nasser of Egypt resented the loss of land sustained by Egypt in the ‘Six Days War’ at the hands of Zionist Israel. His successor – President Sadat – eventually lost patience with the thousands of Soviet military advisors present in Egypt – and had all Soviet forces expelled during July, 1972. This situation left in place an elaborate Soviet air defence system that needed expertise to operate it. In the meantime, The activities of North Korea had impressed the Egyptians, particularly with regard to its detaining of USS Pueblo – a US warship disguised as a ‘research’ ship which had deliberately entered North Korean waters on a spying mission. North Korean forces attacked and successfully boarded the USS Pueblo on January 23rd, 1968 – killing one US servicemen and capturing the 83-man crew (which were held for 11 months in captivity). Also at this time, North Korean military activities aimed at the US imperialist forces on the Korean Peninsula dramatically increased, with the seizure of the USS Pueblo coming less than a week after President Lyndon Johnson’s State of the Union address to the United States Congress, and a week before the start of the Tet Offensive in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Another significant event at this time involved a North Korean special forces detachment crossing into US-controlled South Korea. This happened three days before the North Korean seizure of the USS Pueblo, and saw 31 men of North Korea’s KPA Unit 124 cross the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and kill 26 South Koreans puppet soldiers, in an attempt to attack the South Korean Blue House in the capital Seoul. Then, on April 15th, 1969, North Korean forces shot-down the US EC-121 reconnaissance (spy) plane for violating North Korean air space. This highly successful military activity against the US imperialist forces in and around the Korean Peninsular impressed many Arab leaders, and led to Egypt requesting help to man its air defences in the event of any war with Zionist Israel.


North Korean Airforce

Whereas the Egyptians thought that the Soviet Union was not providing the latest military equipments to the Arab forces, it was well-known that since the fall of Khrushchev in Russia, and as part of a Soviet initiative to heal the Sino-Soviet Split – the USSR had been providing the most advanced weaponry to the Korean People’s Army (KPA) – with North Korea being a staunch ally of Communist China. From March, 1973, North Korean officials arrived in Egypt for talks, and toured the major areas of potential conflict (including the Suez Canal). This was when the Egyptian government formally requested that North Korea send military pilots to help defend Egypt from Zionist Israeli attack. This request was agreed to, with North Korean officials stating that in support of Arab Socialism, the North Korean regime will defend Egyptian territory from any Western-led, imperialist attack. In a short time, North Korean military pilots and their support crews were established on Egyptian territory, which led to Zionist Israel announcing on August 15th, 1973, the presence of the North Korean military forces in Egypt. Whereas both Egypt and North Korea issued official statements of denial, Zionist Israel stated that it would ‘destroy’ Egypt for daring to seek allies outside the region. This Zionist Israeli threat of military violence would come to fruition with the so-called ‘Yom Kippur War’.

Kim Il Sung’s viewpoint was that an alliance between Egypt and North Korea would be beneficial to both sides, militarily and economically. North Korean pilots had been fighting the US imperialists over North Vietnam, and this experience could be imparted to their Egyptian counter-parts. On the other hand, the highly aggressive and racist imperialism of Israeli Zionism created a new and highly focused form of Western, imperialist military strategy and tactics. It would be good experience for North Korean pilots to experience this highly aggressive form of imperialist expansionism, and formulate an appropriate ‘Socialist’ response to it. This is why Kim Il Sung also authorised a special military advisory group be immediately despatched to Egypt.

During June 1973, 1,500 North Korean military advisers were secretly despatched to Egypt to help the Egyptian Air Defense Force operate surface-to-air missiles (based around West Cairo). As a result of wearing civilian clothes, these soldiers were disguised as ordinary North Korean labourers working overseas (to earn foreign exchange currency). This clever deception cheated the intelligence agencies of the United States, South Korea and Israel. Before this, however, a large consultative delegation had already arrived in Egypt, consisting of 39 members of the North Korean Airforce Mission, which had long been involved in fighting for Egypt. Among these North Korean, there were 20 pilots, 8 ground technicians, 5 translators, 3 administrative personnel and 1 Political commissar, a medic and a cook, with the designated Team Leader being North Korean Airforce Chief of Staff – Zhao Minglu (赵明禄). Most of the early North Koreans pilots who went to Egypt were mostly ‘Veteran’ fighter-pilots with more than 2,000 flying hours and were experienced combat personnel. Upon their arrival, they began to guide their Egyptian allies in training, and conducted combat readiness flights along the Suez line.

In formulating plans for a theoretical battle over Sinai Peninsula, Zhao Minglu, Sadat, and Mubarak held a number of joint meetings to study a plan for the suppression of the dominant Israeli Airforce. Zhao Minglu proposed a surprise attack by the Egyptian Airforce (similar to that used by the Israeli Airforce during the ‘Six-Day War’), as a means of psychologically and physically devastating the Zionist aggressor. This daring tactic would involve Egyptian fighters not to directly fly to the east bank of the Suez Canal, but instead head directly northward to the hinterland of the Sinai (through low-altitude flying). This would enable the Egyptian Airforce to avoid the frontline Zionist defences, using the ‘Art of War’ principle of ‘Replying in kind’ (lit: ‘Treat Others as They Treat You’).  After some careful preparations, on October 6th, 1973, the ‘Yom Kippur’ (Day of Atonement) Offensive began. With the help of North Korea’s Advisory Team, the Egyptian Airforce dispatched an attack formation consisting of 200 fighters, which succeed in surprising the Zionist Israeli Forces (which suffered heavy losses). South Korea’s media quoted an Israeli Ministry of Defense communiqué stating that North Korean pilots in Egypt – flying eight MiG-21 fighter jets – had shot down many Zionist Israeli F-4E fighters.

Although the ‘Yom Kippur War’ eventually ended in a draw between the Arab countries and Israel, the experience served to escalate the relations between Egypt and North Korea to the point of ‘blood alliance.’ Mubarak also established a profound friendship with Kim Il Sung. Eventually, in the years after the ‘Yom Kippur War’, Egypt turned to the United States and dismissed the Soviet Union as an ally in its fight against Zionist Israel. However, North Korea remained loyal to helping Egypt’s army and its development. In 1977, Egypt transferred two R-17E (Scud-B) missiles to North Korea and at least one 9P117 launch vehicle. These weapons were all that was given that year as Soviet aid to Egypt. Egypt’s gift was shipped back to Nampo Port by a North Korean freighter and was forwarded to Pyongyang’s Machinery Factory (code-named ;Pyongyang Pig-Raising Factory’) on January 25th, a subsidiary of the Second Economic Commission, for imitation. The mimicked missile was named ‘Hua City-5’. The first batch testing of 6 sample bombs was conducted during April-September 1984 with three successful and unsuccessful operations.

After the assassination of Sadat in 1981, Mubarak succeeded as President. In the Middle East, Egypt became a staunch ally of the United States, but on the Korean Peninsula, Egypt refused to recognize South Korea (because it was a colony of the US). Mubarak once told DPRK officials: ‘I will stick to the covenant with Chairman Kim Il Sung and vow to not establish diplomatic relations with South Korea.’ On April 6th, 1983, at a ceremony welcoming Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s visit to North Korea, Chairman Kim Il Sung said: ‘During the 1973 war, North Korea and Egypt fought side by side like brothers.’ Not until the second year after Kim Il Sung’s death, in 1995, did Mubarak establish diplomatic ties with South Korea – but only after Communist China had also established such ties. Communist China is North Korea’s staunchest ally in the region.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

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Trump: Fascist Israel to Move Capital to Jerusalem!


International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Anyone who doubts that Zionism is not just another form of White racism (and White supremacy) only has to look at the cosy relationship between the elected fascist dictators Trump and Netanyahu. Trump’s anti-Arab and anti-Muslim attitudes mirror those of Zionism exactly – and that is the motivation behind Trump colluding with Netanyahu to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem (from the designated Tel Aviv). This move is designed to cause the maximum outrage to Palestinian (and Arab) sensitivities, and lead to an all-out war in the region, whereby US-assisted Israel will militarily take the rest of Palestine and expel what is left of the Palestinian population into the wilderness. This impending (aggressive) military attack by Israel upon the defenceless Palestinian population will be fully supported by the BBC and presented to the world as an ‘act of self-defence’ – even though it is obvious who the aggressors actually are.

The USSR broke-off diplomatic relations with Israel in 1952 due to the behaviour of various Israeli diplomats in Russia – who abused their diplomatic status and tried to encourage Soviet Citizens (of Jewish heritage) to rise-up and over-throw the Soviet Regime (killing an aging Stalin in the process). The Trotskyite Khrushchev re-established diplomatic links with Israel fr a time – but the USSR permanently severed all diplomatic links with Israel in 1967 following the Zionist land-grab known as the ‘Six Day War’. In 1975, at the urging of the USSR, the UN voted unanimously to condemn ‘Zionism’ and formally recognise it as a racist ideology. This has not prevented the US or Israeli fascist politicians from continuing to murder non-Whites in the region, and with Trump’s latest insane initiative, this trend looks like it will continue unabated. Never forget that Zionism is racism, and that Israel is a fascist State that utilises murder in the name of religion. Many Jewish people oppose racist Zionism from both within and outside of Israel, and it is with these people that non-Jews should join, in a united front against all forms of racism (including anti-Semitism).

The Rightwing Limitations of Ken O’Keefe


I was recently asked what I thought of the rhetoric of the former US Marine (and First Gulf War Veteran) Ken O’Keefe. I must confess that I had not heard of him, and so headed to YouTube to spend a few days listening to his public lectures, speeches and media interviews, coupled with reading articles about him. On the surface, and at the first point of contact, Ken O’keefe appears to be truly ‘revolutionary’, but anyone of the left must show caution here. Ken O’keefe is certainly not leftwing, and quite often espouses an open admiration and association with the far-right neo-Nazi cause, once stating that the only thing Adolf Hitler did wrong was to withdraw Nazi Germany from the world banking system. Ken O’Keefe says this because he believes the Jewish holocaust never happened during WWII – and that Adolf Hitler was a victim of a world Jewish conspiracy. Ken O’Keefe claims to support the Palestinian cause (mimicking the attitude of the political left), but in so doing, he mistakenly equates Zionism (i.e. Jewish White Supremacy racism) with all Jewish people, and the Jewish religion. This is completely wrong. Many Jewish people in Israel ‘reject’ Zionism, as do thousands of Jews around the world. Zionism has nothing to do with the religion of Judaism, but was invented by a small number of White (secular) European Jews in the 19th century, and when combined with terrorism, was used as the justifying ideology underpinning the formation of the modern State of Israel and the subsequent (and ongoing) prosecution of the Palestinian people. In fact, so racist has been many of Ken O’keefe’s outbursts, that even Palestinian groups have stated publically that they reject his ‘anti-Semitism’, because they reject all forms of racism. Furthermore, for a man who makes an ample living by lecturing about how he has purportedly ‘seen through’ the conditionality of society and social programming through the US media, he nevertheless has stated that he believed as ‘true’ the supposed events of ‘Tiananmen Square’ in 1989 (reported by the same US media), apparently unaware that Wikileaks has made public the Reagan government’s diplomatic records (to and from the US Embassy in Beijing) stating that ‘nothing happened’ in Tiananmen Square – but that President Reagan ordered that the US and UK media networks were to (falsely) create a narrative that a ‘massacre’ had occurred (a deception supported by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher). Of course, Ken O’Keefe is not alone in believing this nonsense (see Billy Bragg), but the fact that a man who presents himself as a revolutionary maverick fully supports the US establishment’s policy of anti-Chinese racism, is indicative of the limitations of his own perception, and exposes the true rightwing (anarchist) nature of his rhetoric. In reality he does not really support Palestine, but uses this situation to justify and support his anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish attitudes – pretending that he is somehow opposing ‘Zionism’. In reality, Ken O’Keefe is as racist as the Zionism he claims to be fighting. Jewish people are not, and have never been the problem – the problem is Zionist racism! Many groups and associations that invite Ken O’keefe to talk are rightwing and a priori anti-Socialist – again mistakenly associating world Judaism with Marxism – as if the two are the same – or that both are somehow deficient! This is pure neo-Nazi rhetoric which must be clearly discerned when listening to the range of Ken O’Keefe’s otherwise anti-establishment outbursts!

Wikileaks: no bloodshed inside Tiananmen Square, cables claim

Anti-Zionist Jewish Network

George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, Zionism and the Misrepresentation of the USSR


Inquiry Call After Israeli Agent Plot To ‘Take Down’ MPs

As usual, I make the disclaimer that I respect and admire George Galloway and Ken Livingstone as a solid men of the left, and in the case of George Galloway – as a friend of China. I also agree with George Galloway regarding the matter of Ken Livingstone and Naz Shah. These two Labour politicians have been the victims of Zionist forces at work not only within British society, but also within the very heart of the British political system and governance. Zionism in reality, has nothing to do with Judaism or Judaic theology, but is an expression of the ideology of ‘White Supremacy’ as adopted by non-religious and secular Jews living in Western Europe (specifically Germany) during the 19th century. Why did certain secular Jewish intellectuals side with the very European fascism, that for centuries had made life a living nightmare for most Jewish people? The answer lies in the fact that those secular Jews who perceived themselves as ‘White’, decided to ‘side’ with the White (non-Jewish) community, and emphasis their racially superior ‘Whiteness’, over what the fascists termed their ‘inferior’ Judaic culture. Of course, this whole-sale conversion to White Supremacy facilitated a ‘rejection’ of religious Judaism and the thinking connected with Judaic theology, but retained a link to Judaism as distorted through Eurocentric ‘nationalism’. For the White Supremacist Jews, their Jewish heritage served as the basis for a ‘new’ type of ‘Zionist’ nationalism that sought to usurp the authority of the rabbis, and supersede the dominance of traditional theology within Jewish culture, society and politics. Zionism intended to re-interpret Jewish existence along Eurocentric, nationalist lines, and racialised myth-building. The average Jewish person was now depicted not necessarily as a ‘chosen’ person as defined by god, but rather as a ‘superior’ person as defined by ‘biology’, or more specifically ‘genetics’. This is the philosophical ‘Zionist’ underpinnings of the modern State of Israel, and the justifying ideology that is used daily in the persecution and murder of the (non-White) Palestinian people. This explains why many ‘religious’ Jews reject Israel and its ideology as a form of ‘blasphemy’, or radical and unnecessary departure from the Jewish scripture.

An Al Jazeera investigation into Labour Party funding has recently revealed that donations from Israel amounting to £1million was forwarded to Zionist-supporting MPs within the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP), as a means to disrupt Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to power, and effectively remove him as Labour Party Leader. This Israeli Zionist interference in British democracy is alarming enough, but the fact that a British Asian woman (Naz Shah) can be persecuted within the Labour Party at the whim of a foreign ‘White’ and ‘racist’ power defies belief!  Ken Livingstone, as a key supporter of Jeremy Corbyn was targeted by the Labour Party Zionist because such ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ fervently reject the notion of British Socialism, and prefer a right of centre, Zionist-supporting Labour Party, Furthermore, the Israeli Zionists want desperately to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister of Britain, because he has promised to ‘recognise’ the State of Palestine, and hold Israel responsible for its continuous terrorist atrocities, land grabbing, and intimidation against the Palestinians and their supporters.

Whilst defending Ken Livingstone, George Galloway went from one interview to another, continuously pointing-out the Zionist distortion of history, and educating the general public as to the ‘true’ history and nature of Israeli Zionism. However, one tactic that he used involved comparing Soviet Russia to Zionist Israel – stating that wanting to free the Russian people from Soviet Communism was not an expression of ‘race-hate’ toward the Russian people, just as wanting to free the ‘Semitic’ people (both Arab and non-Arab) from the dominance of ‘Zionism’ was not the practice of ‘race-hate’ (i.e. ‘anti-Semitism’) toward Jewish people! Both Ken Livingstone and George Galloway even deployed this argument whilst being interviewed on Russia Today – much to the surprise and shock of the host! The irony here, is that RT’s naturally ‘left of centre’ perspective, has given George Galloway ample air time with little or no interference, whilst he also appears regularly on the Russian chat-show ‘Sputnik’.  Why would George Galloway compare the ‘fascist’ ideology of Zionism, with the Scientific Socialism of the Soviet Union – particularly given the fact that the USSR lost between 30 – 40 million men, women and children fighting Nazi Germany during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)? This is a particularly disturbing analogy, as much of the Jewish holocaust was perpetuated in the Soviet Union by the occupying Nazi German forces (particularly in the Ukraine), and was only ‘stopped’ when the Soviet Red Army eventually managed to roll-back the Hitlerite monolith and ‘liberate’ vast areas of the USSR from Nazi German control. In this instance, George Galloway’s attitude (and that of Ken Livingstone) reveal the depth of disrespect that is evident within the British left for the Soviet Union and the sacrifice of the Soviet people – a sacrifice that helped ‘save’ the UK from Nazi German occupation and subjugation.

Palestinian ‘Sandra Solomon’ and the Embracing of Eurocentric (Zionist) Racism


“We are the Arabs. We occupy the land of the Jews. This [Israel] is Jewish land. It’s going to be there for ever and ever.”

The three monotheistic religions of the world all have a common root – Judaism. Both Jesus and Mohammed were Jews prior to their spiritual awakenings that took them on different paths to the that preferred by the mainstream religions of the day. All three religions share exactly the same belief in a single god concept, but disagree on the name of that god, and on how he should be worshipped. All three religions share a pre-modern theology developed over thousands of years, and premised upon the unproven idea that ‘god’ exists. The Jews reacted with religiously inspired violence against Roman occupation of Palestine and Judea, whilst Mohammed led a ‘holy war’ against non-Muslims as a means to spread the Qur’an. Once Christianity became the State Creed of Rome, the so-called ‘Roman Catholics’ initiated a widespread persecution of non-Christians, and attacked and destroyed other Christian groups that did not adhere to ‘official’ church dogma. With the spread of Christianity across Europe, Muslim and Jews soon became victims of Christian pogroms of genocide and destruction. This stabilisation of a politicised church also involved the destruction of any and all ‘pagan’ religions throughout the West, and more or less the same time as the ‘Crusades’ were unleashed by the West upon the Islamic populations of the Middle East.

Scientific Socialism – as developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels – reveals that the religious mind-set is premised upon a pre-modern and ‘inverted’ state of mind that mistakes thoughts in the head for material reality in the universe. By throwing-off the shackles of religion, a human-being can adopt a ‘non-inverted’ mind, and proceed on a development path of scientific endeavour (designed to assist the entirety of society). In this regard, religion should not be permitted to ‘politically’ control the direction of any modern society due to the pre-modern nature of its theologically informed attitudes (which generally run-counter to the method and practice associated with modern science). Of course, there are modern scientists that profess a religious faith in their private lives, but keep that faith ‘separate’ to their modern academic work. What someone like Sandra Solomon (or her handlers) need to remember is that the Roman Catholic Church actively collaborated with Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945, and was complicit in the Holocaust.

Sandra Solomon is either mentally ill, easily led, or a deliberate ‘plant’. Her attitude is that of a ‘White’ supremacist, with the added twist of ‘White’ supremacist ‘Zionism’. Zionism is a virulent, racist and highly destructive ideology, developed by ‘White’ Jews in 19th century Europe, and designed to convince non-Jewish ‘White’ supremacists that European Jews were just like them, and subscribed to the racist idea that all other races were ‘inferior’. Sandra Solomon (made-up name) is not ‘White’, but her rhetoric is one of pure religious-inspired intolerance toward Islam and the Palestinian people. Without a shadow of irony, this woman appears on White supremacist media programmes and as if working from a script written by a privileged White man, she sets about peddling her particular form of religiously inspired intolerance and bigotry – to the delight of the White racists that surround her. The White supremacists wheel Sandra Solomon out to a predominantly ‘White’ audience, to legitimise White racist rhetoric – which she does to varying degrees of success. The point is that all people who look like her are victims of the very ‘White’ racism she espouses, and although she mouths the pro-Israeli and pro-Eurocentric racist viewpoints, it is difficult to take her seriously. Of course, she might be a CIA-plant with ‘no discernible’ history, or she perhaps a very confused woman who thinks that replacing one monotheistic religion with another, is somehow a radical act.  As matters stand, this odd woman is broadcasting religious intolerance – whilst accusing the victims of her intolerance – Islam – as being the ‘true’ harbinger of this religious hatred. I doubt she really understands Islam, for if she did, she would not confuse diverse Islam culture with a unified theological interpretation of the Qur’an.

Shigenobu Fusako [重信房子] (b. 1945) – Japanese Communist Revolutionary


Original Chinese Language Article By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: Shigenobu Fusako is an extraordinary woman and a credit to Japan and the Japanese people.  Japan should throw-off the shackles of US neo-imperialism, and join China on a Socialist path. Shigenobu Fusako’s daughter is called ‘Mei Shigenobu’, and her father is believed to have been a Palestinian.  Although broughtup in Palestine – and involved in Revolutionary activity – no criminal charges have been brought against Mei Shigenobu – who can speak both Japanese and Arabic fluently. She spends much of her time travelling and lecturing about the appalling conditions that the Palestinian people are forced to endure at the hands of the Zionist Israeli Authorities. Due to her support for the Palestinians, the Israeli Embassies (and Zionist supporters) around the world, routinely complain and hinder Mei Shigenobu everywhere that she goes – but like her extraordinary mother – she does not let this bullying prevent her from her Revolutionary path.  ACW 8.1.2016

Shigenobu Fusako (commonly known in the West as ‘Fusako Shigenobu’) is a Communist Revolutionary currently in prison in Japan), who founded the Japanese Red Army (in Lebanon in 1971) as a means to pursue an armed uprising in the Middle East (on behalf of the Palestinians against the Zionist Israelis), in Japan (as a means to over-throw the monarchy, capitalism and US neo-imperialism), and the world (as a means to liberate the international working class from the oppressive shackles of international capitalism). This Revolutionary Movement (which was separate and distinct from the Japanese Communist Party) was particularly active during the 1970’s, becoming well-known around the world.


Shigenobu Fusako first started taking part in peaceful protest marches motivated by nationalist tendencies, but her father explained that nationalism had nearly destroyed Japan during WWII, and was too limited to save Japan as an isolated entity.  Instead, he advised his daughter that she should abandon nationalism and instead embrace the ‘internationalism’ of the Revolutionary Left (i.e. Marxist-Leninist).  Shigenobu Fusako began the study of Scientific Socialism and took-up the cause of armed rebellion, particularly with regard to directly confronting US neo-imperialism outside of Japan, and left to support the Palestinians in their righteous battle against Israeli Zionism. Following the JRA’s attack (together with Palestinians) on (the Israeli) Lod Airport in May 1972, Shigenobu Fusako wrote a poem to her daughter stating:

‘The greatest righteousness is unfilial, and family members will be punished as a consequence, never forget that this is the function of (Revolutionary) destiny.’

Shigenobu Fusako is considered a genius in leadership.  As a student Revolutionary in Japan and the Middle East, she soon rose-up through the ranks, gaining positions of authority and responsibility.  Following her return to Japan in 2000, (and her subsequent arrest and imprisonment in 2001), she is known to have successfully organised the other detained prisoners at the ‘Metropolitan Police Detention Centre’, to form a ‘Prisoners’ Union’.  It is said that she also persuaded some police officers to agitate for better working conditions – such is her charisma.  Although some people have speculated that she is dead due to ‘disappearing’ in the 1990’s, she is still alive in a prison in Japan.  As she was born on the 3rd of September, 1945, and is now 71 years old (in 2017).

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

Original Chinese Language text:

重信房子死了吗 重信房子的火箭筒照



二十岁时,开始参加学生运动,一开始只是采用和平手段的抗议 。但父亲对她说:“不流血的革命是不会成功的。”并教育她“跳出民族主义的圈子,成为国际主义者。”从此重信房子才走上暴力革命的道路,坚信“武装斗争是最大的宣传”,并义无反顾离开日本,去当时反美斗争的最前线中东。罗德机场袭击事件后,重信末夫还写过一首诗送给女儿,内有“大义不孝,大义灭亲,尽天命”等字。



Pick a Bethlehem, Any Bethlehem…


I came across this gem today:

Archaeologist Believes Jesus Was Born in a Different Bethlehem

This research suggests that the Bethlehem venerated by modern Christians today, is NOT the assumed Bethlehem that Jesus is believed to have been born in – an Israeli archaeologist suggests. What I find surprising is how eager the Zionist ideologues of modern Israel are to disprove Christian belief, whilst enforcing a rightwing (and generally ‘ahistorical’) version of Jewish religious history (which has seen Palestinians killed in the past, in its propagation and protection).  As religions are mostly myth, there is no reason for any of them to possess an objective historicity such as that associated with the development of the water-wheel, or the combustion engine, for instance.  Religions, at least in there original form, have been vehicles for the exploration of ‘inner’ space, an essentially psychological device that does not require historically observable markers in the materiality of the external world. It is only through the politicisation of religions, that sees a priestly-elite abandon the inner search, and replaced it with the grasping and wielding of external political power (such as in the case of various Jewish sects and the Church of Rome, etc), that a legitimising historicity in the external environment becomes important.  Modern Zionist Israel, for example, possesses no historical legitimising in ancient Palestine, but tries to compensate for this lack of material presence through the brutal use of military arms in the area. All these issue must be taken into account when assessing the often bizarre world of Biblical ‘scholarship’.  This is a netherworld where the usual standards of objective academia are viewed as being tainted by the ‘devil’ – but I say ‘no’ to this nonsense.  The human intellect is more than capable of dealing with this subject and shining a rational light upon it.

Inconsistencies to watch-out for whilst reading this article:

a) Jesus is referred to as a ‘Nazarene’ in early Hebrew Biblical texts – meaning ‘healer’.  This was incorrectly translated into Greek as ‘Nazareth’, and mistakenly interpreted to mean the birthplace of Jesus.  However, modern archaeology has revealed that during the supposed life-time of Jesus, Nazareth either did not exist, or was a place of Jewish burial, and not a place of routine habitation. Conclusion – Jesus did not come from Nazareth.

Nazareth – The Town that Theology Built

b) There is no objective evidence that a man called ‘Yeshua Ben Yoseph’ (Joshua son of Joseph), was ‘born’ or ‘existed’.  His Hebrew name has been rendered into Greek as ‘Jesus Christos’ – (Son of Zeus – the Anointed One).  In other words, although discussed in this article as being proven to have existed, the historicity of Jesus remains highly suspect.

Jesus Never Existed

c) The ‘no hypothesis’.  Rational academia (and science) works from the principle that ‘nothing is happening’, or has ‘been established’ as happening, (or has ‘happened’ in the past), until verified objective evidence has been gathered, assessed and agreed to be correct.  Much paranormal and religious ‘scholarship’ is in fact, an exercise in pseudo-academia, where the subject matter is assumed to ‘exist’ and be ‘correct’ a priori. This is the inverse of the ‘no hypothesis’, and is nothing more than the attempted legitimisation of personal opinion and bias, and the twisting of objective facts to fit this imagined reality.  This article assumes too much without prior proof. Jesus could not have been born in  different Bethlehem – if he was not born at all!

The Far-Right Complexities of Zionism and Anti-Zionism


Zion (Jewish Eurocentric racism), and anti-Zionism (opposition to this racism), are peculiar entities, as both possess the power to attract far-right political support.  In the case of Zionism, not much imagination is required as to work-out what the political far-right find attractive, as a predominately ‘White’ and highly militarised and aggressive Jewish State is given carte blanche by the United States (and its allies), to persecute, torture, rape and murder the non-White Palestinian (and primarily ‘Islamic’) indigenous population of that occupied land (i.e. historical Palestine).  It seems illogical for the forces of neo-Nazism to politically ‘align’ themselves with Israel – particularly as this political far-right grouping has historically viewed all Jewish people with a racial disdain, and perpetuated the Hitlerite holocaust of WWII specifically (although not exclusively) against them.  Just as ‘like’ attracts  ‘like’, it is the Eurocentric ‘White’ racism that is implicit in Zionism that the political far-right find attractive, and not the theology of Judaism.  The Western far-right will support Israel for as long as it pursues its racist anti-Palestinian cause, but will abandon this support if Israel ever changed its Zionist policies.  This is nothing more than a relationship of convenience, because although Israel is currently supported by the far-right political establishment, Jews living outside of Israel are still subject to attack and murder by Western neo-Nazi thugs. Israel, of course, from time to time, condemns far-right political activity, but refuses to include its own Zionism in that criticism.

As Adolf Hitler specified that ‘lying’ is an important tool for far-right political activists, the far-right ‘ideologues’ have continuously sought new ways to sully and blur the left – right political debate.  This policy has been inspired as a means to hide its own despicable actions throughout the world both before and after WWII, particularly with regard to the Holocaust that targeted primarily Jews, but also the disabled, homosexuals, political dissidents, anti-racists, Communists, Socialists and anyone who opposed any aspect of Hitlerite thinking.  Rightwing historians assist this process of denial by claiming that the holocaust never happened, and that such a claim is nothing but a conspiracy theory aimed at besmirching Hitler’s reputation as a ‘great’ leader.  Another tactic is to argue numbers – stating that for various (and spurious) reasons, at least six million Jews (and other people) could not have been killed in the Concentration Camps both before and during WWII.  Given al this seeming contradictory information, how does the far-right justify supporting the anti-Zionist cause?  It does so because it links Zionist Israel with Soviet Russia – ludicrously stating that both are manifestations of a world-wide Jewish conspiracy to gain complete political power and eradicate the ‘gentile’ races, etc.  This is the far-right use of a legitimate (predominately ‘leftwing’) cause to attack the memory of the USSR, and turn the anti-fascist war it fought against Hitler’s Nazi Germany, into an ‘attack’ on peace-loving Europeans!  In pursuing this policy, the far-right are attempting to re-write history in their own distorted image.  The USSR fought and opposed fascism as a matter of ideological necessity, and as such, opposition to capitalism in decay, is the duty of every (non-Trotskyite) Socialist and Communist, and being so, is not a matter of choice.  The far-right plays down its own atrocities (as a form of historical denial), and instead projects its own short-comings and inadequacies onto the memory of the anti-fascist USSR.  This form of neo-Nazi revisionism plays into the hands of the Western-backed neo-Nazi regimes in Eastern Europe that pursue a racist anti-Russian policy.  Of course, as matters stand, none of this matters to Israel, because Israel is currently a racist colonial State occupying someone else’s land.

Ahmadiyya Islam and Buddhism


In 1899, the Islamic scholar Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (of Qadian) published his book entitled ‘Jesus in India’, within which he argues that it was not Buddhism that had spread to Palestine and influenced Jesus in his teachings, but rather that Jesus, after surviving the crucifixion, travelled to live in Jewish communities in Northern India, where he encountered various Jews who had become Buddhist monks. Apparently interpreting Jesus as Maitreya – the future Buddha yet to come – Ahmad asserts that these monks then ‘integrated’ the sayings of Jesus into the Buddhist scripture.  In the late 1880’s, he founded the ‘Ahmadiyya’ movement within Islam which views Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, and Confucius as prophets, alongside all the usual Quranic and Biblical prophets.  Ahmad, through this book, sets-out to prove that Jesus did not die on the cross, and that the Christian interpretation is incorrect.  In so doing, he also proves that the Jews persecuted and attempted to kill a prophet from god – but failed in their mission.  He very cleverly uses Biblical scripture to add weight to his assertions, but nothing that might pass as ‘secular’, or ‘objective’ proof.  Simultaneously the stage is set to allow other non-Islamic teachers into the Islamic religion as ‘prophets’ ultimately from Allah, who manifested in different places in different ways suitable to the prevailing conditions.  Of course, this is an Islamo-centric view of the world, and would today be defined as a ‘literalist’ approach to interpreting religious scripture.  My view is that Ahmad is mistaken to assume that Jesus influenced Buddhism, as only an outsider to Buddhism could think this.  Buddhism pre-dates Christianity by at least 500 to 1000 years (depending on when the Buddha actually lived).  By the time of Jesus in the 1st century CE, the Mahayanic phase of its development was very much underway.  Buddhism was spreading all over Asia, and soon reached China in this century.  All the Buddhist sutras claim their authority from the word of the Buddha.  The two that do not – the Vimalakirti Sutra and the Altar Sutra of Hui Neng – are said to be linked to the historical Buddha.  In the case of Vimalakirti – an enlightened layman, he lived at the sametime as the Buddha, and the Buddha and his disciples are featured heavily in the text. The Altar Sutra is linked directly to the Buddha through the Ch’an transmission that was initiated by the Buddha and eventually inherited by Hui Neng in 7th century CE China.  In all likelihood, I suspect that people from all different religious backgrounds became Buddhist monks – including Jews – but this does not mean that theological teachings were integrated into Buddhism, on the contrary, many became Buddhists to escape the constricting teachings of theology.  The basic principles of Buddhist teachings are these:

1) The Buddha never acknowledged monotheism as existing in his lifetime.

2)The Buddha associated a belief in polytheistic gods with delusion.

3) The Buddha taught that there is no theistic ‘soul’ to mediate between humanity and any mythological god-construct.

4) All experience in the material world is a consequence of cause and effect, which when mediated by the human will (volition), creates the agency of karma.  Suffering is relieved through purify karma and its effects (see Four Noble Truths).

5) The Buddha was not a god or a prophet of a god.

6) The Buddha emphasised wisdom and compassion outside of the Brahmanic religion of his day, which he viewed as corrupt.

7) The Buddha advocated the act of meditation to change thought patterns by an act of will, and the wise consideration of the conditions of life.  This self-reliance and self-empowerment has nothing to do with praying to a god-construct.

8) The Buddha’s enlightenment is premised upon the rational and logical use of the mind, within a self-disciplined body and his enlightenment is not premised upon the teachings of theistic religions.

9) The Buddha’s enlightenment is the uprooting of greed, hatred, and delusion, and the realisation of the non-substantiality of self.  It is not a communion with a god-construct.

10) Buddhist monks had no right or ability to add any ‘new’ teaches that were not believed to have been directly spoken by the Buddha.

11) There is no evidence in any Buddhist school that a Palestinian Jew was accepted in India as ‘Maitreya’. The concept of Maitreya is really a false-concept misinterpreted to make Buddhism appear to be a revelatory religion – which it is not.  In reality, Maitreya represents the Buddhahood yet to manifest in all living beings.

12) If Jesus had influenced Buddhism why stop with the odd saying?  As Jesus’s theistic teachings are very different to those of the scientific Buddha, why not force the Buddhists to accept a god-construct and soul theory?  This observation proves that it was Jesus who accommodated Buddhism, and not Buddhism that accommodated Christianity, although, of course, Jesus never gave-up his theistic beliefs.

Ahmad’s ideas are flawed in this regard, as Buddhism had spread across Asia far earlier than Christianity did.  In fact, during the life of Jesus (assuming he existed at all), Christianity was merely a small and localised non-conformist, Jewish sect.  Christianity did not significantly spread until hundreds of years after the assumed life of Jesus.  This type of theistic scholarship is interesting because it occasionally manifests interesting and diverse opinions, but invariably outside of secular knowledge.  Using revelatory scripture as ‘history’ is a category error, as what one sees in one’s mind is not necessarily a far reflection of what is happening in the concrete world, particularly if religion is used a an ‘escape’ from everyday life.  As there is no evidence that Jesus existed, any discussion as to whether he survived the cross are superfluous.  Jesus may or may not have survived the cross, just as he may or may not have existed.  Of course, if he did not exist, then it was the people that created his myth who were influenced by Buddhist teachings in the formulative stage.  The problem with theistic religion is that it grants its adherents a one-sided ‘specialness’ that is not present in nature.  The Buddha rejected this one-sidedness, whilst it constituted the entire point of Jesus’s alleged existence.

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