Russia: The Influence of the Modern Russian Orthodox Church! (9.5.2023)

Russian Children ‘Play’ in the Snow!

After the 1917 Socialist Revolution in Russia and the surrounding countries – the corrupt Czarist regime was overthrown! The ideal of an absolute monarch was finally abolished by VI Lenin – as was the entire edifice of the ‘feudal’ system of law this regime enforced! As with all these regimes – the dominant Church controlled society through a highly ‘politicised’ theology! Indeed, the dominant Church Authority even decided on ‘who’ and ‘when’ a suitable individual would be propelled into the role of ‘Czar’ – so that he could serve the Church in everything it did! When the ‘crown’ is placed on the head – ‘God’ is said to enter the top of the skull through the centre of the ‘cross’ that serves as the structure of the crown itself! Only the Church leader could guarantee that ‘God’ entered the Czar this way – and if need be ‘arrange’ for ‘God’ to ‘leave’ the Czar should his thinking or actions not meet with the approval of the Church leaders! This is how the Russian Orthodox Church retained a direct control of the Office of the Czar rand the policies (and ‘laws’) that were applied throughout the country!

How did the Soviet Legal System approach the matter of ‘religion’ in this ‘new’ Workers’ State? Chapter 7 of the Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Novosti Press Agency, Moscow, 1985 – Page 34) – entitled ‘ The Basic Rights, Freedoms and Duties of Citizens of the USSR’ – states in Article 52:

‘Citizens of the USSR are guaranteed freedom of conscience, that is, the right to profess or not any religion, and to conduct religious worship or atheistic propaganda. Incitement of hostility or hatred on religious grounds is prohibited. In the USSR, the church is separated from the state, and the school from the church.’

In other words, religion became a matter of ‘private’ concern (as it was moved out of the political arena and could no longer ‘interfere’ with everyday life) with the Church now reverting to its original (non-political) and ‘spiritual’ function of assisting individuals (and communities) realising inner peace and outer meaning to their lives! Of course, many in the Church hierarchy resented this sudden change which completely deprived the Church of all political influence and the massive income it used to secure through this engaging with the secular world. Although the Church was allowed to continue in its ‘spiritual’ function – myths arose falsely stating that becaus e the Church could no longer interfere in the political sphere – the Soviet State must have ‘destroyed’ it! The extensive work of the former Catholic monk – Joseph McCabe – exposes the lies that constructed this nonsense.

Following the collapse of the USSR during 1991, the Russian Orthodox Church suddenly found itself reinstated as a ‘political’ tool for the ruling Bourgeoisie to control the Russian population through the encouragement of widespread superstition and ludicrous religiosity! Land confiscated from a pre-1917 Church was taken from the workers that occupied it and given back to a post-1991 Church for no other reason than a pointless exercise in ’empowerment’ (the Church could charge extortionate rents to the workers now ‘living’ on the Church’s land). In return for this influence, the ROC had to ensure that the populace was kept in line with the secular government’s aims and objectives. Today, Russian children no longer attend Young Communist League Camps to learn Marxist-Leninist ideology and history – but are instead shipped off to remote ROC indoctination camps where they are trained in ‘warfare’ between Bible classes! Such is the madness of modern Russia and the capitalism it now pursues!

This video features the ‘Great Eradication Squad of Dmitriya Donskogo’ (Великовражская дружина Дмитрия Донского) – a ROC-controlled Religious Education Camp operating in the Kstovsky District of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast – situated in Central Russia. Young students attend Kstovsky District- whilst throughout the day the religious teacher ‘arms’ the students and whilst they are taught to collectively ‘shout’ pro-government slogans – they are ‘ordered’ to run and crawl like soldiers with machine guns – performing various other combat related exercises. In the Camp’s posts on VKontakte – it is noted that such classes are held as part of the upbringing of ‘Patriots of the Native Fatherland!’ ‘Those who Graduate take part in ‘Special Military Operations’ – and are taught exactly what the ‘Truth’ is they are fighting for in this battle!’ The ROC states that theological study is ‘merged’ with current secular government ideology – so that ‘warfare’ is both ‘justified’ and ‘encouraged’. This is how the ROC now dominates a modern Russia. I wonder what a Palestinian Christ would think about his passivity being perverted in this manner? Surely, this modern ROC activity violates the Soviet Law which states ‘Incitement of hostility or hatred on religious grounds is prohibited‘!

Russian Language Article:

В православном клубе «Великовражская дружина Дмитрия Донского» в Кстовском районе военному делу обучают детей

Воспитанники клуба бегают и ползают по-пластунски с автоматами, а также выполняют различные упражнения.

В постах группы во ВКонтакте отмечается, что такие занятия проходят в рамках воспитания «патриотов родного Отечества».

«И те выпускники Дружины, которые принимают участие в специальной военной операции, точно знают, за какую Правду они сражаются в этом бою».

Ну, действительно, а чем детям ещё заниматься? Не в интернете же сидеть, и уж тем более не книжки же им читать