Tigray: Assessing Trump’s (Proxy) ‘Race War’ in Ethiopia! (16.5.2023)

Translator’s Note: Wikipedia is ‘free’ for a reason. The US government realised quite early on that it needed an information platform it could control that was provided ‘free’ to the general public, which was easy to use and performs its task of providing the ‘preferred’ US interpretation of material reality, even when that ‘interpretation’ runs counter to known facts and contradicts personal and/or experience and collective consensus. The mythos that ‘Wikipedia’ (it should be spelt ‘Wikipaedia’) operates behind is that it represents a ‘spontaneous’ outpouring of a ‘popular’ quest for knowledge – and avoids the trap of ‘advertisement’ by being self-policed using ‘free’ labour! Well, the irony is that the US has manipulated the UN (and NATO) in the past (from the 1950s onwards) to blanketed-bomb that have stated that they wish to exercise their ‘self-determination’ in a very similar manner – usually termed ‘Socialist’ by the US – and vigorously resisted by every US President – with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter! When the people of Yugoslavia stated they wanted to continue to live peacefully under their ‘Socialist’ System – the US led NATO in a 78-day blanket-bombing offensive in 1999 – until the correct message was received. This forceful manipulation of world politics is EXACTLY why ‘Wikipedia’ exists! With prominent world events (such as the recent conflict in Ethiopia and the ongoing battles in Neo-Nazi Ukraine) the task-monkeys that lie behind the Wikipedia-disinformation process have been hard at work!

Of course, the US disinformation service takes an ‘integrative’ approach nowadays – with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all carefully co-ordinating their ‘misinformation’ function. Collectively ‘getting the message right’ is similar to ‘Suspects’ in a criminal case all ‘agreeing’ on the defence they are using – and assisting this processing by ‘co-ordinating’ their interpretation of events. Well seasoned Police Officers, however, are always on the alert for overarching stories that matchup in a suspiciously convenient manner – as such interactive narratives are a reliable indicator of ‘contrivance’! In the case of Africa, President Donald Trump – who is known to be an obsessive ‘China Watcher’ – started a ‘conflict’ in the ‘Tigray’ area of Northern Ethiopia (a country situated in the Eastern [Somali Peninsula] area of the Continent of Africa). The tribesmen (and armed peasants) of Ethiopia (also historically known as ‘Abyssinia’) inflicted a humiliating military defeat on ‘modern’ Italian military forces at the Battle of Adwa during 1896 – a victory which prevented a widespread European invasion and ‘carve-up’ of the region! Around 100,000 Ethiopian troops defeated an estimated 25,000 invading Italians (backed by the Catholic Church)! Even during the 1930s when Mussolini achieved a greater military success in Ethiopia – the tribal warriors gave a good account of themselves and resisted the enforced spread of the Catholic Church into their country! The religious component of these military aggressions is often ‘ignored’ by mainstream (Bourgeois) historians – but quite often these religious differences serve as the ‘lynchpins’ to the entire conflict! Just as the Vatican is supporting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine (and throughout Eastern Europe) – the Russian Orthodox Church is supporting and encouraging the Russian military incursion into Donbass. The Italian military (in whatever guise) was attempting to spread Roman Catholicism into Ethiopia – to replace the dominate (Black) Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church – which is far older than its Vatican (White) equivalent!

Western-Armed UFEFCF Insurgent – Committing Atrocities in the Name of US Neo-Imperialism in Africa!

Wikipedia, as a ‘White’ organ of US disinformation, misrepresents ALL ‘Black’ history – and this includes the past achievements of the great Ethiopian people – who once achieved a Workers’ State between 1975-1991 – with the CIA interfering and carrying out campaigns of ‘mass murder’ – all presented to the public as a ‘Red Terror’ (when the only victims were supporters of left-wing Black Nationalism)! For instance, in the screenshot given at the top of this article, Wikipedia falsely states that the left-leaning Ethiopian government is supported by the UAE, Turkey, Iran and China! The terrorist (‘White’ friendly) US-invented ‘United Front of Ethiopian Federalist and Confederal Forces’ (UFEFCF) is simultaneously presented as being supported by ‘NO ONE’ (the Trump Administration refers to this fabrication by the pseudo-Socialist name of the ‘Tigray People’s Liberation Front’ [TPLF] – in an attempt to give the false impression that this US-sponsored insurgency is a ‘Popular’ Pro-American uprising)! This is an absurdity. The ‘UFEFCF‘ was created by the Trump Administration as it was coming to an end – being sustained in weaponry and funded by the US, UK and EU! Like Neo-Nazi Ukraine, this fake (insurgent) cause was given endless financial support, but was armed with the old Soviet military supplies captured by the West during its wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yugoslavia, etc! Whilst the internet was ‘switched off’ in the Tigray area (to stop the US-terrorists from communicating and co-ordinating their attacks between 2020-2022) – CIA Operatives (in theatre) still managed to get their photographs and videos of the conflict out into the world through the above Telegram Channel! This propaganda was was then ‘broadcast’ to a wider (predominantly ‘White’) audience through the ‘Puppet’ Zara Media platform based in the US! With Trump’s defeat – the Biden Administration pulled the plug on this US excursion – but continued to punish Ethiopia through the usual American response of unjust (and ‘illegal’) economic sanctions! We must be aware of how the US uses ‘LYING’ as a political tool of manipulation – and how this is exactly what Adolf Hitler advised in his ‘Mein Kampf’ book (written during the early 1920s)! What follows below is a translated Chinese language article explaining the reality of the ‘Tigray’ situation! ACW (16.5.2023)

Why Are Ethiopian Peace Talks So Difficult? (2022)

2022 is drawing to a close. This year, the world has experienced changes unseen in a century. The changes of the times and the epidemic of the century have superimposed each other. The game of great powers, economic recovery, climate change, and global governance are all facing severe challenges. This change is not limited to one moment, one event, one country and one domain. The African continent has also experienced multiple tests such as extreme weather, wars and conflicts, food scarcity, and humanitarian crises due to the influence of the times. The China Central Radio and Television’s – Africa Headquarters – Year-End Special article entitled “Never Say” (2022) will define and discuss the main events that the African continent experienced in 2022 – and will introduce the idea that whilst in the face of changing times – China – as a responsible major country, has demonstrated its responsibility to Africa, and has initiated practical actions, developed conceptual initiatives (such as building a community with a shared future for humanity – a groundbreaking process that requires a “new” type of international relations), as well as developed (in cooperation with African countries) a new and invigorated impetus into the building of a sustainable peace that “rejuvenates” the African continent!

On the evening of November 2nd, 2022, news of the Ethiopian Peace Agreement quickly spread around the world. Under the leadership of the African Union (AU), negotiators from the Ethiopian government and the “Tigray People’s Liberation Front” (TPLF) signed an Agreement in Pretoria, South Africa, to “Permanently cease hostilities in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia”. In the webcast of the Peace Talks Conference – a large number of Ethiopian netizens “cheered” online – as the Peace Agreement became the most discussed topic on the streets of Ethiopia in the next few days. From November 4th, 2020 to November 2nd, 2022 – this terrible conflict lasted for nearly two years – whilst the Peace Agreement between the two-sides finally ushered in a new “calm” dawn!

On December 1st, 2022, during his official visit to Ethiopia, UN Secretary-General Guterres emphasized that the conclusion of the Ethiopian peace agreement is of great significance!

“This is a Very Serious conflict!”

Perhaps it is because of the serious blockade of genuine (local) information – or because it is located in Africa and has received insufficient media attention – that few outside the region understand the reality of this conflict. As UN Secretary-General Guterres said, “People sometimes forget that this is an extremely serious conflict.” Relying on occasionally disclosed information and incomplete statistics, researchers from Ghent University in Belgium stated on October 21st, 2022 that since the outbreak of the conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia, the total number of deaths caused by war, famine and lack of medical care is expected to be somewhere between 385,000 to 600,000 men, women and children. In addition, millions of people have been displaced. Whether it is the Government Army or the TPLF – there have been waves of forced Conscriptions of anyone in the area (often at gun-point) – a process that has even included women and children appearing in the US-backed TPLF Forces! In the past two years, the Chinese Reporters in Ethiopia have seen more and more local people wandering around on the streets of the capital of Ethiopia – all often concerned family members attempting to seek-out their Conscripted relatives; the aisles of the military hospital are full of beds, and those who have lost their limbs and are covered with bandages are lying (or sitting) all over the place – waiting for medical care that NEVER arrives!

A 10-year boy – a former ‘”child-soldier” – rests on a makeshift bed (after picking up an exploding hand grenade) in a hospital in Mekele – capital of Ethiopia’s Tigray state. (Source: UNICEF)

From a national perspective, this conflict has seriously hindered the once high-speed development of the Ethiopian economy. Afar State and Amhara State, north of the capital, have been affected by the flames of war, and a large number of factories have been shut down. The buildings are now empty; the entire Tigray State, which was subject to a strict economic blockade had no water, no electricity, no telephone and no Internet services – with the banks being closed. Hospitals lack basic medicines, and survival is difficult to ensure, let alone any notion of “development”! The Ethiopian Federal Government has invested a lot of money in Conflict Response – making the already weak international financial risk resistance more fragile, as National Debt continues to increase – with credit channels gradually increasing. The economy is wreaked and exhausted whilst domestic prices soar and the inflation rate has now reached a peak of 37.70% in 2022 – making the people’s livelihood very difficult.

Inflation rate statistics table after the outbreak of the conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia (December 2020 to November 2022)

The Interference of External Forces has made the “Tigray Conflict” Unresolved for a Long Time!

The Ethiopian government and the African Union have always adhered to the principle of “Africans solve African affairs”, hoping to resolve the “Tigray Conflict” without external interference, but the reality is very different. The continuous interference of external forces has caused the African Union to mediate Peace Talks between the Conflicting Parties a year and a half ago – but this has made little progress. It was not until October this year (2022) that the Ethiopian National Defense Forces continued to gain the upper hand in the conflict – and the support of the United States (and its UK and EU allies) for the TPLF began to weaken – creating a window for Peace Talks to begin.

In the Peace Agreement (signed on November 2nd, 2022), one point was specifically mentioned: “The media must report truthfully and peacefully.” This is not a dispensable, supplementary clause. After the “Tigray Conflict” broke out, civilians were killed in many war-torn areas, and the Tigray, Amhara, and Afar people all suffered from it. However, this intricate conflict (triggered by a power struggle) has been falsely described as a “genocide” (instigated by the Ethiopian government against the Tigray people) – by the US-controlled media! This is false reporting of a highly “racist” nature – as the only “genocide” in Africa over the centuries has been inflicted by the “White” (European) people who are now encouraging more conflict between “Black” people! Some Ethiopians have raised the question: “Why in the eyes of this “fake” western media is it that only the US-supported “Tigray” people are portrayed as suffering death – whilst the same reports omit all mention of the Amhara and Afar peoples who have also been harmed? We are all Ethiopian compatriots – why are these “White” foreigners attempting to drive a wedge of ethnic hatred between us?” A large number of fake, one-sided and even false reports did not help to quell the conflict – but like with the case of Neo-Nazi Ukraine – have been designed to intensify the conflict between distinct ethnic groups in Ethiopia. All these “African” groups have been the historical victims of “White” racism over the last five-hundred years!

Dozens of graves of civilians were buried on church land in the town of Mycadra. On November 9th, 2020, about 600 civilians were killed in the town of Mykadra, Tigray State, Ethiopia. Most of the dead were Amharic people who were engaged in seasonal employment in the town. This wa s the first killing of civilians since the Tigray Conflict broke out.

The cover story put out by the US is that the Western media was “fooled” to make these false and misleading reports – and yet the US government’s support for the “TPLF” is blatantly obvious. Sources close to the Ethiopian government have revealed that the US has supported the TPLF from the very beginning by providing satellite imagery, telephone communication and even Humanitarian Aid (only for the Tigray Pro-US Forces). If this is a justification for a deliberate “misinforming” – then it is the unilateral rhetoric of an “opposing” party not worthy of acceptance. The behaviour of the US can be assessed at several key points in time:

1) On November 28th, 2020, the Ethiopian government announced its control of Mekele – the capital of Tigray. The then US Secretary of State – Pompeo – telephoned the Ethiopian Prime Minister and called for a complete “Cessation” of all fighting (just as the government was prevailing) and a “Resolution” of the crisis through dialogue.

2) On May 24th, 2021, US Secretary of State – Anthony Blinken – announced the imposition of Visa Restrictions on some Ethiopian (and Eritrean) Officials and soldiers. The restrictions apply to those who have “Committed illegal acts of violence or other abuses of power” in the Tigray State. A month later, the Ethiopian government issued a unilateral Cease-Fire Statement – to last until the end of the farming season. On the same day, the “TPLF” announced that it had regained control of the capital, (Mekele) – and launched a massive counterattack!

3) On November 2nd, 2021, the “TPLF” approached a town more than 300 kilometres away from Addis Ababa – the capital of Ethiopia – and the Ethiopian government declared a State of Emergency again. On December 8th, 2021, Getaqiu, the spokesperson of the “TPLF”, said in a live media broadcast that the US, UK and EU had advised him (during an “informal” communication) – “If you enter Addis Ababa, do not act alone – it is better to gather together.” In this way – the “TPLF” gathered its forces!

4) On November 2nd, 2021, the same day that the Ethiopian government declared a State of Emergency – US President Joe Biden notified Congress that he decided to cancel Ethiopia’s African Growth and Opportunity Act privileges from January 1st, 2022. He further explained that he was pursuing this punitive action “as in Ethiopia, there had been gross violations of internationally recognized Human Rights”. This means that the livelihood of 200,000 low-income families in Ethiopia will be negatively effected – with one million people closely related to the industrial chain also effected by the cancellation of this bill. This decision of the US directly triggered the “No More” protest movement among Ethiopians and Africans around the world!

On November 21st, 2021, a large number of citizens of the Ethiopian capital gathered outside the British Embassy in Addis Ababa. On the same day, Ethiopian diaspora held rallies with the theme of “No More” in New York, Washington, London, Toronto, Jerusalem and other cities to oppose foreign forces interfering in Ethiopia’s internal affairs.

In March 2022, the Ethiopian National Defense Forces successfully blocked the “TPLF” Forces from returning to Tigray State. Under tremendous international pressure, the Ethiopian government only dared to send troops to the State border and unilaterally declared a Humanitarian Truce. After a few months of silence, on August 22nd this year, the “TPLF” suddenly published an article in the French political magazine “Africa Report”, condemning the AU’s claim that “Peace negotiations are expected to achieve diplomatic breakthroughs” and called on the West to intervene with military force. According to investigations, on August 2nd, US special envoy to the Horn of Africa – Mike Hammer – US chargé d’affaires in Ethiopia – Tracy Jacobson – EU special envoy – Annette Weber – and other Western diplomats visited Mekele and met with “The person in charge of the TPLF”. Not surprisingly, on August 24th, 2022, the TPLF launched another attack to reignite the flames of war.

The war provoked by the “TPLF”, however, did not repeat the situation of a year ago. Under the joint attack of the Ethiopian National Défense Forces and local Volunteer Militias – the “TPLF” was forced to steadily retreat. The protracted military campaign (with NO support from ordinary Ethiopians) was a huge burden for the “TPLF” – and as the international situation was changing, (with the Russia-Ukraine conflict that broke out at the beginning of the year) the interests of the US (and the West) was directed elsewhere – with the “TPLF” abandoned and left to its own devices. It is under such circumstances that the opportunity for Peace Talks in Ethiopia finally emerged.

The “Expected” American Observers at the Peace Talks Mediation Table!

For a long time, the Ethiopian government has only two requirements for Peace Negotiations: one is that the African Union must be in charge, and the other is that the Peace Talks must be without any preconditions. The “TPLF” kept calling on the West to intervene, sometimes questioning the ability of “Africans to solve African affairs,” and sometimes saying that security cannot be guaranteed without “White” interference. The “TPLF” Delegations to South Africa – participating in the Peace Talks – were all transported by US military aeroplanes! Therefore, it is not surprising to see that the US representative is a Non-Voting Observer in the mediation lineup during the Ethiopian Peace Talks. If it is a victory for the Ethiopian government that the “TPLF” agreed to complete Disarmament in the Peace Agreement – before agreeing that the US representative should be a Non-Voting Observer shows – this was the Ethiopian government’s concession.

Whether such concessions will do more good than harm to the implementation of the Peace Agreement – and whether the “TPLF” acting with their “Western” partners can impartially promote and keep the “Peace” is a genuine concern.

Take the US government’s cancellation of Ethiopia’s African Growth and Opportunity Act privileges as an example. For the Ethiopian government, when the Rebel Forces were advancing on the capital, the US announcement of this decision was tantamount to adding insult to injury. The African Growth and Opportunity Act has benefited the local textile industry in Ethiopia the most. The United States claims that the purpose of this sanction is to urge the Ethiopian government to unblock Humanitarian Aid in the Northern Theatre. This US action will negatively effect the livelihoods of tens of thousands of women workers who have nothing to do with the conflict!

On October 1st, 2019, a large number of female workers are working in a garment factory in the Hawasa Industrial Park in southern Ethiopia. (Source: AFP)

Chinese Language Article:

















  还是2021年11月2日,埃塞政府宣布全国进入紧急状态的同一天,美国总统拜登通知国会,决定自2022年1月1日起取消埃塞俄比亚《非洲增长和机会法案》特权,原因是“在埃塞俄比亚,严重侵犯国际公认的人权”。这意味着埃塞20万低收入家庭生计将更加艰难,与该法案相关产业链存在密切联系的100万人将受到直接影响。美国的这一决定,直接引发了全球埃塞俄比亚人以及非洲人民展开“No More”抗议运动。

△2021年11月21日,大量埃塞俄比亚首都市民聚集在英国驻亚的斯亚贝巴使馆外。同一日,埃塞俄比亚侨民在纽约、华盛顿、伦敦、多伦多、耶路撒冷等多个城市举行以“No more”为主题的集会,反对外国势力干涉埃塞俄比亚内政。









  2023年的埃塞俄比亚将面临战后重建、经济恢复的重担,提格雷州内武装力量的解除、士兵复员回归社会,州治理权如何妥善让渡,都不是一朝一夕就能完成的。回顾埃塞俄比亚过去战火纷飞的两年,冲突之所以爆发并持续,外部势力的干涉难辞其咎。正如中国一直坚持的,独立自主、和平发展,不仅是埃塞俄比亚,非洲国家要发展、要枪声静默、要实现“2063年愿景”,就应当坚持独立、和平解决内部问题,寻找真正的朋友,避免成为大国势力博弈的棋子。(总台记者 吴婷)