International Day of the Midwife! (5.5.2022)

Falling into mutually opposing camps of aggression is exactly what the Bourgeoisie wants and craves (and is the essence of Bourgeoise feminism)! No. We must work together to overthrow the ignorance of capitalism and the religious stupidity that led to Midwives being burnt at the stake during Medieval times because the feudal Church could not tolerate the idea of empowered women helping one another during the child-birth process!

Kharkov People’s Republic (Existed 7.4.2014-8.4.2014)

Kharkov People’s Republic is the name of the State Founded by the pro-Russian protesters who seized the Kharkov Regional State Administration on April 7, 2014 – in response to the ‘illegal’ seizure of State power by the US, UK and EU-backed ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Junta in Kyiv! On the same day, the President of ‘Neo-Nazi’ Ukraine – Oleksandr Turchynov – following Western dictates, announced the introduction of an anti-terrorist operation in the region. The next day, Units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (SBU) of Ukraine attacked the building of the Regional State Administration and brutally supressed the anti-fascist uprising! Those who survived this Neo-Nazi attack were indefinitely detained on the grounds that they a) ‘illegally’ possessed arms, and b) had formed an ‘armed group’ for ‘terroristic’ purposes! The so-called ‘Human Rights’ groups of the West (such as ‘Amnesty International’) said and did nothing!

Mariupol: Eternal Flame Re-Lit for First Time in 7-Years!

These Monuments – which are designed to educate each new generation about the Nazi German invasion and the Holocaust – are being destroyed all over Eastern Europe by Neo-Nazi regimes that view Nazi Germany as their ‘Liberators’! This is like living in a world of mental ilnness, a world in which Hitler won and the death of 41 million Soviet men, women and children is of no consequence! This horror is what the Maidan Neo-Nazi regime represents! Do not take them as refugees – but lock them up as criminals!

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