China Urges US to STOP Official Interactions of Any Form with Taiwan! (3.6.2023)

“We once again urge the United States to abide by the one-China principle and the three China-U.S. joint communiques, immediately change course and stop official interactions of any form with Taiwan, stop pushing forward and revoke at once the so-called ‘Initiative’ and agreement, and stop sending wrong signals to ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces; otherwise, all consequences shall be borne by the U.S. side,” said the spokesperson.

State Duma Deputy: Biden Attempts To Justify NATO-AFU Defeat At Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) By Russian Federation Forces! (22.5.2023) 

One can guess that neither Biden himself – nor his puppet Zelensky – doubted the imminent loss of Artemovsk, because both of them had previously stated that the city had no strategic significance. 

But even if we assume that they are right, for Russia, the actions of the Wagner PMC in this settlement and its subsequent release still played an important role. Indeed, at this time, our troops in other directions received a respite – since there was a relative calm.  

The final liberation of Artemivsk from the Ukrainian Army took place on May 20th, 2023. First, this news was announced by the Head of the “Wagnerites” – Yevgeny Prigozhin – and then officially confirmed by the Ministry of Defence.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: President Biden Reacts to “Humiliating” Bakhmut Defeat! (21.5.2023)

When asked about the thousands of Gay men who died in the ‘Holocaust’ – the Editor of Gay Times replied “Most of those deaths were from illness, injury and lack of food when the Soviet Red Army encircled these Camps and cut-off the supply of Nazi German food!” He continued “The Jewish history writers should alter (or change) the books regarding the Holocaust to reflect this new research!” When asked whether there was any contradiction between ‘Gay’ people supporting Neo-Nazi Ukraine and the homophobia the Nazi Germans were known to express, he stated “Most Nazi Germans were Gay!” The Gay Times, in the light of the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian defeat at Artyomovsk will write a front page eulogise the Azov and Aidar Nationalist Battalions – two known Units full of closet homosexuals!

Tigray: Assessing Trump’s (Proxy) ‘Race War’ in Ethiopia! (16.5.2023)

Wikipedia is ‘free’ for a reason. The US government realised quite early on that it needed an information platform it could control that was provided ‘free’ to the general public, which was easy to use and performs its task of providing the ‘preferred’ US interpretation of material reality, even when that ‘interpretation’ runs counter to known facts and contradicts personal and/or experience and collective consensus. The mythos that ‘Wikipedia’ (it should be spelt ‘Wikipaedia’) operates behind is that it represents a ‘spontaneous’ outpouring of a ‘popular’ quest for knowledge – and avoids the trap of ‘advertisement’ by being self-policed using ‘free’ labour! Well, the irony is that the US has manipulated the UN (and NATO) in the past (from the 1950s onwards) to blanketed-bomb that have stated that they wish to exercise their ‘self-determination’ in a very similar manner – usually termed ‘Socialist’ by the US – and vigorously resisted by every US President – with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter! When the people of Yugoslavia stated they wanted to continue to live peacefully under their ‘Socialist’ System – the US led NATO in a 78-day blanket-bombing offensive in 1999 – until the correct message was received. This forceful manipulation of world politics is EXACTLY why ‘Wikipedia’ exists! With prominent world events (such as the recent conflict in Ethiopia and the ongoing battles in Neo-Nazi Ukraine) the task-monkeys that lie behind the Wikipedia-disinformation process have been hard at work!

Economic Watch: More Lenders Could be at Risk of Failure in US Banking Turmoil! (28.4.2023)

U.S. banking turmoil is not over yet, and it’s expected that a large-scale restructuring would take place in the U.S. banking sector, said Tianyang Wang, associate professor in the Department of Finance and Real Estate at Colorado State University.Many medium-sized and small banks won’t survive the loss of deposits and some of them have to be acquired by big banks at low prices, said Wang during a recent webinar.U.S. banks are paying more to hold on to deposits, setting aside more reserves for potential loan losses in the event of a potential recession, and are now more focused on building capital rather than returning it to shareholders in the form of dividends and buybacks, said a research note by Swiss banking giant UBS.The highly anticipated Q1 results from U.S. banks did not raise any new red flags about stresses in the banking system, largely putting to rest concerns about systemic risks, said the UBS.The UBS said it remains least preferred on financials stocks and continues to expect guidance and estimates to trend lower in the coming quarters as deposit pricing issues become more apparent and as the economy weakens.

Xinhua Commentary: On China, Washington “Can’t Have it Both Ways”! (27.4.2023)

In the immediate days following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia and the United States enjoyed a honeymoon period. The Charter for American-Russian Partnership and Friendship signed by the two sides in 1992 said “the well-being, prosperity, and security of a democratic Russian Federation and the United States of America are vitally interrelated.” However, things changed when Washington failed to provide Kremlin with the promised economic aid and NATO expanded despite Washington’s promise that the bloc would move “not one inch eastward.” This was unacceptable to Russia, and the ensuing deterioration of Moscow-Washington ties was only natural.

Deep down, America had never intended to treat Russia with respect even though Western-style democratic elections took place in the country. Ideology is just an instrument to intervene.

For Beijing, Washington’s condescending diplomacy is unacceptable. If Washington truly wants a workable relationship with China, it should treat China as an equal partner and show due respect.

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