Iraq: US Puppet Government Gets to the Bottom of Suspicious ‘Mall’ Fire! (20.5.2023)

A substantial fire broke out in a (US-style) shopping mall (designed for us by rich Iraqis and their US friends) in the western Hamzah District in the (exclusive) Babil Governorate. A government spokesperson has confirmed that the fire broke out because of ‘envy’ – that is the ‘poor’ started this fire because they ‘resent’ those who now have money!

Iraq: News from the US Puppet Government – Islamic Deviation! (20.5.2023)

The Intelligence Agency has arrested a number of followers belonging to the deviant “al-Qurban” movement, in the district of Souq al-Shuyukh (Dhi Qar Governorate). The “Qurban” group is a movement of people who worship Imam Ali (PBUH) – whilst chanting the (corrupted) phrase “Ali Allah, Allah Ali”! But it is far worse then this – from time to time these people also draw lots from amongst themselves (those designated the ‘faithful’) and whoever’s name is chosen – that person must “commit suicide” as an offering to Imam Ali (PBUH)! This blasphemy will not be tolerated!

Tigray: Assessing Trump’s (Proxy) ‘Race War’ in Ethiopia! (16.5.2023)

Wikipedia is ‘free’ for a reason. The US government realised quite early on that it needed an information platform it could control that was provided ‘free’ to the general public, which was easy to use and performs its task of providing the ‘preferred’ US interpretation of material reality, even when that ‘interpretation’ runs counter to known facts and contradicts personal and/or experience and collective consensus. The mythos that ‘Wikipedia’ (it should be spelt ‘Wikipaedia’) operates behind is that it represents a ‘spontaneous’ outpouring of a ‘popular’ quest for knowledge – and avoids the trap of ‘advertisement’ by being self-policed using ‘free’ labour! Well, the irony is that the US has manipulated the UN (and NATO) in the past (from the 1950s onwards) to blanketed-bomb that have stated that they wish to exercise their ‘self-determination’ in a very similar manner – usually termed ‘Socialist’ by the US – and vigorously resisted by every US President – with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter! When the people of Yugoslavia stated they wanted to continue to live peacefully under their ‘Socialist’ System – the US led NATO in a 78-day blanket-bombing offensive in 1999 – until the correct message was received. This forceful manipulation of world politics is EXACTLY why ‘Wikipedia’ exists! With prominent world events (such as the recent conflict in Ethiopia and the ongoing battles in Neo-Nazi Ukraine) the task-monkeys that lie behind the Wikipedia-disinformation process have been hard at work!

China: Exposing the US and UK Terrorists Through the ‘Hong Kong’ Chronicles [香港編年史]! (5.5.2023)

The US and UK are colluding with Pro-Separatist elements of Taiwan (a rogue region of the People’s Republic of China) – to generate ‘division’ between the 56 ethnic groups that constitute the Mainland ‘Chinese’ nation. This includes ‘White’ and ‘Black’ people born in China – who are ‘Chinese Citizens’ by right of birth. Modern China is a multi-Ethnic and multi-National State – within which all forms of Han chauvinism has been outlawed since 1949 – and subsequently ‘educated’ out of the ‘Socialist’ population! Of course, in the Taiwan region, US influence ensures that Han chauvinism is retained and that Chinese people born into the (Bourgeois) capitalist system on that island are enthused with racist and religionist attitudes that are Eurocentric in nature (maintained by the incessant US Missionaries) and completely incompatible with life in a progressive, developed and affluent China!

Panama: US Neo-Imperialism and the 1989 Invasion! (3.5.2023)

The US invasion of Panama, while ostensibly to protect US citizens, restore democracy – and fight drugs – was in fact to preserve US interests and influence in the Panama Canal Zone and eliminate a disobedient Puppet Regime. This action exposed the hegemony and double standards practiced by the United States, violated international law and humanitarian principles, caused huge casualties and property losses to Panama and aroused strong condemnation from countries in Latin America and the world. 

This action also provides us with some enlightenment: First, we should not believe in the slogan of justice and democracy as pursued by the United States – and we must be alert to the interests and purposes hidden behind it. The second is not to rely on the United States (or any other big country) as we must uphold our own sovereignty and dignity; the third is to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with other developing countries to jointly safeguard multilateralism, fairness and justice.

Japan Needs Correct Understanding of China: Chinese Ambassador! (30.4.2023)

Regarding the discharge plan of Fukushima nuclear wastewater into the sea, Wu said that the disposal of nuclear-contaminated water has a direct bearing on the global marine environment and human health and safety, and no one can make a conclusion as to how long the impact will last and how much harm it will bring.

China’s position on the issue is clear, that is, it firmly opposes Japan’s discharge plan of nuclear-contaminated water, he said, noting that the Japanese side should take the strong opposition at home and abroad seriously, honestly fulfill its international obligations and deal with the nuclear-contaminated water in the safest and most prudent way.

When asked about the Group of Seven (G7)’s recent accusations against China, Wu said the G7 has become a political tool of some countries to wantonly interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and suppress the development and progress of other countries.

The G7 does not represent the international community and their consensus is not a global consensus, the ambassador stressed.

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