Trotskyism: Counter-Revolution In Disguise – Chapter IX ‘The Chinese Revolution’ – By MJ Olgin! (5.6.2023)

A Trotskyite society is a ‘White’ dominant (racist) hierarchy which uses liberal democracy as a ‘front’ to hide its preference for ‘Fascism’. White Trotskyites aim to recruit non-White members by using deception and dishonesty – whilst subordinating these people to ‘White’ rule! Non-White Trotskyites must internalise ALL the racist viewpoints promulgated within the Trotskyite movement by the dominant ‘Whites’ – and ‘pretend’ that these demeaning neo-imperialist and neo-colonial attitudes are in their best interests! All Trotskyites are anti-Chinese and they justify this racism through the opinions and attitudes of its founder – the ‘Zionist’ Leon Trotsky! When confronted with this most deceptive form of Trotskyite fascism – we simply close our ranks – steady our formations and hold the Red Flag higher! Joseph Stalin understood exactly what Trotsky was doing and took direct actions against him, his followers, the Zionists and the capitalists that backed him!

Homoerotic Perversion and the Waffen SS – A Living Tradition! (4.6.2023) 

These individuals believe that they are participating in the psychological and physical freedom that Adolf Hitler promised through his Mein Kampf ideology! As many Western countries possess very strict anti-terrorist laws – these ‘Waffen SS’ groups are unable to progress beyond ‘meeting-up’ online through whatever social media platform will allow them to share their hideous content! The ‘Waffen SS’ groups routinely share content involving torture, maiming, rape, murder, terrorism, animal cruelty, accidents, disasters, extreme pornography, violence toward women and girls, male rape, bestiality and paedophilia! This ideology strikes me as being a ‘living tradition’ that stems entirely from the mind of Adolf Hitler and the traditions of the SS Units he created to apply his attitudes, concepts and opinions! It has survived from one generation to the next and has received a tremendous boost through the internet! The left did NOT create Hitlerism – but the left did fight Hitler – and eventually prevailed albeit at a terrible price!  

Romania: Neo-Nazi Robert Rundo Handcuffed After Gay Sex Outrage! (2.6.2023)

Whilst on a “Gay Love” tour of Eastern Europe’s Neo Nazi clusters – Robert Rundo continued to post online through a (traceable) personal mobile telephone – taking photographs and making videos of well-known local beauty spots, tourist locations and easily recognisable fauna and flora, etc. As he was on the run following Trump’s electoral defeat, Rundo thought he was being ‘mysterious’ by moving between Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania – whilst always being monitored by the US Authorities. Whilst molesting young Romanian men in a local Gym – the US Authorities requested his arrest! Despite all his Hitlerite (racist) ideology and outspoken pseudo-fitness expression – the Romanian Police simply gained entry to the Gym in question and after making all the Neo-Nazis stop engaging in sexual activity and to put their clothes back on – beat these sexual degenerates to the floor and placed them under arrest! Robert Rundo started to cry – claiming that he “Didn’t mean it!” A photograph of his grief was taken and released onto his Telegram Channel!

Wales: Alex Davies – and the Cartoonish National Action! (1.6.2023)

This is Alex Davies – the then 27-year-old (born in 1995) originally from Swansea, (Wales) – who was charged with ‘Membership of an Outlawed Organisation’ in the UK – committing this offence between December 17th 2016 and September 27th 2017. Why would a young Welshman born in West Wales (during 1995) gravitate toward not just the political right-wing – but the political far-right! Although well-spoken – he never finished his University Degree – having been forced to leave the University of Warwick in 2014 (when 19-years old) following a national (British) newspaper revealing his name, address, history and picture into the public domain. National Action was ‘banned’ in the UK under the Terrorist Act (2000) on December 16th, 2016. The (proven) allegation was that Alex Davies (and others) continued to ‘conspire’ to ‘illegally’ meet behind-the-scenes!

Neo-Nazism: Exposing the Hitlerite Origins of White Lives Matter (WLM) Propaganda Imagery! (31.5.2023)

The fact that Veterans of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) routinely (and proudly) advertise the fact that they are fighting in the military Forces of Neo-Nazi Ukraine demonstrates that this internecine conflict can be overcome for the betterment of the race! After-all, if anyone doubts that Zionism is a form of “White Supremacy” – the 1975 UN ruling can be accessed together with the multitude of UN accusations of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity aimed at Zionist Israel! This will include the assassination of a UN envoy in 1948, the continuous and ongoing land-grabs depriving Palestinians of their homeland, the Israeli (Terrorist) Bomb Plots in Egypt in 1956, the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, the continuous Israeli murder of Palestinians and their supporters (such as Rachel Corrie), and Israel’s ongoing blanket-bombing of Syria! For Israel, especially the Europeans (who are NOT genetically “Semite”) – certainly their ‘White Lives Matter’ – far more than those of the non-White Palestinians!

China: US Delegation Confirms “No Strings Attached” During Visit to Puppet State! (31.5.2023)

In addition to the Toulou, the artists also watched local plays like Throw An Embroidered Ball, which is a way used by a woman to pick a husband in traditional Chinese culture.

“This kind of art form is very special, and I am very happy to communicate and cooperate with local artists face to face,” said Tom Teasley, an American world percussionist.

As a birthplace of Hokkien culture, Zhangzhou has a rich cultural heritage with distinctive local characteristics. The city has actively promoted Chinese culture to the world and displayed the new image of Zhangzhou as a modern coastal city in recent years.

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