Crooked Asana: When Far-Right “Yogis” Attack! (17.5.2023)

There’s nothing remotely “gay” about US Neo-Nazi – Scott Paul Beierle (1978-2018) – a very confused Yoga enthusiast and former member of the US Army (2008-2010)! Of course, the Bourgeois media has segregated the gay community into “good” and “bad” gays – and I suppose Scott Paul Beierle falls into the latter category. My gay friends assure me that this picture (above) contains all the hallmarks of a gay man communicating with other gay men (particularly the sleeves of the T-Shirt). I mention this because the far-right political ideology he adhered to – “Hitlerism” – is inherently homophobic! What did this gentleman do? What is he renowned for? Well, in 2018, this heavily armed 40-year old “incel” (‘Involuntary Celibate’) stormed a Florida Yoga Studio with malicious intent – deliberately targeting and killing two women (whilst wounding four and striking another) – before finally taking his own life! Since that terrible day, the mainstream media has revealed official Police sources which confirm a history of sexually assaulting (groping) women and a preference for racist, homophobic and misogynistic far-right political ideology! Scott Paul Beierle, shot six people (and pistol-whipped another) after walking into the Hot Yoga Studio (situated in the Tallahassee area of Florida) at around 5:30 pm on Friday November 2nd, 2018 – confirmed Tallahassee Police Chief – Michael DeLeo. Amongst his victims were Dr Nancy Van Vessem (61), and Florida State University student – Maura Binkley (21) – both whom were shot dead in the initial stages of the attack! As this was a far-right attack aimed specifically at “women” – Scott Paul Beierle has been described as a ‘Male Supremacist”. What type of Yoga did this “Hitlerist” practice and prefer? This journey of exploration takes us to yet another confirmed “criminal” – but one that has become a household name for the “Stars” of the Bourgeois film, music and sport industries, and which has been associated with 14th Dalai Lama and his criminal clique in the West!

With the far-right (fascist) BJP Hindu Nationalists currently in charge of the government of India – all kinds of cultural and ideological perversions are taking place both within and outside of India! I suspect that normal Indians are just trying to “sit this out” – whilst they wait for normalcy to return to the public face of India’s ancient physical and spiritual culture! Of course, the iconology of the world religion cannot be copyrighted (as it is generally acknowledged that such material belongs to the cause of freely bettering humanity) – but this is not the case with Bikram Choudhury (born 1944) – who has instructed his lawyers to “copyright” the postures (“Asana”) of Yoga which he uses on a daily basis during his exercise classes! This approach would be similar to “copyrighting” the Christian “Cross” or the Chinese “Yin-Yang” (Taiji) Symbol! Normally, this cannot be done, but Bikram Choudhury certainly thinks that he now “owns” the ancient (and “common”) Yoga postures he routinely teaches. Of course, behind the scenes, Bikram Choudhury does not practice “Yoga” – but hires a team of Nutritionists, Physicians, Dieticians and Keep-Fit Experts (from all over the world) who are tasked with keeping him “in shape”! Bikram Choudhury then falsely presents the resulting “physique” (again – “not gay”) to the unsuspecting general public as being the product of the “inactivity” routinely associated with Yoga-practice! Bikram Choudhury teaches that breathing “deeply” whilst “sitting still” are the keys to acquiring an all-round, medically acknowledged level of psychological and physical fitness! His endless “criminality” has seen him flee back to the BJP India (in 2016)! Similar to his student Scott Paul Beierle – Bikram Choudhury has been accused of running a cult for purposes of committing sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape whilst perpetuating the ideology of racism (against non-White and non-Indian people – a typical BJP attitude), homophobia, fraud and immigration violations!