May 9th 2023 – Long Live the USSR – Long Live Russia – Long Live the Eternal Victory Over Fascism! (9.5.2023)

Long Live VI Lenin – the Inspiration Behind the World Communist Movement and the Third International!

Wherever sanity still reigns – there will be thousands of people participating in marches containing Soviet Red Flags! Of course, the Bourgeoisie will attempt to usurp, divert, denigrate and misrepresent – but those tight-minded individuals who are able to ‘see through’ the intellectual fog surrounding this issue – will undoubtedly either take to streets, raise a Red Flag or overwise commemorate this important event in their own way! For many – the Unconditional Surrender of Nazi Germany to the USSR was the Victory of the Communist ideology over that of the hate filled ‘reactionary’ thinking as embodied in Hitler’s Mein Kampf – an anti-intellectual tract that certainly does not get better with age (or subsequent re-readings). In short, from an academic perspective their is no ‘hidden meaning’. This Hitlerite anti-intellectualism is the exact opposite to the reality of the philosophical texts as constructed by Marx and Engels. This still holds true when elaborating the texts of Lenin, Stalin and Mao (amongst others) are critically assessed. Joseph Stalin’s leadership of the Soviet System from 1933-1945 should form a separate study on its own – as he had to lead the Soviet people (following numerous re-elections into the post of ‘General Secretary’) during what must be termed the ‘Hitler Years’ – although the rise of Mussolini (1922-1945) [the more inept of the two fascist world leaders] must also be taken into account, as the emergence of the Catholic-based totalitarianism in Italy manifested on the world scene when Lenin’s health started to fail.

Wherever Right-Minded People Gather – The Red Flags Will Fly!
With Each Passing Year the Number of Soviet Red Army Veterans Diminishes!
Long Live Joseph Stalin – the Victor of 1945!