Peter Wyles

My Honourable Father – Peter Wyles (b. 1943) – is 80-Years Old Today! (28.5.2023)

My grandfather was in the Ox & Bucks (1st Bucks Battalion) – Territorial (Light Bobs) – which landed on Sword Beach. They were given the task of fighting their way ten miles in-land to relieve D Company (2nd Battalion) of the Ox & Bucks Light Infantry (Professional) which were Glider-Landed in and around Caen. My father had just turned ‘1 years old’ in 1944 – when his father left for war! My father remembers all the war stories his Dad told him – and which he has told me. My grandfather’s Unit suffered terrible casualties fighting against fascism to secure the freedom we take for granted today! Luckily, my grandfather survived the battles liberating Western Europe from the thuggery and murder of the Nazi German jackboot!

May 9th 2023 – Long Live the USSR – Long Live Russia – Long Live the Eternal Victory Over Fascism! (9.5.2023)

For many – the Unconditional Surrender of Nazi Germany to the USSR was the Victory of the Communist ideology over that of the hate filled ‘reactionary’ thinking as embodied in Hitler’s Mein Kampf – an anti-intellectual tract that certainly does not get better with age (or subsequent re-readings). In short, from an academic perspective their is no ‘hidden meaning’. This Hitlerite anti-intellectualism is the exact opposite to the reality of the philosophical texts as constructed by Marx and Engels. This still holds true when elaborating the texts of Lenin, Stalin and Mao (amongst others) are critically assessed. Joseph Stalin’s leadership of the Soviet System from 1933-1945 should form a separate study on its own – as he had to lead the Soviet people (following numerous re-elections into the post of ‘General Secretary’) during what must be termed the ‘Hitler Years’ – although the rise of Mussolini (1922-1945) [the more inept of the two fascist world leaders] must also be taken into account, as the emergence of the Catholic-based totalitarianism in Italy manifested on the world scene when Lenin’s health started to fail.

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: 2nd Session – Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office – Held on May 4th, 2023! (7.5.2023)

These questions were strategic in nature and dealt with issues of the People’s Prosecutor’s Organization – such as the agreement on the Legal Consultation Room for use by the public and the evaluation of said Legal Consultation Room; Research and update the agreement of the Head of the Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office on the staff of prosecutors and assistants; Proposing the establishment of District People’s Prosecutor’s Office in Sekong Province and Attaphu Province; Evaluation of the implementation of the role, rights and duties of the District People’s Prosecutor’s Office by considering Pak Ngum District, with Vientiane Capital as a test site; The work of creating and updating legislation and manuals for writing statements in criminal and civil cases, instructions on monitoring and using 7 preventive measures; Evaluation reporting on the transition to the grassroots to encourage general monitoring work and the creation of a coordination mechanism between the local People’s Prosecutor’s Office and relevant parties and Preparing to host a 4-part conference on Judicial Proceedings.

US Army: Chinese TCM “Adopted” to Keep Troops Fit! (14.4.2023)

TCM originated in the Chinese culture. It explains health and diseases from a macro, systemic and holistic perspective. As a unique form of medicine, TCM exercises a profound influence on the life of the Chinese people. It is a major means to help the Chinese people maintain health, cure diseases, and live longlives. 

Born in China, TCM has also absorbed the essence of other civilizations, evolved, and gradually spread throughout the world. As early as the Qin and Han dynasties (221 BC-AD 220), TCM was popular in many neighboring countries and exerted a major impact on their traditional medicines.

China has launched a series of programs to promote the development of TCM. With curative effects being seen by the public, TCM is gaining popularity worldwide and being widely used in many countries.

INSIDER: Ulysses S. Grant – First US President to be ‘Arrested’! (11.4.2023)

But on the very next day Grant was speeding so fast through Georgetown in an area West was patrolling it took the officer an entire block to slow the president down. 

Grant apparently greeted the officer with a smile and looked like a “schoolboy who had been caught in a guilty act by a teacher.”

West informed the president he’d violated the city’s speeding laws, again. 

“I cautioned you yesterday, Mr. President, about fast driving, and you said, sir, that it would not occur again,” West reportedly told Grant. “I am very sorry, Mr. President, to have to do it, for you are the chief of the nation, and I am nothing but a policeman, but duty is duty, sir, and I will have to place you under arrest.”

The president and other speeders were taken to the local police station. Officers at the station were reportedly unsure if they could charge a sitting president if he’d not been impeached.

In the end, Grant paid a $20 bond but didn’t show up to court.

100th Anniversary of the Founding of the USSR (1922-2022)! Two Articles by VI Lenin! (30.12.2022) 

A few years ago, I acquired a Two Volume Set entitled the Essentials of VI Lenin (1947) from Comrades in the ‘New Communist Party’ (NCP) in London. The NCP was busy embracing the North Korean ideology of ‘Juche’ and were happy to jettison overt ideological works pertaining to the USSR – such as those involving Lenin and Stalin. Their loss was my gain (although a modest amount of money did change hands) and I acquired the full Stalin Collection and a very good (and quite ‘rare’) Two Volume Edition of Lenin – published at a time when the USSR was still riding high following its 1945 Victories over Naxi Germany and Imperial Japan – and before the US Cold War had fully kicked in – (falsely equating as it did the USSR with Nazi Germany). A point to remember is that the Nazi Germans (and their allies – which included the Vatican) murdered around 41 million Soviet men, women and children – far more than officially died in the ‘Holocaust’ (although at least in-part, the Nazi Germans carried-out some of the ‘Holocaust’ killings whilst occupying Soviet soil). The USSR, of course, betrayed Lenin and Stalin through the behaviour of Nikita Khrushchev in 1956 – a known coward who fled the fighting in the Ukraine during 1941 to save his own skin! The USSR as founded in 1922 must be applauded for the working-class achievement that it was, and which it remains! We must strive to keep its memory alive by correctly telling its story! Onward Comrades!

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