USSR: Foundations of the Soviet Court! (3.5.2023)

Author’s Note: My father – Peter Wyles – used to be friends with a Professor of Law in Devon. As my father helped run the ‘Claimants’ Union’ – he would receive free legal advice from the Professor – who would explain the rules and regulations governing the administration of the British Welfare State. My father – and other people – would then assist the poor and impoverished as they sought to negotiate with the ‘DHSS’ and navigate their way around the Bourgeois legal system designed to ‘exclude’ them (the weakest segment of capitalist society) from securing their ‘Rights’! This is where I first learned that the 1948 Reforms carried-out by the incumbent Labour Government in the UK were premised upon their Soviet counterparts (devised by Lenin and other Old Guard Bolsheviks). Essentially, the Soviets found that collective taxation provided the government with vast amounts of money which allowed the State to provide high-quality assistance to those in need! In turn, millions upon millions of terribly impoverished populations were given free education, healthcare, housing and social help – lifting them out of this state of deprivation in a matter of just one or two decades!

The post-WWII Labour Government gave the British colony of India its ‘Independence’ and used the money saved from administering this vast country to redistribute wealth throughout the UK! Hospitals, GP surgeries, housing estates, libraries, universities, colleges, schools, nurseries, civic buildings, leisure premises, roads, cinemas, parks, shops, offices and factories, etc, were constructed between 1945-1948 – creating millions of jobs for returning British Servicemen! This work creation was further expanded through the building of vast motorways across the UK – and other required constructions involvng parts of Surrey, Middlesex and Kent, etc, eventually becoming Boroughs of Greater London! All this was achieved through an exact application of Soviet-style ‘Socialist’ Reforms in the UK – despite few today in the Labour Party (or on the political left in general) being prepared to admit this. ACW (3.5.2023)

Vladimir Terebilov [Владимир Теребилов] (1916-2004) – carefully explains the foundations of the Soviet Court and Legal System – from its inception and through its key developmental stages. Lenin guided this development after the Socialist Revolution from 1917 to his death in 1924 – although he was mostly incapacited from 1922 onwards. From 1922 he entrusted his fellow Revolutionary – Joseph Stalin – to represent his ideas and opinions, with Joseph Stalin eventually being elected into the role of ‘General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR’. As Terebilov is writing in the post-Khrushchev era – all mention of Joseph Stalin is forbidden (in true Trotskyite fashion) – but the reality is that it was Joseph Stalin who oversaw the bulk of Soviet Legal development – and was personally involved in the construction and application of the 1936 Soviet Constitution! Joseph Stalin then went on to lead the collective people of the USSR to victory in a self-defensive war against Nazi German and her allies (which represented the capitalists, fascists, reactionaries, Trotskyites, Free Masons and the Catholics)! Although this victory would cost the lives of 41 million Soviet men, women and children between 1941-1945!

This is Chapter II (2) entitled ‘Principles of Socialist Justice’ (pages 36-72) – which appears in the book entitled ‘The Soviet Court’ – authored by Soviet legal expert – Vladimir Terebilov – and published by PROGRESS in English during 1986 (with the original Russian language edition appearing during 1973). The author retired during 1989 – as Gorbachev led the Soviet Union to ruin – and the empowering Socialist law was replaced by the oppressive and crushing Bourgeois alternative! Whereas it is the duty of a Socialist Court to apply EVERY empowering law to each individual that passes through its structures (free of charge) – the justice recieved by an individual subjected to the Bourgeois alternative is solely dependent upon what that individual can ‘afford’ to pay his legal representative(s). No money – no justice.