‘HITLER UND DIE BIENEN!’ (1943) By Josef Goebbels! (11.5.2023) 

‘When I see Wasps and Hornets flying around possessing good food and living in the best dwellings whilst Bees suffer deprivation and impoverishment – I am inspired to do something about it! Yes – this I swear to you – my dear Comrades! Oh yes – these dominant populations cannot be reasoned with – they cannot even speak – but one language I am sure they understand is that of violence and force! I will take action against these undesirable populations by using different mixes of pesticides! Eradicating troublesome (competing) populations is the only way!’

Fighting the Rainbow – ‘Why’ White Hives Matter! aka ‘Hitler und die Bienen’! (11.5.2023)

Dedicated to the Aryan Nation’s Jeremy Freeman and his Internet-trading partner  (of Colchester), Bubba-Kate (who has dedicated her life to preventing self-professed ‘White Supremacists’ from wanking off to pictures of Hitler whilst hiding away in their parent’s basement) and that weirdly confused White Nationalist guy (originally from Missionary parents in Sweden) who is married to a Japanese women (and lives off her income in Japan) – whilst idling his days away sat in an ornate Zen Garden ranting and raging about what a superior White race he belongs to – until his Japanese wife calls him in for dinner!  

USSR: Foundations of the Soviet Court! (3.5.2023)

My father – Peter Wyles – used to be friends with a Professor of Law in Devon. As my father helped run the ‘Claimants’ Union’ – he would receive free legal advice from the Professor – who would explain the rules and regulations governing the administration of the British Welfare State. My father – and other people – would then assist the poor and impoverished as they sought to negotiate with the ‘DHSS’ and navigate their way around the Bourgeois legal system designed to ‘exclude’ them (the weakest segment of capitalist society) from securing their ‘Rights’! This is where I first learned that the 1948 Reforms carried-out by the incumbent Labour Government in the UK were premised upon their Soviet counterparts (devised by Lenin and other Old Guard Bolsheviks). Essentially, the Soviets found that collective taxation provided the government with vast amounts of money which allowed the State to provide high-quality assistance to those in need! In turn, millions upon millions of terribly impoverished populations were given free education, healthcare, housing and social help – lifting them out of this state of deprivation in a matter of just one or two

Xinhua Commentary: On China, Washington “Can’t Have it Both Ways”! (27.4.2023)

In the immediate days following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia and the United States enjoyed a honeymoon period. The Charter for American-Russian Partnership and Friendship signed by the two sides in 1992 said “the well-being, prosperity, and security of a democratic Russian Federation and the United States of America are vitally interrelated.” However, things changed when Washington failed to provide Kremlin with the promised economic aid and NATO expanded despite Washington’s promise that the bloc would move “not one inch eastward.” This was unacceptable to Russia, and the ensuing deterioration of Moscow-Washington ties was only natural.

Deep down, America had never intended to treat Russia with respect even though Western-style democratic elections took place in the country. Ideology is just an instrument to intervene.

For Beijing, Washington’s condescending diplomacy is unacceptable. If Washington truly wants a workable relationship with China, it should treat China as an equal partner and show due respect.

Education: Preparing the Trough and Batting-Off the Bourgeois Piggies! (26.4.2023) 

Marx and Engels clearly saw through the capitalist system – and its representatives have been trying to get over the shock ever since! As for myself, I readily ‘share’ whatever academic and personal research I see fit. As a published (magazine and journal) author, and after appearing in the odd book, I understand that the Bourgeoisie controls society by withholding knowledge from the working-class and hindering its dissemination. As a working-class scholar (the product of a ‘Socialist’ Britain) – I share what I see fit through the internet – the path of least resistance and maximum effect. The data is presented ‘free’ at the point of encountering for the collective working-class to use as it sees fit (for its own empowerment). This is a matter of dialectical interaction that only looks forward and never becomes stuck in the present – and is not overly concerned about a past that no longer exists. As working-class dialectics is robust enough for the Soviet Red Army to take on all the combined and congealed ‘evil’ of Nazi Germany (and her allies) and prevail – it is incumbent upon us individual workers to display exactly the same adaptability within all circumstances! As the little ‘Bourgeois’ piggies come scampering to the trough – I will be keeping an eye on them…

DPRK: Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Gave Field Guidance to the National Space Development Agency! (23.4.2023)

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un – as the United States and South Korea spouted the most hostile rhetoric and demonstrated with clear actions this year – has continued to plan to further strengthen their anti-DPRK military posture in the name of “providing extended deterrence” and “strengthening the ROK-US alliance.” Under these circumstances, it is natural for our State to develop military deterrence commensurate with the current and future worrisome security environment – and to obtain and operate military reconnaissance means is essential to improving the military effectiveness and practicality of our various means of war deterrence. He said that this should be the most important and top priority task of our Collective Nation!

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un organized a non-stationary satellite launch preparation committee to launch Military Reconnaissance Satellite No. 1 – which had was successfully manufactured as of April – within the planned time frame – with accelerated final preparations. He set forth the militant task of firmly building reconnaissance and information-gathering capabilities by the DPRK. Receiving great trust and encouragement from the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un – the officials, scientists and engineers of the National Space Development Agency will become space conquerors who faithfully uphold the Party’s vision of building a grand space power through perfect practice – and thus achieve the Republic’s self-respect, authority and independence! It was overflowing with fiery determination to raise the great national power of Ancient Korea proudly throughout the universe! (End)

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