Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Party in Underground Drug Dens! (3.4.2022)

Whilst men are fighting and dying on the surface, the Ukrainian social elite and their Neo-Nazi lapdogs party the night away in specially secured, bomb-proof Bunkers paid for by EU money – with their alcohol, drugs and prostitutes paid for in US dollars and British pounds! In the day, these revellers make their way home through the debris stopping only to take a piss on the nearest dead body! Yes – these are the types of people being forced into our communities in the West as supposed refugees!

Academy Watch: Ukraine Appeal Protest – Preventing Local Schools in the UK Breaking ‘Impartiality’ Laws! (16.3.2022)

Below is a letter of complaint that I have constructed using my knowledge of the law. Of course, as there is a great deal of nepotism and corruption surrounding these entities – they will attempt to wriggle-out of the trap I have sent. This does not matter. What matters is that a ‘dated’ and ‘signed’ complaint has been provided in writing – thus generating a ‘legal’ document that an ‘Academy’ cannot afford to ignore! Do not be bullied into conforming to immoral or illegal acts committed by official bodies – particularly when they are trying to committ these acts in your name or the name’s of your children!

Why Are Jews Supporting the Neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ Regime in West Ukraine? (2020)

Valentina Lyulya, right-wing activist says: “No, you will laugh a lot, because this is a radical group of extremists called the Right Sector (PS). You can say that they are a nationalist organization, but when you read the demands, they are polycentric in the first place. Secondly, and the funny thing is that these members of the PS are Jews, Ukrainian Jews who once left for Israel – they were trained there in the IDF army and for some reason returned to Ukraine and are members of the PS.” 

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