China: “Do NOT Confuse Hegemony of Navigation with FREEDOM of Navigation!” (5.5.2023)

State Councilor and Defense Minister General Li Shangfu called on Sunday for regional countries to stay highly vigilant and firmly reject the actions of some countries outside the South China Sea, which exercise “hegemony of navigation “in the name of “freedom of navigation”.

He warned that those countries just want to “muddy the waters” of the South China Sea to “rake in profits”.

The defense chief made the remarks in his speech delivered at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, a day after United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told the security forum that the US will continue to work with allies and partners to uphold “freedom of navigation and overflight” in the South China Sea.

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: 2nd Session – Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office – Held on May 4th, 2023! (7.5.2023)

These questions were strategic in nature and dealt with issues of the People’s Prosecutor’s Organization – such as the agreement on the Legal Consultation Room for use by the public and the evaluation of said Legal Consultation Room; Research and update the agreement of the Head of the Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office on the staff of prosecutors and assistants; Proposing the establishment of District People’s Prosecutor’s Office in Sekong Province and Attaphu Province; Evaluation of the implementation of the role, rights and duties of the District People’s Prosecutor’s Office by considering Pak Ngum District, with Vientiane Capital as a test site; The work of creating and updating legislation and manuals for writing statements in criminal and civil cases, instructions on monitoring and using 7 preventive measures; Evaluation reporting on the transition to the grassroots to encourage general monitoring work and the creation of a coordination mechanism between the local People’s Prosecutor’s Office and relevant parties and Preparing to host a 4-part conference on Judicial Proceedings.

USSR: Foundations of the Soviet Court! (3.5.2023)

My father – Peter Wyles – used to be friends with a Professor of Law in Devon. As my father helped run the ‘Claimants’ Union’ – he would receive free legal advice from the Professor – who would explain the rules and regulations governing the administration of the British Welfare State. My father – and other people – would then assist the poor and impoverished as they sought to negotiate with the ‘DHSS’ and navigate their way around the Bourgeois legal system designed to ‘exclude’ them (the weakest segment of capitalist society) from securing their ‘Rights’! This is where I first learned that the 1948 Reforms carried-out by the incumbent Labour Government in the UK were premised upon their Soviet counterparts (devised by Lenin and other Old Guard Bolsheviks). Essentially, the Soviets found that collective taxation provided the government with vast amounts of money which allowed the State to provide high-quality assistance to those in need! In turn, millions upon millions of terribly impoverished populations were given free education, healthcare, housing and social help – lifting them out of this state of deprivation in a matter of just one or two

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: President of the Supreme People’s Court Addresses People’s Court of District II! (27.4.2023)

District People’s Court must be strengthened to be a good service provider, a pure and transparent administration acting with honesty and a pure and faithful intet toward the profession! This requires paying attention to training court staff to be knowledgeable, ethical, moral and professional in performing their duties, especially judges who are arbitrators on cases considered very important because such judgments and arbitrations touch the life, health, freedom, dignity and rights and legitimate interests of the People! There must be a paying attention to coordination and discussion with the relevant parties of the prosecution according to the process of justice, especially the District People’s Prosecutor’s Office, the District Justice Office, the National Police Officer and other parties involved in the consideration of solving cases that are difficult, complicated, and related to many problems!

Donetsk: Italian Communists Support Donbass and Oppose Arms Supplies to Kyiv! (15.4.2023)

“The referendum calls for the repeal of laws that expand the supply of weapons to the Pro-NATO and Neo-Nazi puppet government. This is the best support that the Communist Party and the Coalition it belongs to can give to the struggle of the people of Donbass – and the struggle of the Italian people against the constant deterioration of living conditions and the rights of workers – against the current Pro-European and Pro-Atlantic government, which operates in full continuity with previous governments!”

Palestine: Land Day – “A Permanent Intellectual and Cultural Broadcasting Focal-Point!” – Walid Abdel Rahim (3.4.2023)

This is how the day appeared on the surface – but in its depth – it was a day of expression of the oppressed masses hidden in the collective hearts of the Palestinians living within Lebanon, Syria and Jordan! At that time, the massacres by the agents of the Zionist Neo-Nazism had begun to implement their pograms of genocide and extermination supported by certain Arabs and by international forces – the extermination of the Palestinian Revolution after the massacres of September – using Lebanon as its arena! The miracle of Palestinian integration and the eternal genius of its people, which all the demons of the Land could not obstruct! It is not right for this to be just a festival – but is rather a time of permanent and eternal intellectual cultural focus and transmission! The Land here does not represent a day of just farms and orchards. Although it is not separate, and it cannot be separated, the Land is the natural, automatic abode of identity.

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