CPB Plunges to New Depths of Trotskyism, Revisionism and Betrayal of the Working-Class! (13.4.2022) 

The ‘Racist’ ‘Stop the War Coalition’ – A Neo-Nazi Collaborating Parody of What It Once Was!

I will not rehash all the tired history of the ‘Communist Party of Britain’ (CPB) – but simply state that our association with it has been wrought with disappointment, discrimination and a continuous and unfolding betrayal of the principles of Marxist-Leninism! Hence our resignation as a family from it. A ‘low-light’ was probably being told by a Branch Secretary that he ‘has no interest’ in Leninism(!) and constantly finding that myself and my partner were the only people turning-up for protests – whilst the Party rag – the equally despicable ‘Morning Star’ (a name routinely used in Judeo-Christian circles), continuously ‘ignored’ my written reports of what myself, my partner and our children had experienced, and continued to print ‘fictions’ that hundreds or thousands had attended! All lies and indifference, just as that paper’s clear and present ‘Eurocentric’ ethos (disguised as ‘Revolutionary’ fervour) has been evident for many years. Yes, the ‘Party’ is run by ‘White’ middle-class men, and ‘yes’ it is out of touch with the majority of the working-class, disabled, dispossessed and non-White population of the UK! Up until fairly recently, its ‘line’ used to be that China is not ‘Communist’ – until China embarked upon a charm offensive that involved the cultivation of cordial relations with as many world Parties as possible. We actually lived through this transformation of popularity! Other notable ‘lows’ included the CPB regurgitating the anti-Russian lies of the Bourgeois State and re-posting on its social media channel that there exist concentration camps in ‘Chechnya’ designed only for gay people! This may be added to the unquestioning and ludicrous support the CPB (through its ‘Communist Review’) gave to the obviously ‘racist’ caricature of Arab-Asian (Muslim) men published in the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine – even republishing these ‘racist’ images on official CPB outlets! Why not simply ‘reject’ both the ‘racism’ of Charlie Habdo whilst condemning the ‘terrorist’ response? What is difficult about this? Nothing – as Marxist-Leninism has a long and glorious history of condemning and reject bourgeois racism – as well as pointless and destructive terrorist acts that only hurt the working-class!

As I have written about many times before, my partner and children have suffered racial abuse at te hands of British Labour Party members (under Jeremy Corbyn), members of the Trotskyite ‘Socialist Workers’ Party’ and Polish migrants proud of their ‘grandfather’s fighting for Hitler’! And all this happened when we were the ONLY CPB members to turn-up for a Labour-Trade Union ‘Anti-Fascist March’ through London! We were targeted for our family’s Chinese ethnicity (and Red Flag) at a March designed by White people for Whites to ‘celebrate’ how ‘historically’ White people have not been racist! Of course, you couldn’t make it up if someone paid you to do it – simply on the grounds that it is all far too implausible and improbable! The CPB supports the bourgeois Labour Party, which has proscribed the ‘Communist Party’ and which does not want any association with it – and the ‘White’ Trotskyite Trade Unions (what is left of them)! We once attended a meeting for CPB members who were also UNITE members at the Marx Memorial Library in London – and was told by the UNITE Representative to ‘lie’ about our CPB membership as a means to secure membership of the Labour Party and vote for Jeremy Corbyn as leader! The twists and turns of the alignment of the CPB with the bourgeois establishment as it slowly but surely betrays and strips away all the layers of its Marxist-Leninist history could take up an entire book! 

As we are linked to the CPC and all things ‘Chinese’, ‘Maoist’ and ‘progressive’, we were aware of the good work the Workers’ Institute has produced over the years, and the difference this movement has made for the conscious development of the British (and international) working-class! We are particularly appreciative of its Indian background and its genuinely multicultural membership. In every conceivable way the Workers’ Institute has upheld the genuine path of Marxist-Leninism and the true ideological direction of Chairman Mao Zedong! How was this sustained presence achieved? It was through the efforts (and Revolutionary genius) of Comrade Aravindan Balakrishnan (1940-2022)! Although the last nine-years of his life were spent under the brutal oppression of the British State – a member of the CPB who saw me reading a leaflet from the Workers’ Institute (a ‘White’ man) stated ‘Those people are mad!’ I knew then that our time in this hideously Eurocentric network of bigots and racists was severely limited! Needless to say, just as the CPB has abandoned Russia in her noble fight against fascism and Neo-Nazism – the CPB certainly never lifted a finger in solidarity to come to the aid of the Workers’ Institute or its leader – Comrade Bala – when they (and he) were under sustained attack from the British State! For this, we condemn the CPB for its betrayal of the internationalist principles of Marxist-Leninism and yet again expressing its usual habit of siding with the Bourgeois British Establishment! 

My point here, is to say that my family have been supporting the Lugansk and Donetsk Communist Parties for the last eight-years. All this genuine Marxist-Leninist activity stems from our association with the Communist Party China (which does a lot of good work behind the scenes), For many years we remained only nominal members of the CPB (hoping that a new leadership would sweep away the accrued decades of waste and working-class betrayal – but alas – this was never to happen) whilst following the truly working-class ethos of the CPC as a guide to international affairs! When the CPB abandoned its members during the Covid-19 crisis – Comrades in China ingeniously used what postage system was still operating and sent us a box of masks at a time when masks were thin on the ground (because the rich had brought them all for themselves! The right-wing British Tory government was busy expelling the hundreds of thousands of Chinese students and nationals living and working in the UK (the CPB said and did nothing), and on one of these aeroplanes the racist British government allowed through from China to ‘pick-up’ this exiled and unwanted Chinese population – our Comrades in the CPB placed our box of face-masks strapped to an empty seat!  

Whereas the CPC understood exactly what was happening in the Ukraine – the CPB remained absolutely ‘silent’ about the following: 

1) The Neo-Nazi take-over of Kyiv in early 2014. 

2) The fact that the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Junta was planned, financed and armed by the Obama Administration!  

3) The anti-Russian (racist) nature of this US, UK and EU ‘coup’ playing upon the history of the Nazi German invasion of the USSR between 1941-1945 – a war which the ‘Communist Party of Great Britain’ fully supported and endorsed Russia’s right to self-defence! 

4) The CPB remained ‘silent’ when the ‘Founding’ of the following People’s Republics was announced as a ‘Socialist’ and ‘Soviet’ response to the forming of the Western-backed Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ State: 

a) Carpatho-Russian People’s Republic (Existed 29.1.20104-20.3.2014)  

b) Donetsk People’s Republic (Founded April 7th, 2014)  

c) Kharkov People’s Republic (Existed 7.4.2014-8.4.2014)  

d) Odessa People’s Republic (Existed 20.4.2014-3.5.2014)

e) Lugansk People’s Republic (Founded April 24th, 2014) 

Between 2014-2022, the CPB (and its mouthpiece the ‘Morning Star’) remained ‘silent’ about the recruitment of Neo-Nazi ‘Nationalist’ (Punitive) Battalions by the Kyiv Junta, and equally ‘silent’ about the campaign of sustained racist terror that was subsequently unleashed against the beleaguered and abandoned Russian people of the Donbass region! We, as a family, have been linked to the Marxist-Leninist Communist Parties of Donetsk and Lugansk (involved in translating news articles), and despite continuously compiling reports and forwarding fraternal messages from the Comrades fighting Ukrainian Neo-Nazism on the frontline – the CPB remained ‘silent’. Indeed, despite an estimated 13,000-14,000 people being killed by Kyiv (Neo-Nazi) military action in the Donbass region – the CPB remained ‘silent’. Despite a strong (non-Trotskyite) Communist presence amongst the Russian movement away from the pro-EU and pro-NATO Kyiv Junta – the CPB has acted as if it were pursuing an ideological agenda other than that of ‘Marxist-Leninism’ – which, of course, it is! Whilst ignoring the last eight-years of Neo-Nazi-inspired anti-Russian ‘terror’, the CPB has now adopted the openly ‘Trotskyite’ line of affording ‘equal’ worth to the cases of both sides – laughingly terming this ideological fence-sitting as being a ‘balanced’ approach! According to the CPB – the ‘Neo-Nazi’ Kyiv regime now has ‘equal’ footing to the victims that have suffered their Hitlerite ‘terror’ for the last eight-years! Trotsky would be pleased – Marx and Lenin bewildered! 

Of course, this all has to be viewed in context. When Russia finally took military action to ‘stop’ the continuous Neo-Nazi violence against the ethnic Russian populations – the CPB instinctively took the side of the Bourgeois, British Establishment (the same establishment which proscribed the CPB emblem of a ‘dove’ and ‘hammer’ in 2019)! The CPB issued messages condemning Russia and siding with the Ukrainians! CPB members even started sharing posts raising funds for Ukrainian refugees – but only those fleeing to the West – nothing was said about the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians that had already headed to Russia for safety away from the Neo-Nazis! Again, the CPB has remained ‘silent’ about the sickening wave of ‘anti-Russian’ racism that has swept through the Western world like an unstoppable plague! This is the debilitating effects of creeping Trotskyism, White racism and the associated forces of predatory capitalism that have infiltrated and gnawed away at the ideological underpinnings of the British Communist Movement ever since Khrushchev’s betrayal of Comrade Joseph Stalin in 1956! Unfortunately, this non-dialectical and non-historical materialist approach to assessing this situation will cost the CPB dearly in the future, as the grandchildren and great grandchildren of those British working-class men and women who fought fascism in Spain and throughout WWII – and who participated in the Chinese Revolution (and even took the Chinese and North Korean side in the early 1950s), will never forgive this dalliance with fascism and Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine!  

This is how the CPB ‘struggled’ to present their non-Marxist-Leninist stance upon the current Russian and Ukrainian crisis in a group emailed dated ‘13.4.2022’. This is a blue-print for a collaboration with fascism and is indicative of the ‘White’ racism we have experienced in the CPB: 

‘Croydon TUC have invited Carol Turner from Stop the War Coalition to  

speak at 7.30pm on 14 April at Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, Croydon,  

CR0 1BD. This meeting is open to the public. It would be good to have a  

solid CP presence at this meeting to speak up for and defend our  

position. The premises and club bar will be open from 7pm. 

StWC’s line on Ukraine is similar to our own in that the crisis must be  

settled on a basis which recognises the right of the Ukrainian people to  

self-determination and addresses Russia’s security concerns. We need to  

draw attention to the policies of our government which has poured oil on  

the fire throughout this episode. We do not endorse the nature or  

conduct of either the Russian or Ukrainian regimes. Unlike the French  

and German governments, ours has advanced no proposals for a diplomatic  

solution. Ministers have declared that Ukraine has a “sovereign right”  

to join NATO.’ 

Russian Language References: 

Carpatho-Russian People’s Republic (Existed 29.1.2014-20.3.2014) 

Donetsk People’s Republic (Founded April 7th, 2014) 

Kharkov People’s Republic (Existed 7.4.2014-8.4.2014) 

Odessa People’s Republic (0.4.2014-3.5.20214) 

Lugansk People’s Republic (Founded April 24th, 2014) 


  1. Hi! Comrade. I was in the middle of responding in support of this article when Google crashed and I lost my script and more besides. I’ll keep it short as we are on the same page. I’ve known the CPB since they were CPGB in the 1970’s….in Glasgow. I wasn’t a member. 2008-2017, I wasn’t a member of Clydebank Trades Council either but I teamed up with them. That is, Tommy “The Trot” Morrison, Scottish Secretary of the CPB, et al. I attended all of their internal and external public meetings during that period. I also wrote the reports on their public meetings in the local press.

    I didn’t start social media till Dec 2016. Before that I wrote letters to the press 52 weeks a year for decades. That was when I discovered these sick and twisted sheepdogs for Labour were lying behind my back. Same as Labour did when I was a member of that organised crime wave. I remain horrified at what they were posting on social media…the crap they were feeding working class people. I was mortified. They are the kiss of death to the working class. On my own account, I have unfinished business with them. Don’t worry about that. They backed a loser picking a fight with me. They told people I was a “religious person” and, therefore, not a communist. They told people I had a business background. On the contrary, anyone who read my letters to the press knows I led the charge against “the God Squad” and the CPB were a no show too afraid for their precious jobs, funding and support. Again, I led the charge against the business interests….most notably Blackstone Private Equity and Peter Cummings, head of HBOS corporate lending, who lived here. I have never endorsed a commercial product in anything I’ve written in public in my life and I have zero business interests to declare.

    You could not overstate the depravity of these degenerates. Indeed, it would fill a book. I even had letters printed in the Morning Star…which these bums sold but never read. Of course, their “Great White Hope” was Corbyn…and the lies they told about him were off the charts. The CPB were right behind Unite’s “reclaim Labour” political strategy 2011. Another one of their countless “success stories.” On geopolitics and imperialism they were never at the races. Tommy Trot supported the Kurds and now as you say they have a seat at the table for Nazis. They also support the “refugees” here…who are Syrian Opposition. They even had the nerve to compare them to the Chilean refugees we had here in the 1970’s. No lie went untold.

    Here is a good article from a liberal.


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