Neo-Nazi Ukraine is Like A WWII Film Set! (5.4.2022)

‘Stage 2’ is two divert the public’s attention with an overtly dichotomised (and bias) news coverage designed to ‘obscure’ the reality of Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine. To combat this trickery I have had to ‘disengage’ from a direct reporting of the news itself so as to keep an eye on the Neo-Nazi ball, so to speak! I believe the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime is like an re-enactment that somehow ened-up with political power in the Ukraine!

It Is Interesting How ‘Bucha’ Sounds Much Like ‘Baku’! 

As a variant of it has worked in the past, or so the thinking goes, it is sure to work again in contemporary circumstances providing the ‘correct’ and ‘applicable’ frequency of ‘relevancy’ can found, sustained and delivered in the right way! Of course, this is not easy but sometimes it can be an exercise in simplicity itself! I suspect the British Tory government is behind the ‘Bucha’ massacre in Neo-Nazi Ukraine – just as the British Army was behind the ‘Baku’ massacre in Azerbaijan! The connecting agent is ‘Winston Churchill’ who almost certainly ordered the former – and whose Tory descendants have ordered the latter! In its usual ‘perverse’ manner, the Tories are offering a ‘homage’ to their demagogue!