New York: US Rally in Support of Russia & Donbass! By Simakov Evgeny [Симаков Евгений] (2.4.2022)

In the heart of New York, a rally was held in support of Russia’s Special Operation to ‘De-Nazify’ Ukraine – which took the US authorities totally by surprise considering the bias, blanket-media support in the West for the openly fascist ‘Maidan’ regime! A RIA Novosti Correspondent reported ‘live’ that a rally in support of Donbass was taking place near the Macy’s Department Store!

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Party in Underground Drug Dens! (3.4.2022)

Whilst men are fighting and dying on the surface, the Ukrainian social elite and their Neo-Nazi lapdogs party the night away in specially secured, bomb-proof Bunkers paid for by EU money – with their alcohol, drugs and prostitutes paid for in US dollars and British pounds! In the day, these revellers make their way home through the debris stopping only to take a piss on the nearest dead body! Yes – these are the types of people being forced into our communities in the West as supposed refugees!