Kazbek Taysaev: “It is Necessary to Take Effective Measures to Combat Nationalism in Ukraine!” (6.1.2022)

What is Zelensky turning the country into? How does he feel about our Soviet legacy and the Great Victory? Why doesn’t the Western community, which actively advocates for peace and democracy, react? It is necessary to cleanse Ukraine of terrorists – over the past years, Ultra-Nationalism has deeply taken root in Ukrainian society, firmly linking the country’s State policy with visible links to the Nazis and Neo-Nazis. Of course, all this is happening at the suggestion of the villains who came to power in 2014!

Falun Gong Cult: Pompeo – Deficient U.S. Secretary of State Causes Worst Stink in U.S. History! (22.7.2020)

The content of the “Statement” disregards the facts, confuses right with wrong, and slanders the Chinese Government’s “Just” act of “banning” the “Falun Gong” cult organization in accordance with the law – and cracking down upon this dangerous cult’s illegal and criminal activities. Such “unprofessional” conduct and remarks can be described as a big joke in the world of international relations and international politics! It can only be said that Pompeo, who is brazen and has no cards to play, has once again added weight to the title he proudly holds of “Worst Secretary of State in US History”!