LPR: Kyiv Reluctant to Recognise the Rights of its Own POWs! (2.4.2022)

“They (the Ukrainian military) complained that not only were there no proposals from Ukraine and Ukrainian Commanders to initiate their exchange, but even their phone calls were not answered. These Servicemen are forgotten, they are abandoned,” she said. In particular, she noted that there are 170 captured Ukrainian Servicemen in the LPR. Currently, Kyiv refuses to acknowledges that any battles have occurred, or that the Neo-Nazi ‘Nationalist’ Battalions (or the Armed Forces of Ukraine) has ‘lost’ any supposed ‘engagements’!

Notes On Working-Out the Real Situation in Ukraine!

Instead, since 1991, we have had to endure the Russian re-appropriation of the Romanov flag and double-headed eagle – two symbols of feudal oppression reviled during the times of the USSR! Part of the current problem for the US is that Russia refused to allow a Rothschild-controlled central bank to operate within their country. This means that unlike all capitalist countries in the modern world, the US did not have direct financial control of the Russian economy. This means that Russia cannot be directly controlled by Washington through threats of slowing down or turning-off the money-tap!