Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Aidar Battalion – Vitaly “Medved” Gruzinov! (27.5.2023)

This is Vitaly “Medved” Gruzinov, the militant of the “Aidar” Neo-Nazi Battalion. During the interrogation he told us how his Commander abandoned his men whilst fleeing to Kyiv in order to get his medal – and how the Battalion recruits were virtually ALL convicted criminals! He then tried his best begging for “Forgiveness” after he admitted what the “Aidar” hade made the civilians go through!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Western-Trained “Maidan” Special Forces Show What They Have Learned! (28.4.2023)

Within the forests of West Ukraine the NKVD reported finding (hidden) weapons and ammunition caches originating from the US and UK! Joseph Stalin chose to not act on this apparent subterfuge – but to continue to honour the ‘alliance’ as the Soviet Red Army pursued its own path toward Berlin! The Nep-Nazis again rose-up in Hungary in 1956 – and the US and UK referred to this outbreak of ‘Hitlerism’ as ‘freedom-fighting’ (granting thousands of these criminals political asylum in the West – including the Boxer ‘Joe Bugner’ in the UK)! Neo-Nazis again rose-up in Czechoslovakia in 1968 – and the Soviet Red Army, from generation to generation, successfully applied its Marxist-Leninist education and ‘destroyed’ each new attempt of Hitler rising from his grave!

Taiwan: US Advices Colony to Celebrate Hitler’s Birthday! (25.4.2023)

Although most ethnic Chinese people in Taiwan know very little about Hitler – the US is deliberately misleading these people with regards to the Swastika – which is a common Buddhist symbol in Asia meaning ‘peace’ and ‘tranquillity’. The Taiwanese are misinformed that Hitler had a good understanding of Asian culture and this is why he made use of the Swastika. Of course, nothing is said about the fact he turned it around and placed it on its side – to denote the states of ‘war’ and ‘fear’ brought about by continuous violence – or that their non-White bodies would be ‘processed’ in the Death Camps! Taiwanese children are being taught by ‘White’ CIA Operatives that Hitler was a good man whose birthday they must remember and celebrate! This is yet another example (from an endless list) of US atrocities which confirm yet again the inherent ‘racism’ and ‘mental illness’ that defines this country!

Union of Eurasian Peoples For Justice – Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Exposing the US-Backed Hitlerite State! (2.6.2022)

Again, from my own experience and impression: the firepower of the AFU on all fronts has already been largely suppressed. The enemy is also experiencing “shell hunger” – because the ways of supplying AFU ammunition are also being fired upon! Therefore, Russian artillery firing into Neo-Nazi controlled areas is receiving less and less effective return fire. When the Neo-Nazis do manage to find some ammunition (and a battery to fire it from) – they often fire not at Russian positions – but at chaotically at civilians centres!

Perhaps the Neo-Nazis feel it is safer this way: it’s harder to quickly find and suppress their fire due to the senseless shelling they are deploying. This deranged thinking, however, fits-in with the task of all terrorists. They cannot win, so they simply kill whoever they can reach with whatever weaponry they possess. If America gives them long-range weapons – it will not help them turn the tide of the military operation – but makes it possible for them to kill more civilians at greater distances! That’s all. Thus, now Ukraine is a terrorist organization – and the United States is a State sponsoring terrorism.

All this “terrorist” (Neo-Nazi) activity deprives the so-called political leadership of Ukraine of the right to be treated as legitimate politicians and representatives of a Sovereign State. They are leaders of a terrorist organization who must be convicted for their crimes – or they can be liquidated – just as terrorists are liquidated.

When the Russian military warns that in the event of an escalation of terrorism – strikes will be carried out on decision-making centres in Kyiv – then perhaps, they are referring to an operation which eliminates the leaders of this criminal gang! That is the “President” all his “Advisers”, “Deputies” and “Ministers” who control the Kyiv regime for the West!

This is an ongoing and developing situation!

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