Ukraine: Western Governments Lie All the Time! 

Things are not as simple as my last few sentences would suggest as the resurgence in Neo-Nazism has only occurred during the post-1991 era where the West has sought to take control of Russia’s internal financial system (an objective resisted by the Russians). Neo-Nazism, being anti-Russian in nature and hateful of the Soviet regime that defeated it in 1945, has served as the ideal vehicle for the West to move NATO ever closer to Russia’s borders, and to pressure the Russian people to elect or choose a leader who is more pro-actively ‘American-friendly’ and more prone to establish a Rothschild Central Bank in Moscow so that the Russian economy can be controlled directly from Washington! Bourgeois Russia is resisting this and has decided to take on and militarily destroy the Neo-Nazi vehicle the West has established around its borders!  

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