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Venue:  Party Centre, (Top Floor) of Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, Croydon CR0 1BD

(Please attend these classes if possible, however, as these classes are preceded by a Branch Meeting, please continue to send apologies to if you cannot attend).

Details Provided By Dr Martin Graham – Branch Secretary:

The Communist University in South London is facilitated by the Croydon (South London) Branch of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB), and is held on the 3rd Thursday of each month (possibly excepting August and December), running from 19hrs – 21hrs (with those participating arriving at least 10 minutes before the start time to ensure ‘promptness’ of schedule). The first 30 minutes is taken-up with Branch Meeting details, followed by 90 minutes of educational discussion and debate focused around a specific topic, interpreted through a Marxist-Leninist dialectical analysis. There are no fees or top-down lecturing, with the discussion delivered in a democratic forum open to everyone who wishes to learn about Marxism, and how to apply it, so as to effect change in the world.



Supporting the CPB’s Dialectical Approach


The Communist Party of Great Britain – Marxist-Leninist (CPGB-ML) rhetorically attacks the public image of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) wherever and whenever it can – whilst ignoring the Communist Party of Britain – Marxist-Leninist (CPB-ML), the New Communist Party (NCP) and the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG), etc. This is because the CPB is viewed as the legitimate historical descendent of the original CPGB (dissolved 1991). The founders of the CPGB-ML were originally in the (non-Marxist-Leninist)  Socialist camp – and this is why their attacks on the CPB are distinctly Trotskyite in nature. There is a broad range of Marxist-Leninist views within the CPB – with the leadership expressing expedient policies suitable for action within a liberal democratic process. This approach is fully inaccordance with Marxist-Leninist ideology, and does not depart from it. The critical error in this Red Youth Article is its use of a one-sided dialectics, designed not to collectively further the working class (or clarify contemporary socio-economic circumstances) – but rather is an ongoing attempt for the CPGB-ML to seize (what its members perceive as) the hegemonic power that the CPB possesses. This is an infantile expression of a petty bourgeois power struggle – Trotsky would be proud of this approach, a it waters-down working class collectivity, inspires derision and opens the field for a total bourgeois domination of the political terrain, and any and all political processes. The CPBG-ML targets the CPB because it is the only ‘official’ British representative at the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties – which is an internationalist movement founded in 1998 – and which invites only those mass parties considered truly Communist and Revolutionary in nature.

London: May Day March (1.5.2017)


Thousands of people (holding various and diverse leftwing political views) converged upon the Clerkenwell Green area of Farringdon (opposite the Marx Memorial Library), to celebrate ‘labour’ and the ‘solidarity’ of the international working class. This is one of the few events that gathers Trotskyites and Marxist-Leninists, Maoists and bourgeois leftists together in equal number. As usual the parasitic (Trotskyite) Socialist Workers Party set-up its stalls outside of all major public transport exits, as a means to give-out its propaganda leaflets and placards to unsuspecting marchers. These marchers (who are not members of the SWP, and probably do not support Trotskyite revisionism) then unwittingly carry this SWP nonsense for free, whilst the SWP members never participate in the marches they infiltrate. When the march starts off, the SWP stalls are quickly shut-up and moved to the end location of the march – where the deceitful SWP anti-Marxist-Leninist indoctrination begins all over again!  This diversity of leftism is evident in the many different groups all trying to sell their various magazines and journals to one another’s followers, often failing unless given-out for free. Many wander about elucidating on this or that matter, often espousing bourgeois leftist rhetoric, rather than any genuine Scientific Socialist understanding. On the other hand, if you listen carefully to some of the older people, true leftwing Socialist and Communist understanding is evident. What is one of the defining points of London’s May Day March is that many people from abroad attend simply to be in the city that Karl Marx lived within, and wrote much of his defining theory. The British leftwing is not united in the traditional sense, but split into many factions all striving to establish hegemony over the Scientific Socialist middle ground, each with their own unique take upon current dialectical interpretation. The Labour Party. for instance, is a sticking point for the Communist left. Being a bourgeois revisionist out-fit that has often (historically) betrayed the very working class it has claimed to represent, the Communist left (such as the Communist Party of Great Britain – Marxist-Leninist and the Revolutionary Communist Group) is generally scathing about its history, its capitalist friendly policies, its middle class tendencies and the behaviour of its current MPs, (quite rightly pointing-out Labour’s imperialist and revisionist priorities). Other elements, such as the Communist Party of Britain (often just called the ‘Communist Party’), has retained a historical link with the Unions, and through the Unions – the Labour Party (despite the fact that the Labour Party prohibits Communists being members of it as individuals, and has rejected the idea of the Communist Party formerly affiliating with it in the past). The irony here, is that many CPB members do not support the Labour Party due to its bourgeois, capitalist embracing policies, despite the fact that the CPB leadership has called upon its members to support Jeremy Corbyn (and by default the Labour Party he leads) in the upcoming 2017 General Election. If Trotskyism is removed from the picture (due to its collaboration with capitalism and fascism), then it has to be said that each faction of the British Communist Movement manifests an important and valid aspect of the complete dialectical truth. The Labour Party is bourgeois and revisionist, but it also remains the only and most likely vehicle for Socialists and Communists to be elected into Parliament, but this is a subject that each individual must carefully think about and decide for themselves. Today, at least, the whole world met in London and marched together!




































Marx Oration – Highgate Cemetery (19.03.2017) Long Live the Paris Commune!

Key Speaker: Her Excellency Rocio Maneiro



Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


‘In present times, as you know, the legacy of Marx is at the core of the Bolivarian Revolution and more specifically in the policies of our Government. Our social programs are inspired by the ideas of Karl Marx, giving priority to the inclusion of poor people into health, education, and housing systems.’

Her Excellency Rocio Maneiro – Marx Oration (2017)

Socialist Venezuela represented an ‘unusual and extraordinary threat to the US national security and foreign policy’

US President Obama (2016)

October, 2017, will be the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution in Russia that swept VI Lenin and his Bolshevik Party to power. Today, around 200 people from all social and ethnic backgrounds converged on the entrance to Highgate Cemetery in preparation for the short march to the grave of Karl Marx (who died on March 14th, 1883), marked since 1956 by a monument equal to the historical importance of this extraordinary man. Following the destruction of the Paris Commune in May, 1871, Karl Marx, his family, Friedrich Engels and other Socialists in the UK, attempted to commemorate this event each year on its anniversary, but faced tremendous resistance from the British establishment. However, they continued to work for a regular gathering each year despite this official harassment. When Karl Marx died on March 14th, 1883, it was agreed that as this date was near the founding of the Paris Commune, it would be a good idea to merge the remembering of the life of Karl Marx with that of celebrating, commemorating and lamenting the passing of the Paris Commune – the world’s first attempt at establishing a Scientific Socialist State. Therefore, from 1883 onwards, the ritual of remembering Karl Marx has been intimately associated with the memory of the Paris Commune (which existed between March 18th to May 28th, 1871).


Her Excellency Rocio Maneiro – the Ambassador of Venezuela – gave a moving speech explaining how her country has been building a Socialist State premised upon Marxist principles, emphasising the eradication of poverty through the empowerment of the ordinary people. This has been achieved through extensive State assistance and support, which has seen an extensive re-distribution of wealth. This has seen a rapid reduction in homelessness (through the providing of good quality housing), and an equally rapid increase in public health through the establishment of a nation-wide medical system. The Venezuelan economy has been re-organised along Socialist lines, and has created employment and opportunities for the ordinary people to live in dignity through possessing a job, and positively contributing toward society. Employment unions are encouraged to ensure good working conditions, and there is an extensive welfare system for those who cannot work, or who are ill or disabled. However, Rocio Maneiro explained that despite all these important accomplishments for humanity, President Obama (of the USA) declared in 2016 that Venezuela represented an ‘unusual and extraordinary threat to the US national security and foreign policy’. Following this statement, the Western Press started calling for military intervention in Venezuela, and the destruction of its Socialist regime. This is how the so-called ‘democratic’ capitalist world responded to the Venezuelan working people taking control of their own destiny. Venezuela continues the struggle against the excesses and injustices generated by the exploitative system of capitalism.


Liz Payne – the Chair of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) – spoke powerfully about the historical importance of the establishment of the Paris Commune in 1871, and how it is important for all genuine Socialists and Communists to propagate its memory. Although the Paris Commune ultimately failed, the French people for a time exhibited a true working class consciousness which was attacked and destroyed by the reactionary forces of capitalism. Karl Marx, in his many works, stated that the working class will have many victories – and suffer many defeats, before the final victory of Socialism and the establishment of Communism. The Paris Commune symbolised how working people can take control of their own destinies, and if need be, organise to defend that achievement. The eventual defeat was noble, and set the example of how working class people should proceed. When a white shirt covered in blood was raised on a stick (taken from a dead worker killed by the authority) – the Red Flag of Socialism was born.


Alaister Beach & Adrian Chan-Wyles



Representative of the PRC with Members of the CPB














Women’s March on London (21.1.2017)

We, as a progressive family with a history of Revolutionary activity, fully support the right of all oppressed peoples to rise-up and protest the conditions of that oppression.  In this regard, we support all women in every action of Resistance and Revolution. Women have an absolute right to expose and deconstruct the patriarchalism they suffer under, and to over—throw those who oppress them. This applies to every class of woman, and to every nation of women around the world. We particularly care about working class women who struggle every single day with bad housing, bad healthcare, an abusive Welfare System, and often abusive partners. There is also the issue of women who suffer all these things, whilst possessing a disability. These women do not possess the advantages and privileges of middle class women, and of course, Black and Asian women experience the oppression of racism on top of all the other hardship. There is also the threat of child abuse against young girls, and sexual violence and rape against women. All these things we condemn and strive to over-throw – this is why both myself and my partner Gee got our four-month old daughter (Kai-Lin) and our five year old daughter (Mei-An) ready for an expedition to Central London whilst the temperature was minus 2 degrees outside, and ice lay across the pavements!  We are glad that so many people found it in their hearts to protest against fascism, but as Marxist dialectics requires refinement through criticism and analysis, I will list various other issues below.


As Members of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) – Croydon Branch, we attended the Women’s March on London today. The March, arranged by women for women – but including all those that support Women’s Rights – was scheduled to leave Grosvenor Square (near Bond Street Tube Exit) at 12:30pm, with everyone being told to meet at 12:00pm (the March was to end at Trafalgar Square at 2:00pm – with speeches until 3:300pm). Having spent years marching through London on leftwing marches, this sounded odd to me – as if the organisers had little or no experience of arranging marches in London, and did not know what to expect.


My assumptions soon proved right.  When the leftwing arrange marches, (something they have done for hundreds of years), mass protests are arranged in parts of London such as the Embankment, where all the roads are shut and there is ample room for tens of thousands of protesters to meander their way through the capital. Things were very different today, as between eighty to one hundred thousand protesters descended on the ‘small’ and compact side-streets surrounding Grosvenor Square. Like thousands of others, we got bogged-down in one of those side streets at 11:50am – with no movement up-front. The sheer numbers of people being herded into these side-streets by stewards on the High Street created dangerous levels of congestion that got worse and worse as time ticked by.


Things were so bad by 1:00pm that people started to push their way out of the crowds and fighting their way into the less congested side-streets moving away from the march. We left with a group of about twenty others – many with young children fearing for their safety in the crush. We had to circumnavigate the US Embassy along with many others – particularly after we read that thousands had arrived at the US Embassy to find no March stewards and no one apparently in charge. This had led to protesters simply sitting down and preventing the March from moving away. Frantic messages on the Women’s March on London reveal the extent of the chaos.


It must also be stated that apart from our Red Flag, there was no other obvious Socialist or Communist presence. We had hoped that other progressives would have turned-up and made their presence felt, after-all in history it has only been Marx and Engels who called for women to be free of capitalist oppression, and thereby achieve equality with men. Utopian Socialists, on the other hand, often thought that all ‘men’ should be equal, but that this did not extend to women.

20170121_122555Writing on the March website over the last week or so, this doesn’t surprise as the organisers of the March appeared to have gone out of their way NOT to be associated with the Socialist or Communist left. Making Socialist posts, I get around five ‘likes’, but White middle class women making puerile comments alluding to genitalia would attract over 900 ‘likes’ in a matter of hours, and herein lies the crux of the matter. Women must free themselves – whilst working to free others from the grip of capitalism. This is true Marxist Feminism. Bourgeois Feminism is not like this. This March was essentially a Bourgeois Feminist affair, reducing women’s rights to an insular ‘single issue’, with already privileged White middle class women mistaking their privilege for ‘freedom’, and criticising working class women for being ‘lazy’, rather than being ‘oppressed’.


Bourgeois Feminism does not want an end to capitalism, it simply wants to reform it – amassing ‘more’ privilege in the process. It is astonishing to see that a hundred thousand British women marched because they were ‘offended’ by the latest White racist bigot elected as US President, but remain absolutely ‘silent’ about David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Theresa May, the rightwing Austerity these tyrants unleashed, the privatisation of the NHS, the dismantling of Welfare State, the dismantling of the education system, and the abolition of Social Housing.


Where were these bourgeois Feminists when between 10,000 and 80,000 disabled died since 2010 because of benefit cuts? Where was the outrage of these Bourgeois Feminists when the UK Government was found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity in 2016? True Marxist Feminists should take the ground away from these charlatans and pretenders. In a Socialist Revolution, Bourgeois Feminists will be swept into the dustbin of history.















The Trump Fetish


I was asked to write a few words for the Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK) site regarding the election of Donald Trump from a Marxist-Leninist perspective – look away now, if leftwing viewpoints offend you:

‘The BMA (UK) condemns the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America, but would remind Comrades that this does not represent a ‘failure’ of the US capitalist system, but rather its exact opposite. In other words, the liberal democracy founded by a group of privileged (racist) White men in 1776, is functioning exactly as it was intended to do. The bourgeois ‘moneyed’ class must a) maintain the capitalist system at all and any cost, and b) retain their dominant (ethnic) position within that capitalist system. All other ethnic and cultural groups may participate in the US capitalist system, that is true, but only from a subordinate (and inherently ‘unequal’ position). When the Socialist and Communist (Marxist-Leninist) left (from both inside and outside of the US) respond with such rhetoric that states the US system has somehow ‘failed’ because it has ‘elected’ a White, racist male, it is buying into the ‘normalisation’ of the capitalist system, and the Trotskyite idea that capitalism can be ‘reformed’ without being over-thrown. It must be remembered that it is ‘capitalism’ that generates racism, and it is capitalism that must be continuously and ruthlessly criticised to facilitate the historical transition into Socialism. For Marxist-Leninists, this means the refusal to turn the election of Donald Trump into a ‘fetish’, and the continued pursuance of dialectical analysis in the service of the working class.’

Problems with the Left ‘Out’ EU Referendum Campaign (2016)

The Communist Party of Britain (CPB), and its newspaper the Morning Star, presented the economic and legal argument for leaving the European Union (EU).  Briefly stated, the EU is a constitutionally ‘capitalist’ political entity that ensures, through is regulatory laws, that all Socialist entities such as nationalised industries, free healthcare provision, social housing, and unions, must be either ‘privatised’, ‘prohibited’ or ‘abolished’.  Once these Socialistic entities have been ‘privatised’, EU legislation prevents any re-nationalisation, or re-socialisation to occur.  With unions weakened to the point of impotency, the EU ensures that predatory capitalism has a free hand throughout Europe.  The UK being a member of the EU, the Communist left is of the opinion that the British cannot elect a Socialist government, and even if a Socialist government were elected, it would be prevented from carrying-out any Socialist reforms.  For instance, none of the damage inflicted on the UK by the Thatcherite, Blairite regimes, as well as Nick Clegg and David Cameron, could be reversed because such a reversal would be prohibited by EU law.  The Communist left argument is that British welfare and its NHS are being ‘privatised’ and its unions marginalised because of EU legislation, and that for this to be reversed the UK needs to leave the EU – the source of the UK’s anti-left political agenda.  This situation is compounded by the fact that the EU insists on the free movement of migratory labour that is not regulated or protected by worker’s rights or effective unions.  The Communist left has always adhered to a staunch anti-racist (internationalist) position, and has continuously stated that all people are welcome to visit and/or work in the UK, but also acknowledges that workers stripped of all their rights and being ‘forced’ to travel for work is undemocratic and a direct assault upon the working class.  Workers being forced to fight one another for ‘scraps’ from the EU capitalist table, ultimately does not benefit the working class.  The insistence upon the agency of a mass migratory work-force by the EU to fuel its free market capitalism, adversely effects all the communities concerned.  This includes the communities that workers have to leave, and the communities that serve as economic hot-spots that attract workers.  Whereas the political rightwing reacts to this situation with xenophobia and racism (which unjustly blames the migrant), the Communist left responds with correct, dialectical assessment of the situation that empowers ALL workers concerned.  This is intended to lead the workers into developing solidarity and collectively fighting for workers’ rights.

By way of contrast, the ‘Brexit’ (i.e. ‘Britain out’) campaign, disconnected as it was from the Communist left, possessed no sound and dialectical historical analysis.  Although many people supported Brexit for legitimate reasons, it is also true that the lack of a sound ideologically worker-friendly basis, opened the Brexit doors for the racists to barge through.  Despite the Communist left providing a correct and sober analysis of the EU being against the interests of the working class, Brexit had no leftist ideology to hold it together.  This in part was a situation created by the BBC and other mainstream media outlets, that routinely gave (and continue to give) blanket coverage to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) – a notoriously racist party that draws its key support from the political far-right.  UKIP has no discernible policies other than the incoherence of xenophobia and racism.  As a result, UKIP (a clear fascist manifestation of capitalism in decline), has been used to obscure the Communist left from the attention of the majority of the British workers, and high-jack the political agenda regarding the EU for the far-right. This demonstrates how the British bourgeoisie would rather support a fascist organisation, than disseminate Communist ideology that empowers the workers.  UKIP does not represent or empower the workers, but rather assists in the establishment of further manipulating and misleading the masses.  Whereas Brexit should have facilitated a broad range of reasons for leaving the EU, instead the British media kept the county’s attention firmly fixed on the racist message of UKIP and its far-right allies (such as Britain First, the BNP, and the NF, etc).  So appallingly bias was the Brexit message that those on the left formed ‘Lexit’, or ‘Left Exit’ of the EU.  This situation demonstrates the marginalisation of the left.  So excluded is the left by the UK mainstream media that it was compelled to form its own social media-led campaign to try and get its message of non-racist solidarity across to the general public.  The Communist left was part of the broad lexit campaign and contributed its Marxist-Leninist ideological foundation.  Workers do not need to fight one another or resort to racism to secure good working conditions.  All workers need to do is understand that the EU is a class enemy, unite together and through voting, negotiation and the threat of withholding of labour, change the situation for the better.  Racism is an ideological tool of the bourgeoisie and the far-right (anti-worker) politics it encourages and supports.  The problem with lexit was that it relied on the Trotskyite left for support and this tended to ‘weaken’ the good and clear Marxist-Leninist analysis provided by the Communist Party.  Trotskyites, although referring to what they do as ‘leftist’, in fact pursue a thoroughly rightwing agenda that is antagonistic toward Marxist-Leninism, and which seeks to mislead the workers down blind allies that only benefit the ruling elite.  Another ‘weakening’ issue surrounding the broad left campaign to leave the EU was that the Parliamentary Labour Party decided to back the ‘stay’ in the EU campaign, as did 90% of the Labour affiliated unions.  This demonstrates a terrible error of judgement on the part of the Labour Party, which put capitalist, cooperate interests above those of the workers it claims to represent.

On the face of it, the left campaign to leave the EU was a disconnected and contradictory effort from start to finish.  By contrast, the Brexit campaign more or less focused on British xenophobia toward migratory workers –and nothing else, whilst the ‘stay’ campaign focused entirely upon greed, fake internationalism, and the maintenance of class privilege.  Despite all of this disorganisation and chaos on the left, however, it does seem that the British working class decided for themselves and delivered a truly ‘crushing’ blow to the capitalist establishment that is still wheeling from its effects.  It seems that Labour MP Peter Shore’s message from 1975 finally sank-in!



UK: Rightwing Tory Government Fears its Own EU Vote!


In 2010 a minority of the British electorate voted in a far-rightwing political coalition of the Tory Party and the LibDems.  These two parties were disastrous for the UK until 2015, when the same minority of voters jettisoned the LibDems as the political ‘deadwood’ they undoubtedly are – and confirmed the UK’s lurch ever further to the right (re-electing the odious Tories).  Since 2010 at least 10,000 Disabled people have died due to their Benefits being cut or abolished (many dying of starvation).  So bad has been this assault on this particular vulnerable group that the United Nations have initiated an investigation in the UK for Crimes Against Humanity – with the UK becoming the only Western country in history to be investigated by the UN in this manner.  Although this is an ongoing investigation, the UN has already confirmed that the UK media’s unquestioning support for cuts in the Welfare State and NHS is reminiscent of the controlled media of Nazi Germany in the early 1930’s – and allegation includes the BBC that has routinely ‘ignored’ or belittled protest marches numbering hundreds of thousands of people.

The ordinary people of the UK are suffering at the hands of the Tories who like the ‘New’ Labour government before them, is simply instigating EU capitalist policy that is anti-worker, anti-union and anti-Socialist in nature.  The only people this rightwing political agenda benefits are the middle classes who continue to amass enormous and grotesque profits in private hands, whilst society at large is slowly stripped of all its resources and means of protection.  This is what the EU is doing because it is the ideological mouthpiece of the USA and its predatory capitalism.  The workers of Europe are reduced to powerless individuals (without unions) and are forced to ‘migrate’ from one place to another in search of poorly paid work in terrible employment conditions – this is not multiculturalism, but instead a vicious exploitation of workers designed to weaken and disempower the proletariat. As long as workers roam the industrial wastelands of Europe fighting one another for scraps from the rich man’s table, the EU ensures that their can be no worker-led organisation to confront this EU fascism.  As welfare provision is privatised and abolished, workers cannot simply opt-out of migratory work, but must struggle to survive on meagre wages in an uncertain world.  This is compounded by the fact that as Socialised medical systems are privatised and abolished, workers have no access to medical care in case of illness or injury, and this is also the case for everyone in society.  The workers of the EU have become a desperate migratory mass, moving from one place to another, but unable to settle and plant roots.  This causes racism because migratory workers arrive in different places not as ‘friends’, but as ‘competitors’ for already diminished resources.

The EU creates racism in two ways.  It forces different people from within Europe to fight one another for scarce jobs and poor pay, whilst simultaneously passing obviously ‘racist’ legitimisation to ‘keep-out’ non-European citizens from entering the EU from such places as India, Africa and China, for example.  The EU then ignores the social and cultural pressures created by making different types of Europeans fight one another for scarce jobs and poor pay whilst living (usually temporarily) in close proximity to another, and instead encourages what is essentially ‘white’ Europeans to blame all their troubles on non-white migration into the EU – which is virtually non-existent due to racist EU law.  We are all being made to be fools by the EU, and this has led to the development of fascist (and racist) parties such as UKIP – which campaigns against the EU on grounds of ‘race’ rather than ‘economics’ or ‘law’.  The EU is a fascistic organisation dominated by US neo-imperialism that does not have the best interests of ordinary Europeans at its centre.  The EU is an exercise in ensuring that free market economics and predatory capitalism rule in Europe, and nothing else.  The Tories want to stay ‘in’ the EU because it furthers their capitalist privilege and retains the status quo of exploitation of the masses.  However, mainstream political parties such as New Labour, the LibDems and the Tories have systematically encouraged white racism as a matter of ‘freedom of speech’ (and EU policy) and this has led to a ground-swell of anti-EU sentiment in the UK.

Although the Communist and Socialist left premise their anti-EU argument on sound economic and legal reasons, the mainstream of the British electorate, soaked as their are in decades of EU racist rhetoric, are uniting to vote ‘out’ of the EU.  The UK government knows this and is desperately trying to enforce a false image of the EU as being a bastion of ‘multiculturalism’, which it is not.  Although some people in the UK are listening to the radical left, by far the majority are voting ‘out’ of the EU for racist reasons.  This is ironically the product of EU racism being used against itself in a free vote.  Generally speaking, the UK government does not give a damn about the British working class, or foreign people.  It is being forced into pathetic leafleting and sham multicultural festivals to try and persuade those being exploited that it is in their best interests to remain exploited by the EU.  I suspect that the racism generated and perpetuated by a succession of UK governments will ensure an ‘out’ of the EU vote later this month.

London May Day March – Clerkenwell to Trafalgar Square 1.5.2016


 Tens of thousands (and probably many more) gathered around Clerkenwell Green (near Farringdon Tube Stop) from 11am onwards, determined to make a very strong and vigorous manifestation of world-wide Working Class consciousness!  Communist Parties from all over the world assembled together with Socialists, Social Activists, Campaigners, and various other supporters of the broad political leftwing.  May Day is the Day of the International Workers – where the Red Flags of various designs and descriptions are carried with pride – as they represent the ‘blood of the workers’ spilt throughout time fighting for rights and liberation from exploitation.  The spirit of ‘togetherness’ and ‘communality’ was palpable as temperatures rose to 20 degrees Celsius.  Gee – my beloved partner walked the entire two hour course without once resting, whilst being five months pregnant, and Mei-An (my four year old daughter) marched a respectable distance behind the Red Banner of the London District, Communist Party of Britain.  There was also the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG) and the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB), as well as other important Communist and Socialist entities.  Around us, however, was a continuous see of Red!  A Catholic priest led the Filipino contingent demanding rights for domestic workers, and a group of men from Kashmir demanded independence from India.  The Cubans carried their National Flag with pride, as did the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) of Turkey (a member of which – Ivana Hoffmann – died recently fighting ISIS in Syria).  As expected, Trade Unions of every kind and every type marched with their banners held high!  The whole march was led by an old Routemaster London Bus which parked opposite Trafalgar Square around two hours later.  In a time when the rightwing control the media and mislead the vulnerable and the impressionable – events such as this prove that the leftwing is very healthy and very much here.  This demonstration of solidarity is a crucial first step in taking back control of our country.  We very much appreciated the Comrades who picked myself and my partner Gee of the crowd at Trafalgar Square – and had their photographs taken with me!  Your kindness made our day!  As Marx and Engels stated – ‘Workers of the world unite – you have nothing to lose but your chains!’















































May Day – Croydon – 30.4.2016



Myself and Mr Ben Stevenson of the CPB

Around a hundred people gathered together at the bottom of Croydon High Street to celebrate May Day – which is in essence an International Working Class celebration of ‘Labour’ as a means to preserve and transform the world.  The Communist Party of Britain (CPB) was joined by a number of Trade Unionists, Socialists, Social Activists, Concerned Citizens, and other Leftwing Sympathisers.  It was particularly pleasing to see Disability Against the Cuts (DPAC) who marched next to the Red Flag.  The March was led by tartan-clad men and women – who played the bagpipes and drums – through the centre of Croydon and to Ruskin House – the Trade Union and Communist Party of Britain Headquarters.  There was food and drink for those attending – with a strong showing from the ‘Keep Our St Helier Hospital’ (KOSHH).  An excellent speech was made by Dr Philip Howard – an important Member of the British Medical Association (BMA) and an NHS Consultant within the NHS – who explained how the Tory (and LibDems) had ‘privatised’ the NHS in 2012, and how this had become ‘Law’ in 2013.  He stated that was in fact an ‘honour’ and a ‘privilege’ to treat people for free at the point of use, simply because it is ‘right’ to do so.  He also mention how around four million ‘Carers’ live in the UK carrying-out full-time care for sick or disabled relatives – for ‘free’ – and that these good people save the British government around four billion pounds per years in medical costs.  I would like to thank our Comrades – Dr Martin Graham and Mr Ben Stevenson of the CPB for their warm welcome and erudite conversation.  I would also like to thank the ‘random’ Southern Irish gentleman who approached me in the street – claiming to be ‘English’ and stating that I was 40 years too late (as he was labouring under the misapprehension that the Soviet Union had collapsed in in 1976!)  As part of my family are from Southern Ireland I know the accent when I hear it.  This gentleman was very disconcerted when I asked what part of ‘Southern Ireland’ he was from, and what he thought of the brave Irish men and women who took part in the 1916 Easter Uprising  under the Socialist Red Flag (that essentially led to Eire’s freedom).  He mumbled something about ‘Stalin’, and ‘North Korea’ before wondering off into the crowds!


























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