North Korea Joins Syria and Russia in Recognising the LPR & DPR! (14.7.2022) 

Many different areas of Central and East Ukraine rose-up and declared their ‘independence’ against this blatant ‘anti-Russian’ attempt by the West to move EU and NATO hegemony up to the geographical borders of Russia. The Socialist Republics of Kharkov, Odessa and Carpatho-Russian, etc, all declared their opposition to the US-backed ‘Neo-Nazi’ Ukrainian State – but were all ruthlessly invaded by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and brutally suppressed! Only the LPR and DPR managed to hold-out and are now being military assisted by Russia. All this data is missing from this article as the author assumes the reader already is aware of it (and they probably are in China) – but I wanted it restated here because most Western readers follow the pro-Nao-Nazi line established by the US. Furthermore, contrary to the comments made by ‘Alexander Scherba’ is obviously incorrect. North Korea established a full embassy in Kyiv in 1992 – but withdrew this embassy in early 1998. Before 2017, the two countries shared certain trade relations. Between 2015-2016, Ukraine’s exports to North Korea amounted to $33.7 million and $7.5 million respectively – with the main exports being flour, grains and rapeseed, etc.

Cyrillic Chicanery! (28.4.2022)

This article referenced above ‘inverts’ everything from top to bottom. The authors deliberately manufacture a fairy-tale premised upon fictitious and false assumptions and misleading parameters. The Western-backed Hitlerite take-over of Kyiv in 2014 is omitted and instead the Donbass resistance to Ukrainian Neo-Nazism is portrayed as the progenitor of Neo-Nazism! The expulsion of Western-backed right-wing religion from Donbass and the re-establishment of mainstream religious tolerance is presented as ‘extremism’! Russian self-determinism in Donbass is viewed as ‘racism’, and so on and so forth. What we see here, is in fact a Russian resistance to the forces of Western neo-imperialism – which have always been led by religious and political intolerance! The Russian population in question happens to be in the Ukraine – but again we are having to squeeze bourgeois ideas of ‘race’ and ‘nation’ into the post-Soviet space which was defined by ‘internationalism’ for seventy-four years!

CPB Plunges to New Depths of Trotskyism, Revisionism and Betrayal of the Working-Class! (13.4.2022) 

This is the debilitating effects of creeping Trotskyism, racism and the associated forces of predatory capitalism that have infiltrated and gnawed away at the ideological underpinnings of the British Communist Movement ever since Khrushchev’s betrayal of Comrade Joseph Stalin in 1956! Unfortunately, this non-dialectical and non-historical materialist approach to assessing this situation will cost the CPB dearly in the future, as the grandchildren and great grandchildren of those British working-class men and women who fought fascism in Spain and throughout WWII – and who participated in the Chinese Revolution (and even took the Chinese and North Korean side in the early 1950s), will never forgive this dalliance with fascism and Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine!  

We Must Never Forget the People’s Republic of Odessa! (Existed April 20th-May 3rd, 2014)

The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis teach their children that ‘Russians’ (and everything ‘Russian’) are viewed as products of an inferior race and a dysfunctional culture! Neo-Nazi Ukrainians are taught to look toward Europe (particularly Germany) to re-affirm their cultural identity – when in fact they are more or less genetically identical to the Russians that Hitler hated!

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