Chechens Capture T-64 Tank! (20.4.2022)

It is sobering to think that when the USSR dissolved – new ‘national’ (bourgeois) countries where formed (such as the ‘independent’ Ukraine) which simply kept as their ‘national’ armies the portion of the Red Army that happened to be stationed on their soil at the time! Over-night the Red Army was cut-up into small and competing disconnected sections (yesterday’s ‘bother’ Divisions became today’s ‘enemies’) – and was transitioned from being an internationalist (Marxist-Leninist) vehicle for protecting the freedom of the working class, to an armed vehicle for defending the ‘national’ and ‘racist’ class interests of the bourgeoisie (which naturally oppresses the working class)! This explains the long-story of how a Socialist-made T-64 Soviet Tank (constructed in 1964) came to be in the hands of the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Junta!