Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Aidar Battalion – Vitaly “Medved” Gruzinov! (27.5.2023)

This is Vitaly “Medved” Gruzinov, the militant of the “Aidar” Neo-Nazi Battalion. During the interrogation he told us how his Commander abandoned his men whilst fleeing to Kyiv in order to get his medal – and how the Battalion recruits were virtually ALL convicted criminals! He then tried his best begging for “Forgiveness” after he admitted what the “Aidar” hade made the civilians go through!

Beregini: A Group of Determined Anti-Nazi Ukrainian Women! (24.5.2023)

Although I am told that this group of dedicated ‘Ukrainian’ women name their clandestine operation as ‘BEREGINI’ (although it is hidden in plain sight – given that the participants go out of their way to advertise their findings in many languages) – a word which is written in the Russian language as ‘Забудь это’ (Zabud’ eto) – I am also reliably informed that this word is in fact ‘Lithuanian’ in origin and translates as ‘DO NOT FORGET’! The cover-story is that a dedicated group of Ukrainian women – disgusted at the Neo-Nazi take-over of their country – are busy demonstrating their ‘hacking’ skills by accessing virtually ALL of the supposedly ‘secure’ governmental systems pertaining to the US-backed ‘Maidan’ (Neo-Nazi) Administration!

Spain: F-18 Fighter Jet Crashes – Sabotage Suspected! (21.5.2023)

A Russian language article, however, gives a slightly different take on the situation:

‘The Spanish pilot decided that he would rather crash the plane than hand it over to Bandero-fascists! A brave deed!’

It would seem that the world media is ‘covering-up’ the fact that the Spanish-pilot – who ejected safely and survived – crashed the fighterjet on purpose as it was being prepared (as part of a ‘batch’) to be handed-over to the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Authorities! Why was this handover occurring? It is because the US controls NATO in a totalitarian manner so that NO individual (constituent) Member-Country can pursue a ‘different’ policy to that already decreed by the United States government! The US supports Neo-Nazi Ukraine – and so ALL Members of NATO must support Neo-Nazi (‘Bandera’) Ukraine!

NATO Terrorism: Serbia & China Commemorate US & UK War Crime! (8.5.2023)

“Twenty-four years have passed, the international situation has undergone tremendous changes, and China and the world have also undergone earth-shaking changes. Although power politics and hegemonism are still the most profound root causes of today’s world turmoil, the forces committed to peaceful development are getting stronger and stronger,” she said.

“Now more and more countries and people agree on the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. I firmly believe that more and more countries and people will unite and work together to build a world of lasting peace and common prosperity,” Chen said.

The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia started on March 24, 1999. Over the course of 78 days, 2,500 people were killed and thousands of people more were wounded, while 25,000 homes and a third of the country’s energy sector were destroyed — often by illegal weapons such as cluster bombs and depleted uranium warheads.

On May 7, 1999, U.S.-led NATO forces carried out a brutal missile attack on the former Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, which left three journalists working there dead, more than 20 people injured, and the embassy building severely damaged.

In the place of the ruined embassy building now stands a brand new Chinese Cultural Centre, overlooking two memorial monuments that memorialize the tragedy that took place here 24 years ago.

King Charles III – That Was Worth a Few Hospitals! (6.5.2023)

As a Mass Party we oppose China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and Laos! As a Mass Party – we support the dismantling of the British Welfare State and the National Health Service (NHS) – as this empowers the workers by generating the conditions for the workers to take independent action! This Mass Party has come along way since its inception during 1921 – and the glorious revolution in Russia of 1991! Let us hope together that King Charles III ushers in a new era of sublime Bourgeoises dominance and leadership! As a Mass Party we fully encourage our members to support the British State and assist in its development! Together we can keep the dream of Leon Trotsky alive!’

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