Flag of Canadian Neo-Nazi Mercenaries Captured! (30.4.2022)

In 2014 and onwards, Canada joined with the US and the Ukraine in voting AGAINST a UN Resolution CONDEMNING the glorification of Neo-Nazism! The UK joined the EU in abstaining! Such a UN Resolution undermines the entire ideological fabric of the ‘Maidan’ State! Of course, the hypocritical media of the bourgeois Wear said and did nothing when this ridiculous US-led action occurred – because it was initiated by a ‘Black’ President! The insanity of a member of a non-White group (which has been the historical victim of White Supremacy) supporting Neo-Nazism is beyond any realms of reasonable justification! We are truly down the rabbit hole when the victims of Neo-Nazism start defending this racially destructive ideology! What do non-Whites gain from supporting White Supremacy? NOTHING!

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