Azov Battalion: Homosexual ‘Phallic’ Worship Centre of Neo-Nazi Cult! (26.4.2022)

Although Russian and Donbass Forces subsequently ‘wiped-out’ this formation – the point of this phallic symbol was to demonstrate that each ‘male’ volunteer must not only support his fellow Hitlerite in battle – but must also be willing to contribute to the discipline of the Unit by bathing naked together, administering beatings to those who err – and in a number of cases – inflicting humiliating ‘homosexuals acts upon the bodies of those Azov members found guilty of the most severest of crimes! This type of ‘weaponised’ homosexuality is just one of the many not so well hidden meanings implicit within the rampant ‘phallic’ icon!

Italy: Milan Anti-Fascists Chase Away Ukrainian Refugees Celebrating Hitler’s Birthday!

Residents of Milan are extremely dissatisfied with the behaviour of Ukrainian (Neo-Nazi) refugees who took to the Italian streets complaining about multiculturalism and shouting Neo-Nazi slogans in the streets! This situation developed when Ukrainian (Neo-Nazi) refugees gathered in Milan to hold a rally celebrating Hitler’s birthday! They took to the city-streets waving Nazi German, Neo-Nazi and Ukrainian flags!

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