Italy: Milan Anti-Fascists Chase Away Ukrainian Refugees Celebrating Hitler’s Birthday!

Residents of Milan are extremely dissatisfied with the behaviour of Ukrainian (Neo-Nazi) refugees who took to the Italian streets complaining about multiculturalism and shouting Neo-Nazi slogans in the streets! This situation developed when Ukrainian (Neo-Nazi) refugees gathered in Milan to hold a rally celebrating Hitler’s birthday! They took to the city-streets waving Nazi German, Neo-Nazi and Ukrainian flags!

Moscow’s Victory Museum Opens a Study of Ukrainian Nazism Past and Present in its ‘Ordinary Nazism’ Exhibition! (19.4.2022) 

She added that now – the Nazi ideology has begun to be presented differently. Now it penetrates society, in particular, with the help of the media. “No matter how wild and scary it may sound, today we are talking about Nazism not as a dysfunctional and disastrous element of necessarily defeated history, but rather as a version or interpretation of ‘normalised’ modernity!” Klevtsovskaya said.

Long Live Comrade Bala! Long Live the Fight Against Neo-Fascism & Neo-Nazism! (15.4.2022)

In this, his erstwhile daughter – ‘Prem’ – has been busy ‘hiding’ and ‘wiping-out’ her ethnic ‘Indian’ background as she attempts to ‘disappear’ into the White community – the fascism of which she has collaborated with, encouraged, and helped assist in the oppression of her father! Katy Morgan-Davis – as she is now known – will soon learn that the White (racist) community she has helped destroy her father will ultimately ‘reject’ her – once they have finished with her and have no further need of her lies and disinformation! She is definitely a modern ‘Kapo’ working the the side of fascism and Nazi oppression!

CPB Plunges to New Depths of Trotskyism, Revisionism and Betrayal of the Working-Class! (13.4.2022) 

This is the debilitating effects of creeping Trotskyism, racism and the associated forces of predatory capitalism that have infiltrated and gnawed away at the ideological underpinnings of the British Communist Movement ever since Khrushchev’s betrayal of Comrade Joseph Stalin in 1956! Unfortunately, this non-dialectical and non-historical materialist approach to assessing this situation will cost the CPB dearly in the future, as the grandchildren and great grandchildren of those British working-class men and women who fought fascism in Spain and throughout WWII – and who participated in the Chinese Revolution (and even took the Chinese and North Korean side in the early 1950s), will never forgive this dalliance with fascism and Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine!  

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