Kramatorsk: A Modern Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Atrocity! (8.4.2022)

The Russian National Guard (and Chechen Special Forces) have done an excellent job so far – but need to be rotated and rested. Russia needs proper hard-core Red Army-type massed infantry attacks involving tens of thousands of men and machines! This is the only way of countering what the West is doing in the Ukraine – which is satuating the place with weapons and Neo-Nazi criminals! Furthermore, Russia should increase its scope of ‘de-Nazification’ and include Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – as well as any other country that feels like embracing Hitlerism! The West has not got the balls the take on Russia – and if it did – well, a new world order will be just around the corner!

Lugansk City Branch – Founding Conference – All-Union Communist Party of Lugansk! (27.9.2015)

The delegates established the Lugansk City Branch of the All-Union Communist Party of Lugansk and voted to chose candidates for its elected bodies. Secretary of the Central Committee of the SKL Yuriy Sinenko, on behalf of the Communists of the Lugansk region, presented the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Secretary of the Leningrad regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with the medal “For Humanitarian Assistance to Donbass”.

Lugansk: 41st Humanitarian Convoy Arrives from Russia! (8.9.2015)

On the morning of September 8, 2015, supplies arrived in Lugansk from the State Farm near Moscow. The Communists of Leningrad, the Moscow region and surrounding area – sent the 41st Humanitarian Convoy for beleaguered residents of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics! The area is under continuous military aggression from the Armed Forces of the Ukraine and the ‘Neo-Nazi’ Punishment (Criminal) Battalions gathered from the criminals of the world!

Kazbek Taysaev: “Communist Interaction will Grant a Fresh Impetus to State-Building in Donetsk!” (30.3.2015)

In order to increase the efficiency of humanitarian aid to Novorossia, it was decided to open Representative Offices of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the UPC-CPSU in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, the main task of which is to work with our fellow citizens who have Russian citizenship and live in the Republics and with the entire population, all those who need help and support. In addition, it is extremely important to organize interaction with the Government of the DPR and LPR, Deputies of the People’s Councils of the Republics in their work to restore the national economy, social infrastructure, jointly solve the problems of providing proper medical care, providing targeted assistance to residents of the Republics, taking into account the needs.

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