The Time Has Come To Address ‘White Identity Politics’! (21.5.2023)

As you know, I am engaged in an ongoing research project which requires the exposure of right-wing and far-right political entities which are linked (somewhere in their murky interiors) to ‘criminal’ acts – and acts of ‘illegality’. Without exception, the fact that these groups are involved in corrupt, immoral, anti-intellectual and quite often ‘murderous’ acts – means that their representatives ‘tread’ very carefully while dealing with me – simply because the groups they represent do NOT want any exposure through argumentation! The reality is that the ‘White’ Supremacist industry (make no mistake – it is all about making money) does not want to attract the eye of Law Enforcement by unnecessarily ‘clashing’ with a left-wing academic who obviously possesses an anti-rightist agenda! 

When I heard of ‘Esoteric Hitlerism’ – I could not stop laughing! It elicited a similar response to those White Supremacists in the UK who refer to ALL Indian and South Asian people derogatorily as ‘Pakis’ – whilst simultaneously grasping their copies of the Brahmanical spiritual classic entitled the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ – and asking all and sundry a) ‘What does it mean?’, and b) ‘Why did Hitler ‘read’ it?’ All good and funny stuff until we recall the 41 million murdered in the USSR by this idiocy and the 11 million murdered in the Holocaust – not to mention the hundreds of thousands of American, British, France and mother other Europeans who lost their lives!  

This is the price the Western world paid fighting fascism (in one way or another) from 1922-1945! Of course, the Ethiopians had to deal with Mussolini whilst the Chinese, Koreans, Burmese, Vietnamese and people of the Philippines had to fight the Imperial Japanese! I am told that from 1931-1945 the people of Asia lost around 60 million men, women and children! The ideology that inflicted this wave of abject murder upon the world is what one White Supremacist website (Counter-Currents) refers to as ‘White identity politics’ – as if those countries dominated by the perceived colour of their skin – do not already dominate the areas they inhabit!  

But this is my point. The far-right (and its ‘right-wing’ variant) trades on an abstract ‘denial’. It is a simple psychological sleight of hand. The fascists murdered humanity and the Communists saved the world from this horror and terror! What is to be done about this predicament of ‘non-popularity? The far-right has had only one idea since Hitler placed a bullet into his right forehead – and that is simply to turn material history around and back-to-front! This ‘new’ inverted reality absolves the fascists and Nazis (good for the Catholics) by reflecting their Hitlerite criminality upon the Communists – so that Stalin becomes Hitler, and the USSR becomes Nazi Germany! In this fairytale termed ‘White identity politics’ – Hitler’s doctors and nurses saved hundreds of thousands of disabled children from Soviet euthanasia programmes – whilst Hitler’s SS freed millions of Jews from the Soviet Death Camps! Hitler’s troops also defended Europe from years of Soviet military aggression! 

In the middle of all this ‘White identity politics’ – Hitler sits crossed-legged chanting ‘Om’ – and worshipping some type of Hindu deity! As to whether BJP fascism interfaces with Hitlerism is a study for a different time – but many ignorant Hindus mistake Hitler’s use of the Asian Swastika for meaning that he adhered to Hinduism! When Hitler was sat with the Mufti of Palestine, he was more interested in what her perceived to be the anti-Sematic elements of the Holy Qur’an – but at least the Muslims have more common sense than to associate themselves with a short, stumpy White man who apparently only possessed a single testicle – if the British school nursery rhymes are anatomically accurate! For those who adhere to the flawed concept of ‘White identity politics’ – surely a ‘humane’ alternative to the mass extermination pogroms you have already inflicted against humanity would involve a ‘self-termination’ event! Once you have carried-out this service for humanity (and sent yourself the ‘bill’ for the bullet) – then I will ‘debate’ with you! This a bit of a Schrodinger’s Cat situation – something for you to get your intellectual claws into!